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Most vaccines are crap. Not just this one which happened to have more extreme side effects lol. Why should we trust pharma when they just keep fucking things up in the past decades? And they usually get away with it too!

I'm against mandates, but people can do whatever they want to their bodies.

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Since the Russian government is reading your blog I am going to make them aware that Israel is going to have a new policy change that can be read about here; Israel May Switch To Policy Of Herd Immunity Through Mass Infection As Vaccines Fail Against Omicron https://greatgameindia.com/israel-herd-immunity-policy/ and here https://greatgameindia.com/israel-report-pfizer-vaccine-side-effects/ and here https://www.the-people-committee.com/translated. In short now at jab #4 there have finally realized how much mortality has increased as a result of the vaccinations they are almost certain to halt the vaccine injection program and switch to Sweden’s model of herd immunity due to permanent vaccine damages and increased mortality. Happy New Year to this children and the Duma. It is time to cease the damages that the vaccinations are causing.

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I hope to god your right!

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Imagine what a rotten person one must be, to give empty boxes to children with cancer.

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Corrupt politicians further removed from Russian reality than planet Earth from Mars are screwing this up royally every step of the way so far. If you’re going to coerce children and their parents into death shots you need to play it super duper nice, invest into amazing gifts and really work hard on your acting to put on a “kind, giving face” at least for the holidays.

Of course they can’t even manage that! It’s not laziness either it’s just pure stupidity and inability not to steal money even just this once, when the whole operation hinges on it!

This obviously gives a lot of hope, as does the fact that you still have to wait in line at Sberbank to get a account statement and you have to go to the department that issued your card - a bit far off from “Sber ID cattle tag and offline crypto ruble”.

Problem is of course that a lot of people will still be pressured into this vaccine bs either through threats of losing jobs or peer pressure/media terrorism. So far most of my friends who got the shot are always having “some minor flu but not COVID”, or straight blood clots with blood being straight up black!

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Here are some of the very positive Putin links I have shared with family and friends over the past few years. There is an unfortunate but serious punchline at the end of this comment.


“Every one of us, on New Year’s Eve [2017], can be a little bit magical ...

For this, all you need to do is treat your parents with love and gratefulness, give your children and families the utmost love and care, respect your work colleagues and your friendships.

Stand up for justice and the truth, be merciful to those who require your help – and that’s the secret to being magic.

May all your dreams come true – pure thoughts and kind intentions.

May every household be blessed with joy and love.”

• Putin 2017 New Year’s Eve message



“Without the values embedded in Christianity and other world religions, without the standards of morality that have taken shape over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity. We consider it natural and right to defend these values.

• President Vladimir Putin at the 10th anniversary meeting of Valdai International Discussion Club in the Novgorod Region, September 19, 2013.



“You know, we have a really dark time in our country’s history, at the beginning of the Soviet era, where many believers were killed – not only Christian Orthodox, but also Muslims and representatives of other religions. The Soviet state, in its early stage, was very cruel to religious authorities. Many of our Churches were completely destroyed, our traditional religions denominations suffered massively.

But the role of the State is to protect the people “



Narrator [Andrei Kondrashev]: The future of the planet is in their hands … [] … Vladimir Vladimirovich, you have talked to our young elite. 25 thousand children from 165 countries came here to Sochi. What do you think? Can we entrust the future to them?

VVP: “Do we have a choice? [smiling and chuckles]

We can only change the world by inspiring young people through our own example. The world will be theirs. You saw by yourself how the audience reacted to all good things said here. Everything is developing on and on. The modern world is permeated with humanitarian ideas and of course young people feel it. It gives me the hope that the world will become better thanks to them.”

• Putin – The Documentary Part 2 (1:44:00)



and just recently

• Putin: Woman Is A Woman, A Man Is A Man, A Mother Is A Mother, And A Father Is A Father!


… and what - a COVID transhuman is a COVID transhuman … ?

What the ‘heck’ is happening??

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Putin is a hypocrite of the highest grade. He is very natural in his hypocrisy and lies, and that is why he managed to fool Russian people and the part of the world that is looking for alternative for such a long time. But, as I say, when globalist cabal put masks on everyone, they've dropped their own. True nature of Putin and where he is trying to take the country, slowly, but firmly has become clear to a majority of Russians and they don't like that direction. Resistance is growing. 2022 will be a decisive year for Russia in that regard.

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Syringe in a Box. There's a sick double entendre joke in there somewhere...

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