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"It’s a very strange time to be in Russia. Remarkably, the same officials and public figures who pushed for lockdowns and clot-shots are now wrapping themselves in the flag as they vow to sniff out the dreaded 'fifth columnists.'"

This is the exact same play being used in the west, including the United States. The subtle difference between the U.S. and Russia is that the "patriots" here are wrapping themselves in the U.S. and Ukrainian flags while sniffing out dreaded fifth columnists.

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Thanks for the intel Riley.

Here in Canada, while our state sponsored propagandists tell everyone how evil Russia is and pumps up fear about impending nuclear war people in our senate and parliament are working diligently (and stealthily) pushing through bills and attempting to pass laws related to digital identification and censoring the internet. Our PM is relentless in trying to get people all excited about waging endless war, ensuring profits keep rolling in for Raytheon and Lockeed Martin by using our tax money to pay for lethal weapons to send abroad.

He also keeps saying how he wants to "help create a global Artificial Intelligence Ecosystem" that interfaces with biometric id systems (to keep everyone safe of course).

PM Justin Trudeau speaks at inaugural global summit on artificial intelligence: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=haqMrNhnnbw

This of course coincides with our government pouring billions of our tax dollars into more injectable bioweapons and/or transhumanist/genetic slurry cocktails.

My guess is some kind of "debt forgiveness" initiative tied into a 'universal income package' (with small print basically saying if you accept this you will Own Nothing and Be Happy") will be next.

Canadian Bankers Association Promotes Digital IDs And Refers To WEF: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRXR86wVSNw

So, regardless of where we live, we are seeing these "leaders" are all really just different faces of the same machine. https://www.corbettreport.com/episode-369-globalization-is-dead-long-live-the-new-world-order/ Different temporary faces of the world eating parasitic machine that has gone by many names over the decades but its goals have remained the same. As I have alluded to in other comments, this 'machine' does indeed sow the seeds for it's own destruction, but that does not mean it is not capable of taking a great many people with it as it digs its own grave.

Thus, I feel that going back to basics and getting off grid is more imperative now than ever before, as it can empower individuals to hopefully be able to move out of the way of the gnashing teeth and flailing appendages of this world eating machine (that wears many faces) as it devours everything in it's path (until the day it is so bloated and top-heavy it collapses under it's own weight).

May those that wish to survive, thrive and create a new civilization (after the fall of the world eating machine and it's minions) find the courage to step outside their comfort zone, learn to provide for themselves and their loved ones and find courage in the knowing the cold winter winds carry the seeds for the bounty of next summer's abundance.

Wishing you all the best.

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pity, i was hoping Putin was just using the WEF for his own purposes and had had enough of them

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First of all, please call it like it is >ABNORMAL. In Belarus, I never refer to the past 2 years as "the new normal" when I talk face to face with Belarusian college students. 2nd, ALL dumb Russian oligarchs have been punished (bank accounts frozen, etc) for trusting their western "partners". Thus hopefully these frankenstein injection and nasal concoctions will be placed on the back burner of the stove for now. The focus for oligarchs now will be getting their money back by PUSHING for a peace deal with Ukraine. There is NO WAY Russia can juggle 2 balls in the air (medical tyranny and a special military operation). 3rd, Russia FINALLY dropped the PCR test requirement for Belarusians traveling by train/car. So Russia's ABNORMAL behavior is alleviating and NOT accelerating. I personally plan to visit Moscow this summer and I hope to meet/invite Riley for lunch with me paying the expenses. No joke - I am serious. This summer may be the last chance to do that so I want to take advantage of a lull in the "permanent fixture of public health scamdemic/plandemic.

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Wow. The music is wonderful.

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Hide your kids indeed. The homo symbolicus self extinction continues.

"5,500 children are now on NHS waiting list for gender swap treatment after post-lockdown surge in demand"


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Same thing happen in France. As the excellent commentator with Algerian roots and a dentist, Salim Laïbi, says "covidism is a mental sickness and now we have a new mental disease, ukrainism" https://www.lelibrepenseur.org/ . France has now really became a total dictatorship and the coming election is a sordid farce. Ukrainism is hiding the terrible death toll of the Bourla's poison. Officially, referring to the very official eudravigilance data, more than 38000 people have died as a consequence of deadly injection, that means at least ten to twenty time more according to the non official experts in the EU totalitarian state and 60 millions severe side effects. the anti Russian propaganda has reach an imaginable level and the ukrainian colors are everywhere, from the village nearby to official website. People with Russian names can be officially financially persecuted like the unvax one month ago. Crazy times.

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Given the fact that we knew their evil PLAN is to slowly murder people en-masses by injection, but still by using an instant mass murdering a.k.a war to distract people from a continuing slow mass murdering...the evilness and brazenness of the ruling class has truly reached a next level.

Anyone who understands the basics of war and the basic of economics would see that GOVERNMENTS of both sides DELIBERTAEY PROLONG THE WAR IN ORDER TO USED THIS WAR AS A PRETEXT TO DELIBERATLY DISRUPT THE WORLD ECONOMY and most importantly TO INSTILL HATRED INTO AND DEVIVE PEOPLE EVEN MORE!

Paul Craig Roberts has been able to point out all the abnormalities and absurdities in both the way the WAR has been conducted by both sides and the way the economies, especially that of financial sector, have been run...However PCR concludes that this is because of the "dumbshits" of both sides rather than the whole thing is part of the Plan: distraction and deception.

“Dumbshit Russians?”


Sadly, this also shows how fearful and stupid NOT only the masses, but the "intellectuals" have become.

In Australia where I live Government keep bombarding people with all fearful bullshit to push people, especially babies and children into PCR test and being injected with more boosters.

“New COVID-19 Omicron BA.2 sub-variant found in half of wastewater samples in Victoria!”



Despite all of these, the illogical mantras still goes on "No matter what, we must need government to build roads, to make law, to maintain order, to protect peace and freedom, to protect the weak against the powerful, to ensure and implement collective goods, to protect people from themselves ...blah-blah-blah"

They/The ruling class never gives up their Plan. They will stop at nothing in order to achieve it. They have all the resources. They have time… and They have sheeple majority with them all the time!

This human race seems beyond saving!

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I have just given the link of "the free thinker", ok? Check this out. Teachers in vendée are asking that a "collège" named after Soljenitsyne, be rename with a Ukrainian poet... Utter madness. I chose to literally wear the color of Russia. https://www.lelibrepenseur.org/a-cause-de-la-guerre-en-ukraine-ils-veulent-changer-le-nom-dun-college-en-vendee/

One head of a french 'département' (administration) has decided to freeze the bank accounts of all people with Russian names... France is doomed.

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They need a boogeyman to blame the monetary collapse on and its Russia.

It’s all theatre.

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Is there any doubt at this point that Vlad is acting in this thing as much as the penis piano player Zelensky? If Vlad P was legit about doing what was right, anything connected to Gates would be rejected. Crisis actors across the board.

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I don't understand why Russia is pushing compulsory shots when everyone knows one of its weaknesses is demographics. It's an old country that is currently losing young lives both Ukrainian & Russian. You would hope they contain saline. Our insurance industry is just now seeing the all cause mortality for millennials in '21. 60k increase thats more than Vietnam American death of 58k.

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Thanks once again, Riley. It is humorous to see all the Putin apologists who come over here to attack those of us who see the scam being carried out by both sides, to call us NATO apologists and traitors, who get all tongue-tied when you ask them about Putin pushing the "pandemic" fraud and the mass poisoning of Russians whom he just loves so much.

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Yes, off guardian said the same thing... Putin is brainwashed by oligarchs or just a pussy, because he has the Russian people on his side to fight these corporate pieces of crap.

He's too busy playing bullshit chess in a game that doesn't have rules.

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I´m shattered. Everybody nows by now, that the PCR Test says nothing about Covid Infection. So why base yourself on the PCR Test, which doesn't say anything?????

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Substack unsubscribed me from you (and a few others) so I had to re-sub manually.

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