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I like how a lot of these officials totally forgot that they’re supposed to at least use the excuse of “preventing death” and “keeping people safe” and “until the virus situation improves” and are just straight up talking about implementing repressive measures like “we rule so wtf u gonna do son?”

The more repressive it gets the more it is obvious that they could give a damn about pandemics and health. This is what will do them in IMO

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I agree that they are too arrogant and self confident in implementing the totalitarism. That will come like a boomerang in their face. For me -even being awake about globalism already 20 years - it is astonishing that this web of evil is so tight and widespread in the world at least to that extent. I wonder how much top level freemasonry is involved. I think very much.

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I like to think in terms of simple human nature and basic politics: money talks and globalism has been building up for a long time, so they had plenty of trial and error to set up what they have now. I know Soros jumped right into the fray as soon as the Soviet Union broke up so that's basically 30 years of unabated globalism with lots of people getting very rich.

Not to mention the banking mafia financed Lenin, and it looked like Stalin may have conned them for a while after Lenin's death, but then they regained control later. Maybe I'm wrong on that part too though.

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Now that you mention it, Bill Gaids looks a lot like the Dark Helmet without the helmet.

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Incredible likeness right down to the choice in ties :O

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What a schmu(ck).

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Time ago, while researching on the Kremlin administration, following links provided by Kremlin critics over there in the blogs, I got to a site on Russian mafias where it was stated that the the son of Valentina Matviyenko ( yes, that recauchutated elder woman, actually a self designated "expert" on Covid issues who claims 100% of Russian must be "vaccinated"..) was the real "king of garbage" in St. Pete...

I think I hold the link bookmarked at my old computer which remains under reparation at bro´s..

You would wonder why i was following those links provided by the Kremlin critics while at the time I was kinda supportive of the sovereign stance of this Kremlin administration..

Well, because "our task is the ruthless criticism, more on alleged allies, than on sworn enemies"

Lenin, apart from "placing a time bomb under the Russian statehood" and "giving away part of the Russian Empire by giving birth to the Ukrainian state", said also very interesting things to keep in mind for the proles....

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Charges have been filed with the Metropolitan Police in the UK. If you have been injured by the Poison Death Shots email the following UK Policemen:

Email the following four police officers:

Detective Inspector Trevor Struthers,

Criminal Investigation Department (CID),

Hammersmith Police Station:


Detective Sergeant Oliver Mallett,

Criminal Investigation Department,

Hammersmith Police Station:


Detective Constable Tobias Hussey,

Criminal Investigation Department,

Hammersmith Police Station:


Police Constable Irvine,

Hammersmith Police Station:


Please state:

“Dear Sirs,


Detective Inspector Trevor Struthers

Detective Sergeant Oliver Mallett

Detective Constable Tobias Hussey

Police Constable Irvine

I am aware that a criminal complaint has been made, crime reference number 6029679/21.

I have been asked by the original informants to provide my details to the investigating team and I request that that team is made aware of my details as soon as possible.

My name is....(full name, including title).

My profession/occupation is.....(doctor, lawyer, scientist, care home worker, mother, housewife, postman, plumber, student, unemployed).

I am based in...(country).

My email address is...

My telephone number is...

I have evidence to support the allegations which have been made and I am prepared to assist the Metropolitan Police with their criminal investigation.

I am aware that an application has been made to the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague on behalf of the United Kingdom. That application has been acknowledged by the ICC and the reference number OTP-CR-473/21 has been assigned. I will offer my assistance to the ICC investigation in due course.

Within my capacity, and from the evidence I possess, I urge that the Covid-19 gene-based vaccines be stopped immediately by the Police, due to the huge amount of death, injury, and harm which they are causing, not just in the United Kingdom but worldwide.

Yours faithfully,

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The Swiss Policy Research www.swprs.org introduced me to you in an email just now...after I found the first news of this QR Code Resistance in a Strategic-Culture.org piece by Tim Kirby today & sent the link to them in Zurich. How exciting to learn that the Russian people are standing up against this "New Normal"/Davos Great Re-set totalitarianism, which is afflicting all of We, the People around our good earth and it seems that we all have similar "constipated control freaks" & their apparatchiks to serve as their enforcers. However, here in the US, Emperor Biden & his court do not yet dare to mandate "vax passports"/"green passes" (Italy)/"cattle tags" (Russia) likely because of the vast number of "Red State Republicans & "Trump Deplorables". But here in North Carolina, where the "Coastal Elites" are still in True Blue Puritanical control, their apparatchiks are mugging the "un-muzzled", as well as enforcing all the rest of the "Covid Controls" while the Mainstream Media (NTTimes, WaPo, etc. attack all dissenters and the Silicon Tech Billionaires censor on-line rebels. So Bravo for the Russian Resisters! & next, let's figure out how to go global! Thank you, Edward, for serving as communicator & cheerleader!

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