IMPRESSIVE SQUALOR: Sputnik V invented in a halfway house?

Russia's Gamaleya Center has many high-tech vector-based facilities!

Abraham Lincoln was born in a modest log cabin in the Southside of Chicago—and nobody held it against him. So what’s wrong with Sputnik V coming from a condemned rape dungeon in Moscow? Nothing. There’s nothing wrong or weird about that.

Actually, we shouldn’t type such things. We don’t know exactly where Sputnik V was born. But these are actual photos of a building operated by the Gamaleya Center:

In late July—about a year after Sputnik V received the green light from the Russian government—a journalist from Novyye Izvestiya poked around one of the buildings on Gamaleya’s campus. But not just any building. Allegedly, the “vaccine” building:

“NI” was shocked by the pictures of the Institute named after Gamalei, who developed the Sputnik V vaccine. It is impossible to believe that it was here that a saving development for humanity was born…


[It is] as if everyone had forgotten about the building since the Second World War - it clearly needs urgent emergency measures.

On the mossy peaks of the entrance lobbies, two or three-meter birches were grown. Some windows with cracked glass are covered with plywood or paper from the inside. The windows on the ground floor still bear traces of the 2013 fire, and the walls outside are covered with black soot. The facades have peeled off to skeletal concrete. On the ground in the yard there is a pile of tin elements from a disassembled drainage system. On the perimeter fence there is an advertisement for sex services.

At first glance, it seems that people and workers simply cannot be here for security reasons. This temple of science looks more like an abandoned one, at best - resettled for demolition.

But, to our surprise, we found employees coming in and out of the front door.

The security guard said that this is the so-called "vaccine building", where scientists are busy working on their developments, and the bosses have a separate building nearby.

We are not claiming that Sputnik V was developed at this particular high-tech facility. We are simply relaying that Novyye Izvestiya pulled up the property’s registration and discovered that it was listed as “FOR OPERATION OF THE VACCINE BUILDING”:

If you go to Gamaleya’s website, their “contact” page has a Yandex map of their campus, which clearly lists this building as part of the institute:

Another juicy scoop reported by Novyye Izvestiya: according to documents dug up by the paper, in June Gamaleya’s management spent 10 million rubles ($140,000) on a “business-class car.”

“There is only one question left. The question of priorities,” the outlet concluded.

That’s certainly one question. We have several other questions, though.

As we mentioned earlier, Sputnik V is sketchy.

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