I think your post was very well done. I have no illusion that Russia will save us at the cost of their total isolation and bankruptcy if it had to fight the united New World Order alone. Why would they bother when it is easier to play on the same team.

I agree with you that there are a lot of people consuming mainstream and alt media that think he is either the enemy of the superb west (mainstream view) or the saviour from the WEF NWO (all too common alt view) while all evidence points to the fact that he is simply part of the same global plan.

There is no global minus Russia plan no matter how much people hope.

I confess I briefly hoped that Europe or Finland would hold firm to their constitutions and not promote a vaccine passport as required by law but the reverse direction became abundantly clear and the wheels have started to turn at alarming speed that EU+WHO will ram a vaccine passport down our throats.

Thank you for reporting about Russia in a credible manner and I too hope that you would find common ground with all the alt media.

Saw a meme yesterday that reminds me of something that we need to pay attention to. To paraphrase "Remember that the establishment is in control of the narrative AND the counter narrative."

Bogus conspiracy theories are allowed to grow like weeds to waste our time even though "fact checkers" know them to be rubbish they do not attack them. Only harmful alternative views are censored. This is another side of the observation that when you are approaching the target the attack dogs and the cancelling gets heavier.

We have to be clear that facts count for our team as much as for the other team, usually they are on our side but when they are not we should not pursue those theories aggressively until facts are found to either prove or disprove the theories.

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"We have to be clear that facts count for our team as much as for the other team, usually they are on our side but when they are not we should not pursue those theories aggressively until facts are found to either prove or disprove the theories."

There is an amazing US blogger named Sundance who hosts The Conservative Treehouse. He does an extraordinary job of being truthful, keeping his eyes on the big picture, and digging through tons of primary documents.

He found him when Trump came on the scene in 2015. Sundance could see that Trump would outmaneuver both the Republican and Democratic parties and be victorious. The light would triumph over the dark, and the underdog would get to work trying to overthrow the Deep State. But literally on the day of his inauguration, the tone of the community changed. No longer was it hopeful and about improving things; it became making fun of the unattractive Trump opponents.

Long story, just providing an example of your point.

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You have laid it out very clearly.

Trump (and most other leaders) could do a lot more to drain the swamp if they wanted.

I have one tiny thing to add. They want eternal life.

You can read my thoughts on why the mRNA was used to pull this stunt on humanity.


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Jun 22, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

As a Greek who has been interested in the Russian and Chinese affairs I can safely say you are the most accurate source I have found. I try to follow both optimistic and pessimistic aspects and the former merely acts like a Putin cheerleader, unconditionally accepting every government measure and believing he is "a fighter of the NWO and a bastion of freedom". Not saying that Hohol shills are any better but this glorification gives a bad image to alt media which are otherwise decent at uncovering Western rottenness. At this point, it’s pure ignorance and bad that they still get vast attention.

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Riley, today's message is, to quote El Gato Malo, "the age of honesty and honor is coming. because we will make it so. vote with your dollars and vote with your attention. support those who earn your trust and who trust you in return. spurn those taking you for granted or for fools or for dupes. consumer sovereignty is the tool by which societal sovereignty may be retaken. this will be irrepressible and irresistible. and this is going to be fun."



And some North American black humor from John Wilder (doing my best to keep up with the Eastern Europeans) "What’s the difference between the FBI and the CIA? Acronyms. Plus, one killed JFK and the other killed MLK."

I subscribe to both you and Luongo. I love you both. But you are on the right side here.

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Jun 23, 2023·edited Jun 23, 2023Author

If you could pass this blog post along to him I'd be much obliged (I'd tweet it at him but...blocked. as mentioned).

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Tom Luongo is just another moron who thinks that he's smarter than you.

The Dunning Kruger effect is in full force with that dude.


I think he needs to be saved by 2 or 3 sputnik V vaccines.

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Yeah I'm not a fan.

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Jun 23, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Awesome article, Riley!! You nailed it, as usual. I thank you for searching for the truth, no matter how painful it may be for some people to accept.

Tom Luongo doesn't have a clue about the subject matter he's talking about or tweeting about.

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Jun 22, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

In my opinion you are smart and good person. So what you are in fact, is pro-people. The mistake in thinking you make, like almost every other well/sane-thinking human on the eart is as a person being pro-people is automatically, because being a person and being against people would be rediculous.

In line with this extremely problematic idea, because it is allowing psychopatic unsane persons to kill sane persons every day, is the general belief among sane people that governments, or any other autorities, want to act in favour of the people that, directly or indirectly, elected them, when talking about so called democracies. It is possible autorital people want to actin favour of the people they have power over, but it absolutly not automatically. What, on the contrary, is automatic, is that governmental people do act in their own interest, just like everybody else does.

So far so good, no problem, because governmental people have the same needs as non governmental people. But..., when being in charge, being an authority, they can serve their own interests FAR BETTER than not being in charge. So their interests are fundamentally different from non governmental people, and inherently automatically conflicting with the only task their empowerment is to be used for only and that is respresenting the people that elected them direct or indirectly, because they think it is the way to keep a society free of people who abuse their powers against society, for their own sake. And nothing more, and nothing less. This basically is all.

In your article you write about people critize you, and or talking nonsense about for example Russia leaving the WHO and vaccines being save and effective something like that, while many times has been proven are incorrect ideas, and are widly spread and everwhere to be found and in some cases, you yourself showed them with proof wrong too.

May I conclude that you think it is very strange that people who (should) know better, are talking apparent (in this case als lethal) nonsense? For now I do and I hope you don't mind;-), it comes from a good heart for you, and I am a big fan of you.

This is because you are a sharp observer and know to wright down your observations very very well.

The conclusions you make sound very naive actually to me, and are always about yourself and your sane way of thinking, and HENCE NOT about a lot of unsane persons you write about, and INHERENTLY CAN NOT EVER understand the smallest thing of what they are doing, nor why they are doing things, and with suggesting there should be a reason for people to do things or not, I am already talking from my sane way of thinking. What I mean by this is, yes it certainly is true, BUT I OBSERVED AND OBSERVE every day that there is possible no motivation, reason, goal (benificial or not, and to whom actually?? And what does the actor say it is beneficial to???) or whatever is necessary for acting for sane people, to act for unsane people. To unsane people is also irrelevant if their actions harm people or how many. They feel no guilt, and only pretent they do when they are caught in the act and their escapes are out of stock.

To act or not, is for an unsane person rather simple: is it in my interest or isn't.

And that is, again, all. It is a misunderstanding that people successfully, for example -extremely harmfull!!- gaslighting peope are complex, or intelligent thinkers or whatever more of that. They are not. When asked a OPEN question about their behaviour, they say nothing, start accusing others, and when insisted on by a sane interviewer on an answer, they talk extreme bullshit even the persons gaslighted by them recognise easily and immedeately as being bullshit. When talking the bullshit they ACT highly emotional, mostly mad or sad or both, suggestion it is everbodies fault but theirs.

Lying people who harm others, lack empathy and can't be harmed by other people. Their own interest are probably at stake, but nothing more than that. The anger and whatever emotions they show, are there INHERENTLY for other reasons. And the answer is really simple again: if their to you shown emotions are not about the deceivers feelings, because you can understand about her or his actual actions,-for example to other people harmful actions without a sane reason,- that empathy is not present, so you do not exist mentally to this mentally absent proven harmful to people human being, and still the harmfull persons showns his so called emotions? The only reason is you. To influence you, and the present is the best way to predict the current situation and or the future, so the far best guess is the harmfull person is doing the only thing he or she is good at, and that is deceiving you, and when publicly, deceiving everyone around you, and in the case of your article today, your readers, and more likely everybody that doesn't read you, to prevent they are going to.

And the fact the deceiver think that is important for his sake, is the biggest compliment you can get!

Being critised by morons, is after proper reflection and research to be sure of them not being right about anything, proof of you are on the right way, which is automatically the wrong way to them.

I hope I provided you some answers and help you to no longer try to understand lunatics, but to use your excellent observers qualities to make sane conclusions about insane actions of insane people yourself.

All the questions you wrote in your article where already answerd by your descriptions of the actual situation before, when sanely interpreted which in case only aspect needed is to stop assuming whathever sane thinking abilities you have to protect on insane people.

Whether someone is insane or not, depends on what he or she says AND factually does, and WHY -and that means, most of the time, no valuable or visible reason to you, and you also cannot imagine one, even if you would lock yourself up for three weeks without nothing to distract you.

Good luck, and please continue your sharp and nice to read observations of all that matters to people. Whether they are russian or not, is not important. Whather is written in their heart and souls is:-))

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Jun 22, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Riley I've finally subscribed with money 💰👍🏻 This really made an impact. Great post. 👌

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Really appreciate the support, TeeCee, thank you!


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Jun 22, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Good noticing, I’m seeing it too.

Just read Gerald Celente’s post-


Kinda makes all these diversions mute points. I remain optimistic as the strength of creation is a force that I notice tends to want to save that which is aligned with it.

Hugs my good man

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Interesting how alternative media has become an adjunct to mainstream media news serving the interests of the security state by allowing the disaffected in both the US and Russia to cathartically vent, while also acting as "focus groups" giving the intelligence agencies a heads up on what's currently outraging the plebs.

It's also intriguing, that Russia's alternative media was promoting "Sputnik V as a 5D wonder drug—and backing up this bold theory by citing an RT op-ed, written by a WEF Young Global Leader, who is also the main financer of Russia’s “flagship” genetic injection."

And in the US supposed alternative media outlets like "Breaking Points" featuring Krystal and Sagar and Kyle Kulinski (Krystal's latest husband) on the YouTube channel "Secular Talk" were practically acting like big pharma sales representatives. Even Chris Hedges, sadly never spoke out against the jabs or the mandates. And funny enough, the revolutionary WSWS website became the "COVID daily." 😁

Who knows how long ago these outlets were co-opted, but they all certainly were willing to reveal their duplicity in order to advance the official COVID narrative and the toxic jab.

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Great points and really well said.

I think the issue is spiritual. The apostle Paul wrote words to the effect that our enemies are not the people we think they are but the evil (even satanic and demonic) forces behind them.

Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. Everything else is the broad path to destruction.

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I'm an agnostic, but if that gives you hope so be it.

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Hi Charlotte, I respect you and your beliefs. I know that you (from insights and comments that you have made here and elsewhere) care more about the truth than following someone's banner. You write beautifully and your comments are always worth reading.

I mentioned what I did because the secularists and agnostics that you referenced above are losing the scent of the truth (Luongo, included btw).

What I wrote is not just what gives me hope; it's about a book, (and the godhead behind it) that is more apparently right-on every day. The Truth.

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Spirituality and agnosticism is not mutually exclusive as that's the primary difference between agnosticism and atheism.

However, I'm not judgmental and see the need for theology as way of emotionally surviving in this bizarro dystopia known as the planet Earth.

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If you have time, can you remind me of the difference between agnosticism and atheism, and how spirituality and agnosticism are not mutually exclusive? That is interesting.

It probably fits in with theology (a spiritual understanding), religion (theology, tradition, and a structure for worship) and spirituality-quoi (sorry to through in a little Togolese French; the "quoi" adds "something" to it), how you experience and interact with the divine. What is the "gnostic" that you are "a-" to?

These things can provide tools for surviving in this bizarro dystopia, in terms of coping, making sense of it, and having a road map. Actually, the prophet Isaiah lambasts the Jews for trying to make sense of the world and following their sense of it; he says, basically, throw out the map and trust God. David says much the same thing in the 23rd psalm.

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I'm not much of a believer in the concept of blind faith, that might've been part of the reason I didn't buy the bullshit about the clot shot being safe and effective.

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Jun 22, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Worth every rouble!

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E. Slavsquat has shown that he cares about the search for truth. The truth is kryptonite to the servants of the Enemy, the consciously evil ones and the clueless ones alike. It is also deeply upsetting for all of us when it dissolves the comfortable illusions we hold - the things we want to be true, but aren’t. I want Putin to be the re-incarnation of Stolypin, come back to triumph and use the power of Holy Russia to save the world. The reality down here on the material plane is murkier than that, and it’s a bummer sometimes. But anyone who, like Tom Luongo, continues to use phrases like “safe and effective,” is not only showing his true colors; his vitriolic attacks confirm the sincerity of real truth seekers, like our friend Edwardus Slavsquatus.

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You nailed it, Chris!

"I want Putin to be the re-incarnation of Stolypin, come back to triumph and use the power of Holy Russia to save the world. The reality down here on the material plane is murkier than that, and it’s a bummer sometimes."

I was an aquaculture extension agent for the US Peace Corps. They gave us a bizarre training that derived from the CIA's Farm. One of the other trainees was from Maryland (an Eastern US state). He always had a gleam in his eye. He didn't care much for the trainers' games, but was a great participant in our learning about aquaculture. One time he said, "in the words of a lesser-known Eastern philosopher, 'ours is not a perfect world.' " A few weeks later, the trainers effectively disappeared him. They drove out to his pond, asked him to get in the van, and we never saw him again. That gleam in his eye, actually, was as he was getting in the van. I will never forget it. He knew, I knew what was happening. They may have gotten him out of the Corps, but Mike still won.

Anyways, long story short: in the words of a lesser-known Eastern philospher (Mike from Maryland), "ours is not a perfect world."

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Great work.

In Italy, on April 26, all the opposing parties and associations, and almost all the alternative media, celebrated the anniversary of Giulietto Chiesa's death, considered a point of reference for many of us "no-greenpass". I tried several times to talk to many novax friends, about Giulietto Chiesa's links with the Club of Rome, with Gorbachev, with Maurice Strong, with the Valdai discussion Club in Russia. Unfortunately this discussion is almost always rejected, or avoided. And it is even more difficult to question the credibility of so many alt media or political groups. There is often an a-priori rejection of the discussion, not unlike what happened with.... with vaccines: an irrational refusal to dialogue. The reality is that a small part of those who oppose the "green pass", the 4th industrial revolution, must go ahead alone, and build a new discourse, letting the old die together with the Z to the Q; along with those who tell half-truths, which are still lies. (G.Chiesa is perhaps the Western intellectual who has contributed the most, at least in the Latin countries, to the propaganda that portrays Putin as an opponent of the globalist agenda)

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"Vexatious" - what a wonderful word! I always enjoy having my vocabulary enhanced. My only comments about the alt-media are these (and they have nothing to do with Russia): (1) most of us have seen pictures on the Internet (e.g. Twitter) of the Pope wearing a cape with the gay Rainbow as its lining. Bing's AI informed me just yesterday that those pictures are photoshopped and fake. Right-wingers are every bit as capable of going into lynch mob mentality as the Woke. (2) I used to subscribe to more than a dozen Substacks that all said basically the same thing. Now I just read 5. And I'm not nearly as angry and frustrated now because I only look at pictures and videos of dogs on Twitter.

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"I need to respond to this notion that Edward Slavsquat’s top secret mission is to present Russia as being Bad."

The best way to avoid this false accusation, is to ensure your article has a high evidence to word density ratio. The pro-vaccine shills who criticise The Daily Beagle don't actually attack The Daily Beagle - or the articles - directly, but usually try to dismiss it instead because it is hosted on Substack or because I "cite myself" (supposedly), and literally outright refuse to read the articles knowing they are jam packed with evidence.

The 'best' one was a failed attempt to cast me as a hypocrite... despite the fact I had done what I said I did and wasn't at all hypocritical. Cue bizarre hairsplits and wild flailing.

"What's the point of alt media if it's as obtuse and needlessly divisive as CNN?"

You're fighting with human nature itself. People are naturally inclined not to find contrary evidence. It is the hardest mountain for anybody to climb, and it is what takes you from an 'okay' researcher to an excellent researcher. I still struggle and it feels like power walking up a steep hill.

There's a reason why media place headline titles that clash with the body; majority of people don't read the body. Naturally, people wanting an easy win so they don't have to do any hard slog will jump at whatever shallow "victory" they're offered... even if it's a complete fake.

It isn't unique to alt media, either. Remember when voters screamed Trump was the cool new dude who would drain the swamp... and then no swamp draining happened? All because Trump gave them lots and lots of words affirming their position. I'm confident voters would let you rob them blind if you told them you were fighting corruption behind the scenes and swamping draining 24/7.

No-one looks at actions these days. They go by 'how angry are the media at said person?'. Anger can be staged. Outrage can be faked. Do they go by base emotional simpleton logic these days?

Searching for evidence that contradicts your position is the best way to avoid these traps. And actually, strengthens your own position if you don't find any reasonable evidence, and helps you avoid bad positions if you do.

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Thanks, Riley! I do have to say, being as obtuse and divisive as CNN as not at all as big a problem as being as big a disinformation source as CNN, even if on "the other side" of a global divide between two blocs of competing elites who are united about imposing the Great Reset/4IR/Agenda 2030/SDGs totalitarian Blockchain-based digital global order upon the world and its people but divided as to which one will be in charge.

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You nailed it. Xi and Putin are both staunch supporters of Agenda 2030 and next year September 22-23 UN will host "Summit of the Future, a once-in-a-generation opportunity, aiming to strengthen global governance for the sake of present and future generations." There presidents and prime ministers will formally sign over their executive powers to UN and its subsidiaries. Who controls the UN and its spawn controls the world.

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Interesting that you mention the "Summit of the Future", I've also stumbled upon it. Can be read about more here. It'll be curious to see what comes of it:


An event that is taking place right now in France is the "Summit for a New Global Financing Pact". Most if not all of the space lizards are there, the UN, IMF, World Bank, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller, Mark Carney, Janet Yellen but also the Chinese Premier Li Qiang, Dilma Rouseff President of the New Development Bank (the BRICS bank) and von der Leyen of EU/Pfizer fame:


I think we are rapidly seeing something akin to a World Government coming to fruition...

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It will never work. They are just trying to save their asses because the capitalist system is doomed. Furthermore it is very probable (I would bet on it) that we are heading to another ice age and that the rest is distraction. Of course, I might be wrong...


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The Vaccinated Are To Be Judged By The Sickness

Of Their Behavior In Society Among Us.

Their Physical Suffering Is Not The Issue.

Their Own Government

Used Their Own Minds Against Them.

If You're Not On That

Your Own Government

Will Continue To Use Them Against You.


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