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Great reporting, Edward! Very thorough documentation on Putin's and Russian government stand on the mandatory jabbing. One thing I'd add are couple of precursor events to the COVID story that began to unfold in January of 2020.

First: in early November of 2019 Putin started conversation about vaccination with his cabinet ministers and literally tried to force them to get a flu shot. This was very unusual, so I remembered this news item, thinking why would president be so insisting on it, since in the end this is a matter of individual preference?


Second: in late November of 2019 Putin meets with Klaus Schwab in St. Petersburg where Schwab presents Putin with his book "The fourth industrial revolution". https://translated.turbopages.org/proxy_u/ru-en.en.7f00b590-62f819b5-93390a57-74722d776562/www.kremlin.ru/events/president/news/62145

These two facts while don't give us a "smoking gun" evidence of Putin's globalist pro mandatory vaccination, pro depopulation position, but they contribute to his overall psychological profile and show us where is his natural preference on these issues.

However, as I always say - in the political shell game one needs to watch the hands, not just listen to the words. If we look at the stats of 2021 Russia's excessive population loss was 1 million 42 thousand, that was the highest number for population reduction since the WWII. At the same time in US population loss was also on the rise but at about 50% of the Russian number for more than double the total number of people, which would make it 25% of Russian mortality on per capita basis. This type of humongous jump is not a fluke, more than anything it tells us that conditions created by the governments and the medical establishment in the country were conducive to this loss. How much of it can be blamed on mass vaccination against COVID, how much on denial or reduction of access to the medical services beside treating the novel flu, how much was the general stress of the population that felt betrayed and pressured by their own government we don't know for sure. But dead people is a hard evidence that is difficult to deny. When I raised that question about reasons for record population losses on Russian Telegram channels affiliated with the "official party line", my comments were invariably deleted and I received ban on some of the channels.

I hope this gives a bit of perspective not only on statements by various Russian officials, but on results of the policy that they were executing last 2.5 years.

Btw, as it appears the modern war is not as good a mechanism of getting rid of people as other means, like declared pandemic. But during war the primary victims are physically capable men that won't beget new children as a result. So there we have to multiply number of killed by the factor of at least 1.8.

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A tactic which digital age governments have found very effective. Do a lot to make it seem like you are tightening things to the point of choking. Then, appear to retreat on the most extreme measures, while preserving the substance of what's been done. Once you got the public habituated to the new ways, in fact convinced that "it's always been this way," rinse and do it all over again,.... Take 5 steps forward, then one back, 5 steps forward,........ Thanks, Riley, seeing it develop over a period of 20 months or so one gets the sense of just how far we've been pushed, be it in Russia, or here where i am in California, or anywhere in this digital Covidian world.

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It is very disappointing to see Putin fooled by the mumbo jumbo around covid, vaccinations and herd immunity along with all the dumb westerners.

The error starts right at the beginning where vaccinations and the natural state are seen as two different things.

To where we finish up totally discounting the natural state and we MUST have the vaccination state.

I think it would be much better if people were not exhorted to 'have a vaccination' but instead to 'start your immune system up early'.

For that, of course, is all that it is.

Vaccinations merely trick your immune system into starting up early.

That's it. That's all. They don't magically give you something you otherwise wouldn't have.

They don't make you proof against 'getting' something.

And they're no more fool proof than any 'trick' thing is.

Because it has been presented to people in the wrong terms people naively believe that they're ingesting some magic potion, some specific anti-viral and that all they ever need is to take more of it.

Which of course is a totally wrong way to think when the 'trickery' is weakening, distorting and misdirecting your immune system with every new trick.

I thought Putin would see this in an instant.

It is a falsehood of the first order.

That's before we even take a glance at the potential for harm.

It is very sad.

And very surprising.

You know I am a Putinophile, it's a fact. And without any deep investigation of the man. Prompted mainly by my understanding of him as genuine and logical, reasonable, truthful, sensible in stark contrast to ALL of our politicians who would see those qualities as suicidal to their careers.

To see him fail at this which is, after all, merely what - immunology 101? not even that - basic medicine 101? is almost shocking and worries me. True.

Ah well.

Cabernet merlot may offer some consolation.

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This is very illuminating. The timeline and the measures match very closely what was going down here in Canada except some very minor differences. Again, one should note the lockstep approach orchestrated through the WEF.

In my opinion, claims that the political leadership in Russia is opposed to the Great Reset agenda of the WEF have no basis in fact. It seems to be just wishful thinking.

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this is why most governments are afraid to force vaccinate:

The Vaccination Act of 1853 ordered mandatory vaccination for infants up to 3 months old, and the Act of 1867 extended this age requirement to 14 years, adding penalties for vaccine refusal. The laws were met with immediate resistance from citizens who demanded the right to control their bodies and those of their children.[3] The Anti Vaccination League and the Anti-Compulsory Vaccination League formed in response to mandatory laws, and numerous anti-vaccination journals sprang up.[2]

The town of Leicester was a hotbed of anti vaccine activity and the site of many anti-vaccine rallies. The local paper described the details of a rally: “An escort was formed, preceded by a banner, to escort a young mother and two men, all of whom had resolved to give themselves up to the police and undergo imprisonment in preference to having their children vaccinated…The three were attended by a numerous crowd…three hearty cheers were given for them, which were renewed with increased vigor as they entered the doors of the police cells.”[5] The Leicester Demonstration March of 1885 was one of the most notorious anti-vaccination demonstrations. There, 80,000-100,000 anti-vaccinators led an elaborate march, complete with banners, a child’s coffin, and an effigy of Jenner.[3]

Such demonstrations and general vaccine opposition lead to the development of a commission designed to study vaccination. In 1896, the commission ruled that vaccination protected against smallpox, but suggested removing penalties for failure to vaccinate. The Vaccination Act of 1898 removed penalties and included a “conscientious objector” clause, so that parents who did not believe in vaccination’s safety or efficacy could obtain an exemption certificate

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Yes, Putin and his goons are no better than your regular European vax nazi, I don't understand this infatuation with Russia on the American Right. I've lived under Putin's regime until 2007 and he is all-around BAD NEWS, a regular tyrannical thug.

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so now let's get to the bottom of this - C-19 is not a "virus" - it is oxidative stress caused by toxicity of graphene that has been used all over the world. People die because of oxidative stress and the damage that acute oxidative stress causes.

"They" and Putin is a part of the "they" group - those who vaccinate, who coerce, force, do not allow for antioxidant treatment of the poisoned by graphene people (in masks, flu vaccines, chemtrails, so called PCR tests, food and drugs) instead those poor unfortunate individuals are given toxic remdesivir (that people die from, have acute liver failure and kidney injury - 40% of patients in clinical studies) are involved in murder.

So, what's Putin's stand on this?

He IS NOT your Saviour, but HE IS a part of this criminal group that murder and maim people. This is the path he has chosen. "They" are involved in GENOCIDE.

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What viruses do to people pales in comparison to what governments do to people. Some living Russians can rely on their own historical experience not to trust their government, but it takes only 2 generations to forget this simple truth. For those who sense that something is not right and want to defend themselves from vaccine coercion I have formulated three simple, ethical arguments: https://michaelkowalik.substack.com/p/why-vaccine-mandates-are-unethical

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the 1918 "Spanish flu" scam explained...only the vaccinated died...https://salmartingano.com/the-1918-spanish-flu-only-the-vaccinated-died/

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it seems to me he got bamboozled with the same lies that fooled millions of others...NO vaccines are safe OR effective...and the real culprit is the LIE about viruses...they dont exist...this needs to be exposed or their PLANDEMICS will continue forever...see the "monkeypox" scam for just one example...and BIG PHARMA will go bankrupt ending their reign of terror on humanity...https://www.bitchute.com/video/rHmg8EY3cXPD/

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Revelations 18.23, “by your sorceries, all nations will be deceived”. Original Greek text of: “sorceries” translates as: “pharmakeia”, meaning poison, potion, or drug.

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Being an eminently simple man, I view Putin as cautious and intelligent, and in conflict with corrupt and ignorant western politicians. Thus, I hope he defeats the US in the proxy war of Ukraine, and also in the economic and currency wars that have already commenced.

Considering that he is aided by 40% of the global population in this regard, plus China, I see his victory as very likely. Defeat of the US will result in the lifting of the boot from Australia's neck, providing us with a brief breathing space to re-launch national sovereignty for the first time since the US/UK coup of 1975. (Didn't know that, did you).

China has already bought up much of our arable and residential land and so does not need to militarily invade, and Russia has no motivation to do so either. Besides, no national economy could overcome the logisitical cost of invading and occupying this desert continent..

So our only real enemy is our own traitorous and psychopathic politicians. Hopefully, nobody will interfere with our prosecutions and executions in this regard. By the time we have treated the jabbed, restored industry and food security, and reestablished an economy, it seems we will be all alone in a world of graves and loosely spread bones. Sigh, there goes the foreign holidays.

Told you I was simple.

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Like the West, and maybe more, Russia has nothing against drugging, empoisoning, vaccinating whole populations. I just started a book (an old one) called "Red cocaine, the drugging of America and the West" by Joseph D. Douglass (available in PDF format), or how China and Russia dedicated themselves to ravage the Western youth with drugs. It is interesting in the current context where the storyline "Holy Russia" Vs "Depraved West" would like to impose the following artificial concepts:

West (seafaring civilization) <==> Russia / Asia

Political Modernity <==> Traditions

Immigrationnism&globalism <==> Nationalism

Mobility <==> Land-based civilisation

Atheism, rationality <==> Faith, Respect of religions (*)

Individualism, human rights <==> Collectivism, common good

Disney culture <==> Traditional culture

LGBT, gay prides, porno <==> Family, heterosexuality, decency

Consumerism, materialism <==> Religiosity, frugality if not austerity (you will own nothing..)

Bioethics <==> Natural family

Permissiveness, liberal democracy <==> Authority, if not Dictatorship or Monarchy

Racism <==> Plurality of civilizations

Progressism <==> Conservatism

Open society <==> Closed society

Chaos <==> Order

Decline <==> New cultural and power center, Russia enlighting the world

An hybrid war, an informational war, to gain more political weight in Europe and envisage an eurasist protectorate?

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That was awesome. I still dont know if Putin is in or unaware. Is Sputnik mRNA? I guess it is. I have been so indoctrinated about Russia, that I dont know if he loves his people or not. If he loves his people and want to do good, he could be played by Pharma.

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Putin, and his aids mostly all graduates from the WEF as libtards environmental wakos UN sustainability nonsense!!

The idea of independent states is a thing of the past. Bureaucratic meetings spreads retardation amongst all nations equally.

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Putin knows what is going; he's not innocent and he's not stupid. He's clearly part of the global WEF agenda. My opinion of him has changed for the worse since COVID.

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