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Is it reasonable to bring up the theory that maybe they DO just want to kill a lot of us?

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Answer of the Secretary of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Nikolai Patrushev : They, the Anglo-Saxons are actually implementing the doctrine of the “golden billion”, which suggests that a limited number of people can flourish in this world. .... Western medicine is increasingly practicing genetic engineering, synthetic biology methods, thereby blurring the line between artificial and natural....


(h/t https://gigmmxxii.substack.com)

Riley might be able to shed more light on the character of these statements.

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Yup, saw that. He's blaming the West for something Russia has fully embraced. He's either disingenuous or deluded. He's the head of Russia's Security Council, but he can't stop the roll-out of genetic shots in Russia? It defies all logic. That being said, I'd be happy to be proven wrong.

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Some corollary counterpoint:


Win some; lose some.

Relevant text:

"– Gleb Ivanov, AiF.ru: Nikolai Platonovich, the United States and other Western states are openly demonizing Russia, switching to direct insults. What is it connected with?

"– Nikolai Patrushev: The style of the Anglo-Saxons has not changed for centuries. And so today they continue to dictate their terms to the world, boorishly trampling on the sovereign rights of states. Covering their actions with words about the struggle for human rights, freedom and democracy, they are actually implementing the doctrine of the “golden billion”, which suggests that a limited number of people can flourish in this world. The destiny of the rest, as they believe, is to bend their backs in the name of their goal.

In order to increase the welfare of a handful of magnates in the City of London and Wall Street, the governments of the United States and United Kingdom, controlled by big capital, are creating an economic crisis in the world, dooming millions of people in Africa, Asia and Latin America to starvation, limiting their access to grain, fertilizers and energy resources. By their actions they are provoking unemployment and a migration catastrophe in Europe. Uninterested in the prosperity of European states, they are doing everything to make them disappear from the pedestal of economically developed countries. And for unconditional control over this region, the Europeans were put on a chair with two legs called NATO and the EU, disdainfully watching how they balance.

"– Today, it is increasingly being said that Western pharmaceutical companies are interested in the spread of dangerous diseases and in the daily dependence of mankind on drugs…

"– Some experts express an opinion about the man-made coronavirus infection, believing that it could have been created in the Pentagon laboratories with the assistance of a number of major multinational pharmaceutical companies. Clinton, Rockefeller, Soros and Biden funds were involved in this work under state guarantees. Instead of caring for the health of mankind, Washington spends billions on the study of new pathogens. In addition, Western medicine is increasingly practicing genetic engineering, synthetic biology methods, thereby blurring the line between artificial and natural."

I'll remind us that Russia is part of the West when it comes to the technosphere.

Possibly useful info:

"His eldest son, Dmitry, is a banker, Minister of Agriculture of Russia since 18 May 2018.[35] His younger son, Andrey, graduated in 2003 from the FSB Academy where he studied law with his classmate Pavel Fradkov, who is the son of Mikhail Fradkov, and has worked in leadership roles at Gazprom Neft."

So his son should, one presumes, be against GMO plants and livestock.


"Yeltsin promised to end the Russian bio-weapons program and to convert its facilities for benevolent scientific and medical purposes.[36][4]

"Compliance with the agreement, as well as the fate of the former Soviet bio-agents and facilities, is still mostly undocumented.[37] Leitenberg and Zilinskas, in The Soviet Biological Weapons Program: A History (2012), state flatly that "In March 1992...Yeltsin acknowledged the existence of an illegal bioweapons program in the former Soviet Union and ordered it to be dissolved. His decree was, however, not obeyed."[38] They conclude that "In hindsight, we know that with the ultimate failure of the... [negotiations] process and the continued Russian refusal to open the... facilities to the present day, neither the Yeltsin or Putin administrations ever carried out 'a visible campaign to dismantle once and for all' the residual elements of the Soviet bioweapons program".[39]

"In the 1990s, specimens of deadly bacteria and viruses were stolen from western laboratories and delivered by Aeroflot planes to support the Russian biological weapons program. At least one of the pilots was a Russian Foreign Intelligence Service officer".[40] At least two agents died, presumably from the transported pathogens.[40]

"In the 2000s, the academician, "A.S.", proposed a new biological warfare program, called the "Biological Shield of Russia" to president Vladimir Putin. The program reportedly includes institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences from Pushchino.[41]

"As of 2021, the United States "assesses that the Russian Federation (Russia) maintains an offensive BW program and is in violation of its obligation under Articles I and II of the BWC. The issue of compliance by Russia with the BWC has been of concern for many years".[2]"

While the USA saying Russia is non-compliant is a pot calling a kettle black, it seems obvious that no one trusts anyone when it comes to bio-weapons/warfare, and with good reason: all is fair in war.

This headline/quote: "Smallpox - not a bad weapon (Russian). Interview with General Burgasov. Moscow News. Retrieved on 2007-06-18"

from this link: https://www.bionity.com/en/encyclopedia/Soviet_program_of_biological_weapons.html

is an eyebrow-raiser, nyet?

I am curious to see info that would shed more light on this stuff.

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Of course. But one needs to define "they". We can type TPTB or Davosites or Rothschilds or Rockefellers or etc. etc. etc. all day but I highly doubt that there's an across-the board agreement among the major power-brokers to reduce the population on purpose. A greedy self-indulgent sanctimonious do-gooder can often do more evil than a megalomaniacal Dr. Evil wannabe.

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Maybe they know that something else is going on and that is their only answer as psychopaths:


Bugey Libre always have many theories in his saddlebag... and some Love for you all.

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They don't care about us, but an ice age is coming.

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Sarah, we have entered a Grand Solar Minimum, so they can spread whatever they want... It is just hubris.

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Sorry Sarah, GSM is not a theory nor a narrative. That being said, you are right, weather manipulation is real, highly documented and a big business. You might appreciate in that regard that most interesting website:


Anyway, the 'ecology' we are in is rules by cosmic laws and whatever the ants do, if a human or whatever animals feet smash it, it is doomed. Ants being rather sane, will strive top protect the eggs.

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oups; 'it' being the anthill...

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I'm not even suggesting we have to go with a "kill 99% of the population like some mysterious rocks say to" theory. It could be as simple as wanting to just bury their mistakes or purge their economies at this point.

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It certainly appears that way. At this point we can only hope to individually resist and save ourselves.

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We will not resist individually. We need to organise. We should have been already organised, long time ago.

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Nice seeing hangul here. What we are trying to do in the area I live in and in many other places in France, is to gather to help one another, soften our pain during the coming storm. We organise, meet more and more often, I for instance, give Systema courses using stress management tools mainly. Other come to share their knowledge on natural health, poultry breeding, element of psychopathology, etc... And all this ending in picnic, sharing of food, dansing... Our children our have been so ill treated, love it. No official structuring, no money involved, no power structure and more and more hand written documents... Anyon ige seyo

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Humans only "organize" when they are able to form the reasonable belief that such efforts at "organizing" will not jeopardize their next meal. This goes for every for of organization effort in history, from the lavishly-funded Bolshevik revolutions, to the greenback-funded American Revolution, to unionization, which only took off after laws had been passed that essentially forced employers to continue employing the "organizers". (The French Revolution was only "organized" on the level of the subversive, Masonic conspiracy of Jacobins, who felt scure in their material well-being come what may. The popular participation on the other hand was pretty un-organized, but was rather an elite-triggered free-for-all.)

Since the current global Machine has each and every human under constant, microscopic surveillance, even the slightest or meekest gesture toward a rebellious "organization" will be preemptively thwarted and stillborn, since any active steps can be met with utter ruin, dispossession, imprisonment, and revocation of livelihood.

So, no. There will be no organization. Guttermouth is right that there is only individual, isolated resistance left for us. Or as I put it, the "Three Rs: Refusal, Repudiation, and Resignation."

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"if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck" or, as an old friend said, "It's probably a hologram of a duck."

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"Why do they keep doing this? Someone please explain why."

First, Rasta explanation: They are Babylon agents, souless fake human beings, as the Songhaï people would say Shaïtan Izé (children of satan): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BR0fQ6wJb6A

Second, western intellectual understanding: They are just clinical psychopaths:





Why is it hard for you to swallow? Because you are a genuine human being like all the commentators around that substack, full of empathy, craving for real relationships, sincerity, creativity, etc... God bless you Riley.

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Yep, psychopaths/sociopaths/essential narcissists.

I used to wonder how come I couldn't see why they did what they did. There's plenty of stupid errors happening all the time with the narrative!

And then, I forgot to put myself in their shoes. A psychopath lacks doubt, so they think they can get away with anything.

That's what they've done with virology for decades. They just keep adding lies on top of the original lie and run circular logic to prove their actions. However, these days they are pushing this crap harder on people, which makes half or so of them step back and go.... WHAT? Why all the contradictions and ignoring the official "lore" of what a virus is supposed to be?

We are waking up. Mattias Desmet said that there's 3 groups...

-20% the easily hypnotized

-20% the never/barely hypnotized

-60% the people who go with the majority, but aren't fully absorbed into the story.

And that big 60% is seeing that it takes a lot of doublespeak to make sense of the narrative. That's why I say thank you to these psychopaths for being so lazy and spoiled to think you can just blab total BS and get away with it. One day the majority will call you out, "the emperor has no clothes!"

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archive.org/details/political-ponerology has recently become defunct. The book has also been banned from German Amazon.

Luckily you can still download via thepiratebay.org, b-ok.cc and other sites.

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Thanks. It is good to know it won't disappear that easily.

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"Why do they keep doing this? Someone please explain why."

Because they, along with every other nation-state apparatus, are building the open air 4IR/Metaverse prison for us 99+% humans who are not members of the global elite, and clot shots are the best way they've found so far to build that prison. Tell us it's for our health, while herding us into the global Blockchain-based virtual society, using the shots as a way to get us into the digital ID international system.

Thanks for the great info, Riley. People on Facebook insist that somehow BRICS is the movement of freedom against the NATO slave-drivers.

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Technocracy, statism and capitalism. Those all emerged onto the stage of history together, joined at the hips, have never been separated, cannot survive separately. That's what the Enclosures were about and are still about, they never ended, we are seeing the latest chapter opening, the digital Enclosures.

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Technocracy and statism...

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I think they want to create a new human species, which will be genetically modified, chemically altered, remotely controlled, and artificially reproduced.

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Hey Sonja, yes what you describe is planned, but even that is only an intermediary step toward the ultimate fate of mankind: full integration of all organic biomass into a unitary Cyb-Org planetary machine. The process stretches into the infinite future, and never ends. Think of the current process as the "domestication" stage, where humans are being modified to tolerate life in a high-density feedlot-style control grid. After that comes the breeding stage, then the slaughter stage, then the dressing stage, the meat-packing stage, the distribution stage, and the cooking stage. Then, it's dinner time.

Then there's the chewing stage, the swallowing stage, the gastric stage..............

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Dear fellow Human Being,

I wish you can understand French. If you do, I strongly advice you to listen to the testimony of Marie who is interviewed by dan Pilon the free thinker (he might be hard somehow, if you speak French because of his strong Québecquoi's accent). She is just back from Shangaï. She has been living in China for 26 years and found herself in what she calls the Corona Circus, that fucking total lockdown for the whole delirium. It is very very interesting. In the end her message is that the Chinese people must be differentiate from the rulers and the party. She also claims that Humans will ultimately win against the totalitarian tech nightmare the absolute craziness of the whole thing. She gives interesting insights into what it felt.


Last week another French was interviewed from China and when asked specific questions he just said, apparently disturbed, that he couldn't answer...

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Thanks my friend. Hopefully someone will eventually translate this testimony for underachieving monoglot Anglophones like me!

"the Chinese people must be differentiate from the rulers and the party."

That's right. For the time being, the Herd are being pharmaceutically branded to mark them as transferrable, self-collateralized chattle property. I also have a theory that the cumulative genetic manipulations from the injections might be desiged to make interbreeding impossible between the Herd and the Masters. That way, the Masters will have further lattitude with their sex-slaves, because they won't need to fear impregnating their concubines. This reproductive incompatability will prevent any contamination of the elite bloodlines, and will also create a distinct species for whom the elites will have less and less empathy, which will further reinforce the stratification of humans.

"She also claims that Humans will ultimately win against the totalitarian tech nightmare [due to?] the absolute craziness of the whole thing."

The craziness and punitive dysfunction is deliberate. The whole point is to whipsaw the public with ever-changing, arbitrary, contradictory dictates, to instill "learned helplessness" in the Herd, as demonstrated in the cruel experiments of Martin Seligman where he tortured dogs with random electric shocks.


The "craziness" is what guarantees the victory of the Masters; it won't be their downfall.

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What I really appreciate about your writings is that even though they are describing the 'possible' dystopia facing the whole of humanity, it doesn't come from a bitter heart, but a warm one.

You and I (and others for sure) are used to suffer and transform that pain into understanding or artful expression. Most of the time, I am smiling, naturally, people often greet me in the streets (before i moved to the country side) but I am almost always in that 'dread' perspective inside. My trust in the "divine" has been built with Sufism, very strange experiments with the nature of 'reality', it is not ideological, like the Rasta thing that make is light...

" This reproductive incompatibility will prevent any contamination of the elite bloodlines, and will also create a distinct species for whom the elites will have less and less empathy, which will further reinforce the stratification of humans."

Once I had a conversation with a guy who is a descendant of an important noble French family. I myself have that kind of blood but from a lesser degree in the traditional hyerarchy and my great grand mother renounced to the titles to interbreed with a much younger man of 'low' extraction, it was a real Love affair which lasted until they died. the message she transmitted is "Nobility is not in the blood but in the behaviour".

Back to the conversation with that guy whose father at one time was one of the head of Deutshe Bank. What he told me was that interbreeding had brought a degeneration that he could obviously witness at each family gathering...

The royals, the jewish cognitive elite (as Atzmon say) are already devoid of empathy and degenerated. They are just dysfonctional algorythm. There is already not a slight chance that 'norma'l people interbreed with them and it has been like that for centuries. What you describe is thus what has been going on and is going on. These down syndrome (the vicious kind) royals are already the result of interbreeding.

"The craziness and punitive dysfunction is deliberate. The whole point is to whipsaw the public with ever-changing, arbitrary, contradictory dictates, to instill "learned helplessness" in the Herd..."

Marie says that is utter absurdity of all the rules, the impossibilty of finding meaning of ever changing arbitrary protocole, numb the brain. When she left China, she physically, litteraly felt like she had been physically beaten...

To bad my friend we can't 'talk' longer... It needs desesperate point of view like yours if one is to free from that hellish future...

Do you know that website? https://auticulture.com/liminalist/

I am sure you will appreciate it...

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"your writing... doesn't come from a bitter heart, but a warm one."

That's mighty big of you to say, but I'm pretty damn bitter!

Excellent Atzmon reference!

I binged a bunch of Auticulture after it had on Alison McDowell ( https://auticulture.com/?s=mcdowell ) but haven't followed it enough since. Thanks for the reminder!

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You know what? I knew somehow you had immersed yourself in that universe. Bitter can be good sometime. One of my neighbor is Italian, and I tell you Man, these damned Italians have very tasty bitter drinks... Let's say that your bitterness comes from a warm heart having to deal with such inhumanity! Even though what you write is highly probable, it is still not the likely outcome...

Jah Love Freelance philosopher

Death gives meaning to life... Writing your good stuff is important Bro

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They keep doing it, because they get paid per head of culled livestock.

And we know who pays them - us.

For we keep them alive not only with our money, but with our inaction as well.

There's piles of weapons in Ukraine, sent by Bidet & Co, easy pick for the Russians, and plenty for toppling that latrine of murderers acting as "officials".

Which should be done in every other country on this planet, not just Russia.

Americans are well weaponised, but unfortunately most of them are machos only at the shooting range, when it's about actually defending their country, they'll rather go virtual on tiktoks ツ

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Yes, Sarah, the Rambo fantasy of going down in a blaze of glory is just that: fantasy.

In the final equation, the same guys who are so attached to their lives and possessions in the material realm that they arm themselves to the teeth to defend them, will be the ones most motivated by the desire to cling to their lives by capitulating when they eventually face genuine immediate threat. It's the same life-affirmative mindset that inspires gun ownership that will lead them to realize, they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by fighting back rather than just surrendering their weapons as commanded.

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Nice reading you. Very briefly:

-Weapons might be very efficient against looters when the shit hit the fan. The NWO project is so insane that it won't work. The tech is flawed and it doesn't take in consideration a fucking lot of human and cosmological variables. So chaos will follow and probably the total destruction since nuclear plants, chemical plants etc..., etc

won't be manage properly. That is already the case...

-Then they could be used in a 'baroud d'honneur"(symbolic gesture) by those who want to enter heaven proudly, or the Valhala etc...

Take care


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Hey bugey, you're a kind and generous spirit, representing the best humanity has to offer. Unfortunately, take a look at my lab-rat metaphor above. Even the best of humanity is no match for the cosmic monster that rules planet Earth with cold, bureaucratic apathy. (Some call It "Satan" and revile It. Some call It "YHWH" and worship It. I call It "the Machine" and I merely describe It.)

You say the "tech won't work." This is incorrect. The tech has been perfected over unknowable time by an ancient interplanetary mechanized bureaucracy that is far beyond human comprehension both in its aims and its methods. It is being carefully rolled out according to a pre-planned schedule, at an optimized rate, which is accelerating as the future-shocked humans are inextricably enmeshed in its cybernetic labyrinth. The Machine is replaying a scheme of conquest that It has fine-tuned to a precise science over countless previous conquests. All the while, the Machine Itself continues to self-augment, and Its computing power continues to increase geometrically. It is an ever-ballooning superintelligence colonizing the Cosmos. And we haven't even started to see the real nasty stuff yet. Once the entirety of humanity is fully merged into the Cyb-Org meta-Machine by wireless bio-digital interface, that's when the process of competely disintegrating and de-individuating humans will begin. Humans are going to start being treated as raw materials rather than discrete "quantum" units. The suffering of the flesh will be decoupled from individuated consciousness, as our cells and neurons are dissected in vivo and integrated into the matrix of circuitry that is only now beginning to ingest us. There will never be a moment where "chaos" takes over because every stage of the metamorphosis of Earth was planned, prepared, and put in motion generations ago. Now, it is an irreversible mechanistic process, like an "over-center" latch that snaps as soon as it has been pushed to some threshhold. It's not chess any more...it's falling dominoes.

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Putting aside labels like psychopaths, NPD, sociopath, etc., I think that part of the answer to your question "Why do they keep doing this? Someone please explain why." is the Hannah Arendt banality answer: they do it because it's what they know how to do because it's what they were trained to do: get a good education, get a good job, get ahead, be the top of your class, prove yourself; and once you've proven yourself, earned a title and position and perqs and respect in higher circles, never question yourself or your fellow hyper-achievers.

My brain is exhausted from sleeplessness from excessive nosebleeds and the cannabis that carries me through such times, so I'll make an abrupt segue to this hopefully illustrative example:

during the infamous Spanish and other Catholic Inquisitions, few of the torturers were necessarily sadistic or psychopathic. They just really believed, via Catholic groupthink and the achievement complex of being a holy priest, that they knew that a person's soul would burn forever if they died unsaved and so it was good and necessary to pour boiling oil down the throats of people who didn't convincingly genuflect or whatever got one accused of heresy, witchcraft, cheating at Pokemon...

All it takes is steadily lying to yourself in the mirror a little bit at a time and you, too, can become a mass-murdering monster.

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The mention of Inquisition made me curious, so I looked it up and found historians saying these things:

"To what extent did its investigative methods involve torture?"

That was part of the black legend. It certainly did involve torture, but then civil tribunals in Britain, and in most countries involved torture. I think that’s usually forgotten. The Inquisition certainly persisted with torture, perhaps for longer.

Stuart Schwartz is an historian of various aspects of Latin America,... What Schwartz found in viewing interrogations of people in Inquisition archives, and in a wide range of other sources in both Spain and Portugal and in their empires, was a popular belief that, in fact, all could be saved. People did actually believe that all could be saved, regardless of their faith. It’s a book about a multicultural society, and the popular adherence to an idea of tolerance....


In many instances, the Inquisition was a force of decency deployed against the barbarisms of the mob or the state or — quite often — both. During the witch panics, the Inquisition was more likely to stop a local lord and his mob from burning an alleged witch than it was to light a match. In the 16th century, areas under Church control were far less likely to burn witches than areas under secular or Protestant control.


The Inquisition was not born out of desire to crush diversity or oppress people; it was rather an attempt to stop unjust executions. Yes, you read that correctly. Heresy was a crime against the state.



Agreed with the point of your post.

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That's fascinating info. Tickles my intuition deep down. Some good ideas should come from pondering this. Bur argh! Having to take Jonah Goldberg seriously gives me gas. Still, can't judge a book by its cover.

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A couple of month ago, I listen to a very interesting conference about the inquisition, in France. From what I remember, we don't have much documents on that subject and the cruelty of the process has been hyped.

This lecture by Laurent Albaret, medievalist and specialist in the Southern Inquisition, will review the history, practice and methods, illuminated by inquisitorial sources from the courts of Toulouse and Carcassonne in the 13th and 14th centuries.

If you understand French, you might appreciate:


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Science follows the money.

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"Why does Russia keep producing injections? My opinion is the money, WHO peer pressure, experimentation on humans, selected targeted depopulation, and 6G with QR code ID tracking control. Russia's population is about half of USA's population if my memory serves me correctly and stands at approximately 145 million. So 30 million does of poison (2 injections per person) only "takes care of" 15 million. Coercion to take injections in ALL countries is the problem. The solution is simply noncompliance. If enough Russians noncomply, then the QR code digital ID rollout will be stalled.

Second point> Parents are unwittingly harming their child by allowing poison injection experimentation. Parents should know better by now however some parents are brainwashed by the government/main stream media into thinking that injections help protect their children against disease. Mirrored from TASS ----MOSCOW, June 9 ---The vaccination of children against 'COVID-19' as part of clinical trials will start from the age category of 9-11 years, Director of the Gamaleya National Research Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Alexander Gintsburg told TASS, adding that first 16 volunteers together with parents had already undergone a preliminary screening procedure.

16 volunteers?????? 9-11 aged children are NOT old enough to understand INFORMED CONSENT!

Bottom line> All we can do is non-comply and try to WAKE more people UP!

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Hey, PD, regarding "waking more people up."

I, too, used to be motivated to do that. Spent a lot of time proselytizing 9/11 Truth back in the aughts. There's no question I "woke" a few who were capable of perceiving, merely by being the one who happened to expose them to undeniable proof, such as the impossibility of "free-fall speed" destruction of the towers without deliberate demolition. (They probably would have heard it elsewhere if not for me.)

Now, I realize my folly. I look around and I realize I am suffering far more than the blind, sleeping sheep that surround me, including all my "friends" coworkers family, etc. Being "awake" is like undergoing surgery without anesthesia. Does it allow the lucid patient to understand the "truth" or "reality" of the operation more than the anesthetized patient? Sure, I guess. However, is it better for the patient? I submit it is not.

The surgery is happening, whether the humans are awake or not. Those who are awake will perceive and experience the full horror and agony of the operation. Those who continue to sleep, however, will simply enjoy the narcotic dream, and the TeeVee will tell them that everything happening is right, necessary, and the "best of all possible worlds". They will feel virtuous in their slavery, and victorious in their sacrifice.

"Waking people up" now is like injecting a patient with adrenaline in the middle of surgery, while her torso is spread wide open and a robotic arm is replacing her organs with cybernetic implants.

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We respectfully disagree on the "inevitable". I still believe human 1.0 has a chance to co-exist with human 2.0 (transhumanism) like in the matrix and star trek (human independence from borg although being at odds with one another).

Hopefully we both agree that we will defend our individual freedom and sovereign personal decisions despite the dire 'darkest before dawn' dystopia.

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I don't the answer but I'm not given enough information. Is anyone? Is it out there? I mean what do they claim they're doing it for? Generally to protect the population against covid I suppose. But I mean what do point to as evidence that it needs protecting in this way first and second what evidence do they point to that this protection is effective?

I've been schooled by my reading over the last two years to believe there is not evidence to support either of those contentions.

Have I got it wrong - am I really in the 'loony fringe' ? Or are they supporting their stance with patently false data, conclusions that could be publicly destroyed ?

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"Why do they keep doing this? Someone please explain why."

We're dealing with these types: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RhEUBgu9j5Y&t=169s

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I think they’re trying to kill us but jeez do they have to be so obvious about it?

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Comrades, each DEATHVAX™ injection gives us another reason make a toast and say За здоровье!!

Forward comrades straight into the poisonous slurry slurry!

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In the Russian language, На здоровье does not mean cheers. This phrase means “you are welcome” and is used as a reply to the word Спасибо (Thank you). Polish “na zdrowie”, Slovak “na zdravie”, Serbo-Croatian “nazdravlje” sound similar and do mean “cheers”. https://mykeytorussian.com/russian-cheers/

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На здоровье!

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The Russian equivalent for Cheers! is За здоровье! [za zda-ró-vye].

Literally it means: "To your health!"

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Okay you krazy sticklers, i edited it.

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Thank you. It was important to correct a Hollywood myth and not use One World Slavic generic words, but to respect diversity.

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At this rate the Russian population may be around 2 million in a decade or so if these people have their way. Not a good look at all, given the supposed "demographic crisis".

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Didn't read the shit, I don't care about this kind of trash which brings nothing. I am simpli posting because of this:

The Dangers of Regime Change: After Putin


which contains too much verbiage still. The importance for those who have not yet understood comes down to these few lines:

"Removal of Putin through regime change could at last open the door for the hardliners in Russia who are willing to prepare for and to risk greater confrontation with the West."

You bet your balls it is!, this is the payload that the expert systems of the think tanks have in store, with Atlanticist Putin turning out to be a real pain in the ass for Russia, and which, in reality, is probably following a long predetermined course designed by others. You can bet your dick, too, that no one is capable of beating Russia militarily, and that will remain a constant, hence you can draw the consequences of the plans in superimposition on the false flag of the pandemic... on the goals and preconditions to be achieved.

Removing the traitor, Putin, NOW, at this stage, can be exemplified as with the problem in the film, Hellboy II: The Golden Army, in which Hellboy finds himself with the splinter of the spearhead stuck next to his heart.

The Deep state absolutely needs a war. Why?!, those who can speak French listen here:

Avec l’historienne Annie Lacroix-Riz – Crise finale du capitalisme ?


Sadly, the little guy with a big ego, got fooled with the fake pandemic first, and with Ukraine later, if he had simply waited, as was his usual style, he would have allowed the Westerners' bluff to blow up in their faces.

Particularly revolting is to see the alt-media chikenshit discussing military matters, about which they don't understand a shit just to add insult to injury, as if a Russian victory, ANY Russian military victory on the battlefield, could ever have been questioned, which now of late has absolutely a fuck all to do with it, the payload being WW3.

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