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Unlike western unipolar slave tokens the Russian multipolar slave token will set you free!

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Not only is the sPEciAL miLiTArY oPErATiOn providing more cover for this CBDC to be rolled out but the multipolarity cheerleaders are just openly accepting all these advances towards totalitarian technocracy because "hey everybody's doing it so of course Russia has to" and "how else can they keep up with the West?" since CBDCs and extreme surveillance states are ok as long as the elites that make them feel nice are in charge.

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I think that is the first time I have seen an official statement that these CBDCs will indeed replace cash.

If you are interested, here's the rough most likely sequence of events:

-markets collapse again, trillions more created by the central banks around the world, a temporary bounce, but in 2024-25 the ECB nudges a large number of huge banks into insolvency, using bail-ins.

-big deflationary collapse as a result, along with the demise of the LBMA, which provides 'paper gold' (XAUUSD on the markets).

-In order to recapitalise the world, the ECB will launch a huge QE (money creation), perhaps as much as 10-20 trillion euros, and it will all be directed to physical gold. The price will go to the moon, 10,000 euros plus an ounce.

-The big players will all switch to trade settlement in euros (which will be viewed as being fully reserved with gold). The dollar will be dumped, and will collapse, along with the yen and sterling.

-Within a few years, as hyperinflations take hold around the world, a summit will be called (by Russia and China).

-The decision will be made to switch all nations to a single currency (although each nation may retain its own currency, they will all be worth the same).

-AT the same time, they will begin the clampdown on cash, as it's a threat to their totalitarian plans.

-By March 2029 at the latest, cash will be gone, and CBDCs will be brought online in every nation.

-It is likely an rfid chip will be used, either implanted in the right hand, or within the dye used to put a tattoo on the right hand (at the top of the hand).

-They will be selling CBDCs as being 'As good as gold', because the central banks have effectively stolen all of the gold from the national treasuries (or by then they will have finished that job).

-So the tattoo on the right hand will be of a fine gold bar itself, with its fineness shown as .999 (the usual 24 carat indicator).

-when the right hand is presented to a card reader at a checkout, the .999 will be inverted of course, as the right fist is flipped downward, and so the infamous 666 prophecy will be fulfilled.

-the Beast isn't the devil, it's the system of worldwide techno-slavery and confinement for those of mankind who take the mark.

Don't take the mark though, take the other option, through faith in God and belief in the Lord. Because the Beast will be gone by September 7th 2032. Along with the poor souls who voluntarily enslaved themselves. Horrible time ahead sadly. Good luck to us all.

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How come it doesn’t need the internet to work? (tech dummy here)

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CBDC's are being rolled out under cover of war...

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The inspiring Bolshevik destiny of Russia, now committed to become the mother island of the global digital gulag archipelago.

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I trust the Russians are as smart as the Nigerians and reject it wholesale.

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Thank you Riley!

it is very important that many Russians understand the dangers of CBDC like it is important that more and more people here in the West are aware of that very lethal scam.

So thank you for bringing the information that Russians won't bow to the psychos in Russia that easily.

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A scary thing I saw recently is that the Central Banksters want to have an expiry date on CBDC's.

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Didn’t you people watch Sandra Bullock in “The Net”?!? That was 30 years ago - they told you what they were going to do to you.

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It's different

it's a multipolar digital ruble

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Notice, how the "new and improved" multipolar world order is "not" really multi at all, but a worldwide neofeudal technocracy ushering in a transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution. Supposedly, the Third Industrial Revolution has been been sapped of all future exploitative potential. The gangsters robbed everything in sight and the proles are getting restless. And that's why it's time for a new and improved world order which will incorporate: biosecurity implantable devices; central bank digital currencies (CBDC); an array of mRNA computer generated vaxx toxins; and AI devices that'll supply the "one" answer to every question or problem. The biggest "ball and chain" are the central bank digital currencies as that'll be the ultimate method of ensuring control, since your digital passport to civil society will only remain activated if you comply. How many hoops will each person be expected to jump through until they reach that final objectionable hoop. The one that'll make you persona non grata. The one that removes all your rights to function in this new digital world.

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What no spiffy name? How very Russian. We in the US will get FedNow as the clearinghouse for transactions and eventually FedCoin as our new "money."

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See the attached.

This will be happening worldwide.


Have a nice day!

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It takes two minutes to discover that the Central Bank of Russia is cooperating closely with the BIS on a cross-border CBDC.


So let me get this straight. We are on the verge of a nuclear war with Russia but we are concurrently working jointly on rolling out a worldwide central bank-controlled digital slavery coin! If anyone believes Putin or Xi are working independently of the West, well I don't know what else to say.

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It is different and is mainly intended for trade. There will still be cash in Russia unlike in the West "where you will own nothing and be happy".

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