Putin's "lack of vision and political will"?? Oh, come now....Putin knows exactly what he's doing....he's following orders from the same demons that tell Biden, the EU leaders, the British, et al what to do....

name of the game is depopulation and the set up of "sustainable development" all over the globe in the name of fighting "climate change"....

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Probably the most accurate Russian perspective I have heard in YEARS.

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Iurie Roșca is great, he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. If you're feeling like doing a good deed today and have acquittances who still show signs of brain activity, this conversation is one to be sent to their inquisitive minds.

If you'd like a longer conversation with Iurie, here's a link to his TNT Radio appearances:


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"The Kremlin showed complete obedience to the undeclared World Government that operated under WHO cover, imposing the same tyrannical policies, including compulsory injections."

The scamdemic was a hot compress that brought the revolting pus to the surface. Whether it was Chomsky, Jill Stein, Chris Hedges, Mr. Warpspeed, or Putin all of the supposed "independent thinkers" fell into line and became national security state shills.

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"This phenomenon, which is common in alternative media, is not caused by stupidity or incompetence. Rather, the temptation to present the desirable as reality is extremely psychologically comfortable."

Australian journalist, John Pilger (just deceased), wrote of the "submissive void" in Germany under the Nazis.

Most people from all walks of life, prefer to cozy up in their economic and psychological security blankets, denying reality and failing to act, regardless of the warning signs.

Excellent input - much food for thought - many thanks Riley.

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"Putin and his regime are a direct continuation of the Yeltsin period. That is, the successors of the leaders of the first post-Soviet decade are, as in the Perestroika period, the exponents of the former communist nomenclature and KGB officers, who joined with Jewish businessmen, who then became oligarchs in complicity with the former..."

The inevitable outcome of "The Harvard Boys Do Russia -

After seven years of economic “reform” financed by billions of dollars in U.S."


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I suggest that Mr Rosca have a look at the writings of Wendell Berry - here's a sample: "Depending on the issues, I am often in disagreement with both of the current political sides. I am especially in disagreement with them when they invoke the power and authority of government to enforce the moral responsibilities of persons. The appeal to government is made, whether or not it is defensible, when families and communities fail to meet their moral responsibilities. Between the two moralities now contending for political dominance, the middle ground is so shaken as to be almost no ground at all. The middle ground is the ground once occupied by communities and families whose coherence and authority have now been destroyed, with the connivance of both sides, by the economic determinism of the corporate industrialists. The fault of both sides is that, after accepting and abetting the dissolution of the necessary structures of family and community as an acceptable “price of progress,” they turn to government to fill the vacancy, or they allow government to be sucked into the vacuum. This, I think, explains both Prohibition and the war on drugs, to name two failed government remedies.

To believe, as I do, that families and communities are necessary despite their present decrepitude is to be in the middle and to be most uncomfortable there. My stand nevertheless is practical. I do not think a government should be asked or expected to do what a government cannot do. A government cannot effectively exercise familial authority, nor can it effectively enforce communal or personal standards of moral conduct.

The collapse of families and communities—so far, more or less disguisable as “mobility” or “growth” or “progress” or “liberation”—is in fact a social catastrophe. It leaves individuals subject to no requirements or restraints except those imposed by government. The liberal individual desires freedom from restraints upon personal choices and acts, which often has extended to freedom from familial and communal responsibilities. The conservative individual desires freedom from restraints upon economic choices and acts, which often extends to freedom from social, ecological and even economic responsibilities. Preoccupied with these degraded freedoms, both sides have refused to look straight at the dangers and the failures of government-by-corporations.

The Christian or social conservatives who wish for government protection of their version of family values have been seduced by the conservatives of corporate finance who wish for government protection of their religion of personal wealth earned in contempt for families. The liberals, calling for some restraints upon incorporated wealth, wish for government enlargement of their semireligion of personal rights and liberties. One side espouses family values pertaining to homes that are empty all day every day. The other promotes liberation that vouchsafes little actual freedom and no particular responsibility. And so we are talking about a populace in which nearly everybody is needy, greedy, envious, angry and alone. We are talking therefore about a politics of mutual estrangement, in which the two sides go at each other with the fervor of extreme righteousness in defense of rickety absolutes that cannot be compromised.

Nowhere has this callow politics asserted itself more thoughtlessly and noisily than on the so-called rights of abortion and homosexual marriage. The real issue here is the politicization of personal or private life, and inevitably, given the absence of authentic political discourse or dialogue, the reduction of the issues to two absolute positions. In addition to distracting from interests authentically public and political, the politicization of personal life, involving as it must the publicization of privacy, is inhumane and inherently tyrannical.

After Boris Pasternak’s Doctor Zhivago was published in the West and Pasternak received the Nobel Prize in 1958, thus earning the Soviet government’s reprisal, Thomas Merton wrote:

Communism is not at home with nonpolitical categories, and it cannot deal with a phenomenon which is not in some way political. It is characteristic of the singular logic of Stalinist-Marxism that when it incorrectly diagnoses some phenomenon as “political,” it corrects the error by forcing the thing to become political. (Disputed Questions)

Now, after many decades of anticommunism, Merton’s sentences have come remarkably to be descriptive of our own politics. Maybe people who focus their minds for a long time upon enmity finally begin to resemble their enemies. This has happened before. It is deeply embedded in the logic of warfare.

Whatever the cause, we seem to have become as adept as the old Soviet Union at politicizing the nonpolitical. Most notably, by the connivances of both political sides, we have invented a politics of sexuality, which, by the standards of our own political tradition, is a contradiction in terms. Or it is if there is to be a continuing political distinction between public life and private life. This distinction, after all, is the basis of the freedoms affirmed by the First Amendment, which holds essentially that people’s thoughts and beliefs are of no legitimate interest to the government. The government is not in charge of our personal lives, our private affections, our prayers or our political opinions. It is not in charge of our souls. Those who formed our government also limited it, forbidding it any freehold in our homes or in our minds." https://www.christiancentury.org/article/2013-03/caught-middle

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Hey Riley, I'm Steve Poikonen & I host AM WakeUp & SlowNewsDay. I've enjoyed your work over the last couple years & would like to have you on one or both of the shows for a discussion. We're one of the few spots in Western alt media that will have these conversations any day of the week with the aim of having a more complete picture of the world we live in, narratives be damned. Shoot me an email and let's set something up! amwakeup@protonmail.com

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Riley, excellent question/answer session. We all have one thing in common: we have the same enemy that is satanically destroying the good order of things.

These large size flyers lay it all out: https://rense.com/general97/flyersb.php These flyers are spreading like fire. Even some of the truckers gathered in Texas named the jews behind the border invasion.

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It's not a coincidence that all of Russia's oligarchs are Zionists. When USA was dismantling USSR, they CHOSE who the oligarchs were going to be.

The Ukraine Russia war is a psyop. I SUSPECT VERY LITTLE FIGHTING IS GOING ON.

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From all of us here in Tiraspol, thank you for these comments. I certainly don't agree with all of Rosca's actions and statements over the years, but he IS a true Moldovan patriot, and that means something. Moldovans are some of the most stubborn folks on the planet, and sometimes that's not good (the alcoholism, etc), but it also means they can parse Russian media (and politics) with a much more objective eye than just about anyone else on the planet.

PS - For those who don't know, about 99% of Moldovans can speak and understand the Russian language yet are neither Russophiles nor Russophobes. Very rare.

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come sempre grande intuito nel proporre " Iurie Roșca ",:; questa intevista mi sembra il reso conto dei nostri commenti avvenuti di recente non confutabili , tranne forse per me che non sono ne cristiano ne ortodosso ( tutte le religioni non mi interessano ci hanno privato e nascosto 30 milioni di anni di vera revisione storica ...!!! ), possiamo comodamente convenire che questo signore ci soddisfa ampiamente e conferma anche le nostre conversazioni, quindi termino e concordo con queste parole sue ; Putin sta cercando di conciliare gli oligarchi ebrei con gli interessi nazionali, la setta Chabad Lubavich con l'Ortodossia, ma questo è impossibile.....!!!!!!!!

non lo pensa solo IURIE credo anche EDWARD e Ermanno naturalmente...

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Its not logic, what he said about Putin.

Furst he is " a carrierist(...) with the look at politics from the perspective of pecuniary interests, and have the mentality of merchants".

In the overnext chapter he is obsessed by the imperial idea of the previous USSR. It not logical, and it does not fit into the decisions Putin made.

What still may be the case is that Putin still is oriented towards "Western partners", more exactly: the WEF strategies eg using Corona policies as push for data control, digital ID, CB Digital Money and so on.

Internally, Russia is not going another path but follows WEF etc.

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A third way. Away from the dichotomy. Refreshing. Thank you to have invited this discussion.

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I have to take strong exception to a key part of what Roșca puts forth, most notably his repeated assertions of what is really "conspiracist antisemitism" (antisemitism is actually more like Judeophobia, most European Jews are not of Semitic origin). Here's a good refutation of that narrative.


Conspiracist Anti-Semitism on the Left, with Chaia Helller & Peter Staudenmaier: ISE Faculty, Epic Tomorrows. Late 2021.

Overall, lots of excellent points. Really liked Chaia Heller stating that the very term "antisemitism" was created by people of that very persuasion, and that it is highly inaccurate, seeking to make all people of Jewish background into Semites, in particular in regard to such people who are of European background, as if they are biologically, genetically, non-Europeans of Middle East origins, "others," in flagrant disregard of reality. I also liked Staudenmaier’s discussion of how frequently antisemitism is based upon a totally false conception of capitalism as being simply about money, missing some very specific features of capitalism which distinguish it. and misconception that all Jews are merchants or money lenders, and all merchants or money lenders areJews..Also that Jews run all capitalist institutions, especially the biggest ones. Point in fact: Russia's most prominent banker, Herman Gref, is in fact not Jewish or of Jewish origin, but the son of Volga Germans exiled in 1941 to Kazakhstan by the Stalin regime due to WW2's outbreak.

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Pretty unconvincing bit of a rant I think. Best I can make of it is he seems to be saying that the real rulers of russia are money men. Not, shall we say, the public spirited individuals we expect to rise through political ranks to eventually take the helm and steer the ship of state to a wonderful future for the people.

Well no. Same everywhere. Of course money rules. If you and I had bags and bags and bags of money wouldn't we want some say in what happens? And wouldn't our public spiritedness if we have any be subordinate to our self interest?

So what's the resolution of all that?

Well, the public.

They have to stop being voluntarily sheeple, peasants, serfs.

In the end there's only the people will help the people. Governance of the people by the people for the people.

Real governance by the people.

Not reluctantly going out to vote once every few years and then picking a representative of this party or that party.

But governing.


Well, never ever could do it before.

But now we can: given the internet and computers and appropriate apps and the smartphone the people, every last man woman and child of them can manifest nationwide in an instant.


We're waiting for the people to wake up.

It's all there for the taking.

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