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Chinese government and Anthony Fauci "worked with the CIA in developing a response that had nothing to do with public health." A secret pandemic simulation program called "Operation Lockstep" has been used to "train all these governments (Europe, Canada, Australia, and the US) to pivot in lockstep and impose totalitarian."

The relationship between pharmaceutical companies and the three big agencies, HHS-health agencies, FDA, CDC, and NIH, is a seamless subsidiary relationship. Fauci has turned NIH into "an incubator for pharmaceutical products." And the United States "went from being the healthiest nation in the world to being the sickest.

Latest The Rockefeller University Patents: US10786570

*Ferritin nanoparticle compositions and methods to modulate cell activity


*'Hydrogel-based flexible brain-machine interface'


The interface is easy to insert into the body when dry, but behaves "stealthily" inside the brain when wet.

*In vitro metabolic engineering on microscale devices (US7427497B2)


*Screen printing machine (WO2014013562A1)


It's owned by Yissum, which is co-owned by Nanosys.

These two companies are sublicensed for technology around the world. Try searching for these companies. BTW, Yissum's business partners include Bill Gates' Microsoft, Google, Intel, Merck, Johnson & Johnson, and Nanosys has partnerships with Samsung.

Hydrogel is included in Western and China's vaccines, so it's high probability that it's also included in Russian vaccines.

*A hierarchically-structured carbon microbeads (Patent: US20110017493A1)


Microbead verifies that carbon based (made from Graphene).

*Devices and systems for creating molecular barcodes of nucleic acid targets in individual cell

(Patent: ES2784361T3/en)


Microbead specifies that it's used to create molecular barcodes in humans.

Thermo Ficher sells Microbeads and markets them as Dynabeads and SPIONs.

Hydrogels contain the entire mRNA & Johnson & Johnson weapons system. Hydrogels are made from Graphene Oxide. The Hydrogel is listed in the Moderna patent.

*Cell-mediated delivery and targeted erosion of noncovalently crosslinked hydrogels (Patent: US8415325B2)


A method for targeted delivery of therapeutic compounds from hydrogels is presented. The method involves administering to a cell a hydrogel in which a therapeutic compound is noncovalently bound to heparin.

*What are lentiviral vectors?


*Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine patent


*Sars-cov-2 mRNA domain


*Moderna: Delivery and formulation of engineered nucleic acids


*Janssen (Johnson and Johnson) Coronavirus vaccine:


*AstraZeneca: Dapagliflozin and Ambrisentan for the prevention and treatment of covid-19 (Patent: WO2021219691A1/en)


*Oxford University: Compositions and methods for inducing an immune response:

(Patent: WO2021181100A1)


*Novavax:Coronavirus vaccine (Patent: US20210228709A1)


*An Infectious cDNA Clone of SARS-CoV-2


Complementary DNA (cDNA) is a DNA copy of a messenger RNA (mRNA) molecule produced by reverse transcriptase, a DNA polymerase that can use either DNA or RNA as a template.

*Complementary DNA


*Antigen Presentation of mRNA-Based and Virus-Vectored SARS-CoV-2 Vaccines


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Thank you for this detailed report. It seems "trust" of our benevolent leaders is what led us to this Hellish place. It's not Russia, or China, or Australia or Canada: it's people against their leaders, all over the world. Of course they should be so worried about 312 symptomatic cases of this deadly plague that they would confine 26 million to solitary confinement and starvation (pro tip: lack of water will kill you faster!). They'd love to implement this ESG version of neutralizing carbon intensive resources but China would be a testing ground. It won't work as well in rural and suburban places, but they'll work the kinks out...

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worried about the WHO international pandemic treaty as a means to an end.

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The 'lockdown' as a public health measure was debuted in China, historically unprecedented, hailed as 'effective' then propagated Into global policy by the World Health Organization with little analysis.

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Dizzying. The mind boggles.

If people are right when they say this is cooked up by the CIA with an aid by 5th-columnists, then the CCP has a long way to go before they learn how to defend from trickery.

But if the Chinese have been fooled through the century of humiliation, and showed they've learned their lessons since 1989, how come that now they're so utterly stupid?

But if the CCP does this just to establish totalitarianism more fully, - well they already had it, practically, it remained to just finish the digital 5G surveillance and it's done, rock solid for ages.


But, if this is to just give an excuse for the Western govts to resume with lockdowns from autumn, making the West adopt Chinese ways and thus become more benign to China... then how come they allow virtually every American to see China as the enemy?

Dizzying. Mind boggles.

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Riley, your writing brings so much joy to my soul. Thank you. And it's fascinating how the culture of my people rubbed off on you ... I mean... you certainly mean all the praises of the well-intended public health measures literally, no one would doubt that ... but ... :)

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“Control your soul’s desire for freedom”?! And projected by drones, no less? As if this couldn’t get any more dystopian.

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#CompletelyFuckingInsane ...

#ThereIsNoOtherExplanation ...

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German Dr Christian Drosten, Erasmus Medical Center

Imperial College, Erasmus Medical Center, Bart Haagmans

PhD. B. L. (Bart) Haagmans: Department of Viroscience, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam



"My research line focusses on the pathogenesis of viral infections and especially those viruses that emerge through zoonotic transmission. We have tested a vaccine candidate that reduces the transmission of MERS-CoV by vaccinating dromedary camels. In addition, we have characterised the genomes of many other novel viruses and their variants by full genome analysis, including ZIKA virus in the foetus of a woman with miscarriage. Special emphasis was put also on developing protocols for diagnostic work with ebolavirus in western Africa, the existing biosafety laboratories currently operational at the Viroscience Department and the newly built animal biosafety lab. This is compulsory to perform research with these highly pathogenic viruses taking into account appropriate biosafety and biosecurity measures."

In 2002, Bart Haagmans was an interesting dude, because he actually figured out a way to build a bunch of patents around the vaccines for the coronavirus. Mysteriously, the European Union in 2012 started giving him massive, massive grants to run a thing called "Zapi". And Zapi was the zoonotic disease transmission laboratory for the European Union.



Finaly, of course there is no "pathogenic virus" in nature.

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My bet is that it's population reduction - China imports about 80% of its food and 80% of its energy, so that means that the carrying capacity - 20% of the current number - has been exceeded by at least four times. To get at or below carrying capacity, they'd have to get rid of 80% or more of the population. Chinese leaders have no problem whatsoever with mass murder, the "public health" theater is just to keep the population lulled into a sense of complacency. That's my take.

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The last two years of Covid lockdown have shown that the so-called "freedom loving people" in West are in no way better than the Chinese people in cowardice, fear, and obedience. Not to mention the way in which the Western thugs a.k.a cops treat the non-compliant people even worse than the Chinese thugs! I mean the level of indifference and brutality of government officials of all levels!

The level of cowardice and obedience are in some aspects somehow worse in the Western democracies, where sheeple voluntarily act as government agents to violently enforce the rules on their non-compliant fellow citizens!

Have we seen enough of these in the West?

Don't laugh at the Chinese! We are not better! We'd better prepare for the next stage! It's coming!

Since the Western democratic governments have gotten away with two years of flatten human dignity and freedom … They will do it again very soon. And this time it will be much much worse!

Don't forget that’s their Plan!

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It seems that all HIGHWAYS of economically advanced regions of China are CLOSED! 30 million truck drivers are stuck, and the transport of most goods are stopped. (This is reported on the Hubei Internet Radio and Television Station.) This will for sure have very significant global impact, not to mention disrupting the supply to the Chinese people locked in their homes. This, and the R-U war, will precipitate the global economic collapse, and food and other supply shortage, that they've been trying to bring about. Also, Chinese farmers have been locked down when they were supposed to prepare the land and then seeding it for the spring. The "zero COVID" policy is the new "Great Leap Forward", and just like the original one, the subsequent mass deaths (both from lack of food/nutrition and from the vaxx) will conveniently be attributed to "natural disaster", i.e., COVID. http://news.hbtv.com.cn/p/2169537.html

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The funny thing is that 99+% of the positives on the PCR will be false positives testing 26.5 million people with only 1 severe case. The authorities are not so stupid as to not know this. I haven’t seen the false positives (elementary conditional probability relating to testing for rare diseases) pointed out in many places. The more I see, the more it looks like the endgame of the “Great Reset” in the open; pets euthanised, dragged off to quarantine (concentration) camps arbitrarily at a moments notice under the flimsiest of pretexts.

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It the very same issue. You don't test people who are healthy and have no symptoms.

You don't isolate healthy people. You isolate sick people and care about them an help them get back to a healthy state.

What is happening is cruel and cannot be justified and is certainly not a justifiable reaction against something that has not been proven to exist. The test cannot diagnose and is evident and proven.

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Thanks so much for this. I am so sick of reading on FB and elsewhere online how the BRICS bloc is gaining daily at the expense of the US bloc and we're on the verge of a new age of enlightenment once the BRICS is triumphant. Everywhere, it is ordinary people, the proles,....whatever you wish to call us, against ruling elites of all stripes.


The End of Their World is the Beginning of Ours, Crow Qu’appelle, 4/8/22.

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