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The moment I got the news I immediatly checked here. I'm not disappointed.

It felt to good to be true, when I saw that pic with the ATM.

Poor Turkey. Now that shock therapist will privatize everything he touches there, including this poor ATM machine and the pavement he walks on.

Now who could possibly replace him as Russia's high priest of sustainibility? How is a country supposed to exist without a climate envoy?

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You pick the best music numbers.

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That is U.S. comedian Jerry Lewis in the suit amongst the dancers, moderating the telethon. Every year he did a televised fundraiser for muscular dystrophy.

Wiki on this political views:

“ Lewis kept a low political profile for many years, having taken advice reportedly given to him by President John F. Kennedy, who told him, "Don't get into anything political. Don't do that because they will usurp your energy."[85] Nevertheless, he campaigned and performed on behalf of both JFK and Robert F. Kennedy. Lewis was a supporter of the Civil Rights Movement. For his 1957 NBC special, Lewis held his ground when southern affiliates objected to his stated friendship with Sammy Davis Jr. In a 1971 Movie Mirror magazine article, Lewis spoke out against the Vietnam War when his son Gary returned from service traumatized. He vowed to leave the country rather than send another of his sons.

Lewis once stated political speeches should not be at the Oscars. He stated, "I think we are the most dedicated industry in the world. And I think that we have to present ourselves that night as hard-working, caring and important people to the industry. We need to get more self-respect as an industry".[86] In a 2004 interview with The Guardian, Lewis was asked what he was least proud of, to which he answered, "Politics". Not his politics, but the world's politics – the madness, the destruction, the general lack of respect.

He lamented citizens' lack of pride in their country, stating, "President Bush is my president. I will not say anything negative about the president of the United States. I don't do that. And I don't allow my children to do that. Likewise when I come to England don't you do any jokes about 'Mum' to me. That is the Queen of England, you moron. Do you know how tough a job it is to be the Queen of England?"[87]

In a December 2015 interview on EWTN's World Over with Raymond Arroyo, Lewis expressed opposition to the United States letting in Syrian refugees, saying, "No one has worked harder for the human condition than I have, but they're not part of the human condition if 11 guys in that group of 10,000 are ISIS. How can I take that chance?"[88] In the same interview, he criticized President Barack Obama for not being prepared for ISIS, while expressing support for Donald Trump, saying he would make a good president because he was a good "showman". He also added that he admired Ronald Reagan's presidency.[89][90][91]”


There is a lot of talk that Putin is not the same Putin that Putin used to be. Speculations here and there.

Your videos are always great, and your commentary always fascinating. Video appearances, delightful.

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I couldn't handle more of Matt ehrets hopium

Flipped out cause that mother fucker didn't have to face losing his job like I did and people in Russia did.

My barometers

911 and Covid.

Putin and Russian govt fail both

Fanboys gonna fanboy though


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But does this end Russia's participation in the UN SDG Agenda 2030? Not as far as these eyes can see. Does anyone know more?!

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Как бы вы хотели свой омлет, сэр?

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I wonder if this WEF parasite is an indication Putin is another JFK or is controlled opposition for the NEW World Communista Order?

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One small step for Turkey...One giant step for Russia?

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Lol Chubais and ATMs is like peanut butter and jelly! Let him be Erdogan’s problem now!

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Thanks for the update Riley.

There are some people that have serious concerns about "space lizards", though I am guessing you were being facetious?

One thing is for sure though, whether they are cold blooded space creatures or just cold blooded homosapiens, their plans for global domination and the enslavement of most of humanity are certainly becoming more and more aggressive https://www.thetrumpet.com/25365-digital-ids-and-currency-coming-to-canada?fbclid=IwAR079pKlDlYgQGOVYOmlGHioyP2xOs_OE-QjP8kx8TTswUFzplSJe-ULI80



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Let us swim with the current and stay on topic:

To he or not to be: That's our gestation.

Whether 'tis nobler from the hind to sever

The arrow that's slung by fate's outrageous womb,

Or take arms against a sea of stubble

And, by opposing, end us?


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I was wondering whether Russia is really completely onboard with the WEF agenda. For example, how is it possible that Lukashenko is speeking so open about the Covid scam, given that he is obviously backed by Putin? Or think about „you will own nothing and be happy“, while in Russia, people will be given literally free land to live a self sufficient life there as of beginning of this year. Then the encouragement to have more children.. is it possible, that in Russian government, there are forces that are acting against the great reset? Or is everything just a damn show? But then again - why? What is the purpose of Luka exposing the Covid scam? He didn‘t need to, he could have forced his people to obey and take the poison, wear masks etc.

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Left over rubbish Chubais from YeltSIN regime gone from Russia. I hope the door hits him on his way out. I support Russia's "special military operation" 100 percent. Why? I take ALL positions OPPOSITE of Chubais. (Although this "operation" should have happened in 2014 for far less bloodshed.) Anyone that does NOT support this "operation", also does NOT know Russian history. Goes way back. British empire always despised Russian empire. Lenin was financed and a tool of USA/EU to bring communism and collapse Russian empire. Lenin was given safe harbor in Switzerland and then safe passage into Germany, then Sweden, then across Baltic. A white army versus red army created a real mess in present day Ukraine territory. Lenin then added Russian territory to Ukraine. Stalin added Russian territory to Ukraine. Khrushchev added Russian territory to Ukraine. Gorbachev and YeltSIN then created a oligarchy system just the way USA/EU bankers had diabolically planned. Russian soviet money worthless in early 1990s. NOW THAT WAS a ruthless "GREAT RESET"! President Putin was part of the WEF young global leader indoctrination. HOWEVER this "special military operation" throws a monkey wrench into the one world unipolar government. The Sputnik injection will NOT be approved by WHO anytime soon. Yes, President Putin has indoctrinated Russians into thinking injections are good for them and that is his downfall. HOWEVER this "special military operation " and injection scamdemic/plandemic MUST be separated. Why? Because it is mixing apples with oranges and are completely different. IF President Putin did NOT act now, then in 9 years time in 2030, >Ukraine would have joined NATO, created a false flag against Crimea, launched a NATO military offensive against Crimea/Russia and won on the chess board. Game Over! One world unipolar government with World Economic Forum’s Known Traveler Digital Identity, a global ID system for a single "passport" or app for banking, travel, and healthcare/injection record-keeping – with a bit of social credit scorekeeping on the side.

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Was Chubais sanctioned by EU/USA? NO! If evidence, then PLEASE reference the source. Just like Kazakhstan whose military police "took out" at least 100 people in Republic Square in Almaty during early January. NO sanctions against Kazahstan. Why? Because USA/CIA was NOT behind the QR code/Liquefied PROPANE Gas outrageous price hike protest. Chubais is a dear friend of the EU/USA. ALL Russian oligarchs have a role in Russian government one way or another. Why? Because Boris YeltSIN in 1990s handed over Russia to USA/EU controlled Russian oligarchs. Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich played a role in Russia/Ukraine peace talks. Are you kidding me? NO I am not. Roman SOMEHOW got his 2 yachts out of sanction way and WILL be able to sell English football team. Why? Only because Zelensky asked USA/EU to avoid sanctioning Roman. Source> https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/moscow-claims-roman-abramovich-no-longer-involved-ukraine-peace-talks

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Mar 24, 2022·edited Mar 24, 2022

Istanbul is a very tricky city these days, especially after the Syrian war, it was there where the manager of the White Helmets lost his life, by falling from his balcony...and a Russian ambassador was killed in a public event...

One would say it is our East Berlin in this war....


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