Same script in France with the numeric world of everything progressing as fast as the most tyrannical measures dreamed out of pathological minds. The corrupted, inept, sick, political class is about to vote a law that would render all information about climate and science impossible. The penalties would be very severe, fines, canceling, prison. Happily, great alternative shows of very good qualities have invited the most vocal and bright minds to explain their point of view and publicize their books. In a couple of weeks this would be forbidden. But wait... What is a "climato-sceptique"? How will they define it? Will they even try to define it?...

They would end all privacy on the web after having impose thru the EUSSR's diktat the most brutal censoring pseudo-legal device.

Now these tick like parasites are announcing that it would be forbidden to collect... rainwater! For whatever purpose, drinking or gardening...

Last week was a very busy week for the archontes in occupied France with the successive visitation of bergolio, the woke pope who was telling the population that they should welcome the migrants... The Vatican can burn as many tons of incense, the Frankist stench cannot be hidden...

There also been the visit of Charly saxe-coburg-gotha aka windsor aka king of England aka head of the great reset and his endive of wife. France is seriously angering as the price of the reception, the dinner in particular, in Versailles is being debated but around hundred of thousand of Euros and this one detail could be hiding the real price of having Charlie, the pal of Saville, driving in security... 3700 euros/bottle for champagne, Rothschild's of course...

Beyond these earthly trivialities, that gathering of high ranking space lizards has left a stench that is dissipating.

I advice that link about French's richest oligark (Arnault) and a Russian (Sarkisov) counterpart's friendship, which might interest some of you, readers and commenters...


Last week, the UN has had a speech unheard since long time by the representative of Burkina-Faso, the Minister of state Bassoma Balzié. I won't expend now but as I have already said, the military head in charge in Burkina are sincere. I have some knowledge of that country and some of it's ethnies. These guy grew up with the name and deeds of Thomas Sankara the martyr and the reggae music and then rap scene having spread them for decades.

After Haïlé Sélassié's speech of June the 30th at the Société Des Nations, a Skandinavian diplomat said that the "guy" was no less than the Conscience of the World.

That Burkinabe speech has not been given by a representative of a country implementing the transhumanist agenda... It may be one of the very rare not to do so. Burkina-Faso meaning the Land of Upright People since Sankara is having a Human insurgency of sanity...

So, I strongly suggest that you translate that transcription of the whole speech... Try it...


A couple of days after that speech, some tried to implement a coup in Ouagadoudou, the population came en masse in the streets. The people there go out fearless when enough is enough, they are used to suffer and try remain humans. The coup attempt was foiled.

And for those who read and have never heard of Thomas Sankara and his deeds and saying, this is the spirit that inspire the country and it's leaders:

Thomas himself!!



Ibrahim Traoré, is acting as his successor...

How long will the Babylon System tolerate that some Humans are rebelling and inviting the population, the real local leaders, to do politic, in acts, locally, in real hardship... but without the cynical mind of the West...

I wish you all the best, stay strong and flexible!

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That's why we, truth seekers, need a way to communicate and share information that's outside of the control grid that they control.

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Hundred of thousands Euro ...

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Here in Oz in the state of Victoria to be exact the Covid/fascist Premier , Dirty Dan has resigned which ignited an impromptu party on the steps of the parliament. Dirty has worked hard to destroy Australia's image across the world by assaulting and abusing the people of Victoria because they didn't want to take a fake vaccine and remained locked up like prisoners in what was once a free country.



Meanwhile the countries Prime Minister ,also a Labor politician like Dirty , has proposed a referendum to change the Australian constitution. Evidently our Australian native people need to have a group of unelected BLM/ANTIFA types lodged permanently in our Federal Parliament, you know equity and all that. Fortunately it seems the majority are going to reject the choice to have a new apartheid constitution leaving the PM looking like the woke tool that he is.


The PM also announced an "enquiry" into all the Covid malarkey , a total toothless white wash as we all knew it would be. The sun is shining here, the birds are warbling , spring had sprung and life is happening.


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Thank you for sharing the good news.

Sadly, the war goes on, and many continue to suffer and die needlessly.

There are a few politicians in OZ, who are at least saying some right things.

What they do is what will actually count.

What can be expected from a government that legalizes full term abortion?

Any abortion.

And a people, who do not protect the lives of precious, innocent little ones.

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Yesterday I watched a worrysome interview (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UScNk39xUTk) by John Campbell to James Roguski about the "sinister developments" regarding the new worldwide powers the WHO will acquire on May 2024, once the term expires for rejecting the ongoing revision of the International Health Regulations (IHR). This didactic article details everything: https://opiniojuris.org/2023/02/27/the-proposed-amendments-to-the-international-health-regulations-an-analysis/.

It is no news to Riley's followers that the Globalist Cabal is in a hurry to implement their tyranny; but what interests me the most now is the dates:

1. As turns out, the term for filing rejections to IHR ammendments was reduced on May 2022 from 18 to 10 months by a 'proposal' (i.e.: 'request') of the US to the WHO dating March 2022, only one month after Russia's intervention in Ukraine's civil war (which in turn took place almost simultaneously with the unofficial end of Covid-19 'emergency').

2. The above deadline shortening allows for the ongoing IHR revision--that will endow the WHO with unprecedented tyrannical international powers--to enter into force on May 2024, instead of on January 2025, had the previous term of 18 months not been recently shortened; c'est-à-dire: right in time for everything happening before USA's 2024 presidential elections.

3. Plausibly, Russia's SMO in Ukraine will be over--at least unofficially--sometime along the second half of 2024.

Now, based on the above points, my overly mistrustful--or even conspiranoid--mind suddenly has come up with a suspicion: Did the Global Cabal provoke the SMO--or at least, is the war in Ukraine artificially prolonged, among other aims, as a distraction in order to drive the world's attention away from the IHR ammendments' rejection deadline? Both the US elections' theatre and especially the war in Ukraine are very powerful attention grabbers. Is it plausible a plan, on the part of the World's Lords, for programming the international events so that, once the whole theatre is over, all WHO signatory countries find themselves irreversibly bound by the new IHR?

This suspicion of mine might be, I admit, too far-fetched; but in any case there is a foreboding I cannot get myself rid of: The next scamdemic will more or less coincide in time with the end (official or unofficial) of the war in Ukraine.

But please explain to me why I am wrong, folks.

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You may be right. But they are wrong.

They are not the World's Lords. They are just wanna-be lords. They are what they are. Not what they may think they are.

Rome is not invincible.

Goliath is not unbeatable.

Liars always get entangled in the cords of their own deception, trip, and fall.

Fear not.

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Blessed be the optimists! I wish I could be an optimist, too. :-)

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Optimists always seek the truth.

Seems that is what you are doing.

Perhaps you are an optimist after all.


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That music video was great, those high kicks are to die for! Made in the same year as when Dr. Richard Day gave his talk to a bunch of doctors in Philadelphia about The New World Order and how they were going to bring their dystopian nightmare to fruition. If you want to never have another peaceful nights sleep have a listen: https://ia600903.us.archive.org/28/items/New_Order_of_Barbarians_remaster_tapes_1to3/New%20Order%20of%20Barbarians%20%5Bremaster%5D%20tapes%201%20to%203.mp3

A great Sunday night to you all as well…why should I be the only one with insomnia?

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Hey Bill Gates,

When, Anyone, In This Case You,

And A Cadre Of Morons

Attempts To Kill Off

Other Humans (In The Millions)

Rule # 1 Has To Be - And Is

You Have To Succeed On Your First Try.

I Just Can't Emphasize This Enough Young Fella.


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Does anyone noted that Kadyrov besides showing that Chechnya is now completly independent, minus sucking off Russian people money vía federal budget, now also shows he rules the Kremlin, and that Putin is his lap dog in plain sight?

It's really sad to watch Titanic's Rússia, and it's people going underwater.

As i said before, Prighozin was Russia's last hope. I saw no one defending him on the mutiny, all stood aside including doom bloggers, ( nice work mr dumb " rot in jail" Strelkov)

Can't anyone see that even yeltsin was less worse a leader than putin?

Putin promotes stupid, corrupt, incompetent people, and kills (Prig) or turn away the bright ones. Russia is indeed finished with Putin "at the helm", sadly.

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In Putin's Russia burning a book is way more grave than beating a person almost to death.

But the West is the one who is Satanic.

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"Russian beer manufacturers want to keep costs low—but quality will inevitably suffer. [Free Press]"

Now this is dire. A boilermaker made from beer that is suffering makes even vodka weep.

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A boilermaker made from beer that is suffering makes even vodka weep.

Is that an old Russian proverb or did you germinate it yourself?

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They call me The Germinator. ;)

btw, anyone ever notice how 'borscht', properly pronounced a la Rus, sounds like a drunken Russian saying 'bullshit'?

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Belka and Strelka?

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🤣🤣 yeah! And Laika

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Especially for you Eduard Slavsquatovich!


Can't all be doom and gloom.

There has to be light and color and the genuine celebration of authentic life.

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Medvedev is pathetic with his constant threats that never materialize. Remember when he said if Crimea was attacked, there would be a nuclear launch? Right...

The Guardian has a piece on the British troops being deployed in Ukraine itself to train soldiers, several arms manufacturers will be setting up shop there as well. Considering the way this not war has been fought so far, I strongly doubt these will be hit. Which is just so damn... bizarre.

"British troops could deploy to Ukraine for first time to train soldiers, says Grant Shapps"


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"Medvedin" is Putin's lap dog, but at least he barks at their Western partners.

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This interview explores how a "worldwide" technocratic surveillance state can deploy different versions of a social credit system to sustain control.

Iain Davis on Perspective with Jesse Zurawell - 27 September 2023 : https://tntradiolive.podbean.com/e/iain-davis-on-perspective-with-jesse-zurawell-27-september-2023/

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Hello Charlotte, thanks,

You might find it interesting about CBDC


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The creepos always test out their scheme and scam social engineer projects on desperate populations. After it's tweaked to satisfaction they try it on

the "catatonic" West.

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Since Russia has joined the party in censoring and even arresting journalists who dare to publish information that crosses invisible or otherwise unknowable boundaries, I wonder how that affects what bloggers and alternative media people report? How much can't you say? Would it greatly change what's said here?

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Observations standing knee deep in a ocean of castrates.

I am not sure how this will be taken, but for an old f... like me, things unravel in a amazing speed, its virtually Christmas day and the amount of bullshit is stakking up to heaven, and one of them is Pepe Escobars latest propaganda nonsense, witch served pure hogwash as something relevant, witch its not, but an pathetic cover for the Armenian/NK theater and the treason committed by Putin.

I hold back for a long time, giving them the benefit of doubt, yeah, I am stupid in that, but never the less, but all this have evaporated lately due to the massive dis-info regarding the Azzeris rape and plunder of NK, and the trick Pepe the Rat is using is the standard AGW cargo cults attack weapon when it comes to wrap bullshit into new wrappings and forgets the fact you can wrap turds into golden paper but its stil just shit Pepe the Rat.

I am disappointed, not surprised but just disappointed, but he sold his soul to the devil.

NKs situation is de facto the same as regarding the break away republics in Ukraina, a result of Sovjet/Stalin politics, and NK wanted to go alone, but was denied by the scums in Baku.

Whom then attacked NK thru years until the finally managed to occupy parts of NK and claim its rightfully theirs, I wounder will the same argument be used against Iran the day the ZATO/Russia attacks Iran , basing it on the same pretext, Pepe.

Wanna bet.

Either you stick to what you preach, or you will loose credibility, Russian Gov lost theirs, Pepe have managed the spectacular feat of shitting on him self, the hurrah patridiots cant help to be just even worse, and one thing more, most of the comments are made by Yankikes, never forget that.

Here comes the deal:

NK, was Armenian for eons, of course with some other people present but by large Armenian population.

Then came wars, old Russia took this region from Iran (sovjet invaded Iran again, did you know this, but the hurrah partidiots says its because Iran is nazis, yup its true, right), and keept it, Sovjet took the NK under their domain, and created Azerbaijan, with NK inside, whom also wanted autonomy as Azzeris did, but the problem was already set, by the fact NK became a part of Azzeri.

The claims the dictator Aliev claims is 100% bullshit, NK was NEVER a part of the present Azzei claims.

Thats a fact, Pepe.

And so on, what most dont know, since nobody cared is the crimes committed against the Nks thru the years, incl the Russians so called piss forces was just a freak show, did nothing during the years, the starvation of a civil population is obviously populare, since Putain allowed it to happen and Pepe the Rat is trying to cover it up with nonsense about ICC and the scam OICE witch as by large useful to wipe ones ass with.

But the main thing is, Azzeris are helped by the ZATOs, and backed by Russia/Putin whom supports this scumbag and pimps ridiculous lies about this war when it was started by Azerbaijan, and nobody else.

And of course by treason from within, but that dont change the status nor the issue for NK and just because some didnt agree, just as Putain denied the Donbas to be a part of Russia, initially.

And then suddenly drooled something about protecting this republics in their struggle to be integrated into Russia, and mumbled something about rights to autonomic status, etc, and drowned it in manure when it came to NK.

And so on.


I could give you more, but if you do read this, remember, they all are in this, everybody lies, and even the Russians are flat out lying about reasons and cause.

Turdian Erdof.... sent their happy, of course, moderate head choppers into NK and they had a ball, and despite the sniveling drivel about fighting Al-CIAedas/etc, somehow, this time terrorists was on the eh..... right side, and created plenty of videos to show how humane they where/are, and this scums are their tool, and some shitheads stil dont get it, and I stil cant figure out why did we get the war on Ukraina.

PS: sorry I couldn't resist.

Sex-Pistols. Frigging in the riggin.



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What's behind the slaughter in Artsakh Republic....I looked at a current map of that area and there are many independent enclaves....it looks like the Armenian Christians are under attack...when I was a kid my folks used to tell me "think of the starving Armenians" when I wouldn't eat my food....that group of people seems to be under attack all the time....Alex Jones reports children were having their arms and legs cut off during the slaughter:https://www.infowars.com/posts/atrocious-war-crimes-by-azerbaijan-military-exposed-they-cut-off-childrens-heads-arms-legs/ - a report of a Patrick Lancaster report

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