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”There appears to be a direct link between Bill Gates and Russia’s COVID response. This is slightly worrying."

I knew there had to be one, but I got so exhausted following BMG tentacles everywhere else that I never found it. There are just so many subsidiaries and "sister organizations" and committees and everything else. That name you don't click on because it's midnight and you need to sleep may be the next dimension of the plot.

So far then: Skortsova and Gref. I see someone below pointing to Medvedev -- an obvious one we should have been focusing on from the start.

Here's a game for you – try to find a single article or even mention of Gates and Fauci being friends or even personally acquainted (forget a photo). We know they are, of course, but to all appearances, they may as well not be.

As I've said elsewhere: this was all Gates from the start. Everything leads back to him. It's all abundantly obvious as well, it's just that owing to his bullshit Mr Rogers image, hardly anyone can bring himself to accept that this guy is a literal comic book villain, or that such a plot could even be conceived or carried out.

Probably that's the bottom line — there's a cognitive ceiling most people can't transcend in trying to understand or accept what is going on. We're dealing with a rather abstract level of organization which average people cannot fathom, basing their understanding of reality and perception of order on their own limited experience. Kind of like advanced math. Some people just can't get it (me).

And of course it's far too late to do anything about it now, not that anyone ever had the power to do something about things like this.

"the friendly criminal monopolist-turned-philanthropist may actually be the WHO’s biggest financial backer."


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I am Russian living in Australia but I am closely following what is happening at home. Apparently, those Russians who got vaccinated early in the campaign (about 10-15%) did it voluntarily out of their trust in Gamaleya vaccine producer. I heard from many compatriots something like “of course we can trust Gamaleya because this institution has been founded ages ago under the Soviet rule, it is not a Western creature”. What a deception! People have no clue that Gamaleya vaccine Sputnik is a twin brother of Astra Zeneca and that the main vaccine components are cooked in the same pot. People have no idea who Alexander Ginzburg (the director of Gamaleya) is and in whose interests he is acting.

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"This is slightly worrying." Be careful with sarcasm in print. I'm sure you were being sacrastic as it is highly worrying. Thanks again for your reporting! The world gets more terrifying by the day.

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Saw this article today that points the finger at Dmitry Medvedev for selling out Russia’s sovereignty to the WHO and One World Government. It appears he is aligning Russia with the Western and EU goals. The next thing is that Crimea will be back in the arms of Ukraine.

We have no real idea how much actual damages are being done by the Sputknik jabs, but we definitely have figures from both the EU and USA that Pfizer is killing and permanently damaging people at unprecedented levels never before seen in the past 30 years.

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EVERYONE interested in opening a BARREL of worms (even 30 months on) much bigger than the one discussed above or in the comments here is the direction go about it


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yes the who's WHO at the beginning of the article is quite telling!

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