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Definitely keep up with the Questioning More™, Edward.

But normies or not, the Yaplakal post you quote is right:

“The main question here is this: if this whole theater of security doesn’t protect us at all, then why is it needed at all? Why do we need these metal detectors-checks-questions-x-rays and police patrols on every corner? …

“In general, it is clear what will happen now. Tightening, tightening the screws …”

What happened and who did it matter, but regardless of those answers, the response to the failure of costly, dehumanizing, spirit-strangling security measures will certainly be (once again) to impose more of them.

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well said.

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"anti-Russian" !? If anything I would describe you as pro-human, pro-humor, pro-village and perhaps anti-oligarch, anti-clot shot and anti-transhumanist, but anti-Russian? Heck no.

Keep up the great work asking the hard questions brother.

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We innocent..law abiding citizens..must jump thru hoops to go about life..from banking to travel et al. Show passports..I.D.’s ..credit info..yet millions of people walking into western countries with no ID..commit atrocities? And can’t be found and recognised? All UN propaganda about peace and safety? Why do we even have police & security agencies? Not for we law abiding citizens for sure. Tragic..🙏🏽

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I think you're totally right. This is the sad truth. That is one of the reasons why I quit the police: when I realized it exists not for protecting the law abiding citizenry, but as a tool of power.

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I always wonder who are the people that have been indoctrinated and hired these past few years. Are they citizens? People from other places..illegals? What kind of a person would betray their own country and fellow citizens? Something is so wrong..so very wrong..you can hardly quantify it in your mind. Pray for We Humanity!🙏🏽

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The theatre of the absurd comes from the idea we must do something. Making people walk through metal detectors that don’t detect ½ the things that pass through is “something”.

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Curious that a terrorist attack in Moscow allegedly committed by the Ukraine (or ISIS, whatever) with more than 130 victims receives even less twitter attention than the death of Navalny or the Kate Middleton thing whatever it was. As if the respected alt media or influencers or whatever sense that better not talk about this.

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When you consider the alt media are mainly Brand Builders and the public prefer Tabloid Nooze, it all makes sense.

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This is how appears in my feed. Almost nobody talks about this. The accounts that do actively spread "the Ukraine/US did it because they are desperate and running out time" as hard as they can in the first few days. They behave now as if the case is closed and obvious, nothing to see there, just an ordinary you know, nazi-mi6 terrorist attack, so they switched to other issues. I may add that most are pro Palestinian and anti Israel. But this is just my feed, so twitter might be screwing with the algorithm.

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Very informative. I am from Slovakia. In Slovakia we had many false flag operations, dead of Kuciak, killing at tepláreň - Bratislava gay club, in Czech republic it was David Kozak. Many police mistakes, they at first went to wrong building, despite that they repeatedly localized mobile phone of Kozak. When some false flag operation are happen, there are many police mistakes. But when you wrote something on internet, police is in your home at few minutes... Global games, where leaders collaborate and citizens are victims.

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Same M.O every time.

* Intelligence failures

* Security systems failures

* Safety systems failures

* Access to exits failures

* Police and First Responders failures

* Some cut-out terrorist group "claims responsibility"

* Victims never identified through official records

* Anomalies with video footage

* Anomalies with timelines and version of events

* Usually always at night

* Perps identified in record time (by convenient passports, or...dun, dun, dun...a "MANIFESTO")

* A Wikipedia entry created in record time

* And runs concurrent with a different-but-damaging (Government-related) inconvenient truth

It's all so old, cringe, and tiresome.

Poisoned popcorn for the plebs.

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What’s funny is that the CIA us intel KNOWS it was faked, but don’t call Russia out on it.

Why? Because they are all in it together.

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Yes it is all very predictable these days , it is a global phenomena.

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Boy, you got that right. I’ll get hammered but to compare to October 7th: in an emergency things go wrong, messages get lost, stuff doesn’t work. But all the best security equipment in the world and the F16s that can be airborne in under 10 minutes and multiple defense, security and intelligence operations—at one time? No. But please, please leave me a few shreds of hope—most particularly “Putin didn’t know”.

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The arson part always confused me the most, even from the get-go. It seems rather absurd for anything other than a medieval wooden church to go up in flames that quickly and that intensely, even IF there were no automatic firefighting systems in place. What the hell was burning? I mean, specifically, what materials? The roof tiles? The insulation? Wiring? Very odd.

As for the rest, I can understand some being due to incompetence (i.e. fire doors sealed shut), laziness (security guards sleeping on the job), and greed, but... why the cops so slow to react? Why did it take so long to get the APB out on the vehicle? Why, why why... and that's not even going into why someone agreed to train (and get paid for) how to shoot up a venue full of unarmed civilians and NOT expect to be martyred on the spot.

Please, do keep asking questions. Even if we think you're a nut (the Purim connection is a huuuuge stretch, for instance), it's better than just taking everything at face value.

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why is it a stretch?

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Yes , why is it a stretch. Usually the ISIS crowd or the perpetrators pick a date that has some import.

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Yes, this. I fully agree. I want to know how the building was set on fire and how it was destroyed. I have doubts that 4 inexperienced guys would be able to accomplish that.

If this was in the West, they would already have found 4 undamaged passports in the debris, there'd be reports about explosions, maybe they even installed new "Internet cables" in the weeks prior to the attack. If "art students" visited the complex and installed "art" where the fire later started, it would point to the Mossad. I'm not saying it was an inside job, I don't know yet. But do we have such hints that could explain how this was prepared?

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A Reuters report claims that the 4 terrorists used gasoline to set the building on fire and effectively destroy at least a third of it.

Source: https://archive.is/9AyST

Any confirmations from Russia?

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Maybe the cops and volkssturm i mean putinsturm are just lazy,greedy,incompetent and old. I mean we all saw what happend when Prigozhin blitzed towards Moscow there were Police and Volkssturm everywhere all of a sudden. It seems the poor peasants just keep getting slaughtered by the Kremlin and their mulitculutural policies on the surface.

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Think Grenfell, and all the other apartment blocks globally that have in recent years been found to literally be plastered in flammable building materials, particularly the decorative panelling materials.

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Thanks for all the new links.

The fire definitely needs to be examined.

Seymour Hersh -never one to be pressurised by being first and first to be wrong- weighs in:

DUTY TO WARN: When invoked, they require specific information about an imminent terrorist attack to be forwarded to vulnerable and threatened nations, including Russia and Ukraine. The US duty-to-warn obligation even extends to other potential adversaries such as Iran, with that government having a similar obligation to warn all. The requirement doesn’t include operations run by either nation.

This American intelligence community passed a warning of a possible attack involving religious extremists from Pakistan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan eighteen days in advance of the Moscow concert hall assault that killed at least 137 people and injured more than one hundred. Such a warning invariably comes from intercepts from the National Security Agency and agent reports from the Central Intelligence Agency.

The Americans did their job but the Russian intelligence community, heeding its boss, did not. President Vladimir Putin publicly called the warning “provocative statements” three days before the attack, and the Russian security services ignored it. They bear responsibility, in the view of American intelligence experts, for failing to do what was necessary to protect the concertgoers."


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To me it looks like the owner of the building needed a fire to have an insurrance company pay an immense amount for the damage, caused by, apparently, fire.

The owner of the building is very rich but appeared to have huge amounts of debts too, so he need/needed an immense amount of money.

Set fire to a building that doesn't burn easily, is quite a task. I am not an expert, but I guess the building couldn't set on fire without the people inside to cover up all the evidence of the deliberate firesetting. That is why no security was present and almost all fire exits were closed and when opened by force by lots of people appeared to be blocked.

Without dead people everywhere the inverstigators of the insurrance company could also do their research, which is not wanted by the owner of the building because they would find out the damage had been done deliberately.

The insurrance company doesn't cover damage you have done to your own building because you want to collect insurrance money of course.

So I guess it looks like a terrorist attack and governments globally plan them to take away more and more freedom from 'their' civillians, but if I may take a guess on this one, it is not a terrorist attack but a hudge fraud and it might tell us too that the police, at least in the near area, is not only corrupt but satanic as well and extremely mentally ill, which I consider might be by far the biggest threath to all living creatures in that same area

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Thanks. This is a comprehensive look at the setup including the fire.

Here are some excerpts:

"John Helmer provides a detailed and informative review of information about the Crocus massacre, focusing on accounts from the Russian side. One aspect that features prominently here, and as far as I can tell, has been neglected in Western reports, is the role of the fire and building collapse in the deaths and casualties. Helmer notes that the four shooters left before they’d gotten halfway through their ammo, suggesting they left to escape the blaze. There are also accusations in Russia that the theater was out of compliance with multiple fire-risk-reducing requirements, compounded by the use of cheap and particularly flammable Chinese materials."

"More than half those examined so far in post-mortems “died as a result of the fire from exposure to high temperature and combustion products”, according to Alexander Bastrykin, the chief investigator in his public report to President Vladimir Putin on Monday night.  Post-mortems have yet to be reported for one-third of the 139 dead counted by Bastrykin; no analysis of the cause of injuries to 182 of the surviving casualties has been reported yet; 93 of them remain in hospital."

"Did the command also know that Crocus City Hall and the surrounding mall were operating without adequate fire alarms, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, sprinklers, and emergency ventilation, none of which has been reported by eyewitnesses?  Was the building targeted because the command knew it was constructed without fire-resistant structural supports, allowing ceilings and roof to cave in, choking or crushing those beneath to death?"

“Most of the victims in Crocus died not at the hands of terrorists, but from the criminal negligence of the owners and regulatory authorities,” reported Mikhail Delyagin, chairman of the State Duma Committee on Economic Policy, on Sunday evening.  “It is known that many people suffocated with carbon monoxide inside the building. There are already more victims of this kind than those killed by terrorist shooting. Nothing like this could happen in a certified building built according to modern standards for such objects. Why? Because all such buildings are equipped with an automatic ventilation system. These are windows or hatches that fire off automatically if the detector detects an increased level of carbon monoxide inside. Holes open in the roof – and the life-threatening gas goes into the sky. This system works, by the way, without electricity, on compressed air.”

“The way the Crocus burned down shows that cheap Chinese materials (glass wool, plastics, cable braid, etc.) were used in its decoration, which are prohibited for use in public buildings. The reason for the ban? Combustibility. In Europe, non-burning glass wool, plastics, etc. have been used for a long time. They are, of course, twice or three times more expensive than the Chinese equivalent. But they have one advantage: they do not burn in case of fire. And they don’t kill those who are inside.”

"Delyagin has publicly accused Aras Agalarov, the wealthy founder of the Crocus shopping and development group, and his son Emin of failing “to formally commission this particular concert hall. As it became known, it is not listed as a properly designed capital construction object on the cadastral map of the Federal Register. Apparently, the amount of bribes needed to receive such a dangerous object exceeded all reasonable limits, and for Agalarov, taking into account the above-mentioned monstrous violations of standards, it was cheaper to extend the status of a building under construction than to put it into operation.”"

"Bastrykin has announced “the investigation is checking the possibility of violation of safety requirements and the fire extinguishing system in the Crocus City Hall concert hall.  For this purpose, remote controls, electronic components and control devices for the fire protection system of the concert hall were seized. They are aimed at researching and extracting information about the operating mode of fire safety systems at the time of the terrorist attack. The contents of the fire protection system server are being studied with the participation of experts. To establish the operability and timely operation of all fire safety systems, a fire technical examination has been appointed.”"

"A local fire brigade source comments: “this was a Category-5 fire — Class 5 is an extreme fire hazard —  and the services did an extraordinarily professional job to contain and extinguish a fire of such intensity.” He said the roof “may have collapsed between 2:30 am and 3:30 am.” This corroborates Emin Agalarov’s report of the timing."

"The fire expert explained: “If lots of fuel was spilled in the auditorium among the chairs with synthetic fabric and plastic elements, then even low-inflammable things could start burning. They are resistant to high temperatures, but not to extremely high ones. In this case the sprinkler system can be useless.”

The Moscow region governor, Andrei Vorobiev (Vorobyov), was at the site half an hour after the gang had left. “An operational headquarters has been established. All the details will come later.” At 10:39 on Saturday evening [March 23] he reported by video that the roof was still ablaze and that firefighters were pouring water on it from extension ladders."


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Well, all of these questions presuppose the attack happened, whereas your previous post seemed to be angling toward the idea there was no attack. You know, just like Alex Jones and Sandy Hook massacre. :)

Re/ fire suppression mechanism: the building's fire suppresion mechanism (sprinklers) isn't guarrantied to put out any kind of a fire. No sprinkler system is guarrantied to do that. Instead if the fire is small enough it will work but if the fire is big enough, it won't. So you pile a bunch of chairs next to a wooden or plastic wall, throw a molotov at them and you have the nucleus of the fire that the sprinklers can't put out. And the fire spreads to the wall, goes up and ignites the roof, which is probably made from tar and plastic. The roof is above the sprinklers so it doesn't matter what the sprinkers do. And all of this is assuming you're igniting things in places where there are sprinklers.

Furthermore, all of these questions presuppose there was no concomitant cyber attack. If there was a cyber attack on Crocus, it might have been able to supress the fire supression system.

And as for the slow police, the police seem always be slow in these mass shootings. In USA the police tends to be late too. Maybe they just get caught on the loo? Or else it takes time to put on battle gear. After all, it's not every day that you have imminent warning of a terrorist attack, so the gear is probably in the locker.

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Finally someone! After 50 comments read, you're the first one pointing out to the contradiction with this blog's previous article.

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Both of you have misunderstood, if you believe that there is a contradiction between this article and the previous.

And yes, Sandy Hook was staged, as was Manchester, as was Boston. Staged does not mean people didn’t die but to look at the videos that are all over which show clear evidence of a fake attack and come to the conclusion that it was all real is simply succumbing to the fallacious idea that the government of any country would never do something so blatantly evil.

False flag terrorism has a long and storied history in the West: Gulf of Tonkin, Incubator babies, Operation Gladio. Why on earth would you simply assume the story *must be* true as it has been presented with so much evidence that tells you it isn’t?

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Thanks God someone explains to me how wrong I am. ;-)

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Sandy Hook wasn't fucking staged. FFS, there have been way too many opportunities to prove it was, including 2 court cases and so far it's all fizzled out on EVERY SINGLE INSTANCE.

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No it has not been "proven" in a court of law. I don't rely on the corrupted justice system to define what truth is, personally.

Like so many official stories there's more than enough evidence that points in that direction.

I suggest "We need to talk about Sandy Hook."


It shows lying, duplicity and clear evidence of staging from many different angles including surveillance footage which does not match the official timeline as well as actors rehearsing their lines.

I don't care really what you do with that, or if you've already dismissed it but all caps cursing dismissals are not arguments.

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Ahaha I just re-watched several segments. All sorts of "guilt by association" going on. Who cares what the one black dude's outside employment was prior? It has nothing to do with the substance of any of the relevant issues at stake with Sandy Hook. And you expect the US media to get things right? Ever? Look, I am a firm believer that WTC-7 and possibly even the two main towers were imploded on purpose on 9/11. But that film's arguments are tantamount to the ridiculous assertion that the British Bullshit Corporation's "too early" reports of WTC-7's collapse were some sort of oops gotcha error. It's child's play to destroy the assertions.

Sandy Hook was a nutcase with guns, that happened to be a very well trained shot, who decided to kill a bunch of kids at a school with which he was familiar due to his mother's associations.

Choosing Sandy Hook as the "hill to die on" w/r/t/ (the many real) conspiracies out there is the sign of someone who shouldn't be polluting the discourse and muddying the waters when others need to devote real time and energy to real conspiracies. Just like Alex Jones, a likely CIA plant and psyop.

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Corrupted justice system has nothing to do with it. Jones had two opportunities in civil court to make his case. He admitted that he was wrong because he couldn't. It might be argued that in the Texas case he had perhaps the most incompetent legal representation ever known to man, but he had good lawyers in Connecticut and yet failed to raise a single point when he had the chance.

But that is your first use of a straw man, or putting words in my mouth. I never said anything was "proven in a court of law" - I said that Alex Jones had two chances to prove HIS CASE in two courts of law and somehow failed to even try.

ALL CAPS in one little phrase is emphasis on a platform that LACKS text formatting options like boldface or italics or underlining, so the lady doth protest too much. FFS is an acronym so your false accusations of "all caps cursing" is just the icing on the cake.

Would you like to sit down on a video call and pick apart the "We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook" with my friend on our TikTok/podcast? Because we've done it before and there's a logical explanation for 99% of the issues it raises; the problem is some people will always think that one parent was "getting into character" in the same manner that the Italian courts and media thought Amanda Knox was doing so in Italy. Same about the wrong attribution of one dude's name to the SAG.

So why don't you explain in your own words what exactly was "fake" about the incident? Do you believe that kids weren't killed? I'm guessing you initially did, and had to face reality at some subsequent point, at which time you shifted to "Well, yeah kids were killed, but the murderer wasn't the kid whose mom was a firearms enthusiast that took him and his sibling to the shooting range quite frequently and was a very good shot, probably an expert at quick reloads, and was a highly unstable individual." Amirite?

And at the end of the day, did anyone "come for our guns"? As an American, living in the USA, I can tell you that they didn't. I own plenty.

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There are no surprise terror attacks for two simple reasons:

1) secret services are extremely efficient since, at least, the end of the 19th century; they infiltrate the sh*t of everything and know everybody's whereabouts.

2) you can kill people by the tens of thousands, not sh*tty hundreds, without even the need to be in the place you want to strike: you just need a car, a pressured cannister of the right stuff, a nozzle, a driver. You would even be on the other side of the border of your choice before sh*t even starts to happen. Nobody does this because secret services only agree on low grade attacks because they are the only kind that are politically useful (look what Israel can do thank to the last Hamas move) and painless on a large scale (didn't you notice how much citizens are expendable?).

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The ol' Hamas and Palestinians are just monkees with guns compared to the mighty, all-knowing Hebrewlite Mossadists thing is fucked up, tired and too easy.

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Why would a high-grade attack not be politically useful??

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Because you'd inevitably loose part of the deep state apparatus members relatives in the process.

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"And here a lot of questions arise:

Why in a building where public events are regularly held:

▪︎ the evacuation of people and children was not organized?

▪︎ why were the emergency exits closed, the men breaking down the doors and finding blocked passages?

▪︎ why didn’t the lights go out, all sorts of flashlights continued to entertain both inside and outside while the Crocus was burning, and the safe emergency lighting didn’t turn on instead?

▪︎ why didn’t the fire extinguishing system, which is supposed to prevent a tragedy, work? After all, it wasn’t a paper mill that was burning, but an essentially empty building, where, in theory, there was nothing to burn.

▪︎ why did everything inside and the building itself burn so quickly, like a candle, should such things be finished and built only from non-combustible materials?

▪︎ why aren’t events attended by thousands of people guarded? […]

▪︎ why did the special forces enter Crocus only an hour later, when the terrorists had already left, especially considering that the distance from the Main Directorate of the Russian Guard in Moscow to the Crocus shopping center is only 4 minutes by car?

And another question:

how many people died at the hands of terrorists, and how many people suffocated or suffered burns due to the notorious corrupt failure to ensure fire safety and careless, economical construction?

Before the owner of the building, a billionaire, approves subsidies from the state for the restoration of Crocus, it would be worth asking him these questions.

And at the same time, to all the officials who cover up for non-compliance with fire safety standards too!"

Thank you for this more inside view of what happened in Moscow. I reflexively always question the official story regarding events such as this tragedy but I had not dug deeper into the specifics in this case. This sounds like it has all the markings of a PsyOp as per my checklist. There is no police presence, alarms and protocols are not working which maximizes casualties and are we dealing with a DEW weapon again? Maybe. They don't even try to hide what they're doing anymore do they?

I think it's usually a confluence of big players who all want a little piece of the action. I still can't fathom the purpose of all the security theater us global citizens are subjected to the world over if these guardians can just be told to stand down to facilitate mass slaughter

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Fire and potential blockage of exits is pivotal.

"In just thirteen minutes, four Kalashnikov rifles, knives, and plastic bottles of gasoline, discharged by four men, were not enough to kill and injure so many people as have been accounted for to date in the Crocus City Hall attack in Moscow.

"More than half those examined so far in post-mortems “died as a result of the fire from exposure to high temperature and combustion products”, according to Alexander Bastrykin, the chief investigator in his public report to President Vladimir Putin on Monday night. Post-mortems have yet to be reported for one-third of the 139 dead counted by Bastrykin; no analysis of the cause of injuries to 182 of the surviving casualties has been reported yet; 93 of them remain in hospital.

"Bastrykin also reported “two AK-74 assault rifles, over 500 rounds of ammunition, 28 magazines with ammunition, and bottles with remaining gasoline were found and seized at the scene.” A NATO military expert explains: “They didn’t strike me as well-trained, so they lost time changing magazines and their fire wasn’t all that accurate. These data tell me the majority of victims died from some other cause than gunshot.”

"Yevgeny Krutikov, a writer with military intelligence sources, reported in Vzglyad: “It can be assumed that the weapons were stored in the terrorists’ cache for a long time and not too carefully – the machine guns sparkled during the shooting. This indicates damage to the barrel or breech (dirt got inside the barrel).”"


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I thought the splatter fire was due to those particular weapons being Saiga-12 shotgun, not AKs.

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It has been done to errect more control over the peasants. You'll see, in a few days "security measures" will be discussed by propaganda media.

Probably they used Mossad and got Putin's support in holocausting all Arabs around them as payback.

Ahhh our nice "Elites". I could hug them all day.

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"They don't even try to hide what they're doing anymore do they?"

My thoughts exactly.

There is no real interest in providing a credible, competent cover.

Whatever the real facts are - we will never know as they will be buried in the rubble like 9/11 -

one thing is clear - there are powerful players out there who will pursue their agendas, regardless of the human costs involved.

These people are evil, by whatever definition.

And clearly they have support from the top down.

The answer?

The answer can only be right, if the question is right.

The Crocus questions and answers are only the tip of the iceberg.

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This is reminescent of the similar event that took place at the Bataclan theatre in Paris in 2015. At that, time a military force (Opération Sentinelle) that was even present in front of the Bataclan that evening, had been ordered not to intervene. Compared with those details given of the Crocus operation, we cannot think of a coincidence, but rather of a globalist operation organised and designed to generate a maximum of casualties, and this with the approval and support of the local government. Isis and its indoctrinated fanatics is a product or agency that finds its origin in Freemasonry where the salafist ideology was created. As Freemasonry not only controls the ideologies, but also all governments (Putin is affiliated to a Masonic lodge), I would think that this tragic event is for the Globalists a necessary episode in their quest for WW3, where Islam has been programmed to play an eminent role.


The prophecy must be fulfilled to bring about the "messianic time" where we "will own nothing":


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Thanks for bringing the questions together. No such thing as a stupid question, we were told in school. Questions are necessary for us to understand. Hopefully someone can answer them plainly, honestly and coherently. Everyday Russian people deserve this at least.

As an aside, Tucker's enthusiastic raving about how beautiful Moscow is and the interview with Putin peaked the interest of many a Westerner and then this.

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Learning something everyday, thanks :)

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Now I’m wondering if Cinnabon did it

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Obviously Putin's "look over there. Ukraine, America" is an attempt to direct public attention away from the other questions that need to be asked. No doubt fire control system and building materials were substandard but the complete lack of any cops or security with weapons is a real give-away , this attack was allowed to happen .There were only four shooters and if it was the men who were captured I would venture to say they were amateurs.Three or four properly trained professionals could have terminated them quickly I would think. I have heard from two Russian bloggers who stated that they had been to events at that theatre in the past and there were always some armed police presence. That is absolutely standard now in the West and I would have thought that Russia in the midst of a war and after being warned about concert attacks would have had an armed presence outside and inside the theatre. I conclude the attack was allowed to take place, why , we will most likely see from Putin's final reaction. If it leads to another round of mobilisation then we know why. Many folk have said that Putin needed a big false flag to get support for further mobilisation and I am expecting this to be what is really going on. What Putin needs now is to provide absolute proof on Ukraine's involvement and then start the call up , that will shed light on the entire event.

As for the videos , the muzzle sparks still have me puzzled. I have yet to see a realistic explanation for them. I have watched a lot of video on real life weapon testing and never seen any thing like that. When blanks are fired they are loaded with varying amounts of material in order to increase muzzle flash for special effects but the flash still comes from the muzzle , the barrel , whereas these sparks seem to be coming from somewhere else like from the breech , very strange. The shooting out of the glass in the door as the shooter enters that part of the complex demonstrates that they were firing live rounds. Regarding the ISIS connection I suppose they might have just gotten lucky and dredged up these monkeys to do the job but usually they have there own men do the job and they don't run away , they stay and fight to the death or self destruct with explosives so as to get to the promised land of young virgins. The lack of suicide belts and the attempted escape by car does not fit their MO. So many anomalies abound on all sides but hopefully shit will get clearer as time passes. For myself a complete staging is just implausible as there is a cast of thousands and it is too hard to fake something this big and keep every person involved on script.

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It was a staging IN PART. Some of it was real, so as to prevent the staging from being unmasked, and the fire was definitely set and real. I believe there were two drivers behind this horror story: the false flag needed to level Ukraine, and for the collaborating beneficiary the hefty insurance payout. Just like with Larry Silverstein and the WTC (where I was almost buried myself that day). If you look at all the analyses done by various sources, as well as the Ukraine-NAVO interminable disease that keeps on festering, it all clicks. As for the four "amateur" patsies? Who cares? It's all very sad and nobody gives a damn about them. It's highly likely that they were not even the real shooters, but that there were some well trained guys involved to do some of the real shooting, hence the facial blurring in all these great video clips that purportedly show the 'truth,' and these four sadsacks were going to be sacrificed. End of story, as the saying goes, and Crocus owners make a s***load of money for their good deed, and the Chabad can continue to clear Ukraine. If this is what pans out of this nightmare, then the world is indeed doomed. Armageddon is coming to a theater next to you!

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A you say we don't know if these are the shooters but to have livies to testify it was organised from Ukraine is priceless for the Kremlin . My first intuition is that it was designed like 9/11 to give Putin and his backers a free hand both domestically and internationally so we have to wait and see if he mobilises or has some other plan up his sleeve. Ukraine definitely does not benefit , a riled up Russian population and the perfect excuse for Putin to start a military expansion is the worst outcome for them.

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Yet we all know the Ukraine has been trying to rile up the Russian population the best they can for years, this is undeniable (even if it serves their own need for emotional satisfaction more than affecting the outcome of the military operation).

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Chabad? Really? Martians maybe?

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Feel free to expound so we can all bathe in your brilliance. Snide remakrs alone don't serve a purpose.

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I'm still incredulous about all this. They actually pulled a WTC... They did a Larry Silverstein. And blamed it on "terrorists." But thanks to Slavsquat we are all quickly pulled back to earth from our fears about what is next. Now the "weird video" makes sense. The "terrorists" were planted to distract from the arson that was the main event that night. It goes to show that very wealthy people just don't give a damn about other people. But what will never be explained, and which really exposes the underbelly of the Russian hard mentality and "culture" is the fact that these 4 pitiful schnooks - the "terrorists" - were bludgeoned and tortured into "confessing" and that the sickening images of this torture were shamelessly distributed all over the internet for public display of how terrorists are handled in Russia. No form of due process, just personal and sadistic self-service by individuals who are in charge of law and order. Their actions are no different than those of the Crocus proprietors. The way the supposed perpetrators were treated is undermining the seemingly civilized attitudes by those that lead the nation, and is actually questioned more so than the reason for the "terrorist attack" itself - why is Russia suddenly allowing this torture to be so openly publicized? That's a question you will read in just about all the newspapers in western EU. To me, the hard and cold mentality that has characterized Russia for centuries, has not changed. I thought it had, but this proves me wrong. And how incredibly sad that not a single soul wonders about these four patsies that were going to pay the price for this greedy and murderous scam, as "islamist terrorists." Russia's response is terrorizing its own credibility as stronghold of newfound civilization. Slavsquat is a ray of light, keep shining the light!

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"The "terrorists" were planted to distract from the arson that was the main event that night. "

This makes at least some sense to me.

But why did the people in the video act as they did?

As though they knew there was no real cause for fear - glass shatters, shots are fired, but people do not react normally.

Those using tables as a barricade act like they were scripted to do this.

Just does not add up.

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Somewhere I read that the band Picnic (the actual main attraction that evening) puts on spectacles before the show (in Riley's analysis I think), and a crowd of actors was 'in' on it. I was just now thinking that there might have been just one guy with real ammo, unbeknownst to him, and the others were shooting blanks. If it was the guys they apprehended, then they were totally oblivious that they were used to serve as 'terrorists' in the end. As you may have read the last few days, on the Kiev front they say that the fighting is so bad now they can't clear the bodies anymore. So, the Crocus might indeed have been the excuse to level Ukraine once and for all. (And make the owners a load of money at the same time.) No different than the WTC, where explosives were used as the main job, similar to the use of fire accelerants in the Crocus. Both events started with a "terrorist attack" and were executed by standard demolishing / destructive means. And so the public gets sheistered again and again by the powers that be. Don't forget, the PTB work together, or fight against each other, for power and money, and expect you to pay the price. It's pure psychopathy.

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Those are all excellent questions.

Not to be a wet blanket, though, your "questions" yesterday were not. You implied in your observations of the events in the video that the attack was false/fake/staged/not real.

Your implications were received loud and clear by many commenters, who commented extensively on the "fakeness" of the scenes. Those commenters were clearly influenced by your insinuations of "fakeness."

So, keep asking questions--but, if you're so sensitive to feedback questioning your line of questions, you may want to pull back from the far edge of skepticism.

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100% agreed.

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Salut Freelander! I hope you are fine wherever your are. I also agree 100% with that comment. I have no certtitude on the subject at that point. I just evaluate what the good legitimate questions are and I have listened to many different theories.

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¡Hola Bugey! I'm fine, thanks. Nice to talk to you. I've taken a very long leave from all things Russia. Globalism depresses me big time, whereas Marcel Proust is a ravissant écrivain.

By the way, were you the one who suggested to me to read The dawn of everything? I'm on it now.

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Nice hearing from you amigo. I did indeed suggested that interesting book. How do you like it? I have never read Proust. I started reading the Karamasov Brother but stopped to share a police novel serie to share that reading with my daughters and it is well written and a good way to introduce our harsh world of criminal minds, spooks to them.

So I wish you the best in that "madashellhouse" we are living in.



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I am half way through it. Graeber and Wengrow throw in a lot of interesting and myth-shattering stuff. However, I'm facing some reading problems. Their composition style is not the clearest one (sometimes I miss the point of whole paragraphs or even sub-chapters), and, on top of that, the Spanish translation is disastrous, as if made by a machine. I'm looking forward to the final conclusions.

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I think the best thing to do is to draw our own conclusions. Maybe we could share them one of these days. Meanwhile, stay strong and flexible!

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After all, burning office chairs took down the World Trade Center, right?

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