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I wouldn't call it "he surrendered" by any stretch of imaginagion. Is he supposed to make international travel impossible for his citizens, subject them to the rampant discrimination in "the free world" or in Russia or what? So no, "government is government and "power freak" will have to wait for him to introduce it for use his own jurisdiction, I'm afraid.

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Ha!Ha!Ha!... After all Government is government. Power freak is power freak...

BTW, here is my other 6 cents on the new "speech" in Canada!



Toilet Paper is Toilet Paper Regardless of Whose it Is!

Feb 14, 2022

After the whole things that have been taking place for two years to their own lives with blatant lies, sheer brutality, and deceit...from every government on this planet, this old politician still believes in just a toilet paper he signed more than 40 years ago, which likes every other nation's toilet papers, just a toilet paper!

No piece of toilet paper can protect a person freedoms except himself or herself with the will to be free and the will to use force to defend and protect such freedoms. Declaration of Rights and Freedoms is meaningless if the people have no PHYSICAL MEANS to defend and protect such rights and freedoms!

That’s the exactly the reason why the Second Amendment was demanded inserted into the useless Constitution as “amendments” by those people like Thomas Jefferson who understood what freedom truly is and what power really is!

And it’s also exactly the reason why Government always tries every trick to disarm the People before enslaving and killing them!

The fact that Government always violates the so-called “most sacred documents", or “the highest, the supreme law of the land” without consequences and wins because Government possesses the brutal force and the exclusive right to exercise such brutal force virtually at will just with any feeble pretext. That's called “the state of “emergency.”

The only reason that the Americans are unique case of, for now, being less oppressed than other people around the world not because they have such same toilet papers, which though uniquely spells out the RIGHT OF THE CITIZENS TO BAND TOGETHER TO USE GUNS TO SECURE THEIR FREEDOMS AGAINST THE GOVERNMENT, but because they actually have physical guns in their hands!

Unfortunately, even these (lucky but stupid) Americans have been hypnotized with such statist hopium in "democracy" and Government that they would not dare to exercise their unique “constitutional right and power despite the fact that their lives and freedoms have been directly severely violated for two years! (well, they also have many useful idiots and shills posing as experts and intellectual dissidents! In the field of medicine alone, there are just a few true experts who are wise with integrity such as Dr Thomas Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman, Dr. Lee Merritt… all the rest are just cowards and shills)

"...that whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these Ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it..." (Declaration of Independence)


2nd Amendment “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed”

I (Wink! Wink!) also said that “When tyranny becomes law, rebellion becomes duty”

The truth is, without GUNS on hands, those wonderful words are meaningless!

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"A digital travel pass created by a bank. Sounds nice." Right?

In Ukraine we have Diya, a government mobile app that lets you use digital versions of documents such as passport, driver's licence, etc. and access government services such as business registration. (Here's more information if anyone is interested https://ukraine.ua/invest-trade/digitalization/). One of the ways to create a Diya account is to authorize through your Bank ID. Why is a government portal/services connected to databases of private banks?

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Loved the folk music. Couldn't help but notice the Tetris theme (Korobeiniki) towards the end. In case you haven't seen this classic:


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Wow, they made it boring and joyless in Belarus, too! Yikes!

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I dunno what to think. The mandates don't seem to be taking effect here in the U.S. So what's Europe gonna do - ban Americans from travelling there forever? I doubt it. So if the vaxx passports fail in U.S. and then Europe falls like a domino, will Russia & Belarus really keep them? Time will tell, I guess. But it will be hard to keep up the hysteria in 6, 12, 18 months if the Americans are un-tagged and travelling around the world as they please.

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More and more people are getting sick from the vaxx. At some point people have to wake up.

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It's about time that he fucking exposes this bullshit we call virology.

I'm so fucking tired of hearing these frauds still listened to even when they were wrong about HIV etc...

All of these leaders are fucking cowards, they stay in their bubbles and let the fucking lies continue outside their borders.


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Figures that either EU or Russia would put pressure on Belarus to at least semi- play along...or slowly start ramping up the codes from here.

Also a note to self and to others: any time you see an organization or politician using the words "development, sustainable, initiatives" - RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!

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It occurs to me, even for those of us who resist their Hacksxxxine, from the bio Harmaceuticals needle rape complex, we still are

Forced to live in their lousy world, and their fake vaxx Holocaust. No, words don't really work anymore, nor will womanity except maybe for the trucker resistance...the last gasp of Womanity, our last chance

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I used to be one of those Putin pampers. Right now I hate him more than Biden. He is either a phoney or a complete moron. I am really hoping the American's make the mistake of colour revolutioning Putin. They would replace their guy with someone who is competent.

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