Salut à toutes et à tous!...

What?! A ministry of happiness?... Did they decide to encourage, help all those who want to go live in the countryside? Will they shut down all information about covid mnra injection deaths and injuries? The never ending slaughter of Palestinians? The zombification of humanity?... Will they create an App to be happy?...

What a good idea from Modeste of having creating a French version of that most beautiful "accroupissement Slave" substack!

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The Russian version of the "global war on carbon" sounds even more hilarious than the English one. Since I don't keep up with the Russian news, I somehow never came across it until just now in your story. I read it and then I laughed like a mad woman for a good few minutes. At the expense of the climate envoys, I am sure. Thank you for this, Riley/

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The ministry of happiness? Will there be a happiness czar? I think what the government calls happiness and what I call happiness will be on opposite ends of the happiness spectrum. In other words, all happiness not approved by the happiness ministry will be outlawed.

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This was incredibly interesting...and important. I am old enough to remember when we had world news segments on just about each and every broadcast. It is unequivocable that there is now a dearth of information about what is going on in the world (especially non-subjective) and I am SO appreciative for the global data access your Substack gives...It is imperative to our survival that the bubble we live in as Americans gets POPPED!

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Mobilization in Ukraine. Military recruiters go into the hospital and are trying to take a patient to the recruitment centre by force.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jaSbcnZ0COI (start watching from 01:47)

"I'm not going anywhere with you. I'm here for a check-up. I'm not hiding from you, you have all my papers anyway. But I want a proper medical check-up first."

"You're going with us, now!"

"No, I'm not. I'll come to you once I have my check-up done. "

"You're getting out of here, now! Look at the women here, aren't you ashamed of yourself? Don't be such a wimp!"

"No, I'm not ashamed because I want a check-up! My blood pressure is 180/120! I came here for medical assistance!"

All the while the policemen and the hospital stuff are watching in silence. Words fail me...

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"Poverty and dissatisfaction with their financial situation push Russian pensioners to remain in the workforce..."

Who said Russia and the US don't have a lot in common:

"Thanks in part to a series of recessions, high housing costs and a shortage of affordable housing, older adults are now the fastest-growing segment of America's homeless population, according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, based on recent data from the Department of Housing and Urban."

And as the arms industry continues to abscond with US tax dollars along with a slew of other dubious industries expect social safety nets to be significantly

cutback resulting in an exceedingly expanded homeless population.

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Hello open thread, please consider reading my current masterwork, which shows that both the Jewish and Christian prophecies (both predicated on Isaiah) were already fulfilled when they were written.

The original judgment day was a description of Babylon conquering Jerusalem, only to later be conquered by YHWH's messiah, who will restore the righteous Jews to Jerusalem. Isaiah specifically names the Persian emperor Cyrus the Great as the fulfillment of this prophecy.

Christian scriptures are also based on the fulfillment of Isaiah and the coming of an everlasting King. They repurpose the original destruction of Jerusalem by Nebuchadnezzar to predict the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus Flavius. Much of the Gospel narrative is based on the historical texts of Josephus which describe the Jewish Roman war. The Gospels anoint Titus Flavius as the "second coming". His day of judgment upon Jerusalem fell in 70 CE.


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Lavrov openly admits that the US is still buying uranium and other key minerals from Russia. I thought the US and Russia were involved in an 'existential war'? I almost wonder if Lavrov said too much.

"The United States is bankrupting its European vassals while continuing to purchase uranium and key minerals from Russia, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Wednesday."


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...And then there was this -


"Therefore, this digital ruble is expected to be forgotten. And I think that's going to happen within the next year. It was some kind of "good idea", but something went wrong, something didn't work out, and in the end, it will be postponed indefinitely."

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Wasn't there a statement "we're all in this together" during the covid trauma inducement era? Your news update post gives that statement it's true meaning. We are all under the same attack, but you are right, at least we have each other.

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This comment is for Lil'Kremlin who might be reading that comment section at some point. I guess you remember Keny Arkana. She has just release a song about the current event in Palestine. You might like it. It has 105K views in a week and thousand comments while she is not broadcasted on any corporate medias and has not been in the forefront for years now.


Take care Man and I wish you keep on working your rap

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Klaus Schwab - Don't worry be happy - Agenda 2030 :)


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Because Riley and many among you love Bach...

Because Omar Khayam is one of the greatest poet of Love...

Because we need some beauty to heal our bleeding hearts when madness and slaughter are the rule...


"At dawn a cry through all the tavern shrilled,

"Arise, my brethren of the revelers' guild,

That I may fill our measure full of wine,

Or e'er the measure of our days be filled."


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Shanghai becoming a 'smart city'.

Shanghai stays on course for digital upgrade


"By the end of 2026, Shanghai's digital infrastructure development and service capacities will "reach a new level," completely supporting emerging technologies such as AI, blockchain, 5G and Digital Twin and making them broadly integrated into the city's production and living."


Much like Putin has spoken of the need to 'de-Nazify' Ukraine, Israel apparently intends to put Gaza 'through a process of 'de-Nazification':

"The official added that after Hamas is toppled, “it won’t be enough to do just a rehabilitation of Gaza.”

“It must go through a process of ‘de-Nazification,'” continued the official. “This culture [of seeking to kill Jews] still exists in the Palestinian Authority.”"


If it wasn't for the immense human suffering involved, I'd laugh at this silly use of history and language, but alas...

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Edward, you need to add a link to your convo with Jesse Zurawell, I listened to it on TNT Radio just a few days ago.

I am happy to announce I bought my first Christmas present - 9piece matryoshka. Not luxurious finish but if anyone can beat 9pcs - please let me know a I'll turn green with envy.


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Didn't Herr Schwab say something like "you'll own nothing and be happy" or something similar?

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