Priceless! Thank you, Edward. I missed that story, so I with pleasure looked it up in different sources.

However, without justifying behavior of Kazakh authorities we need to understand the broader scope and for that we need to listen to interview of Ruzakhunov after his return to Kyrgyzstan. Here is the link to that interview video https://youtu.be/h1PR6XN9FGg, but since most readers of this blog don't speak Russian, let me do a quick recap. Vikram basically says that he was in Kazakhstan with his performances, but, as riots started, he, against the advise of his Kazakh friends to stay low in his apartment in Kazakhstan, decided to head home from Almaty. He actually flew to Almaty from Bishkek on the way there, but since airport was blocked for passenger travel he decided to hire a taxi (private car) to go back home. He was stopped by military checkpoint not far from border and detained for questioning. Vikram says that he got his bruises not in detention cell or in police department office, but when he was detained by military. He also said that this statement "I was unemployed in Kyrgyzstan and some people called me and offered me 90K tenge ($200) to participate in the meetings" he told police based on advice of his cellmates, since they said, as result of it they will deport you quickly to Kyrgyzstan, which happened promptly after him admitting his "crime". Now, considering that for taking part in protests there were indeed many unemployed in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan that were hired to come to Kazakhstan and take part in protests in Southern Kazakhstan region that borders with these countries, could we give a bit of leeway to Kazakh authorities for showing excessive eagerness in dealing with these "imports"?

Similar story, btw, happened during Ukrainian Maidan of 2014 when thousands of unemployed people from Western Ukraine were brought to Kiev to create crowd effect on the Independence square - the heart of protests. When sharp shooters from Georgia brought in by Maidan organizers killed round 100 protesters to give Maidan victory a final push, blaming shooting on then president Yanukovich, nationalist propaganda named murdered protesters "nebesna sotnia" (heavenly hundred) while Kievites called them "nemestna skotnia" (out-of-town cattle).

So what's the lesson of this story? The lesson here is that we need to look at the situation in a broader way, trying to understand all the context and motivation for actions on both sides of the story.

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LOL, Kyrgyz / Kazakh war when?

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Finally! A proverbial Sultan of Swing!

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It’s classic government trick! Right out of their “anti-terrorism TEXT BOOK”. Putin, Xi, Bush, Obama, Biden etc…. all the same shit, different shapes! As I said before, the genuine Kazakhs have been betrayed and robbed again! And this time their 21% Russo-European-Jewish “kazakhs” will suck them dry completely! The Jewish boy in Kremlin has revealed his claws! And the “South Front” has shown its true color! I smell a stench from “South Front” some years ago when it was “overused” by The Saker. I dropped both of them! Anyway, great true investigative journalist work from a mere “news-room-errand-boy!” Riley! You ought to be congratulated!

Meanwhile in Melbourne, Australia where I currently reside, there is a big distraction from a real classic staged Tennis Celebrity saga! Those Oz protesters, supporters never give a shit about their own First fellow Australians (the Aborigines) who right now have been being tortured and genocided by the Northern Territory and Australian thugs.


But don’t take me wrong. I like Djokovic. He is one of a very few sport-persons I do watch and admire! I watched him play. I admire his style, especially his gentlemen characteristic toward other fellow human beings. I do support him, but not in such mindless hypocrisy! I knew he’s been used and played!

Nevertheless, good on him. He’s much luckier than my fellow Australian Aborigines, He got his “own people” bravely defending him!


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We came, we saw, we got him ...


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Truth. Nothing else matters.


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They kicked me outta the godddammm Dolphin club for they didn't like my piana playing

I'd hate to think how they'd react if I went to kazakstan and tried that playing the piana

Yes I was demasculinated and that's why its a piana .

Now I swim off the beach, and skip the scratch marks

In all seriousness I think most given a choice would rather endure a light physical roughing than the psychic learned helplessness of goddammm solitary isolation

Of course the Lockstep Lockdowns IsoLa are just that, solitary for everyone.

No surprise everything and everyone is all fucked up

The lamestream mad media won't touch the antihacksxxxxinees anti vaxxx pass anti vaxxport angle

The only one that makes any sense

Watch out for the dangerous piana at the Condor, too

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I dunno, buddy. They’re ramping up confusion to 11/10. Can’t decide what to believe anymore, maybe only that which I witness myself and even then, how can one be sure not to be played?

Have you ever considered you are unwittingly participating in a circus?


Can you imagine what kind of cool shit Ilya Naishuler AND Wes Anderson could come up with if they got together? Me neither. This is the stuff I prefer to believe in. At least it is believable ;-)

It might be time to come home, take up a simple job directing a student media center in some college town in the inland northwest. We have guns here. Just sayin’.

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Another good skewering of the clam or the squid...

I could write a different interpretation of the the Kazakh insurgency every day as the story changed — but people say what they say in Moscow, Washington, Nur-Sultan: an Implausible narrative will reveal itself!

Eurasia Note - Russia Firm On Ukraine — Germany's Greens try to link gas issue; Bidens' Kazakh cameo; Bosnia crisis next?


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Where is Borat?

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How can you tell who is who since they all look the same to me?!

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