The people are the source of power. Usually this is good to hear.

But in the age of technocracy/Matrix, not really sure does he mean societal power or is he jeering with equivocal language like the rest of them.

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"Sergei Lavrov told the 78th session of the UN General Assembly that “a new world order is being born right before our eyes”. He said there is currently a struggle between “the world majority, which advocates a more equitable distribution of global goods and civilizational diversity” and “those few who apply neocolonial methods of subjugation."

There's a bit of a difference between international ruling elite hoodlums having internecine battles between one another for more "stuff" and an agreed upon synchronized agenda established by the same bunch of gangsters under the auspices of the UN in order to suppress outraged billions.

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Funny part from the latest meeting between Putin and Wang Yi:

"Mr President, tectonic shifts are underway in today’s world with the emergence of a multipolar world gaining momentum in the face of the ever-changing international environment with its turbulence. Still, we are witnessing an anti-globalisation trend. As permanent members of the UN Security Council, China and Russia are committed to peace and development, and carry a huge burden on their shoulders.

Yesterday, Mr Patrushev [Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev] and I held a new round of China-Russia consultations on strategic security. Two days ago, I discussed our bilateral relations with Minister Lavrov [Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov]. We talked about ways to carry out the important agreements you reached with President Xi Jinping. We also explored ways of working together to counter anti-globalisation trends. Accordingly, we reached several important agreements. I believe Mr Patrushev has already reported to you on this topic."


"We also explored ways of working together to counter anti-globalisation trends."

So here you have it, after all the hype and yelping about BRICS, the multipolar stuff, China etc being some how "anti-globalist", these people openly speak among themselves about the need to "counter anti-globalisation trends".

Of course, it does not surprise me in the slightest considering the last few declarations (the G20 one in India, the BRICS Johannesburg II) that they have signed onto; it's just more of the same really.

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Thanks for update Edward.

I interpret Putin means the people are his source of power OVER them not TO them.

If able, can you report on Russian mainstream media stance on the Uyghur-Xinjiang issue? Are they backing China, as I suppose? Any press critical of the Chinese?

Get free, stay safe.

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"Shanghai launches certification for 'green' restaurants

Shanghai has launched the certification of "green" restaurants to encourage a low-carbon lifestyle and drive the city's catering industry toward eco-friendly-oriented development, local market authorities announced on Tuesday."


"The Donetsk People’s Republic has imposed military censorship on mail, Internet communications and phone conversations, according to an order by the region’s head that was published on his website."


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Truth and music are really nice to wake up to. Thank you.

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"Rospotrebnadzor chief Anna Popova says there is currently no need to introduce a nationwide mask regime in Russia, adding that employers can instruct their workers to mask up if they so desire. [TASS]"

Most of the Russian employers must be microbiologists/virologists... That should stop the next pandemic.

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Hello friends.

I am in Morocco currently, if you are in a developed nation, count your blessings, the people here are so poor and needy. And then they suffered an earthquake too, so sad.

You may have noticed the Muslim nations are now feeling the heat of God's anger (Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and others), with floods and earthquakes. In due course, most of these nations will see the truth and leave Islam, as prophesied. So we should rejoice at that.

Love your neighbours on this world, love God, and do His will. God bless you all with truth, love and faith.

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3 X 1 minute wifi pulses Oct 4 2:22 pm US Eastern Standard time will unleash Marburg from the lipid nano-particles. As reported by Dr Rachid Buttar, who died of poisoning 2 days later. And others - see clip in my post below.

Have all wifi turned off.

As Mike Yeadon says, if it doesn't happen, all you suffer is embarrassment.

If it does happen......

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Hello, people!!! 🤗 Thanks for being here. Blessings.

And Riley, I clarified my last question about the BRICS and the WHO in the Comments section of your response to Lucien. Maybe you can read it later. Thanks and God bless (and protect) you 🙏

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Hello to you from California...do you go to church on Sundays? I just had to admit to my Baptist Pastor that I don't know if I'm saved....Baptists believe you should know the moment you become saved because it is analagous to a new birth...so I'm at loose ends these last few days but at least my 17YO kitty Trudy survived a visit to the ER and is on the road to recovery

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That Chesnokov hymn perfectly suits my Sunday morning head--semi-hungover from Birthday celebrations, a brief respite from our incessant rains (So. FL, natch), a sympathetic cat, and the promise of a newly opened Pinot Noir.

Thank You.

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" the people are the source of power in Russia, Vladimir Putin said in a speech"

I wholeheartedly agree with Mr. Putin here, unfortunately he did not continue with known quote (possibly attributed to Stalin) along the lines that it does not matter how people vote, it matters who counts the votes.

One can also interpret Putin's words as something eerily matrix-y, something to look forward to.

Talking about known quotes, this one from Shrek comes to mind - "You and what army?", but I hear it is wholly inappropriate to criticize SMO.

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In the interview with Jesse, the phrase "organised freedom" in Egypt, was discussed.

Reportedly Xi has referred to China as "a democratic dictatorship".

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Hi Riley!

there is a new comment on Nouveau Monde which you could translate by yourself and seems like an attack on your work even if it is poorly written:

citoyen stupide

2023-09-25 06:34

Tout ce que dit Wagaman est vrai, les sources sont indiquées et vérifiables. Je sais que c’est vrai parce que je suis le sujet profondément (pas de Riley, mais de sources russes, dont certaines auxquelles il fait référence).

C’est tout?

À la question principale et à la thèse principale de Cerise, Riley Wagaman semble n’avoir d’autre réponse que de rejoindre le conciliant « pas d’arrêt de la technologie ».

La question principale de Cerise est « jusqu’où la Russie a-t-elle l’intention d’aller? » Le transhumanisme fou est-il planifié avec la convergence bionumérique et la modification génétique que l’Occident prétend pour le moment tranquillement mais ouvertement « se généraliser à l’avenir », l’euphémisme pour « deviendra obligatoire pour la participation à la société »?

Et Wagaman ne répond à rien. Ce qui est proverbial pour lui: ne pas refléter même 1% des plans transhumanistes sérieux de la Russie. (« Pourquoi » est un mystère. Mais le reportage limité est un fait… Mais seulement si vous connaissez le sujet tel que je le connais, par exemple.)

En même temps, Riley souscrit ouvertement, systématiquement et dogmatiquement à l’affirmation absolument non prouvée et indémontrable, la réalité de la guerre. Et s’il y a une guerre, et en même temps nous n’avons pas montré les mêmes plans transhumanistes de la Russie (et ils interdisent lgbtQR…), alors, bien sûr, il n’y a pas de complicité. Vous ne pouvez pas faire les deux en même temps.

Cela ruine tout, et – intentionnellement ou non – Riley rejoint les imbéciles et l’opposition contrôlée. (Mais si vous ne connaissez pas très bien le sujet, vous ne comprendrez probablement pas.)

As to the comment I did on Égalité et Réconciliation inviting Mr Cerise to answer on that Substack, there has been one answer thanking for your input but no answer from Lucien Cerise until now.

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Yeah, Slavsquat, the gloves are off, this is just a warning, I have much more, and some really interesting things about Russian history, witch by large is just invented to cover up other things, just as it is to day.

One of the things witch is worrying this days is how insync the new eh... new world order is with the agendas of the Davos Gang incl Anal Schwab & Co, its infact no difference at all, and in that sense, Russian Gov is plowing the fields with new intentions, of course for the benefit of humanity, sounds nice, right.

And nobody in the Hurrah PatrIdiot gang will ever admit just that, Putain is a Weffer Bitch, period, for every week that goes, incl the resent Armenian event, tells me, either they think we are idiots, or they are just criminals with an limited area of knowledge, and Armenia is the key, I am not impressed.

Somehow, this Azzeris attack on Armenian (NK is just the start, Iran is the goal, and Iran must NEVER trust the present Russian Gov) is backed by Russia, along with the very same nations it is fighting in Ukraina, in NKs case, they sound exactly the same, witch is lying thru their teeth, about everything. ISISrael, Turdics, the Muslim Caucasus scumbags is moving over to the Ottomanian rats wet dream, and Russia is on board, flooding Russia with low life scums an mass and their explanations is as ridiculous as in the west, they will undermine everything, incl social sec. and crimes rates will go to the sky.

I could give you an tour regarding sniveling drivel about whom is Ok to claim autonomic status and who isnt, NK have never been anything else than Armenian, with an strong sense of nation hood, and Armenia/NK is betrayed from without and within, and now will bleed dry, because everybody supports the scums in charge of this ethnic cleansing.

And the African nations, whom have since the Bolsheviks/Sovjet, indoctrinated Africans in the so called slave traffic, while they, have ignored the facts, it was Arabs/Turdians and Jews who ran the slave trade and whites was taken as slaves to, but somehow we get the blame, do notice this in the Russians official sniveling drivel about the world we live in.

So, something you never will read in Russia and the western MSM.


The pogroms, etc, and now its on again.

Interestingly how focused Putain is on De nazification, while the Muslims is cleaning a area of its natives, witch are Armenians/etc, but hey, they arent Nazis so its Ok.

Arthzak/NK, right now, as we speak its becoming ethnically cleansed, yeah, "separatist" movements, and the Azzeri scums exuse is about security, sound remarkabel similar to what ISISrael says, as to what the SMO is about, removing security threats in NK, moving the lawns, right. Their claims is just bullshit, and have no credibility at all, and never have, its simply because they want Armenia dead and gone, and its not the first time thru the millennium, the Muslim Hords have tried.

I am afraid something seriously have snapped, everybody is lying this days, its getting worse and worse.

The alternative MSM is nothing but an f.... insult this days, and is unable, or unwilling, like the MSM is to be honest, Armenia will be memory holed, just like Yemen is, Palestina is, African horn is, Western Sahara is, etc, and the cleaning will go on and nobody gives a flying f....., because they hate the Kardashians, yeah, a brilliante argument, along with the drivel saga about Sore-ass and somehow the same gang ignores Putains incestuous relation ship with the scums of this earth.

This is on the level of diss-info as the scamdemic was, where most of the sites, incl alternatives used a year before they realized what was going on.

Russia will become as EU is, an rotten stinking ship witch have abandoned their own people, driven the economy into the ground, etc, but the worst part of the allowing of lord knows how many from other nations into our land and destroys our world, and whom hates us, because thats what they have been spoon feed from birth.

And guess who is behind it all.


I know, do you.

I dont care if some find this somehow Islamophobic, that is not the case, because I dont consider them to be Muslims at all, what happens is never been allowed in Islam, and Saudi-Barbarians is just disappointing rotten., just as the so called Christan West, rotten to their bone marrow, just as stink rotten as Islam have becomed, I do pity the judges, their screams will echoe thru the eons to come, when they realize the truth of their acts, but then again, nobody really belives this days, when they fall for everything.

We live and act, in a intellectual island, in a ocean of mental castrates.


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