133 dead on 3-22? You don't say. Sounds like yet another Putin domestic terror false flag event in a long line of events since the 1999 apartment bombings.

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LIHOP. Just like the Gaza Oct 7 attack. True believers can be transformed to useful idiots very easily.

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Actually, the scuttlebutt is that the attack was supposed to happen on March 8 at the Shaman concert at Crocus City (hence the US/UK embassy warnings), but because of his star level (he's insanely famous) the security was far tighter than at the PIknik concert on March 22.

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The people that like to initiate False Flag ops of various flavors seem to be chomping at the bit to launch their big next one in the west as well. I have heard rumblings of a new orbital E.M.P. satellite system that is zooming around up there now and then there all the happenings around Food shortages and Deepfake scares that JC pointed out in this piece:


It seems like a good time for all of us to seriously consider the thought experiment that I posed in the following poll:


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How to reframe society's perception of "record levels of fraud even for a Russian presidential election" with government-assisted ritual sacrifice.

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Birth rate falling...not good. We here in the US have a surplus of illegal aliens to send over if you want them. Our silly government will probably use our taxes to support them while they live and prosper in Russia. Do we have a deal?

Banks snooping using biometrics...not good. That is why I use very, very few apps. Wherever you download them from, that provider has major snoopability, especially the king of snoopers and anti-privacy, the goog.

133 killed by terrorists...makes the headlines whereas millions murdered by mRNA poison injections doesn't move the needle.

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Happy Sunday from the SF Bay area of California! Thanks for the kitty and doggie photos...animals keep me sane!

I'm not surprised at the population decline in Russia. Who would want to bring children into this world? There's little future for most kids born today. And it's not just Russia: the population is declining all over the world. Our globalist overlords are doing a good job on many fronts e.g. wars, deadly vaxes, destruction of food bearing regions, abortion, brainwashing, etc etc ad nauseum

I was so sad to hear of this senseless attack on the Russian concern venue (a beautiful building, by the way) and the loss of innocent lives. Sounds like the Nuland prophecies are bearing fruit.

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At least with dogs and cats you know they're not part of some secret society or surreptitiously trying to take you out.

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Amen to that!!

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RE: "Russian banks are collecting biometric data without the knowledge of citizens using their mobile applications."

Hey that sounds familiar!


“Canada to Incorporate Social Scores in Banking:

The Canadian banking system is set to be radicalized by open banking framework. Proponents are framing this as a way for banks to easily share information and access user data.”

“…The Canadian Press outlined the true motive in plain sight: “One of the biggest areas of growth is in credit assessments. Under open banking, lenders could directly access an individual’s banking data, so they can look beyond credit scores. Consumers can also use it to build their credit scores, for example, by proving reliable rent payments.”

Looking beyond credit scores equates to determining if a person is fit to participate in the global economy based on their personal views. Look at what happened to Nigel Farage. He never committed a crime or did anything to warrant what many have called the “Farage fiasco.” Nigel was suddenly debanked by Coutts and was unable to access any of his checking or savings accounts. His credit cards were deactivated. He was unable to participate in society without a moment’s notice.

Farage did his due diligence and found that there were countless people who experienced the same financial attack carried out by the banks on behalf of the government.

This is a widespread phenomenon. We saw it happening commonly during COVID lockdowns, where users were not permitted to access places if their digital COVID passports failed. In China, when banks were facing a liquidity crisis, the CCP simply denied depositors the right to access their money and blocked them from physically accessing their banks. The government successfully prevented a bank run. We saw a few celebrities debanked from the system for voicing unpopular opinions without any legal proceedings or crimes committed.

Canada is one of many nations hoping to use unofficial social scores to control the masses. All of these actions are setting the stage for how CBDC will operate, a collective network containing everyone’s personal data and accounts. Governments have already begun debanking individuals and these steps will make it increasingly easier to force the masses to bow down and relinquish all control to the almighty government.”

I think it is time to double down on investing in my anti-CBDC/social credit digital gulag measures:


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Condolences to all.

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"We're gonna get out of the cities and try to create a life that is closer to the good Earth...

...For me at a certain point (city life) just got exhausting, its like you are just chasing these fleeting pleasures, and your paying a lot of money for it. And on a certain level it is very superficial and I would say that about any city (not specific to Moscow). You know look, I think we live in this age where we have the ability to connect with so many people and obviously it is a great blessing, and we are very lucky to live in such a time. But at the same time, I think people need to be cautious, of this idea that you have like 800 friends on facebook.

You have three friends. You have like three real friends, you don't actually have like 800 friends. And so village life is much more real in that sense. You realize, "ya i`ve got like two or three friends" but that's normal! I don't think there is anything weird about that or unusual. I think tha tis just being honest about what life is like.

I definitely would not recommend this life your all alone, and you don't wanna interact with anybody (not connecting with a community) I mean that sounds horrible and depressing. But if your able to make connections with your neighbors your in a good spot. And your heading towards something genuine (with real human connection).

You`ll never finds a place that is perfect in everyway but for me it ticks off many of the check boxes. I feel like everyday has meaning.. .. I just wanna feel like I have earned my calories for the day, and the village is a good way to do it and its a very peaceful life, you get to have these human connections that I think are very difficult to have in the cities. I feel like everyday I am sort of upgrading, I am learning new skills, I am learning just how to live... and I think that is an art that maybe we`ve lost due to convenience, or technology or who knows what, but it is a sacred and beautiful art, just learning how to live."

- Riley Waggaman, (aka Edward Slavsquat)

Quote source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VmITTWLgHyM

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Thank you for the Mussorgsky; it was new to me. Great music.

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Reminded me of The Dance of the Boys and the second Dance of the Men from Borodin's Polovtsian Dances. Would be interesting to compare the text with that of Byron's poem The Destruction of Sennacharib.

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Your puppies (like the Oven Cat) are gorgeous... It feels like a bit of an ordeal (for it, as well as us), to get one to Venice, however.

One thing that strikes me, about the attack on the concert... Perhaps I'm too cynical... But the history of such things, seems to include an AWFUL LOT of "LIHOP" (Let It Happen, On Purpose) events - like Pearl Harbor, and "10/7" - in order to accomplish political objectives. Jab Nazi (and Disaster Capitalist/Propagandist) Naomi Klein even wrote a book about the phenomenon, called "The Shock Doctrine" - at some point before she started assisting in the implementation of such things, under Covid. While I doubt that this was the case, here, there's EVEN examples of "MIHOP" (MADE It Happen On Purpose) - like "9/11".

My question, is that since the US State Department telegraphed the exact nature of the event to Americans in Russia...were the FSB and GRU paying no attention to American missives? If they were... Why were there not extra (armed and armored) security guards and police, assigned to events like the one at the Crokus Hall, and at the Mall, next door??? Why weren't there Snipers, up in the rafters?

If the end result of proposed legislation is an increase in Orwellian measures...then we'll have the answers to these questions, I guess.

A down side of a disarmed society, is that people wind up being vulnerable to anyone who IS armed... Things like this don't wind up achieving the same kinds of body counts, in Texas, for instance... Except when they're deliberately MIHOP'ed or LIHOP'ed like the school shootings in Uvalde - where the cops literally arrested citizens, who were prepared to go in, themselves.

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"Covid accelerated Russia’s adoption of AI, and this technology is now being used to usher in a global revolution in education, according to Minister of Digital Development Maksut Shadayev: “Thanks to Covid, artificial intelligence came to healthcare; now in the next five to six years, we believe [AI will lead to] a global restructuring of the education system. AI will determine the individual trajectory of additional education for each child. AI will be tasked with deciding what educational blocks students need for their future careers; AI will be able to determine the abilities of children and prescribe training based on this,” Shadayev said during AI Day at the “Russia” exhibition at Moscow’s VDNKh. [katyusha.org]"

That's what the "COVID" fraud was all about, from the start. That, and the hiding of the fact that the central banks were flooding the world market with huge amounts of money in order to prevent another global financial meltdown a la 2008, by forcing the global economy into an induced coma and temporarily shutting off consumer demand. The inflationary pressures which resulted are now surfacing.

Thanks, Riley!

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I suppose Putin is the Russian Christ as his warrior disciple cut off the right ear of his enemy.


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Yes, Christ the Gaslighter and his faithful "law enforcing" cannibals.

This scene is genuinely disgusting because it was supposed to be disgusting, insulting for the audience's intelligence and sense of justice.

What's mildly encouraging though is that the majority of the Russian public are not buying this official narrative.

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Cute pups.

And, before you ask - already have my own cute pup at home.....and a messy spring it shall be. (Although perhaps not as messy as YOURS)

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Here's an interesting take on the horrific act of violence where more innocent civilians are sacrificed by fanatical psychopaths for basically nothing except to satiate their sadistic bloodthirsty appetite.


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Another ethnic decline in birth rate...

And another bout of cheerleading for relationship devoid education...

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ancora una volta devo constatare che le parole COVID-19 E " AI ", sono le pu' gettonate, due espressioni del decadimento medico culturale della russia

ho una cagnolina meno di 2 kg. e un micione di 5 chili, non posso adottare altro , bella comunque l'immagine della femmina e dei piccoli.

avrei in serbo un articolo molto pesante ..... su PUTIN per il suo 87 % di consenso per confermarsi la quinta volta come presidente russo..!!!!! pensi che si possa pubblicare nei tuoi commenti

buona cucciolata anche a te


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