Once again, Russia's elite is at the forefront of pushing the Great Reset agenda. Thanks for the great reporting, Riley!

I posted at my FB page your piece about the Russian Central Bank planning CBDC by next April, which has a link to an item from a few weeks ago about the Central Bank rejected a Ruble tie to gold. And i still have people contending that Russia is adopting a gold standard and has no firm plans for CBDC, one of whom contended that she ....doesn't trust you. As if this wasn't something you merely reported via Russian media sources. They just don't wanna believe anything bad about Russia, the emperor can even claim he has no clothes and moon the crowd and some people will still croon about his wonderful wardrobe.

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Jun 1, 2022·edited Jun 1, 2022

From your reports and from others, the suggestion seems strong that in the ways that really matter, Russia indeed has its copy of the WEF script and is following it. I can suggest one possibility: that Russia, China, and their sympathizers have been hived off into a seemingly separate bloc, to create the impression that there are multiple "sides" vying for control of the world. This gets citizens in each country/region working for "their side" (which is just like the other side) and it disarms the distaste that the term "globalism" has for many people.

In reality, TPTB in all these countries have the same goals--culling of the herd and establishment of a new neo-feudalism where you (those who survive, that is) will own nothing and eat cattle feed, while the elite continue to live like lords. They have agreed among themselves to work together to achieve these goals, and not to vie with one another for goodies until the wet work is behind them.

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Russia is part of the NWO at the highest levels, just like the United States. No one is coming to save us!

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Don't worry Ed, multipolar Putin fans will find some excuse or justification.

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So Putin kicked out Soros and told Schwab and the WEF to suck rocks just to make his own Eurasia Economic Forum? And he kicked out the Rothschild’s central bank only to make Russia’s own central bank complete with CBDC? I’m confused.

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If you need a useless PCR test then you are just as bad as the Klaus Schwab gang. The Covid pandemic is a SCAM!

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A lot of the ministers appointed by President Putin are nasty thorns in the side of freedom. Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov wants to stay in the Paris climate accord even though the State Duma wants to CONSIDER leaving. Russia will shoot ALL Russians in the foot by forgoing plentiful oil and natural gas revenues in the future. I have a disdain for anyone who thinks green energy (windmills, solar panels, lithium batteries) is a "better" energy alternative during frigidly cold winters in Russia and Belarus. Lithium batteries are a "GREEN" joke as there is absolutely NO recycling capability once their 10 year lifespan is exhausted.

Recent propaganda mirrored from TASS>MOSCOW, May 30. /TASS/. Russia definitely should not withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate, this would hurt the country's image as an environmentally responsible state, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Alexander Kozlov said in an interview with Izvestia.

"Should Russia withdraw from the Paris Agreement? Absolutely not. We regard speculations around this topic as expressions of private opinion for PR purposes. This would mean either attempting to deny the problem of a changing climate, or show unwillingness to work on this issue. Both would definitely deal a serious blow to Russia's image as an environmentally responsible state," Kozlov said.

The minister added that Russia plays a huge role in solving global climate problems, since the territory of the country is covered by over 815 million hectares of forests. Russia has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 30% by 2030, he added.

The Paris Agreement was adopted on December 12, 2015 - 197 participant countries agreed to prevent the growth in mean global temperature by 2100 of over 2C compared to pre-industrial levels.

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Riley, do you think Putin is paying lip service to the Davos crowd, or is he fully onboard, pretending to be in opposition? If the latter, what do you think is motivating him? He seems like a genuine Russian patriot. Could he have been convinced that the Great Reset is somehow better for Russia? For example, perhaps the globalist plan is to do a controlled demolition of the West with mRNA vaccines, dedollarization, and food/energy shortages. Putin and Xi may be willing to sacrifice some of their own people (to buttress a pro-vax narrative that is more harmful to the West than to themselves), with a view towards an endgame in which Eurasia comes out ahead in relative terms.

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Craig-Paardekooper is a UK pharmaceutical sciences student, and is behind the data analysis connecting dramatic differences in injuries and deaths, to different vaccine batch numbers.

His most recent work looks at a report first published by Deagel.com a USA military/intelligence site several years ago. It predicted a huge drop in USA population by 2025. Nobody could understand the report when it first came out. Craig has overlaid what he has learnt from the varying rates of vaccine deaths in different countries, and makes some predictions.

Honestly, I'm just shocked by what I have seen in the past few years. People are the heart and soul of their country. Without people there is no the culture, no history. So why are the G7 countries all murdering their own citizens?


Craig's Bitchute channel is here https://www.bitchute.com/channel/3KRJ7WXgSw8T/ It's very informative.

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"The digital literacy of all must be improved"

I agree 100%, for all the wrong reasons.

Normies need to be taught how to find alt-media.

If these boomer propagandists think they can improve *my* tech skills (I literally create website for financial institutions FFS) they can, in the nicest possible terms, get fucked.

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China and Russia still confuse me on a regular basis. Difficult to see what side they are on! Maybe that's by design!

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May 31, 2022·edited May 31, 2022

For the last five years, I used to say that I was worried about who would come after Putin. Now I'm scared. These are the people around him?

Gref decided to intervene: “You are saying terrible things,” he chided the panelists. “You are proposing to transfer power into the hands of the population… If each person can participate directly in management, then what are we managing?”

So it's the state and the oligarchs against the people. Hm...

A great piece Riley, thanks!

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"I am a bot. And the results of my work are very real."

Never has an attempt at chipper customer service been so chilling . . .

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Thank you very much Riley! This REPORT is the best of yours and it is JUST IN THE RIGHT TIME! I am terrified because it vindicates the nightmare I've theorized and asserted from the beginning: THEY are all on the same boat to carry out the genocide by clot shot and starvation. Unfortunately their mass formation/psychosis has been a great success so far. Very few people are able to see the elephant in the room.

So with evidences as concrete as these, what is your conclusion?

Most importantly, what is your suggestion for solution?

Take care my young friend. Don't forget you ARE in Moscow.

Please Don't let your guard down.

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Jun 2, 2022·edited Jun 2, 2022

Putin/5-D chess is obviously a meme thing these days. I believe that micro-prophesying an inevitable Orwellian cyber-netic/borg-ian global tyranny with we unfortunate peasants in lockstep hypnosis (like poor Buck Rodgers below) also smacks of 5-D chess.

After all, with a plan based on collapsing the very structures that give you power, and quite possibly triggering a colossal nuclear exchange, what could possibly go wrong?


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Video: The Global Financial Revolution and The Great Reset: Banking Expert Ellen Brown

[“The Coming Global Financial Revolution, Russia is Following America’s Playbook”]


Watchable as a compendium... I have managed to follow the video till the end. I could comment till tomorrow, don't have the time, nor, frankly speaking, the envy being the way things are (meaning... alea iacta est already... SNAFU/FUBAR ahead as sure as hell).

100% agree about electric vehicles, an impractical and total nonsense in general. Ditto with CO2 and the like such *fossile* fuel paradigm crap... the biotic oil formation argument is for the cretins, lookup for abiotic oil formation instead.

*Depopulation* is functional to a nuclear world war, incidentally the most depopulated are going to be the NATO countries and most die-hard allies according to the schedule... think of the death toll in a nuclear conflict and the consequences in finding oneself surrounded by dead and dying bodies. Radioactivity paradoxically is a minor problem that fades quickly. The real disaster is less the nukes directly, so to speak, it intervenes if the spent fuel stores of nuclear power plants are hit, spent fuel which is different stuff and inherently infinitely more dangerous; then, yes we have contamination that lasts for millennia to come and can cover vast areas. OTOH, as we know that the Allies never subjected the infrastructure of the Nazis with whom they went arm in arm, and in fact co-owned, to bombing during World War II, while on the opposite, the Russian army starting with the Red Army has never distinguished itself in general for committing crimes against humanity, unlike the armies of the West.

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