Very informative. Thank you

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Congratulations, Riley!! You've officially made it to the Big Guys league. No one would bother to "debunk" a non-famous humble Russian correspondent. Raising a glass of vodka to the FORMIDABLE BRAND RECOGNITION of my favorite Russia COVID writer.

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No one should be injected with an "experimental mess" that's neither safe nor effective and does not prevent the contraction or transmission of the virus.

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Vanessa Beeley has been ignoring the con-vid and sputnik v mess in Russia forever.

You would think she would bring up her issues with it, as she has done with most of the west, but in her mind, it seems Russia is immune to criticism when it comes to con-vid, lol.

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Hey Riley,

You have once again been quotated in an article in the French alt-media. This time it is on Égalité et Réconciliation, one of the most famous and with a large audience.


You will find the reference in the note 14.

" Antony Fauci of the Putin regime, Gintsburg claims authorship of the Sputnik V serum, an AstraZeneca clone (as he himself has acknowledged), at least as toxic and dangerous as the latter, and which the Russian administration promotes among its population by means of nudging methods almost identical to those which the McKinsey philanthropists have "advised" the use of to the E. Macron governments. On covidism in Russia, see the blog of the excellent Eduard Slavsquat, a defector from the English-language editorial staff of Russia Today."

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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i havnt watched UK Column for a while but im very disheartened and concerned to hear they are heading down the stew peters route

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During the Cold War there was the “Convergence Theory” that the Soviet Union and the West were becoming similar, especially economically. Same applies today with the vaxx.

And just as Communism was a western creation (Karl Marx, German) that Russia ran with, the vaxx insanity started more in the West but Russia is implementing it in a more draconian fashion than we are. Dumb move, Russia. Stop adopting the dumbest ideas that come out of the West.

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You asked for UKC Telegram account. Not sure if they have it, but Alex Thomsom (UKC commissioning editor) has a very active channel and actively participates in it:

Alex Thomson of ukcolumn.org. Geopolitics, Christianity, education, constitution.


Hope this helps

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[Or maybe some of us just don’t like having Russians (including members of our extended family) subjected to coercive injections with an unproven genetic experiment? — Edward]

I was wondering how many people are in a similar position. In our case, our family includes people from four continents, which broadens the perspective considerably. 99% of blogs and news sources or more are absolutely one-sided. It doesn't matter if they are gloating about the imminent end of the West or Russia's supposed setbacks. Until they realize that we are all being lied to and instrumentalized for goals that are not our own, they have not grasped the real tragedy of events.

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Please inform of us of who this Roper guy is that he’s considered so authorities on Russian MOD?

Tbh I’m reconsidering my stance on UK Column of being entirely trustworthy. But then I’ve often found their Israeli coverage questionable. Actually, I find most reporting is dependent on which side of that situation the writer supports. Aka it’s biased.

US MOD - mandatory in active and retired service men, women and other

UK MOD - not mandatory however often considered a factor so they’re not deployable. Letters and line management putting pressure on non-conforming V-free service personnel.

Why do you think all the MOD’s are so keen to in essence, possibly weaken their military? I don’t know. Illogical.

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excellent reporting. thanks for providing a well sourced different perspective in the jungle of emotional disinfo

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How does this happen? How is that people figure out that the World Economic Forum or Dick Cheney are bad people, and then wind up a few years down the road parroting Russian gov bollox? It's like a parasitic psy-op. First you escape the Western psy-op, next level: escape the Kremlin psy-op.

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One other point, I’ve read from another substack a pondering question: where is the sat images of the frontline? Where is the footage from embedded reporting of the front line?

We only know the narrative they choose to tell us FROM BOTH SIDES.

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Hey Riley. How are you? I hope all is good with you mate.

OK, this is a very weird situation. I've given this several hours to perculate and here are my thoughts.

First you got attacked by Tom Luongo, who I actually spent many hours chatting to one evening on his YouTube channel comments. He was cool and we shared the same worldview at the time.

The problem with Tom these days, as I have stated very loudly on Zero Hedge comments, is that he is existing in the wrong paradigm. Forgive me if I have misinterpreted your work but I am very much of the opinion that Putin (and Xi) are all-in on the globalist agenda and the idea that Russia and China are somehow "rogue states" viz-a-viz the "West" is laughable to me at this point.

I regard The Duran, along with their new sidekick Coach Redpill (pukes) as listening to a never ending epistemological treatise on how many angels you can fit on a pin head. So much hot air spouted, so many vital points missed, so much idiocy. If they have ever uttered the name Klaus Schwab or mentioned UN Agenda 2030, I haven't heard it.

Back to Tom again. He's allergic to the words "World Economic Forum". He can just about muster a "Davos" now and again. What's wrong with him, doesn't he want to be in the cool kids club of conspiracy theorists where we get everything right, often within 24 hours these days?

As an avid browser of the entire political spectrum, I am aware that Putin may actually be a multi-billionaire (at least). I would not be surprised if Xi were the same, or even richer.

As I have communicated to you before, Rockefeller created modern-day China. People like Bill Gates (and indeed the whole apparatus of institutions like the UN) are Rockefeller creations. After the "collapse" of the Soviet Empire [see https://jrnyquist.blog/ for some interesting takes], the CIA got in there real quick and helped a bunch of no-name literal-whos to become oligarchs under the drunken "rule" of Yeltsin.

Are you seriously telling me that the CIA got kicked out of Russia and magically disappeared because of Vlad The Bad? And then these newly minted oligarchs got to keep everything they stole coz reasons? This is ludicrous.

As you can already probably tell, this is going to turn into one of my fabled essays.

What really does it for me is that, here in France, where we had some of the most draconian anti-coof measures in Europe, suddenly the government said "all good it's all over now", and then a week or two later, the Ukraine narrative became dominant. It was like a narrative light switch. The cattle tags were quickly replaced with Ukrainian flags hanging from every building.

I always wondered why the CIA, Soros and the Obama administration overthrew a democratically elected government and replaced it with a CIA, Yeltsin-style oligarchical corrupt shitehole. Now we know, it was a placeholder event for current year. Forgive me if my figures are slightly off but I believe Ukraine went from third least corrupt country on Earth to the fourth most corrupt shitehole in six months after Nuland got involved. But the West hates corruption and loves democracy amiright?

It's quite clear to me that the whole purpose of the current psyop is to destroy Europe, and the US if at all possible. The so-called "sanctions" on Russia were nothing but the complete and utter destruction of European energy and consequently food.

It's somewhat astonishing that the anarcho-tyrannical plutocratic kakistocracy known as the UK is going down the tubes faster than almost any other European country, but with WEF member Liz Truss and her "financial reset", surely things can only get better soon? At least they removed "Build Back Better" as the first thing you see on their website - https://www.conservatives.com/ - now they just hint at it in speeches. How charming!

OK, so onto current nonsense. I don't know what to make of this Vanessa Beeley, and never have. She lives in Syria apparently. First of all, in 2022, WHY? Second, who is paying her bills? I haven't seen any discernible way she has "kept the lights on" over the years, although she does now appear to have a Substack.

Drama follows this lady everywhere, most notably in the case of James Corbett telling Sibel Edmonds to do one after she attacked both Beeley and Eva Bartlett.

I watched the UKColumn video in question and my opinion was she genuinely had an axe to grind with your work. I'm not sure if I am remembering correctly or not but I am pretty sure you have called out her quoted "experts" as full of it in the past. The names certainly ring a bell.

UKColumn do such great work normally, but adding Beeley to the team made me suspicious the first time I saw her on there. The tone of the last few episodes has been "the West bad, Putin good", which in my view is completely naive (see Luongo and The Duran).

It's the definition of the expanding brain meme, quite honestly. Here's one I made just now, specifically for this post.


I hope that the UKColumn will have you on to address this, I'm slightly appalled by this quite honestly.

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You're a great journalist, Riley. As a journalist, you do the job and very few does.

You can easily serve as a role model for UK Column (even though prostitution can not be compared to journalism).

In 2021 I also had the same information regarding compulsory vaccination for russian army.

Your work is essential as it protects children from a irreversible satanist project. So THANK YOU Riley!

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NAILED IT, Riley. Thanks for addressing this matter. Beeley's account is even worse than i suspected. She doesn't even use people with names as her "sources." She, like so many in the West, are just desperate to believe Vladimir because they're pinning all their hopes for countering the Evil Empire and its Great Reset upon him and the rest of the BRICS bloc. That's why she and UK Column have an audience among the "health freedom community" people i know.

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