The potential for abuse is endless. Here are some points -

1. Who owns the servers that Russian genetic data will be stored on? I ask because China has been busy buying up American (and the rest of Western) DNA databases, while tightly restricting access to Chinese DNA to any outsiders. Remember, we live in the age of biological warfare and yes, weapons of mass destruction are now being based on different ethnic groups.


2. Covid (or most other diseases) does not need gene therapy treatments! The data is clear, Coronavirus is easily treated with low cost generic drugs like Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine. Cost - a couple of cents a dose. This is why rates of covid are so low in India and Africa. Cheap drugs work just fine!

3. Cui bono? Who benefits?

- The globalists (do you really want Hillary Clinton, Bill Gates and George Soros to base their depopulation agenda on access to Russian DNA?)

- Big pharma, the most corrupt industry in the world, with the highest payouts for fraud and bribery. Vaccine manufacturers have no liability for rising rates of injuries they cause and make a 20 to 1 return on investment (just ask Bill Gates).

The data on health is clear.

Good food, clean water, sanitation and sunlight = low rates of childhood disease.

Food covered in weed killers, water full of fluoride, run down city infrastructure and people spending all day at the computer = high rates of childhood diseases.

My suggestion to Russians is the same for Australians, Americans and Mexicans.

Just say nyet.

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My takeaways>

1) "Next-generation genetic" injection technologies really mean an injection that is based on a computer genome sequencing program. A mad scientist types in a coded sequence and viola > a new and improved injection is formulated.

2) "Genetic engineering activities" is NOT needed. Procreation works just fine as it is. Humans are NOT plants to be genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

3) My travel days are over if Russia and the rest of the world implements a DNA "genetic identity card" scheme. I keep my DNA top secret and I give NO ONE access to my personal classified information. I own my DNA and absolutely NO ONE has the right and NO ONE has the privilege to experiment with my DNA.

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Jun 30, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Think you guys are ahead of most of the westernized world with your,

".... within the framework of the Medical Science for Humans program – this is the genetic certification of newborns … Today, this work is already underway."

Very much think you and Katherine @ "Balliwick News" Substack, should start liaising. I think you both have info to share that will be two halves of the whole.🤔😉🤗

Given the FDA in USA's decision to skip any and all clinical trials for future c19 shots, making them much like the failed efficacy SNAFU, known as the flu shots! I think it's just a matter of time before, we are told that we need to "certify" children born to those either unvaccinated. 🤔🤔 OR...those born to parents vaccinated, to discover whether they are going to be classified under law as "genetically altered humans". 😐😐

Yep. There is no international consensus on that by the way. Only the Supreme Courts patent ruling in 2012/13 that YES, natural organisms(AKA humans), inserted with genetically modified organisims, CAN be patented by companies....🤔 Aren't most governments around the world, incorporated? As in they have a registered business number? I know the Australian government has one...

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Riley, I have a question for you.

Many people have valued Putin's Russia because it did appeared that the Orthodox Church's role as a moral compass had been restored. Thus the perceived role of Russia as a savior of human values, even among non orthodox or non Christians whatever denomination.

My question is, considering all what you have demonstrated in the last months, what is the position of the Orthodox Church with the covidian scam? What is the position of it's authorities concerning "transhumanism" and the dystopian society promoted by the psychopaths you have introduced us to?

Keep on the good work: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aTh2kXyzM_E

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I will refuse all injections, pills, implants of any kind. I will die naturally one way or the other.

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My Russian in-laws brag that they have taken all the SputnikV shots plus boosters..."because Sputnik is not genetic like Western vaccines" - "it's just like regular flu shot" ..... wait till I show them what Murashko admitted.

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In America, when we want to show everyone that we're a useless idiot, we call uncomfortable truths "Russian disinformation."

What do they call it in Russia? American disinformation?

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Who better?!

"Peter Daszak – a controversial U.S-based researcher whose collaborations on coronavirus research with a Chinese laboratory were funded by Anthony Fauci – isolated Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus strains in Russia using funds from the Russian government in a recently published research paper, The National Pulse can reveal."


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Releasing graphene-based self-assembling nanotech has become quite easy; even airborne delivery is possible, but the 2019 "flu vaccine" already contained graphene oxide and in 2021 the same material was found in dental Lidocaine. Luciferese can be in a dental swab or a nicotine patch, along with more graphenes. Apparently the substance must accumulate in the human body in order to create transmitters, receivers, and command-control centers that instruct the body to perform certain (probably quite unusual) functions, which includes a variety of kill switches for the "useless eaters."

The "Passport" does show a person's compliance level and might even contain details about the ingredients received from a large variety of parasites, toxins, pathogens, and nanotech present in the lethal injections and varying by the batch, in order to ensure plausible deniability. Yes, all this crap is in the Russian injections, too.

The "Passport" also enforces the normalization of creating cyborg slaves that can also be turned into zombie mobs or even armies, perhaps to exterminate each other.

Here a few of my corresponding thoughts:

Are you a slave?




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Russia leads the way into the 4IR/Metaverse world. Long live the glorious BRICS freedom bloc, death to the US/NATO empire. :-)

Once again, thanks so much for this crucial information, Riley. Frightening, far more than the alleged virus(es) everyone is so worried about, but absolutely a must to know.

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Europe collected everyone's DNA from the Covid tests they did and stored it in a Globocorp database. Russia is just playing catch up. Why single out Russia for criticism?

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If they can make a malaria jab with this technology i belief them. But they won't because its likely a scam :)

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