The article about musical tempo enforcement in Chechnya looked like an April Fools joke at first, but seems real. I guess the first part of that beautiful Glinka piece would be forbidden there.

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Oh those puppies! Love 'em.

They will be increasing your butcher bill noticeably soon. That's good. we need to support these small butcher shops.

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So happy to hear Sergei talking about the debt elephant in the room! Yes, someone said that when a country has the labor and resources to do something but not the money, it's like saying you can't build a house because you ran out of inches. Sorry I'm butchering that quote but your slabs of meat distracted me ...

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Sadly, I understand what Sergei is saying. Industrial financialized modern homo saps can't do anything without getting money in exchange for it. Pick your nation and it's the same: people don't believe in themselves or each other but rather in the money they pass back and forth.

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Thanks for the response, boscohorowitz. I think his comment is not so much on the character of the people but the debt-based IMF money system. Except for a few hold-outs in the 'axis of evil,' all money is issued by bankers, not gov'ts. To rebuild its water system, Detroit had to borrow from bankers, for instance, even though the labor and resources came from them. Those bankers then pulled the derivatives scam on the Libor rate and called in those loans, pillaging Detroit. I have a chapter in my book on it. They did the same with Greece: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/greece-lightning and Libya: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/libya-swept-away-by-the-currency.

Sergei has been advocating a different system of global trade along with Russia issuing its own currency for internal production, which is how it should be: https://thirdparadigm.substack.com/p/russia-a-wrench-in-the-reset-gears

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" I think his comment is not so much on the character of the people but the debt-based IMF money system."

I agree. I am, however, a resolute fundamentalist usually aiming for the bedrock of a situation. The bedrock is that most populations ultimately believe in one thing: money. Not each other, not their ethnicity, their nationality, often not even their family name. People believe in M-O-N-E-Y. It's the prevailing superstition, the single one ring uniting us all in the thrall of bondage.

Even so, we sometimes reclaim our trust in ourselves, each other, reality... and then: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GmugwrlnSWA

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We're in agreement on that. My book, How to Dismantle an Empire, also has a chapter called 'What if Money Was No Object?' that takes the question seriously. We argue our belief in God but take for granted the belief in money's existence.

I define money as a means of organizing labor in the interests of whoever issues it. Neither bad nor good, depending on the intentions of the creators--in our case, the bankers and their intentions are clear. The money system my book develops is perfect anarchy, as a set of rules that gives individuals the ability to use their labor to serve their family and community but doesn't dictate how they do that.

I'll check out the video with interest.

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As soon as trust becomes a system, it's no lo9nger trustworthy. Such is the tragedy of modern human existence: we will trust almost anything before ourselves and each other.

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The word credit comes from credere, meaning trust. It's come to mean the opposite. But I think it's possible to calibrate systems of reciprocity. As a mother, if I'd given my kids whatever they wanted and expected them to learn generosity by example, I'd have spoiled brats who only learned that they deserved whatever they could get. Having them earn what they wanted in a very deliberate and explicit system has made them self-reliant.

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Are you proposing a fellowship to destroy all money, so the bankers' dark towers crumble into dust?

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Oh no. I firmly believe that said fellowship, having acquired power, would be corrupted by said power and become a new form of oppression, perhaps even worse than financial oppression.

I propose no solution en masse or at large. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Only thing I propose that might be considered something like a "solution" would be the opening lines to an sci-fi novel by R.A. Heinlein:

“My old man taught me two things: 'Mind own business' and 'Always cut cards'.”

to which I'll add a line from Billy Joel: " Don't take any shit from anyone." to which I'll add this: especially from oneself. No one deals more shit into one's life than one's own self.


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There is always hope.


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Very interesting!! Thank you. I have a couple of questions if I may....

1. Is Russia being flooded with "migrants" like the U.S. and Western Europe?

2. Did the covid injections kill and injure a large number of people as happened in the U.S. and Western Europe?

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Hi Mike,

look up the stats on first Q......its worse than USA

Q two.....who knows.?

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In short, the dark globalists are having their way with all of us.

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"Food, bedding, medicines and other items intended for air defense soldiers were found by a janitor in garbage containers in Belgorod Oblast. Volunteers managed to save 80% of the items and filed a report with law enforcement agencies. [fonar.tv]"

I could guess as to what might have motivated such an act.

However, the justification on any grounds is elusive.

Yet the justification for war, on any grounds apart from defense against evil aggression, is also elusive.

To save our struggling humanity, we desperately need to extract ourselves from the tentacles of orchestrated wars, for the benefit of the few at the expense of the rest.

How to do this?

Lay down arms.

Better still - refuse to take up arms except in defense.

We fight bloody wars, essentially over nothing, then later we are expected to reconcile.

Nothing compensates for massive, unjustified, tragic, irredeemable losses.

No one wins unjustified wars.

Graveyards full of crosses, signify wounds in individual and national souls.

Thus it has ever been so, and thus it will ever be so.

Unless the people say no.

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"The Ministry of Internal Affairs removed all statistics on immigrant crime from its website. The ministry said it was not obliged to publish such information but would share it upon request."

This could be a press release from the Biden Regime except they'd use FOIA requests for the data which they'd redact to uselessness.

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Interesting that you report three items this week pertaining to immigration, especially the statement by Putin about needing to import labor from abroad, in light of the recent developments in Japan: https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/japan-embark-era-mass-foreign-immigration.

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Jeez, what's up with Chechnya? Are they against love ballads and slow waltzes or what?

Nice shot from the butcher! Reminds me of the bags of chicken meat they sell here called "Kategory B" which I have yet to figure out how that's different than "Kategory A" LOL

Also, pretty sure you can use a Mir card here in Tiraspol, although I might be wrong.

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I wonder what happened with the "investigation" about Navalny's assassination. The longer no news from the Russian side, the fishier it looks, I guess. Same thing with Prigozhin.

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Prighozin I can almost understand because we're talking about investigating a downed aircraft. But with Navalny, the autopsy should've been done long ago.

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Also, whereas I can find reasons for "them" to kill Prigozhin, I did not see the net benefit in killing Navalny. And yet, the lack of news updates makes me begin conceiving suspicions.

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Ola, Wasn't he supposed to have died from a blood clot, that fact being acknowledge by the Uko?


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Thx. I wasn't aware of that news.

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Tass article on Gazprom supplying gas to Europe reminded me of the Neofeudal Review article with bullet points questioning the reality of the war. Is it just the next grand chessboard move to further the Luciferian agenda.. testing EU deindustrialization, pitting religious sects vs. secular humanists vs. nationalists and eliminating patriotic soldiers of both sides. The Spice must flow at all costs.

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" .... we face is lack of money .,, ...tightening credit..." Sergei Glazyev 2024

" Gold is money . Everything else is credit ." J.P. Morgan 1912

Mr. Glazyev should learn the difference between Gold and Credit than he would realize that nobody has more money than Russia .

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"culinary patriotism" ! That is hilarious, thanks for that brother.

It is actually a topic worth exploring further as I see people psyop-ed into eating and drinking all kinds of corporate gmo garbage when companies slap a Canadian flag on it or tell some bs story about supporting local farmers (aka hundred thousand acre owning GMO soy bean farming Bayer contracted soil miners).

Beyond geopolitically defined psyops surrounding corporate "food" products I do think there is a lot of potential for community strengthening, tradition nourishing and unique culinary impetus which arises from seeking to either create foods with items (that are regeneratively grown and/or honorably foraged) and are unique to one's local region or buy those items from someone else that is creating them.

Here is a recipe I created with the intent of contributing towards honoring the land and the cultures that call(ed) this region home long before there was a nation state called Canada.


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Covid, particularly long covid and this critter: https://www.cell.com/cell/abstract/S0092-8674(23)01399-5 , gonna be all over the news soon. Gonna be a big thing, sez me.

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Where is the scientific proof for the existence of "SARS-CoV-2"? If there is no proof, what is "COVID-19"?

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" significantly increased their clothing exports to Russia over the past year; China, Italy, Turkey, Bangladesh and Germany are leading exporters of clothing to Russia in terms of supply. "

Why cant Russia produce its own clothing ?

" Russian President Vladimir Putin said that the country needs to either increase labor productivity or “import labor from abroad”. "

Just like in all other White countries. White people must be inherently lazy I guess. <sarc>

" Russia should develop “culinary patriotism” to counter Western fast food that has supplanted domestic tea houses "

Why not culinary Nationalism ?

" The Ministry of Internal Affairs removed all statistics on immigrant crime from its website. "

Just like all other White countries.

" All musical, vocal and choreographic works in Chechnya will have to comply with a tempo of 80 to 116 beats per minute. "

Democracy Russian style.

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Sample of mereogenomics' style:

"In the top place, with just breaching a quarter million shares was a Wall Street Journal article on COVID-19 pandemic origin most likely due to a lab leak, as per information released by one of the departments of the US government. This was a dramatic turnaround from the start of the pandemic when everyone was asking about that very possibility, but the mere suggestion of it was instantly labeled a conspiracy theory. These days, you know that if mainstream media labels anything a conspiracy theory, it is a theory probably worthy of paying attention to because there is a good chance that unpopular kernels of truth are within. This technique has worked well in the past but has so frequently been shown that it is the preferred narrative that turns out to be misinformation that now a conspiracy theory label is more like a crowning achievement that someone is exposing unwanted information."

His syntax gets tricky, which almost can't be helped in writing so much complex material as much as the author does. But the above displays how he challenges mainstream narratives and all that without getting shrill and screeching about Deep States, etc.

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