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Many thanks for this excellent recap of what has been happening in Russia. Although, this is my first comment on your substack, I just wanted to let you know that I have been taking the time to read most of your articles and have found them an invaluable resource, so please keep it up!

As for the situation at hand, like other commenters, I find Putin's actions baffling and very disturbing. For over a year and a half, the Russian state's response to the so-called pandemic seemed to be as reasonable as could probably be hoped for given the geopolitical circumstances. Then, seemingly out of nowhere, all hell broke loose.

Recall the first, failed attempt at mass vaccination and QR-codes began in mid-June when Putin was out of the country meeting with Biden. Many claimed that Biden somehow coerced or threatened Putin into these actions, but clearly that was not possible seeing as they were being implemented before he even returned to Moscow. In truth, I suspect that Putin was "persuaded" into joining the WEF agenda in early June during his annual meeting at the Valdai club.

The critical question to ask, in my mind, is what made Putin change his mind into going along with the Globalist plan? It's almost impossible to believe that he was bribed or threatened personally, for if these were potential tools which could be used against him, the West would have already employed them many years ago. Also, the notion of Putin directly acquiescing to a betrayal of the Russian people for whatever reason is also difficult to swallow given his record over the last couple of decades.

I suspect that Putin found himself under enormous pressure from both the West, but, perhaps more importantly, from his Chinese so-called allies as well. Essentially, I could picture the Globalists at the Valdai Club telling Putin, "implement our plan or we cut Russia off completely from outside economic activity in both the West and the East." Granted, of all the nations on the planet, Russia is probably best suited to becoming an autarky, but Putin has always eschewed direct confrontation. And, so he capitulated to the demands.

Why do I suspect the Chinese were involved in pressuring Russia? I base this speculation on the fact that this fall Putin made some pretty transparent excuses to avoid attending the conference in Dushanbe were he was slated to meet with Xi. Putin first claimed he was sick (with COVID, I believe), sent Lukashenko in his stead, and then, instead of convalescing as expected, took a wilderness vacation during the time of the conference itself. Seeing that Putin was going to be a no-show, Xi also cancelled his appearance in Dushanbe. So, not only did Putin not wish to speak to Xi, he, in fact, showed highly uncharacteristic, open contempt for his Chinese 'friend' by taking the vacation instead.

Still, we are left to circle back (to borrow a Psaki-ism) to why Putin is allowing these vaccinations and QR-codes to be instituted at such a maniacal pace? Is it possible that he is biding time waiting to employ one of his patented Judo-moves against the Globalists? Perhaps, for example, once all this social-credit and tracking technology is implemented in Russia by the various WEF cronies, Putin simply turns around, gently nudges the Globalists to the curb and appropriates the system to further strengthen the Russian state itself? It's a possible plan.

Still, the main fly in the ointment of any such scheme would be the enormous damage being done to the health of the Russian people by the injections. But, maybe being a hard-nosed Russian, Putin feels there is no choice but to take the casualties? After all, Russia has been through more than a few horrific disasters and still survived. Still, ascribing such 'clever plans' and 11-D chess gambits to any world leader oftentimes feels far-fetched. Usually what is going on is exactly what it looks like.

Any thoughts?

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This is very enlightening. Not being in Russia many of these things were unknown to me. But I always suspected Putin was a Globalist stooly. There aren't many political establishments that haven't been captured at this point. That's why I no longer give any thought to the prospect of nuclear war.

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I am Russian living in Australia for the last 20 years. As you may know, the situation in Australia has been tough through the pandemic, with some of the harshest lockdowns and maddest health restrictions. Until recently many locals, myself including, with dual Australian-Russian citizenship were considering to relocate back to Russia if situation in Australia does not improve. We are not so sure any more. Russia seems to be championing construction of a digital GULAG at a record speed. What a disappointment. Russia was always different and it could have become a beacon of hope for the rest of the mankind, but…things look grim at the moment. We can only hope for a miracle with God’s help, such as liberation of the country from anti-people government by ordinary citizens in 1612. Everyone back then thought that Russia was finished, but things worked out exactly when there was almost no hope, because people realised no one will save the country unless they do.

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From 37:25 of this documentary on President Putin:


Andrei Kondrashev: ”Can you forgive people?”

President Putin: “Yes, but not for everything”

AK: “What can’t you forgive?”


I can’t tell you how strongly I have advocated for Putin and shared many if his videos, speeches and quotes with friends and family. Started to learn Russian and the Cyrillic script, even had transient thoughts of emigration. I have to put my hand up and admit that I was wrong – we have been betrayed. The Bolsheviks are still well in control and this is the end game.

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Thank you for your blog and the thoughtful and enlightening comments. A couple of things come to mind that I would like to share with your readers … books that I recently read, actually.

• <b> “On Resistance to Evil By Force” by Ivan Alexandrovich Ilyin</b>

Written in 1925 in the context of the atrocities committed by the Jewish led Bolshevists against [ultimately tens of] millions of Russians (mainly white, Christian), it has only been translated into English as recently as 2018 by K Benois.

Ilyin writes:

“In fact, what would “non-resistance” [to evil] mean, in the sense of the absence of any resistance? This would mean accepting evil: letting it in and giving it freedom, scope and power. If under these conditions the uprising of evil occurred, and non-resistance continued, it would mean subordination to it, a surrender of the self to it, participation in it, and finally, turning oneself into its instrument, into its body, into its cesspool, its playing, an absorbed element thereof. It would be a voluntary self-corruption and self-infection at the start, and the active spread of infection among other people and their involvement in its coordination by the end.”

• <b>“The Forsaken – An American Tragedy in Stalin’s Russia by Tim Tzouliadis</b>


“Of all the great movements of population to and from the United States, the least heralded is the migration, in the depths of the Depression of the nineteen-thirties, of thousands of men, women and children to Stalin's Russia. […] Communism promised dignity for the working man, racial equality, and honest labour. What in fact awaited them, however, was the most monstrous betrayal.

[…] Through official records, memoirs, newspaper reports and interviews Tim searches the most closely guarded archive in modern history to reconstruct their story – […] idealism brought up against the brutal machinery of repression. His account exposes the self-serving American diplomats who refused their countrymen sanctuary, it analyses international relations and economic causes but also finds space to retrieve individual acts of kindness and self-sacrifice.”

From Chapter 9 “Spetzrabota” [Special Work]

“Through the course of 1937 and 1938, Americans such as Victor Herman began to disappear, one after another. Many of the arrested were shot not long afterward, often with their fathers, who had brought them to the USSR. After their denunciation, the baseball players from Boston, Arthur Abolin and his younger brother, Carl, were both arrested and executed with their father, James Abolin, in 1938. Their mother died later, in a concentration camp. Only their younger sister, Lucy Abolin—the precocious drama student of the Anglo-American school—was left untouched … “

And many, many more horrific anecdotes.

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> "I have a hard time believing that a Russian patriot, like Vladimir Putin, would go along with– what amounts to– a takeover of the country by foreign elites, the banker Mafia and the global drug cartel. Is he oblivious to what is going on right beneath his nose or are other factors at play?"

This is the 64 million dollar question. What has Putin been doing these past 20 years if he's just gonna hand the country back to the oligarchs? Is he just a dumb boomer who doesn't get it?

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It IS spiritual and it IS evil. It's also global.

How we fight it?

Besides praying and asking for the help of God I'm not sure. Personally, I refuse to comply. That way at least, I will force them to reveal their true evil to everyone watching.

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Valuable information. Thank you.

How do we stop this profound evil? WE don't.

God is allowing this great shaking to bring about the fulfilment of His plan. Those who know Him must cling to Him in faith, obey His voice, and love not our lives unto death.

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Great read. So is there a suspicion that Sputnik 5 is a rebranded Astro Zeneca (Astro in Latin is from the word for 'star' which kind of plays into Sputnik 1, 2 & 3 I guess, but it can also mean 'stab').

It should be remembered in turn that Astro Zeneca is a 'tech' that is mostly provided by the Chinese.


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> "I have a young son. He is a Russian citizen."

Oh man, that complicates things. Well, I assume you still have your U.S. passport and could get your family out if Russia goes the full Austria. Hopefully it doesn't come to that but who knows what the future will bring. :(

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Mike Whitney is a legend - his work was invaluable at the start of the year and greatly assisted my research into the experimental death shots.

I tried finding him online as I have some stuff I wanted to share with him - has he got a website or a social media presence?

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I saw a post where Friar Bugnolo basically said the same: that what we are facing is unprecedented and hidden forces are behind them.

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This headline literally made me LOL:

(I think it's an old article but still...)


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Thanks! Love and Light 🌟💛 🌟

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Quite recently, Klaus Schwab commented re. Putin's being one of his "Young Global Leaders" (or was it that program's predecessor, "Global Leaders for Tomorrow"?) - but, that Putin denied this. I haven't seen Putin's name on any of the YGL/GLT lists... But, this appears to not be uncommon, as I've not seen some names on some list versions but present on others... An example is Dan Crenshaw - his name is on some list versions and not others. Can anyone verify Putin's having attended this training?

And, whether Putin did or didn't, what does he really have to gain by going along w/ this insanity??? He's running a HUGE country, with LOTS of natural resources... Perhaps because I don't know the entire picture, that I don't see how going in with these psychos would be the best option for Putin or Russia. But, if he really is sold on the WEF "vision", has most of his behavior & choices to date been a cover, a smokescreen, a trick??? Ditto w/r to Viktor Orban, PM of Hungary - he's a YGL/GLT grad, but seems (from my very limited knowledge) to be more protectionist of Hungary than not... Has that been a smokescreen???

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Incredible article, I posted several quotes with the link on my GAB.

bbb = 666

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