Great to see you back publishing, with pertinent information as ever!

Yes, the doe-eyed naive public seem eager to throw their false idol worship on as many outside sources as possible, rather than having internal courage to stand up. First Trump - with Operation Warp Speed, then with Russia - and their digital shots - and now Elon, with his mRNA microfactories.

It seems if they are simply told someone or something is heroic, they naively believe it and ignore all evidence to the contrary.

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Riley, THERE YOU ARE!! It's just GREAT to see you back in action, and you haven't lost a single step in your stride. This was worth waiting for. So sick of China/Russia apologists trying to justify even the signing of the G20 agreement. The government bots and the "geopolitics is all that matters, all we can do is choose our rapists" sickos and desperate "leftists" who are addicted to believing that there are saviors among the global elites have been romping around, it's been hard fighting them but glad to have you back in action!!!

And a tribute to a fallen hero of the resistance, whose death came since the last piece posted on these pages.


Sane Progressive' — What Happened to Debbie Lusignan? PWFM Special Edition. Deborah Rose Lusignan gained a massive following under the handles Sane Progressive and Unite4Truth. She died Dec. 9. What happened to her? What happened to Deborah Rose Lusignan, known to her many followers as Sane Progressive or Unite4Truth? Eric Francis Coppolino, 12/17/22.

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And yet, millions are allowed to cross borders willy-nilly nowadays.

But you and me, just tourists trying to make our way, well we need visas and paperwork and to pay fees and leave after a certain time.


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What kind of drugs are these multipolar dreamers on?

Did gamelaya come up with it?

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Many of us already know the evil intent of the once trusted but now corrupt World Health Organisation. They must be terminated. They serve no purpose in human health practice. They are now focussed on WEF agenda (The New World Order), which include Planet De-population and Slavery for those of us that resisted the Safe & Effective 'vax' CULL!

World Health Organisation is now 'owned by' Bill Gates (as their biggest benefactor = Influencer). The WHO now obsolete as it is being illegally influenced for the personal gain of those with a financial interest in World Depopulation, Domination and CONTROL, under the pretence of 'Health and wellbeing of Humanity'? The WHO is now obsolete and contrary to our planet's needs.

Gates own more US FARMLAND than anyone else and is now investing heavily in DRINKING WATER and creating the false need for more MANDATED 'vaccines' for his 'soon to be released' next Scamdemic = BEWARE!

People like me will automatically suspect the DEADLY COVID VAX as being the cause for most 'SUDDEN UNEXPECTED DEATHS' that seem to be becoming RIFE! We're just stupid Conspiracy Theorists!

Simple solutions to the Covid issue = Realise it was/is a man enhanced virus that was created for profit and the justification of a new and expensive profit making treatment.

Consider the manufacturers of this useless ("SAFE & EFFECTIVE") rubbish bare no 'LIABILITY' for any injuries or deaths that follow the injected POISON!

Realise that pre-proven WHO approved meds (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, etc, were historically SAFE anti-viral treatments that existed successfully for decades, until Big Pharma had to 'RUBBISH' them in order to obtain an Emergency Use Authorisation from their 'friends' at the FDA!

I'm (Covid) unvaxxed and 77 years of age, generally fit and healthy! Whilst I doubted the serious nature of Covid in the early days, but realised it could have been 'modified' by Fauci & friends to be as dangerous as possible for humans, I became more suspicious every time I read more details that seemed to be unrealistic in the 'real world'! One minor cold (= 2 days) since the "deadly" farce began.

Why, for example, would all Big Pharma manufacturers of 'cures' (called vaccines), require total immunity from LIABILITY for their "wonderful" speedy injections that were originally claimed to have been SAFE & EFECTIVE? It made no sense and still, 18 months later, makes even less sense, unless you realise the manufacturers know they can get away with such a nonsense.

Everyone with half a brain, by now knows by now that Covid was created for the purpose of taking the (World Economic Forum's 'New World Order' Control Program to the next level of dominance, which includes impregnating humanity with deadly chemicals that will complete the WEF's (NWO) plans for those that survive the ("SAFE & EFFECTIVE" - BUT in reality DEADLY!) injections - called VACCINES.

We must totally refute any threatened alterations to WHO guidelines and intended authority because the WHO has been 'sold' to the highest bidder' = Bill Gates is the WHO's biggest donator = benefactor = influencer.

The WHO is now the commercial arm of Gates vax sales interests and therefore obsolete to it's original Mission = Human health and Well-being! The WHO are now also fulfilling Gates's other need = to considerably depopulate the planet.

Bill Gates's new WHO stooge = Jeremy Farrar (Ex Wellcome Research) has been chosen by Gates to front the illegal activities of the World Health Organisation. Specifically, to prepare the organisation to take over the universal Sovereignty of every Nation - worldwide. To prepare the world population for world dominance of humanity under the guise of Human Health and Wellbeing.

Jeremy Farrar will continue the Covid tactics planned years in advance of the Coronavirus release, and announce the next FICTITIOUS PANDEMIC, along with intensified 'Control' tactics that will make the ridiculous Covid lock-downs and ineffective Mask Mandates even more urgently required and MANDATED.

In addition, the WHO believes it has the cooperation of ALL NATIONS to declare the next false Pandemic when another injection will, supposedly, be invented in 'miracle time' to counteract the next man-enhanced virus. We, the people deny the authority of the WHO to act in our best interests and therefore demand the WHO be terminated.

This time, the injection, (again called a 'vaccine') will be MANDATORY for the PLANET - with onerous consequences for any that dare to argue the Depopulation injection's necessity, safety and purpose.

His title = 'World Population Reduction Director'.

'LIABILITY' must be reintroduced for the makers of these unsafe, useless 'vaccines' as they are now just another means of Vax marketing and will inevitably reduce the world population, leaving the remaining 'injected humanoids' as SLAVES for the super-wealthy 'Elites'.

Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer and fight tyranny.

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British diplomat at the post-WW1 temporary passport measures conference:

"As regards the statement that public opinion was in favour of the abolition of passports, naturally the British delegation could only speak for its own public, but it felt that this alleged demand was not very widespread in British circles and that it was made by the sort of people who, as champions of the cause of individual liberty, would insist upon the right to do the reverse of what is done by normal people.”

This dense piece of triplespeak from a century ago is so sly and so chameleon it's genuinely impressive.

What confluence of collective smarts and collaborative will stands a chance against the transnational farmer-butcher oligopoly?

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100 years ago we didn't have cars or airplanes. We also and a fraction of the people we now have.

Deciding who can or can't enter your society is a basic human right (free association).

Whether the government you suffer under respects those rights is another matter (most don't).

The fact they don't will push people into forming many smaller, exclusionary associations, out of self-preservation. This will happen gradually, and likely be opposed, but eventually will be recognized as the natural and desired state of things.

IMO voluntary Balkanization is a good thing, but most of us won't live long enough to see if it actually is.

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This was very educational Riley, thanks very much for putting this together.

I sometimes think about how absurd we humans must appear to an outside observer, having to carry around papers to be allowed to move past invisible lines that some human drew across the land many generations before we were born and not only that, but being forced to pay some distant institutions we never made any agreements with to be allowed to live on the planet we are born on (under threat of violence and kidnapping).

I think I once heard you affectionately describe the Earth (and the current state of things) as "an upside-down garbage world". In many ways, I unfortunately agree with that assessment (at least in the context of the norms of the dominant modern human civilizations). But hey! Look on the bright side, what goes up must come down, and this hyper-centralized parasitic, towering, top heavy beast of a global oligarchic empire is gonna come down hard (at some point).

Hope you are doing well my friend, much love and respect from the human corralling operation called Canada! :)

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I'm not giving up and will intensify my efforts when necessary! Regards, Mick.

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I wholeheartedly support the idea of scrapping passports in every country in the world except, of course, Australia. Sadly, we cannot relax our border entry protections or else millions of eurotrash and other undesirables would invade our paradise and colonise it, was once did the filthy British and, more recently, the Yanks.

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We are so fucked.

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Excellent stuff - thanks!

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Relevant book: "Scanned" by Nick Corbishley.

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Superb research!! Great article!! Speaking of "non-binding" . . .

Check out another equally jaw-dropping "non-legally binding" document as to what cannot be said about Jews or the holocaust. If the 11 bullet points of the IHRA's "working definition of antisemitism" don't take your free-speech breath away, then you will probably be just fine with digital ID passports.


Throughout the world, there is a fast-track effort to turn the "non-legally binding" recommendations into law. Anyone who thinks this “working definition” of antisemitism is going to remain “legally non-binding” with no teeth to it needs to review how to varying degrees after being non-binding as well, it is now illegal in 35 U.S. states to support the BDS movement to Boycott, Divest, or Sanction Israel for its crimes against humanity.


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I feel like in this day and age, you need passports to have any chance of keeping third world hordes out

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