It's bed time.

I kneel beside my matress on the floor and say my night prayers, for the first time since I was five.

Please, God, make the Americans, Russians, and Chinese governments bomb each other into oblivion, which will enable we Australians to expel the US military and corporations from our now almost destroyed country and then kick out the 2.2 million Chinese invaders who have used CCP money to buy up our houses and farms.

As you know, I have deleted "Please bless mummy and daddy and grandma" because they are dead.

Your favourite atheist


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« Rejection of selfish practices » is a nice touch of pure communist rhetoric, almost poetic in its perverseness.

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I read Glogolev’s statement that “some countries preferred to look for the guilty and politicize the situation” as doing China a solid against U.S. congresspersons et al. in terms of blame for covid origins, but maybe Edward’s idea is right, who knows?

Anyway, here we have a Russian official speaking for Belarus via the Union State, and roping Minsk into the dystopia agenda they – essentially alone in the “developed” world – had the sense to shun in 2020. I fear that’s very much the wave of the future.

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It's not "masochism" at all, Edward. The Russian neo-nomenklatura are the truest adepts of "globalism" aka "the NWO", and the Russian turn-key neo-slave society is actually the goal of and the model for the Western globalists, albeit it will take them some time to build it. They ARE a true community of like-minded ghouls.

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Thank you Edward. You really opened my eyes to the truth of the medical establishment in Russia. My girlfriend's father died after getting vaccinated from a blood clot in the brain. I didn't have the heart to tell her because all of her family were vaccinated. Subsequently both her and her mom fell ill with long Covid! Fortunately I have use information from various alternative health care practitioners to detox both my girlfriend and her mom from Covid-19 using intravenous vitamins. What is really interesting is that I have used a supplement which is made from four algae grown in a bioreactor in Kamchatka's volcanic waters. Unfortunately it is then shipped to Canada for manufacturing by the doctor (originally from Moldova) who created it. I have used it for more than 20 years and never had even a cold in that time. I tried to get my girlfriend to take the same supplement but she believes too much in conventional doctors. Go figure!

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I'm trying to find something about the WEF or some Western "school of economics" in the biography of Sergey Glagolev, but I can't find anything. I don't know how hypnotizing Russian covid1984 tv was, maybe he actually believes what he's talking about? But then again, his agency is probably the one that decided to test every man and mouse with Mr. not-a-Dr. Drosten's PCR protocol...

Can it all be due to incompetence? Then again, the German health minister is an alcoholic who can't even talk for a minute without contradicting himself so anything is possible...

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The serpent symbolism on the WHO emblem reflects truly the real nature of the organization:


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always wondered what it must be like to be a speechwriter for the upper echelons:

- they know public speeches are utterly pointless because all the globalist's mafia important stuff is discussed/agreed behind closed doors

- at the same time speech can't be utterly pathetic because more inquisitive plebs' minds might see through it, so it has to be semi-intelligent, a bit inspiring, contain at least a grain of truth

- speechwriter for a true top dog country can even afford to include a bit of criticism of others to fool the plebs they are valiantly fighting for them, speechwriters from small chihuahua countries can't even do that

- there are still some lower level countries / politicians who believe in all this SDG, ESG, WHO, climate crap. So the speech should make sure they continue being brainwashed and work tirelessly

- never go into detail, less is better. always remember the nasty factcheckers now and in the future.

as you can see, the truth, the real events, the agreements and their real meaning are just one of many options in speechwriter's toolbox and many times telling the truth would be a self inflicted death sentence. I presume top speechwriters long ago gave up on all ideals, became alcoholics and just nihilistically exchange their talent for a bag of gold.

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"In October, the Ministry of Health approved a completely insane new rule, which allows for “updated” genetic COVID “vaccines” to be approved and released to the public, almost without testing, in as little as 16 days. "

"Who funds the sustainable development goals?

The World Bank Group Partnership Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG Fund) was established to promote best practices and knowledge sharing for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development."

The brave new multipolar world is proudly developing a WHO International monetary fund (IMF).🤑

The "equity" espoused by China, Russia and the US is merely guidelines on how all the usual international hoodlums will work together ensuring everyone gets a piece of the gravy train, as biosecurity scam industries are permanently established worldwide.

Public health/equity is equated to getting a first class seat on the rip-off pharmaceutical bullet train barreling down the tracks at record speed in search of trillions.

So how dare the WHO eliminate the Moscow office as all worthy oligarchs and loyal believers of the WEF/UN initiatives demand a window seat near the "carving station."

A cushy seat ensuring unimaginable profits as the unwitting on every continent are physically exploited not just for their labor, but also as human experiments testing an endless array of mRNA gene therapy toxins.

So as it turns out, multipolarism is actually a "unipolar" technocratic biosecurity surveillance state guaranteeing that the usual mobsters are well-compensated as long as they keep their proles QR coded and frequently injected with dubious toxins.

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"We hope that this organization and its member states are able to develop and achieve their goals, primarily the SDGs [Sustainable Development Goals], progress towards which has been slowed down by the coronavirus pandemic." — Sergey Glagolev, May 22, 2023

"The pandemic has blown us off course, but it has shown us why the SDGs must remain our north star, and why we must pursue them with the same urgency and determination with which we countered the pandemic." — Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, May 22, 2023 (Source: https://news.un.org/en/story/2023/05/1136912)

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Russia's elites wanna be in the central game room, so they are playing the game, to the hilt. Thanks again, Riley, great job breaking down this outrageous speech.

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"Moscow's WHO masochism" The communists (Russia) are behind the sick $hit! The communists control nearly the whole world USA, Ukraine etc. included.

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as horrible as Donald "warp speed" Trump is at least he wanted to withdraw the U.S from the big pharma controlled WHO...and despite some of his misguided "green energy" faults at least RFK wrote a book exposing the rotten corruption at the WHO...and CDC...and FDA...and big pharma...and Fauci and Gates...and congress

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Excellent break down of this speech.

Two observations about the speech.

1. I've not see, so many run-on sentences since my day in school. Back then I was woefully ignorant of the purpose for or need of commas and periods. Don't these bureaucrats have minions, who edit and proof things??

2. Credit where credit is due - agreed, Thanks to him, for saying this on the globalist - trans stage.

Aside from that, they are all alike, as you point out. We are just game pieces on a board, that gets reset every several decades.

I have a Russian co-worker, that I will foreword your substack to. He is quite savvy on world affairs and will enjoy your work.


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Like I said before - an awake Американский can spot a farce a mile away and this hopefully is one that can be contained . I see that Краснодар is banning all English signs because they don't want the outside influence. I guess Mayor Naumov doesn't understand the difference between Multi polar society or a Bi-Polar Mayor. Gee, don't tell him that 20 million Slavs live in North America and are welcomed to use their old slavic languages - without prejudice or Racist attacks.

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