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I listened to this one,


Riley Waggaman on Perspective with Jesse Zurawell - 22 March, posted 3/23/23, 56 minutes.

They start by talking about events in Georgia, including the recent short-lived “Maidan” and the situation there. They follow with a very extensive conversation regarding the Russia/Ukraine war. Russia’s alleged winter offensive to end the war has….evaporated. The city of Bskhmut is about the fall, same as it has been for the last several months. Analogy to “COVID” and “two more weeks.” And even if, so what? Riley, presenting the perspectives of Military Review, a Russian patriot web page run by military and retired military people, and of analyst Rolo Slavkskiy, pours scorn on the analysis pushed by western commentators/analysts (unnamed, i assume he means the likes of Scott Ritter and retired US officers as well as political commentators like Matt Ehret) who keep talking up the Russian prospects.

Excellent point about how the pivot role in the Russian military effort is being played by a private company, Wagner Private Military Contractor, the Russian equivalent of Blackwater, which is also involved in Africa, and how the western analysts are totally silent about this matter. Yevgeny Prigozhin, the oligarch (and close Putin friend) who “founded” Wagner, has stated that at the minimum, it will take another two years for the Russian military to secure even the Donetsk Basin. There is no way either side wins this war, it is a needless slaughter.

In the meantime, Russia/Ukraine business ties continue, including the shipment of oil and gas from Russia to the rest of Europe through pipelines traversing Ukraine. Zurawell also brought out interesting business development in the Congo, where recently Russian oil giant Lukoil bought two off-shore fields jointly with Italian oil giant Eni, one of the world’s 7 largest oil companies. Eni has also made deals with Chinese multinationals. So much for a fight to the death between BRICS and the “collective West,” aka the US empire.

They then discussed the Russian biosecurity state, which has subtly become a part of daily life. For instance, more and more schools have instituted rules requiring their students to undergo daily temperature checks. The idea that the multipolar world order will bring more freedom to the people of the world by pushing the evil US empire out of the way is utterly ludicrous, shows the pathetic poverty which afflicts the ranks of political activists in the “collective West.”

My extra 4 cents worth: the capitalist system has since its emergence in history a few hundred years ago always had at its core two essential and contradictory dynamics. One is the inexorable tendency toward centralization and concentration of wealth and power. The Great Reset is an example of this, and explains much of what i’ve discussed in the previous several paragraphs. The other is an inexorable tendency toward competition and atomization, as competing interests develop even within what initially appears to be absolute consensus. There can be only one top dog in a global order based upon competition, being at the top simply means everyone else will be gunning for you. Sooner or later, the factions of the powers-that-be will go to war, even while they jointly implement the Great Reset. At any instant, it’s impossible to say which tendency will prevail. But the basic dynamic in the universe is toward higher entropy, meaning that fragmentation will be favored in the long and perhaps even not-so-long run.

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Russian football clubs are struggling to fill stadiums as fans protest against ID requirements. Some tickets going for 10 rubles (US$0.13).


I don’t suppose it’s enough to cancel the post-human future on its own, but well done, malchiki.

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Edward, what's happened to Marko Marjanovic? I don't see anything from him lately.

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Loved the interview with Corbett. I have to say, I had never seen the clip of that guy eating his tie. Hilarious.

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I'm a cat lover....the picture moved me much more than the thought of nukes in Balarus....does kitty eat the pancakes or the kefir cheese?

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China reaffirms opening-up, stresses cooperation at Development Forum

"More than 100 representatives of overseas multinationals, leaders of international organizations and well-known scholars are attending the CDF, with a strong presence of US firms despite a rising tech rivalry between the world's two largest economies.

Prominent US business leaders such as Apple CEO Tim Cook, billionaire investor Ray Dalio, Cristiano Amon, CEO of US chip giant Qualcomm, Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer and Jon Moeller, CEO of consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble, were all in attendance."


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How can you tell the difference between a tactical nuke and a big ass bomb?

I remember a game decades ago that had a weapon called the smallest nuke in the world, which was slightly stronger than the grenades lol.

Belarus and Russia planned on this way before the war. The USA does the same with their allies. I don't see the big deal.

But it does pump up the fear of the "forever war".

Look, as long as chocolate rations keep increasing and the two minutes of hate has high viewership, the party will succeed and one day they will give us what they promised for decades.

Two more months for victory!

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Thank you for the shout out!

I must wonder what the implications or insinuations are of the Belarus nuclear missile move.

I thought Belarus wanted neutrality?

Is Russia moving it for practicality purposes to bring things within range? If so, who do you think they might be aiming for? America? Europe? UK?

Or were things already within range and Russia are just shuffling the deck cards around as an implied threat to say 'we still have nukes y'know'?

I'm glad "magnit pay" failed in Russia. If it can fail there, similar payment systems can fail elsewhere.

Have you heard about Utah forcing social media sites to age identify children? Part of the Digital ID backdoor. When invariably the systems get circumvented, the corrupt will offer up Digital ID as a "solution". 'How can we tell adults apart from children unless we mass track everybody?!' handwrings the globalist.


Saw it coming a mile off.

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War is business and business is war. If the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate, the Russian regime and the Chinese regime were coordinating stuff like the EUkraine "war" and Taiwan posturing any more closely than they are, this shitshow of global geopolitics would be more choreographed than Dancing with the Stars and WWE. They've really outdone their staged COVID-19 plandemic protocolary response with the dance of death they're performing in EUkraine.

That's not to say that their protocols of Ziocorporate "public health" since 2020 haven't been used to kill millions of people.

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I know your articles focus on Russia, but I'd be interested in your opinion of the takeover of Twitter by Elon Musk. After all a lot of Westerners who are Pro Putin and Russia would often find themselves being reported by Pro Ukraine/Ukraine members on Twitter and subsequently found themselves often suspended, some ending up permanently suspended or for an indefinite period. A lot of people seem to think he shares Putin's "Saviour" status. I'm naturally suspicious and cynical.

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Thanks for the link to Iain Davis, his article sort of completes the puzzle. Now just to find a way out of the trap.

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Nuclear weapons development and sustainability is not possible by any nation, at all, without the entire world banking industry of war profiteering and the world’s most powerful intelligence agencies working together against humanity trapping the world. Correct? Nobody on this planet is or ever has been at war with each-other or believes preparing for it saves any country, nor does the vast majority 8 billion naturally-occurring peaceful peoples believe sustaining these weapons of mass destruction is the answer for sustainable false-peace. So how can the world still be this way, and why can’t we end it, ever? We can alway find a way to murder individuals or millions, if not billions, but not those truly responsible? The solution to all of this madness is to begin rounding up and executing lawyers who write these policies protecting the war-bankers, the intelligence agency’s directors and bought policy makers setting everyone up, which has always been the solution, correct? So why don’t we just end it, now? How the hell do “we the people” majority always get trapped into believing in war machines threatening each-other rather than simply killing the lawyers of war, and at a fraction of the cost and bloodshed? Am I to just do what the stupid sheep do and just go along with it for another decade, then another century repeating this bullshit until it’s too late? My mind is so worn out by individual screeching at me, “this is just the way it is, and there’s nothing the majority can do about it!” Bloody hell, I’m so sick of being “put in my place” by fanatics of war telling me to ‘stop being a hippie.’ I have no idea what the hell that even means, or how to diagnose just how incredibly brainwashed everyone is to just keep accepting the world as it is and it’s bot-leaders and the nonsense of continuous warfare. Blood is shooting out of my eye sockets, I’m so furiously angry with everyone.

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For me, reading this https://tass.com/world/1594271 brought back painful memories. I remember being in the last year of my nursing, couple of bombs hitting Bulgarian houses, the constant worry that we might be mobilised too and the fear and confusion of it all… 24 years later, this time the neighbours on the Black Sea

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Thanks, Riley, even if the news is rather grim. Always better off knowing, ignorance is not bliss, it is blahs.

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