You forgot to put the clown makeup on this joker.

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Medvedev kind of looks like Nigel Farage, but whilst Farage looks a bit like a charming frog, Medvedev looks like he always wanted to be Spetsnaz, but only ever trained his facial muscles.

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He would not say anything without the prior approval of Putin. Which leads us to question who is Putin really answers to?

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I wonder how many centuries it will take before the old playbook of "we're introducing measures to increase our power and limit yours, but we're saying it's for the good of everyone, especially children" stops working and they have to draw up a new play design.

"Let's give WHO power over entire nations" - I wonder what could go wrong here?

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I know someone in Moscow that says he goes to pubs and restaurants without a mask or code no problem. What's up with that? Doesn't fit with the picture you're painting.

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It's a "No" from me, for intrinsic reasons, because the absurdity and danger of it all. But I must admit I derive considerable pleasure in saying "No" to these totalitarian measures, because I know it pisses people like him off. Maybe I'll have the priviledge of saying it to their faces one day, and maybe I'll even ask them if they though I'd change my mind, just because they said so. Pride comes before the fall, and neither Mother Nature nor Father Time is impressed by their feeble and hubristic attempts.

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Something doesn't add up here. Heck, the ink is still wet on the new constitution which asserts its primacy over international law. Why bother if World Government via the globalists' WHO Trojan Horse is right around the corner?

Also, Medvedev so conspicuously making himself a hate figure for patriotic Russians smells a little to me. Is he being used to test public opinion/tolerance towards the most extreme fast tracking of Russia's Great Reset? Or (optimistic/delusional version) is he being set up as a patsy to take the fall when Putin, suddenly revealing his identity as a double agent inside the WEF, takes the whole evil plot down in a classic 5D chess super spy movie ending?

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A well-informed person with a still normal functioning brain wouldn’t be surprised by such “national elites”. Russia is not alone in this endless mess. Look around the world if one wants to see proofs and evidences.

I would strongly recommend anyone who wants to know a little bit more about “national leaders” especially in this Covid-fraudemic to read this book (apart from RFK Jr’TRAF)

States of Emergency: Keeping the Global Population in Check


I am not saying I am totally agree with the Author especially on the belief for the need for statist system, and (wrongly) blaming it all on Bill Gates, A. Faucci and their ilk, who could not have done a meaningful thing without the system of absolute government Authority that people believe, trust, and obey! However, the Author, Kees Van Der Pijl, got it right on how the whole “national leaders, national institutions” can be bought, controlled , and told what to do!

It’s a pity that with such evidences and proofs he presents, the Author is still not an anarchist!


I’ve read history. I am a keen student of history. I have never seen a tiny proof of any “elite” who cares about the people! Well, as a child I read some old fairy tales about some kings, queens, princes and princesses who love their people...well you know the rest.. And some western anti-imperialist USEFUL IDIOT would shout at me “YOUR UNCLE HO DID!” . Honestly I have no comment for such retardation! I did give my gentle touch on this “national leader” thing though.

“The Dangerous Naivety in “The General and Me” “History would be a wonderful thing – if it were only true.”


Well, I know, I know....some Russians would still say Uncle Lenin did care about "the people". And some Russian nationalists would still insist that Tsar Nicholas II (Yeah...Saint Nicholas!!!) did care about his Russian Serfs! I have no comment, indeed!

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Working for the Globalists.

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Dimitry Medvedev is a traitor. He can be likened to Michail Gorbachev.

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I think this is a superb piece (many here might enjoy) that brings the whole covid phenomenon and the current absurd government policies into focus ..


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