Yes, at least we have each other. It is an honor.

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>In January-July, the United States increased purchases of Russian fertilizers to a record $944 million.


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Your reporting is greatly appreciated, a rare angle on what is to me still a mysterious place. Who will be left by spring? This may be the toughest winter I have ever seen in my almost 60 years.

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Thanks Riley! I'm excited to see you Tuesday. Please note it is "McDuffLives" (all one word) on Rumble where our live show will be broadcast. I apologize for the confusion, but the channel "McDuff Lives" is more of an archive and wont be "live." The link to use is :https://rumble.com/user/McDuffLives. I'm trying to straighten this out wih Rumble support. Sorry for any confusion this causes.

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Greetings to all of you!

I wish you all the best.

Below is a copy/paste of a link I sent during the last comment session:

The excellent French intellectual Lucien Cerise has just published an article related to that very excellent from Riley.

He has been invited three times by the excellent Yurie Roșca in Chisinau and this year he just sent an article and a video intervention after his invitation.

I think that this article might spark a debate among Riley's distinguished readers and commenters and most probably Riley himself.

Since most of you can use a DeepL like translator, I let you translate it in your own language.

Russia and The Great Reset :


Maybe Lucien Cerise could be invited for a Slavsquating interview or a debate... That would be great.

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Well, I find living in this dysfunctional world extremely difficult. I know you and others here feel the same. It can't be fixed, not supposed to be fixed, but ,. I sense we all know this, as we are subject to the dysfunctional "leaders", doing their fix, when they are just as dysfunctional as they insist we become. We are the remnants of the "almost insane. "..we are on the correct path, hard to see most times, but we are..

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This is sort of both odd and amusing: "When Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, a trans woman from Nevada, came to Ukraine in March 2022 she planned to report on refugees. However, she ended up fighting for Ukraine and is now a spokesperson for the country's territorial defense force...

On a visit to the studio she operates from, a secret location in Kiev, Sarah smiled as she said her unit's mantra is to "embrace the hate of the Russians".

It's interesting to note, before landing in Kiev

she/he was Michael Cirillo who in Poland advocated for "free speech." Another inalienable right surgically removed not only in Kiev but throughout the West rendering liberal democracies as autocratic as the government’s they oppose, but now choose to replicate. It's a small world after all.


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Your no-life Filipino correspondent

In ASEAN the other week, where Philippines is (my area) overlord Klaus Schwab has visited our region and would want us to merge with State & Corporate Power.

...So yes it is not just reaching in Eurasia but also down here in SouthEast Asia.


"The 43rd ASEAN Summit was held in Jakarta from 5 to 7 September 2023. On its website, the Summit is described as “bilateral meetings between the leaders of the attending countries.” Yet Schwab, who represents large corporations, muscled his way in.

As Australian politician Craig Kelly tweeted yesterday: “Why is Klaus holding court at the current ASEAN summit in Indonesia? And why is Klaus also advocating for a merger of state and corporate power?”

Speaking at the ASEAN Summit on Tuesday, Schwab said that with the fusion of corporation and state, what he calls “public-private cooperation,” we would see a shift from “the era of capitalism to the era of talentism,” where innovation becomes the “key competitive factor.” He had already explained that in merging the corporations and state, “governments still provide direction but business provides the innovative power.”

"Schwab was littering the stage at the 2022 ASEAN Summit as well. As with this year, questions were raised then as to why an unelected leader of the World Economic Forum, a non-governmental organisation, is present among democratically elected officials."

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I consider the Romanian chants of 'Kosovo is Serbia' a very empowering show of real solidarity

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What is REALLY going on in the world? A lot of people are starting to ask this question, because something very strange is going on and a lot of people can sense that. I am able to present some answers for those who are open-minded:

In a nutshell: We are at the very end (in the final 10 years) of a 26,000-year cycle that is 'resetting' in 2032 and that has a number of implications:


"Mass centralisation could also be understood with regards to the transitional phases between ages within the context of a certain category of anthropology, which describes how structure gives way to non-structure and anti-structure in the middle-phase of Great Transitions. The effect is that structure (from a metaphysical standpoint, which affects human thinking) becomes more fluid due to the aforementioned cycle's structural energy petering out as it declines towards its end, while new structure has not arrived yet, so boundaries and separation would appear much less obvious or desired.

The trend towards the formation of Centralisation Zones (for example European Union, Eurasian Union, BRICS, North American Union and so forth) could be viewed as a phenomenon that arrives towards the end of a very long cycle. End-of-cycle energies have centralising and collectivising influences on human consciousness that are stronger than decentralising ones. This is a result of the current 26,000-year Precessional Cycle declining towards its lowest endpoint between the years 2027 and 2032. Although centralisation is nothing new, there is something different about it this time.

Due to the extent that globalisation has expanded along with the phenomenal reach and coverage of present-day global interconnectivity, the world has become a much smaller place, to the extent that all the Zones of Centralisation could now potentially end up being incorporated into one all-encompassing Zone of Centralisation (which is a process seemingly already in progress). In theory, the end-of-cycle energies are sufficiently conducive for such an objective to be an appealing prospect in a number of quarters, but whether that would actually manifest (fully) in practice remains to be seen."


What people need to understand is that the vast majority of individuals in the Global North and Global South support and have supported the movement towards mass global centralization, meaning democratic support for country groupings such as the E.U. , BRICS, African Union, North American Union and so on. Among the (so-called) alternative media there's much more support FOR BRICS than against it, Riley's blog being one among very few exceptions. So where does that leave us? We are in the hands of the cycle - and the prognosis is a fracturing process that will most likely unfold post-2032 for cyclic reasons:


Esotericism has two sides - the occultic dark side (that the alt-media derides) and a positive side.

Cycle-science (the study of ancient cycles) is an aspect of the positive side and it has the capacity to guide humans through The Greatest Shift in 26,000 Years. The guidebook is free to download:


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Why is all this happening. There are tons of information and revelations on the "agenda". But can we talk about why? Only for money and power ? Really? Because we are led by psychopaths? And all of them agreed to work together in one team? Really?

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Thanks for reminding me that all governments around the world are as insane as all the rest. We have each other and don't need nothing else.

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Mr Riley, as the only substack survivor of the worst of all worlds trio, are you also considering shutting down or paywall your blog.

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There's a thing in Twitter where if you fall out you must have met with grisliness. I too questioned your return, not realising the fine judgement on ChatterboX, that likes are the "happy hunting ground for minds that have lost their balance". Joyce.

I shall announce to my follower that Slavsquat lives.

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At least we have each other in our playground of mud and blood and not doing enough about it.

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You might want to be more careful with the symbols in your graphics Riley. The kangaroo, the giraffe and the penguin are cool with me. But they could represent some subversive environmental agenda. Eagle wings without a body? Big Ms? The ring with all the control points - initial plans for future smart city grid. The descending plane - possible future 9/11 warning. All the spires - towers of Babel. Trees and greenery- provision for cover for future WiFi towers. Building with the roman columns - intelligence headquarters. Cactus - counter-intelligence headquarters. Guess not. Carry on regardless.

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