Don't worry, qr codes are 7d chess to help prevent NGOs from messing up the brics alliance, which is doubleplus good

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Jan 13, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Now Norway will ease up on the strict measures and let Omicron gently make it's way through the populace. At a press conference the Prime Minister said that there will be no difference in the measures remaining, between waxed and unvaxxed. But still they are thinking about wether to make a corona passport or not. So we all see that this has nothing at all to do with health.

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On a positive note, some mayors of Dutch cities have declared they will not enforce lockdowns in their cities anymore, including QR checks. Despite the lockdown measures, a lot of stores (amongst which also chains) will reopen next saturday. Our government will have a press conference tomorrow, but they don't care anymore.

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U.S. Supreme Court just struck down Biden's OSHA vax mandate.

It's over here.

Europe & Russia will probably fold like a cheap suit soon.


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Jan 15, 2022·edited Jan 15, 2022

Thanks for the report Riley. I've been a paying (very little) member of James Corbett's "The Corbett Report" for some time. I don't agree with everything he says. But he has done a lot of amazing work. But covid seems to be undoing him as he interviews faker Robert Kennedy Jr (who is a big promoter of fraudulent health care who is seen as a hero because he opposes others who promote fraudulent health care). He recently did a report on the unrest in Kazakhastand and neither he nor his colleague, James Pilato, said boo about one underlying factor, but a big one, namely the mandatory jabbing. I was alarmed and said so in the comments section where I pointed people to your reporting. I see one other, the last I looked, has also recommend your website. I'm happy to see that. I'm not happy to see James Corbett slide. But if there's one thing that the covid hoax has made crystal clear, it has shown that someone can be a stellar human being one day and a fascist the next day. (It's a free universe.) The covid hoax has outted, not just fraudulent virology but, so many progressives and supposed champions of human rights as well. I have always considered myself to be a progressive, and still do (depending on exactly what that means), but I've watched, literally, as 99% of the bloggers and journos and writers in the progressive community came out in favor of tyranny. They were closet fascists, even while denouncing fascism.

A big part of the problem is false pride. I have no problem with someone taking a position and then showing the courage of his or her conviction. (The apostle Paul is a famous example. He persecuted Christians before he became one. I have my doubts about him, but that's another story. I'm just making a point here.) I used to believe that climate crisis is a hoax. Then I started reading James Corbett and Cory Morningstar and came to the realization that it is a hoax, primarily because those publishing the message of climate crisis are hoaxsters. (Climate crisis, like pandemics and viruses, are a cover for environmental destruction caused by too free capitalists.) I even went so far as to contact various organizations (which were sources of information that I liked and used in my blogging) in order to tell them to get with the program and stop calling 'climate crisis' climate change.

The bottom line is: Everyone is somewhere. You have a level of knowledge and a package of biases. Bias is not the problem. Bias for Rockefeller medical dogma and against terrain theory is not an insurmountable problem - but only 'if' the person holding it refuses to examine it. We must examine our biases and that requires humility (opposite of false pride) and integrity (rather than letting our donor base dictate our direction). Smart people who possess false pride are a great danger, not just to us (when they're fascists), but to themselves as well. My landlord worked for the Ontario Science Center here in Canada. I never made it through high school. He can't be told a damn thing if he's already made up his mind. We all have to be dumber than he is or his world falls apart. When I pointed out to him, early in this pandemic hoax, that they are bringing in mandatory vaccines, he called me a conspiracy theorist and said he had to get back to reality as he hung up the phone on me. His reality? TV no doubt.

Will James Corbett come around or slide all the way down?

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Jan 13, 2022·edited Jan 14, 2022

I find this Murashko, only attending to his face and expression, as a really bad faced person.

Experience of life have informed me this always goes along with a very bile character.

What does he mean with that sick leaves will be digital, that people not owning a QR will not be payed his/her sick leave?

Which is this dude´s background? He would fit better at the KGB, or carrying "The football".for Putin....Has he been encomended this dirty work of cattle tag the Russians because he shows such a face of hard guy and because he feels at ease at authoritarian level? It seems so.

You should write a semblance , Riley...

If the alleged warrying with the West would be real ( my theory is that it is all pure theatre ) he should be sent to the NATO seat to negotiate with Stoltenberg, instead, he was placed there to imposse sanitary tiranny on the Russians.

At least Mishustin looks like your average burocrat..although he came as well to digitalize the Russian people´s lives, after digitalizing the treasure..

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Someone said peaceful demonstrations leads to slavery. War leads to freedom.

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LOL, beating up security guards... 👍

> Meanwhile, St. Pete residents—well, at least some of them—appear to be running out of patience with the city’s “health” measures.

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