I read a horrifying article on the Tsargrad TV site, which is indirectly related. The article said that with Russia's acceptance of WHO practices, they also accept the WHO proclamation that pedophilia is no longer classified as a sickness. As a result, pedophiles serve some time if they are caught, but then are released and repeat their crimes.

We are living in truly evil times.

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What do you have exactly in mind?

I have an idea do you have one?

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If anyone is interested, here is a brief European update: I am in Europe, and closely in touch with Germans, Italians, Greeks, French, and somewhat with Romanians and Serbians.

People working in hospitals tell me that deaths continue to be through the roof. Even departments like psychiatry, who normally almost never see patients die, are experiencing high death rates.

People with serious to deadly VAX side effects are actually told to take more shots! And now that Covid is less of scare, people are being told to take Tetanus shots, Tick vaccines, etc. The hospitals are calling them at home to come in for the shots. And if they succumb, they are called again in a few months for boosters.

Cancer rates are skyrocketing with families mourning 20 to 30 year olds with cancer and dying quickly. Yet the mass hypnosis continues and only a few respond to information. Most simply don't want to know, including a large fraction of doctors. Sad to see, but on the positive side, there is a slowly growing group of resistors.

The few Russians I know are mostly anti-vax and seem to have run away from Russia for various reasons, possibly in large part to avoid being drafted. And BTW, they are not Putin fans. Serbs are one of the more skeptical groups and many avoided the shots.

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I am Australian and our state governments were super aggressive about the non-vaccine and lockdowns. When I visit a doctor , rarely , inevitably they start on about the vaccines that are available that I have not taken , shingles being one of them , that they are FREE seems to be a big selling point. Prior to Covid I was never badgered about getting jabs. The pressure is still relentless , it will never end.

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Bishop Porfiry of the Solovetski Monastery came out with an intense sermon that the shots are evil, I think in fall 2021 (?). Patriarch Kyril (not surprisingly) has hemmed and hawed a bit though. Porfiry is echoing what several elders of Mt. Athos have said about a new medical tech. that would be terrible, and some of these warnings were given years before the Covid caper started. Are they right? Could there be a correspondence between leading-edge medical guys like Peter Maccullough et. al., and Athonite and Russian monks spending all their time in prayer and meditation? Pretty weird, but then we are living in weird times. The Russian people have a basic "horse-sense" about things, probably because of the terrible suffering they have endured. "It's a long way up to Heaven; it's a long way to the Tsar."

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If you can find a link to the Bishop Porfiry sermon, I would love to see it.

It turned out that I was in a unique position to view the shots from both a scientific and spiritual perspective. After a long career in biomedical research, I knew what it meant to play with RNA, and so many of the related dangers. This was blatantly obvious to anyone with the background and ability to search and evaluate the scientific literature.

The shots are gene therapy, and gene therapy was halted years ago after it was tried on a fellow with a genetic disease. The gene therapy researchers were elated when the human trial was approved. But... you guessed it, the subject died. Human trials were halted until... you guessed it, they sprang the shots on the whole world.

Additionally, every attempt to make a vaccine against SARS 1 failed miserably. The experimental animals died. I detailed all this with references in 2020 and told people not to expect a vaccine. I was horrified when it did come out and warned against it, thinking some would listen because of my extensive credentials and experience. Only a few did. It was a heartbreaking experience.

On the spiritual side, it seemed obvious to me that the coercion suggested nefarious designs. And why oh why would we want to dabble in our genetics and risk the real possibility if reverse writing of chunks of code back into our DNA - essentially changing the essence of our physical identity. The insanity of it is mind boggling if you know the science first hand as I and millions of other scientists do. How so many could sit back also blew my mind, as the the very foundation of scientific research is honesty.

Many elders from the Orthodox faith, both living and dead, warned against the shots. Some warned back in the 1990s when they were alive, others in the early 2000's. But at the same time, some (including some leaders) were claiming that resisting was an unchristian act.

In sum, the danger was potentially visible from a spiritual, scientific, or even common sense perspective. But the public brainwashing and threats were sufficient to stop many brains in their tracks.

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Here it is. Father Joseph Gleason is an American Orthodox priest who moved his family to Russia (Rostov Veliki I think), and runs the Russian-Faith.com website. It has various "orthodox-friendly" articles and Russian history stuff that tends to be ignored in the West, so I like to check in with it now and then. This sermon, when I saw it, blew my mind. My understanding is that Bishop Porfiry was a scientist or engineer before he became a Priest. And his monastery is the subject of the new Russian film, Svyatoi Archipelag (Holy Island or Archipelago) about the Solovetsky monks and how they live and pray. I don't think it's available yet in the states; the trailers are on youtube I think.

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Thanks very much. Leaders like this are rare and precious.

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ALL vaccines are not only useless but harmful to the human biome...read Dr. Suzanne Humphries book...Dissolving Illusions and Turtles all the way down...https://www.amazon.com/Turtles-All-Way-Down-Vaccine-ebook/dp/B0B6S1ZNLC

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"Refusing vaccination posed an existential threat to humanity—on par

with climate change."

Hmm, climate change--perhaps that's why Greta Thunberg visited Zelensky. She might've informed him about a new mRNA-based injection which fights the effects of tons of methane released into the atmosphere after the West demolished Nord Stream.

Some environmental scientists say that catastrophe could be the equivalent of burning about 630,000 pounds of coal every hour. Maybe, that's why Eric Adams wants to close all coal fired pizza restaurants in NYC.🤔

And that reminds me, will Xi have an updated Sinovac fighting toxins produced from the numerous new coal plants emerging in China. Interesting that China's the number one producer of solar panels for the West, but coal is China's prime energy source for electricity.

So what's really behind the sustainable/biomedicine fugazi? Is it possible that it's a hoax imposed on humanity to economically restructure the entire financial system by introducing new exploitable resources like rare earth minerals, while tying this insidious gambit to a weaponization of public health heightening control of populations via pharmaceuticals.

Nah, the ghouls couldn't be that ghoulish--could they?🤢

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I salute everyone here that refused the deathshots. We must stick together as they attempt to roll out their evil plans.

Here's 29 seconds of "consequences" : https://rense.com/general97/shocking.php

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Edward, I want to commend you for exposing Russia's tyrannical approach to the COVID HOAX and healthcare in general.

I am 100% against all vaccines because I have a HOLISTIC outlook toward health.

Germ Theory is bullshit. THERE ARE NO VIRUSES.

Putin's promotion of the COVID HOAX makes him a MUDERER.

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If virus do not exist, one must necessarily conclude that virus-based vaccines cannot exist either. Therefore there should be nothing to worry about "covid vaccines" either, since they are allegedly based on adenovirus or AAV; unless they are based on something else completely. Please help me see where my reasoning is faulty.

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Freelancer, "Normal vaccines" allegedly contain dead or weakened viruses. So since viruses do not exist, dead or weakened viruses can not exist. But, the question arises what are these particles that they are calling dead or weakened viruses. They could be toxic or not. But all of the other stuff they put in "Nomal" vaccines ARE TOXIC.

So called MRNA vaccines allegedly contain a MRNA molecule that creates spike proteins. Spike proteins destroy the body. But my suspicion is that the so called MRNA vaccine is really just some sort of poison or mixture of poisons.

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I understand your point. But I've seen dozens of anti-vax doctors and scientists who claim the mRNA covid "vaccines" are neither a safe nor an effective way of combating sars-cov-2. Would you then say all those anti-vax specialists, however well meant, still work under the delusion that sars-cov-2 exists?

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Hi Freelander, Most anti COVID VACCINE doctors think that the COVID virus exists. Some are honestly mistaken but most are paid controlled opposition. Check out Dr Stephan Lanka. He makes a very persuasive case that viruses din not exist. Also, check out Dr Thomas Cowan and Dr Andrew Kaufman.

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Thanks. I've seen you writing about that Lanka in some other comment, and I'll check him out, out of curiosity. But meanwhile, I'll just say that I really find it extremely hard to believe that 99.9999% of people who graduate or master in biology, or 99.9999% of those in the scientific community, plus 100% of specialists who write biology textbooks, do not realize they are (have) been deceived.

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Read the book "virus mania". After that, it is difficult to believe virology is anything even close to a respectable scientific activity.

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Sorry, I should have addressed you as Freelander, not Freelancer.

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I meant to say MURDERER

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Great article. I’ve got lots to add—as far as viruses and vaccines are concerned—but as I got started it turned into a whole other article, which I’ll have to post tomorrow on my substack. But that’s the greatness of great writers here on Substack.com—it’s extraordinarily inspiring.

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Jul 5, 2023·edited Jul 5, 2023

Thank you Riley for another well-researched piece.

"Is Moscow 'anti-vax'?" Russia is an oligarchy - that seems to explain most of the shenanigans inflicted on the Russian people by their elites. Fortunately, 70 years of communism have immunized many Russians against this pandemic бульшыт.

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Russia is the only country that I know of that uses Bacteriophages as medicine, instead of doing what the west does and give antiobiotics for fevers.

Also, as long as the definition of Vaccine doesn't change every three days, it's okay.

But, I drew the line at getting injected with an experimental drug.

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> Also, as long as the definition of Vaccine doesn't change every three days, it's okay.

Russia's Gamaleya Center announced in January 2023 that it would "update" its genetic injection every 9-10 months in order to combat new "variants":


The "approval" process for these drugs has also been expedited to as little as 3 weeks, according to new rules adopted by the Health Ministry:


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Thanks, Riley.

From the Wikipedia:

"Founded in 1891 by Filipp Markovich Blyumental,[4] it is named after Soviet scientist Nikolay Fyodorovich Gamaleya (1859–1949), famed as a pioneer in microbiology and in vaccine research. The institute is best known internationally for developing the earliest vaccine for SARS-CoV-2, in collaboration with the 48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence and the Vector Institute of the Rospotrebnadzor, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic."

"The 48th Central Research Institute of the Ministry of Defence..." Interesting.

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What I find most relevant in this article, by far, is the fact that less than one year prior to the scamdemic the RF was already pushing the vaccine dictatorship and demonizing, countering and preventing any anti-vax expression. This very strongly suggests the theory that the scamdemic was indeed a pLandemic, and that sars-cov-2 was deliberately released out there.

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there is no such virus.

virus theory is a hoax.

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Rolo, Are you familiar with Dr Stephan Lanka, Dr Thomas Cowan, Dr Andrew Kaufman and Dr Sam Bailey? I think all them are true scientists.

On the other hand, I want list some of the controlled opposition/gate keepers out there that everyone should beware of: McCullough, Mikovits, Buttar, RFK JR, Shiva, Big Tree, Martin, Peterson, Yeadon and Kirsch. These people are not simply mistaken about the existence of viruses, they are being paid by some sinister forces to promote the lie that viruses exist.

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Lanka's stuff on measles is what got me digging into the virus hoax.

Then I figured out that virology was a field almost entirely dominated by a tribe of long-nosed crooks pushing vaccines.

I needed no more proof. I was convinced.

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Mike Yeadon has said numerous times on multiple platforms that he's no longer convinced about the existence of viruses and certainly not respiratory viruses.

Example :


If people are going to accuse others of being disinformation agents (yes, I know they're around), then at least get the information accurate...

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XY, You are right Yeadon did say that he no longer is convinced about the existence of viruses. I shouldn't have included him on the list.

However he used to work for Phizer which in my mind is a huge red flag.

Also, I forgot to add Malone to the list.

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Brandolini's law may apply here.

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Thanks, Riley! Boggles the mind that anyone, however loyal to Putin, can claim that he or anyone in the regime is against shots. Most such apologists for the regime i've seen claim that the Russian shots are good, unlike the Western ones, never mind that they are just like AstraZeneca.

The point remains that as long as most people in the "freedom movement" still believe in virology, even if they oppose specific countermeasures, we remain vulnerable to new medical sirens.

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The controllers don't disagree on the goal of total control of the normies. They don't disagree on the methods of control of the normies. They only disagree on who is control of what, where, when.

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Są urodzeni zbrodniarze i zbrodniarze za pieniądze, na przykład big pharmy ale nie tylko.

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Power corrupts, total Power corrupts completely in Russia, in the West, or everywhere...

The fight to protect personal freedom from Power is global...

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