Russia teams up with Pfizer to create ultimate clotshot cocktail

Sputnik/Pfizer combo expected to be "very successful," says ex-Goldman Sachs banker who is financing Russia's anti-globalist jab

Everyone knows that Sputnik V is 150% safe and provides 10,000% protection against a positive PCR test (which is basically a death sentence). But if you want to be really safe from The Virus, you should combine Sputnik V with your favorite Big Pharma elixir—Moderna or Pfizer, it doesn’t really matter. The science was settled years ago.

Russia began “joint research” with Pfizer last month, proving (once again) that the pro-science, pro-freedom and highly sovereign Kremlin is fighting a valiant shadow war against the West’s Scamdemic:

The creators of the Sputnik vaccine are conducting joint research with Pfizer in two countries, [Harvard-educated ex-Goldman Sachs banker] Kirill Dmitriev, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), told reporters on Wednesday.

“We already have a joint study with Moderna in Argentina, and Argentina is currently researching a combination of Sputnik and Moderna. There are also two other countries that are currently researching a combination of Pfizer and Sputnik and we believe this will be a very successful combination. ", - he said.

The head of the RDIF stressed that the combination of Sputnik vaccines with other vaccines will be an effective way to cope not only with the delta strain, but also with future mutations of the coronavirus.

Imagine saying these things when Sputnik V has yet to complete its own ludicrous-speed clinical trials. Like, the Sputnik V tests where they just test Sputnik V. Alone. By itself. Still being tested. Stop and think about what that means.

Guys, just chill. This is what “international cooperation” looks like. It’s “vaccine diplomacy.” When Russia and Pfizer work together to inject people with untested drugs—this just proves that Putin’s Multi-Polar World Order is around the corner.

Soon we will all be living in a Sputnik/Pfizer public health paradise. Now, muzhik, rejoice!

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