Because I'm a terrible person, the slogans about "One Earth, One Family, One Future" remind me of "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer". But as I said, I'm a terrible person for thinking this.

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History didn't start with the Nazis, who were nothing more than tools in the greater scheme of things, and by no means any good measure of the insidious criminal perversion of power. Do you see any Abrahamic religious leaders coming forth with some God-given guidance to save sheeple from falling for these measures? "Nazi" is a word the likes of Putin would use to get you or your children to sign up for the staged dance of "war" the Kremlin and terrorist USEUNATO partners are choreographing in Ukraine, and look! they're now adorning the stage of the "war" with blow-up dolls, er, I mean, blow-up churches

" Christian leaders unveil inflatable church for Russian soldiers"


Most of their temples, even the Satanic ones, would rather you get "vaxxed/boosted" so you can practice safe and effective faith for deliverence to the divinity.

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Germany could pretty much get away with “ein folk”because they were pretty much one people. The issue with world socialism is trying to fit vastly different cultures and races into one size fits all autocracy.

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The "Nazi" project was only for Germans, far from it. In fact it was the matrix for the EU, that is why there was an international legion, for instance, the Waffen-Grenadier-Division der SS Charlemagne. Ten of thousands Muslim also fought alongside the Germans...

As to "Nazi" after the war, think Walter Einstein, Kurt Waldheim, the Octogon network... Latin Americans have also a lot to say about "Nazi", Volkswagen in Brazil, Klaus Barbie, etc...

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Thanks, Mark.

Just to cheer everybody up: it didn't end well for Herr Führer. So there is that...

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It is also very probable that the leader of Third Reich ended peacefully his life in south America.

Take care

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Exactly, thank you! I was just thinking about how familiar "One Earth, One Family, One Future" sounds...

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Sep 14, 2023Liked by Edward Slavsquat

,Implementing a "One Health" approach actually means you'll be living in a collectivist nightmare where WHO "chieftain" Tedros, or whoever Bill Gates and his billionaire psycho scoundrels appoint will declare a Pandemic on "cue" and then have the sovereign power to enforce all the ancillary protocals which follow such as mandatory experimental jabs, lockdowns, and masks. 😷

These diabolical predators are no longer interested in fucking around with noncompliant proles, that's why they're expediting the central bank digital currency--it's to "extort" compliance.

In other words, it's your money or your life, but they'll take both including your personal property. Ask the indigenous population of Maui about the benevolence of the sustainability ghouls. 😒

When the COVID criminals are not held accountable they become more brazen and vicious knowing they literally and figuratively got a way with mass murder and secured many billions in the process.🤨

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"You want nations to control their own monetary policy?"

Yeah, let's continue to pretend that the FICTION called a NATION is not only in principle capable of, but actually EVER determined its "monetary policy"...

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I dunno.... Independent Central Bank feels like an oxymoron, in that it suggests that it is something we should WANT, and/or need.

Personally, I would prefer to carry on controlling my own money - to the extent my wife permits 😉

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James Roguski rocks, btw.

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G20 is eager for Agenda 2030.. BRICS is eager for Agenda 2030.. What is a traditional peasant to do?

The other day I was chatting to a venerable, well travelled gentleman and he recommended Ecuador. Apparently one can get residency or even citizenship easily via investment (and it's not much), relatively safe (by South American standards), choice of climate (depending on elevation).

So I had a quick look and found out the following:

- legal tender is US dollar, their own currency (sucre) was abandoned in 2000...No, thanks

- covid vaccines were mandatory for aged 5 or over, some exceptions...No, thanks

- voting is required for literate Ecuadorans ages 18 to 64...For once, your idiocy can earn you a day off!

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Why are we discussing banks of any sort? Money is an illusion. It does not exist unless we believe in it.

Then again. Maybe money, like God, exists whether we believe in it or not.

These days money is mostly just paper. Printed by the banks at will to serve their own interests. They make the money. Then make us work for it. Then make us put it in the bank. So they can make it work for them. They make millions. They pay us peanuts. They get richer and richer. We get poorer and poorer. Something not adding up here.

We need a benevolent financial management scheme, that is beneficial to all. Good luck with that.

Otherwise we need a totally new system. Share and care. Not buy and sell. Not money based. We are all stewards of the earth and its resources. Good luck with that too.

Capitalism is a great free market system. Trouble is it inevitably leads to a financial pyramid.

The roots of capitalism are in private property. Money protects the right to own private property. The abolition of money undermines private property ownership. Money allows the rich to own more and more property and become richer and richer. The rest own less and less property and become poorer and poorer. Hence, the appeal of socialism and communism to many.

Seems the rich now want to control everything - people, property and money. Technocracy.

The rich are barricaded in their banking castles, protecting our/their property rights, with money flags flying from all turrets. We work the feudal lands surrounding the castles, chained to the daily grind, by the need for money to live. We own less and less. We are not happy.

Something not adding up here.

We need a workable alternative.

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How could a country (even it is a federation) to declare that is One Family and in the same time to be involved in horrible killing of a brother by the other brother. What kind of Family?

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Thanks, NSP.

"What kind of Family?" Totally dysfunctional...

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I like your sarcasm, well applied . . .

"We are governed by responsible adults who care. The G20 New Delhi Leaders’ Declaration proves this beyond a reasonable doubt."


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You're a misogynist if you don't respect a strong, independent central bank.

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Not everyone gets satire. My wife being a case in pont. Just saying ;)

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Agreed. It makes this sort of important article difficult to read, especially for those for whom English isn't their first language

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It is also a very good way to improve your English and have some fun...

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C'est bon Bugey. L'Anglais c'est ma première langue, je comprend le satire et les références culturels sur ce blog et visiblement vous aussi. J'ai surtout envie de faire passer ces messages aux autres surtout en France où les poutinolâtres sont nombreux. Et hélas ils ne pigeront pas aussi bien que vous. Bien à vous.

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I understand. All of Riley's articles are based on Russian press articles or the texts extracted directly from the concerned organizations documents. These can be translated and transmitted to those you want to 'enlighten'. But beware, most of them won't accept the facts and change their minds that easily. We're dealing with psychology at that point... You then will have to be "smiling and funny" to help them deal with the harsh truth of that desperate world...

You can also advise them to listen to that show: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HXZfHSQBqak

Then you can ask them why the poutinolâtre en chef Xavier Moreau trashed Hillard, going so far as to say in another interview on that channel that he was almost against defending Hillard when attacked by the scum Darmanin's gang in the Civitas affair, thus demonstrating that this guy has a problem.


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PS: Your French is excellent...


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I was at the Civitas conference and what Hillard said was relatively innofensive quite, especially if he was to be compared to the other speakers. As to my French, without wishing to reveal too much, je n'ai aucune mérite particulière.

Yes this is what I do. I forward the source articles. Que Dieu Vous Garde !

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I think it would be very interesting to all of us to hear Riley's and Rurik's takes about Elon Musk.

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Only in Rússia can the top guy declare publicly he trusts the country financial independence to the top woman responsible for giving away half it's reserves to its "best" enemies.

Russia by now is a complete joke and that reaches stratospheric levels.

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All these "Economists" that attend these meetings are SPIRITUALLY DEAD. And yet, they think they know what direction the world should go in. They are SICKENING.

THE ONLY HEALING FORCE IN THE UNIVERSE IS WITHIN YOU. If you think that a drug that a pharmaceutical company gives you will heal you, you are lost.

I think it's a mistake to suggest that if there were no global central bank, economic justice would ensue. If there were no global central bank, each country's central bank would fuck over its citizens, in particular its workers.


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Putin should marry Elvira.

They were made for each other

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Don't governments have anything better to do than try and murder their citizens?

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The G-20, Agenda 2030, SDGs will set us free. So the alt-media commentators and their slavish followers in the West continue to tell us. "It's just 5D chess, or maybe 20D poker." Wishful thinking is a powerful weapon with which to keep people mentally enslaved. Once again, thanks lot Riley for helping to shed light.

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