It doesn't matter what country we are talking about. most doctors are arseholes and all medical bureaucrats should be culled for experimental vivisection, and then treated with Remdesivir. Or viceversa.

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wish there was some detectable level of ‘grassroots outrage’ here.

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It is disheartening to read about the political leaders of an otherwise sane country genuflecting at the altar of the vaccine nazis. I wonder if Lavrov actually believes in the pandemic-vaccines or if he's just going along for political expediency?

I have an interesting story from Costa Rica where I live. Our new President (Rodrigo Chaves) was elected on May 8 and his first substantial act was to declare an end to obligatory mask wearing and vaccinations. Later his spokeswoman backtracked and said Chaves didn't say health workers were exempt from mandatory vaccines and mask wearing. But he did say that all public institutions and private businesses now decide for themselves whether they demand mask wearing by their workers and customers. And he said employees could no longer be fired for refusing the jab. Even in schools, parents and students decide whether or not to wear masks, though there has been no clarification whether teachers are still obligated.

The vaccine nazis reacted with predictable squealing and outrage as the root of their power, authority and "importance" was pulled out from under them, and this reaction led to the bit of backtracking. Nevertheless, most of the businesses in the beach town where I live no longer require masks. Even at the (state-owned) bank the other day I didn't have to wear a mask. And people are more open about declaring they are not vaxxed and will never submit their kids to the jabs.

Chaves is an internationalist, formerly with the World Bank for example, and most of his cabinet appointees are also internationalists. What does he know that we don't know about international relaxation of 'health' mandates? In recent weeks I've noticed a number of odd relaxations of formerly ironclad mandates in other countries.

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What the fuck is wrong with Lavrov?

He's supposed to be a guy that challenges Western interests but he trusts the big pharma funded WHO?

No more heroes, they're all morons and sellouts.

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Is there any good news anywhere in the world... ? At all....?

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I skimmed your post

Why not use your Substack to post a petition to Russian federation...

End hacksxxxxine

I'll sign and or use comments to record support and send to lavrov Etc

Let's be proactive, no point in merely complain

Or, I can use mine....but who where can I send the result to ?

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I predict that NZ will exit WHO's clutches within a decade.

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President Putin and Foreign Minister Lavrov have a toxic relationship with the WHO. Just like an abusive relationship, these two prominent politicians are in denial of being abused. A deep dive of critical thinking as to why? > MAY be answered by President Putin statement that WHOever controls Artificial Intelligence will control the world. Hence, the preponderance of evidence suggests that injections and 6G both play a role in AI. Therefore President Putin mistakenly believes this injection agenda (based on George Orwell dystopia of >Oceania (5 eyes - USA/EU/NZ/UK/Austrialia) and East Asia (China) and Eurasia (Russia)< will be in control of the citizens in their "respected" regions. Total mind control used in conjunction with 5G/6G and injections may already be achieved and slowly rolled out in experiments with a sadistic WEF goal of worldwide QR code digital ID with social credit score included.

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One John Quigley of the US believes giving up Crimea to the Zelenski Nazis could end the war.

This choice suggestion ignores the 94% referendum support to be re-joined to Russia, and notice I said RE-join, not join. Clearly, Quigley does not comprehend that the referendum was democracy in action, a status he purports to support endemically as an American. Which, of course, we all know is crap. No US administration has supported democracy since 1775.

The fact that Crimeans were not consulted on the gift to Ukraine in th efirst place would mean nothing to this emotionally degraded neocon. Personaly, I favour a global burning down of MSM infrastructure and replacit this with people's free media. Maybe then, the west would understand that Ukraine is a US war of proxy aggression to promote Nazism and erode Rusian integrity.

What actually upsets me is that, by forcing these policies on Australia and thereby precipitating civil war as we are forced to fight for our freedom, I might end up killing US Marines stationed here in Australia, whom I happen to like. If that happens, some Oz politicians are going to pay dearly.

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May 20, 2022·edited May 20, 2022

Understanding Russia's series of moves against Israel, the US and Turkey in Syria, it is no wonder that Kremlin official is in such a terrible ridiculous situation as it is today...

I have not trusted Putin and Lavrov since the undetermined manner of death (I believe he was assassinated) of former UN Ambassador Vitaly Churkin in New York...

In other words, I trusted and respected Vitaly Churkin so much.

In my opinion, he was the best diplomat in the world. I remember how much so fun it was to watch Churkin and Samantha Power debate at the UN conference...

Losing him was a huge loss for the Russians and it was a very disappointing event for me.

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A cold shower, only if you're a diehard believer in the Putin regime and got hot with anticipation and lust. But hey, that's why most people stay in abusive relationships, they keep expecting things to get better. Thanks once again, Riley!

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Nauseating. Just this one step, breaking relationship with WHO for good could have justified, or at least explain, in the eyes of many "awaken" people around the world the "special military operation" that killed so far probably around 30 thousand in Ukraine, military and civilians. By comparison in US during two years of COVID medical tyranny 600 thousand died unnecessarily primarily due to the hospital treatment protocol involving remdesivir that in trials have shown to be more deadly than ebola left untreated. But let's not lose hope yet, apparently there are forces in Russia opposing WHO, a "kill club", and they got a taste of victory already when most of COVID measures in Russia got abandoned, perhaps they are able to gather enough public support to stop this making up with WHO.

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I like the affability of the global murder club, but prefer the more formal World Homicide Organisation (WHO). Lavrov surely knows Tedros has as much credibility in global epidemiology as Liz Truss has command of geography. Meanwhile the evidence dossier from the Ukrainian bio labs is building day by day. With GAVI and now GERM feeding into the WHO, what’s been set up is an evil fascist industrial health complex bigger than even the current war machine. Will the next plandemic be weaponised avian flu, monkey pox, or just boring old covid 3.0? Who knows, but there is some merit for both sides having Russia inside the tent pissing outside.

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"Earlier, Vladimir Putin said that the mutual recognition of vaccines and national certificates would allow global activity to resume faster."

That means:

If Sputnik is recognized, Russians are safe from being injected with the DNA-altering pfizer poison. And perhaps the entire world as well.

You must realize first that Sputnik is NOT a dna-altering poison that attacks the immune system, like the Pfizer cocktail is. Sputnik is a so-called vector vaccine. Why is the Pfizer poison pushed so much? Because it kills the immune system - the S antigens this gene therapeutic substance produces - attack the pineapple gland, and hence the immune system. (Read the science on that, it's not bullshit.) And that is the intent of the globalists: to create a sickly human entity that is forever ball-and-chained to the pharma industry for continuous injections to artificially boost its immune system. The poor creature wont even be able to produce normal offspring anymore in the near future.

Sputnik, on the other hand, does not ALTER the dna. And that is why it is not recognized; because it does not serve the purpose of the globalists. If Putin is a globalist, that does not surprise me, but at least Russia is not fucking up their citizens with filthy dna-altering poison that turns humans into creepy, sickly GMO's.

Look at what the pharma giant Dimitris Giannakopoulos said:

"many people ask me if I am injected and with which vaccine. No, I am not injected and I will not be injected. Not because I am afraid of the side effects, but because I do not want my DNA fucked up."

For the Dutch:

“Veel mensen vragen mij of ik ben ingeënt en met welk vaccin. Nee, ik ben niet ingeënt en ik zal niet worden ingeënt. Niet omdat ik bang ben voor de bijwerkingen, maar omdat ik mijn DNA niet wil laten verknoeien”.

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(Putin’s only beef with the WHO is that it hasn’t approved Russia’s unproven genetic slurry, “Sputnik V”.)

I would not call Sputnik a 'slurry.' It's actually a 'classic' type of vaccination that does not function like the toxic mRNA shit that is injected in the rest of the world. And which poison is intended to enter the genome to transcribe along with it - in order to produce ample supplies of S antigens that overload (and thus attack) the immune system, causing it to malfunction.

Note also on the Ookla 5G map of the world, that Russia does not have 5G poles.

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