"One of the reasons for the demographic crisis is infertility, the scale of which is only growing in Russia, which is again confirmed by statistics. About 15% of Russian couples are infertile..."

A problem which is occuring throughout Western societies and parts of Asia.

Here's some interesting info regarding fertility:

"9 of 10 countries with the highest total fertility rate are in Africa followed by Afghanistan.

Southern Europe, Eastern Europe, and Eastern Asia have the lowest fertility rates in the world..."

One has to wonder, why are the more "underdeveloped" countries so fertile and conversely why are the so-called modern, or industrialized nations so infertile.

Perhaps, it has something to with being overly exposed to insidious chemicals and dubious pharmaceutical products all more prevalent in developed countries, hence over time resulting in various types of infertility for both males and females.

What I can say, is that the "fertility industry" is a huge business in the US requiring the outlay of many thousands of dollars for those who desperately want to be parents. Especially, if the procedure required is invitro fertilization (IVF).

An expense "not" covered by health insurance companies. And ironically, not covered by the military who'll pay for transgender modification surgery, but "not" for fertility treatments for biologically female soldiers who are infertile, go figure.

One also has to wonder, whether the "clot shot" mandated during the scamdemic for healthy childbearing age women will compound the infertility problem.

And if it is poisonous chemicals and pharmaceuticals that's responsible for infertility, one could also cynically reach the conclusion that's there's been a decades long "deliberate"

targeted attempt to depopulate specific indigenous populations.

That being said,

I personally believe chemicals and pharmaceutical products have slaughtered more people than bombs, bullets, or drones.

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If the Russian government had a long term perspective and just a smidgen of ability to think outside the box, it would create an attractive and streamlined immigration program to attract immigration from the West. Russia could literally garner millions of skilled immigrants if the government made some real concessions, for example by creating a few bilingual zones: say, one German-Russian zone, one English-Russian zone and one French-Russian zone.

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The high cost (relative to earnings) of servicing a typical Russian mortgage, most probably contributes to a certain ´´procreative hesitancy´´ among young couples. Again..banking reform?

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As every nation that installed an edequate age pension system discovered, within 20 years or so the birth rate fell. I recall discussing this with human environment expert and architect, Buckminster Fuller in 1970, wherein he described his own research in this field. That was easily the most educational phone call I have ever received.

This phenomenon was initially overlooked in NZ, Australia and Scandanavia because immigration covered up the cracks in the demographic floor. Today, almost all countries are down to around 2.5 kids per family, which has infruriated the eugenicists and upset their entire "global overpopulation" narrative. As Fuller explained, it was always a myth. He demonstrated how we could fit the entire world population into the state of Texas, with each family on a standard house with front and back yard. This concept kinda takes the wind outa the panic merchant's sails.

Personally, I think the UN should declare open season on any people heard using the term "overpopulation", because shooting is probably the only way to rid the planet of eugenicists. Also, I like shooting eugenicists. Any globalists, really.

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Thanks, Riley. The human birth rate worldwide is plunging, responding to the massive ecocide being perpetuated by the toxic chemical wastes produced by the global industrial capitalist system over the last 150 years or so. It's expected to decline to zero by 2040, at current rates.

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If I actually got up and proposed proven measures to boost the demography, I'd be booed by the media, the deputies, and escorted out by the police for good measure.

Hell, who am I kidding, I would never even be let 10 feet into a government building.

The elites clearly want us all dead and tagged and then replaced.

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Who wants to bring a poor soul to suffer on earth. NOT ME and I'm from India, the most populated country on earth. I have seen PEOPLE, when I travel abroad, I see desert in terms of people. Indians just BREED without any THINKING and I suffered a lot.

Childrens are a gift of god is just propaganda brainwashing for tribals, my parents believed it.

Do you really want your kid to be autistic, get vax to the max, loans, debts, violence, disease. IT'S NEVER ENDING. The blueprint is India. They want every country on earth to be like India. Example, America San Francisco - people poop in the open, just like in India - Wait, when you read Americans pooping and pissing in the open - know that the fun is just beginning.

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Every country in the world is declining I think, aren't they? In the Western world at least. Why is it a bad thing? Fact is that it is not a bad thing. But childish view of it make is seem so is all.

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"In 2021, at the height of the “pandemic”, Russia suffered a natural population of decline (when deaths exceed births) of over 1 million people—a record loss of life not seen since the Great Patriotic War." Perhaps it's time for Ed Dowd to analyze what has caused the excess deaths? This is a disaster...

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Surely, as long as it happens naturally, a declining human population is nothing but a good thing? The same thing is happening all over Europe, and though there are several reasons, the most obvious is that populations were artificially inflated by industrialisation and are falling as we move away from that kind of economy.

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Hey Riley have you looked into some of the Russian Republics outer layers?? Their numbers are dreadful.... As a Scandinavian I always watch the Republic of Karelia, its offical population dropped from 622,484 in 2018 down to 533,121 in 2021 this must be one of the largest population declines seen in history... I guess all Russians are heading for Petrozavodsk....?

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Does that only concern ethnic Russians or one can find the same trend among other ethnic groups in the Russian Federation?

Are all ethnic Russians concerned? I of course won't ask if one could check if maybe the Ginsburg/astra Zeneka witch soup could have some effect like in the West since I guess it would be impossible to find the data but maybe we could discern the trend among socio-economic groups or religious vs non religious people...

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May 24·edited May 24

Any men here with lots of kids? The world urgently needs your advice! How did you do it?

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Luke McLindon, Head of Fertility Mater Hospital Brisbane saw failure rate of 16% become 74% after vaccines. Sacked.

Silent holocaust.

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They are importing Stan country peoples in the droves! The immigration and residency office district in St Petersburg is like going to Uzbekistan or something. It's seething with them.

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It's a rarity but this time Peskov is right.

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