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Riley, you have failed to grasp what's going on, St Vladimir is playing 5D chess, and at the moment they will put us on corporate Blockchain centralized data file he will move in and expose the deed of the evil bastards. Oh, wait. i guess they've done that, eh? :-)

Thanks so much, Riley. for maintaining focus in the midst of so much disinformation and misinformation, much of it disguised as being "on our side." Tell this to the Tom Luongo and Pepe Escobar and Matt Ehret characters and clones who doggedly insist we hang on to our illusions.

Happy new year, or at least happier.

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Well, the verdict is in. I think it was in a long time ago - Putin is a member of the globalist cult (don't want to call them elite), and an important member at that. A guy who was tasked with submitting to digital slavery a nation that has shown the greatest resistance to the attributes of this system, like forced jabbing, lockdowns, face masks etc. To me this was clear since a long time ago, definitively since April of 2020, but Riley wants to keep a score, showing us more and more proof and I'm thankful for the work he does, documenting Russia's path to Globalism for posterity.

Signing of this bill is like Putin saying - look how much I'm dedicated to your goals! Look at this "beautiful" war I arranged in Ukraine, young men die there by a hundred thousand, and land is made unlivable - is it not a significant contribution to the population reduction cause? Now this bill - it is only the first step in turning the ever evasive Russians into obedient branded cattle. If we can subdue them using biometric controls, doing it to the rest of Europeans will be a cinch!

Sad news aside, wishing all the readers of Riley's blog, as well as mine (I'll start posting there again soon) the best in 2023! I'm sure, each one of us individually has a lot to look forward to in a New Year!

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And all can think about, would the feeling of disappointment in life of the gentleman in the music video you shared be as convincing without a fancy car emitting smoke? Perhaps not.

As far as the kindly law, we all know it's for our good, and we should be grateful to the kindly fathers who look after us. Yes? Yes. :)

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Yes, what's with this ceding control of biometric data to Central Banks again, even in Russia. So much for an alternative to the Private Central Bank run Western countries. Who elected Central Bankers to be our leaders, let alone owners:

This Pivotal Moment - Episode 2 - Part 3 - CBDCs and Universal Basic Income


The Men Who Own Everything:


Central Bankers are the biggest Parasite Welfare Bums in all of human history. To add misery to madness they are anti-human, Club of Rome, Malthusian Psychopath Creeps. The only thing they are good at is creating death & destruction. Wars and Depressions. And all they really do is a glorified bookkeeper operation, not even as difficult as the national Tax agency. You could hire a bunch of low level accountants to do the job, and do it much better at a low wage, rather than giving these Parasites 10's of $trillions.

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Russia and the Collective West Are Marching Together Towards the Agenda 2030 Goals


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Happy New Year to you too! We all know it’s gonna be another Shit Show but here’s to Unicorns and Brain chips🥂yay

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So THIS - would be a prime moment, for peaceful, non-violent Civil Disobedience. Not a demand for "Regime Change" - but a demand that the leadership of the country listen to the people, and honor their wishes - to avoid being tagged like cattle.

And while they're at it - a rejection of WEF/WHO and Central Bank shenanigans, is also timely, and in order. The system only works, when the people comply. There's strength in numbers. By adopting a grossly unpopular law, of this sort, the State invites resistance.

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Thanks Edward.

All this "vaccine" "rollout" is about CBDC, so it makes sense. They need graphene for graphene blockchain for CBDC transactions.

This technology IS TOXIC; people are dying and being maimed because of it.

Large financial institutions are behind it.

That's why they won't stop with new ways of trying to inject these injections into every arm, even in babies for their new world financial (and other) "order". This is the slaughter of the people.


Pippa Malmgren: BLOCKCHAIN and digital currencies

“We are on the brink of a dramatic change where we are about to, and I’ll say this boldly,

we are about to abandon the traditional system of money and accounting and introduce a new one. And the new one; the new accounting is what we call blockchain…

It means digital, it means having an almost perfect record of every single transaction that happens in the economy, which will give us far greater clarity over what’s going on.”



Mind control system for human interfaces

The present invention relates to a mind control system for controlling a human using a brain wave map and a genetic map. According to the present invention, the mind control system comprises: a nano-electronic chip (NEC) inserted or attached to a human body to transmit and receive a wireless signal; Also, the mind control system of the present invention is expected to be used for a trading means and a financial transaction including confirmation of personal identification.


By now, you have likely heard words like "bitcoin" and "blockchain," perhaps even "Ethereum," and wondered what they all mean.



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That article looks kinda good, doesn't it? All "our government is here to protect you and you can opt out any time" lullabies and lollipops stuff. Amazing how we get taken in. Anyone who suckles purely on the curated versions in the media, and who doesn't read the fine print, is bound to get fooled. I don't blame them. I would be, too. It's only their aborted attempt to force mandates down our throats that shook me rudely awake. Others are sleeping soundly, still. Thank goodness there are people who are reading the fine print. This is just so patently a determined effort to get us all coralled for their digital catch-all future. They didn't manage it at first with vaccines. They will keep at it. In every, single country. They're clearly after controlling our money, then by extension, us. Food production, too. The lessons of Lysenko, lost and gathering dust.

So now your Prez has done it. Seems like he's a Schwabian, after all. Slipped through under cover of New Year - the time when governments get up to their greatest mischief. I'm screaming with you.

We have created our own Dune dystopia. He who controls the biometrics, controls the universe. You see it everywhere now. The petrifying thing is, is that everyone thinks it's cool. Innocuous. Convenient. Inevitable. Controllable. Till it's not. My own private little war has been with my bank, and their facial recognition app, which I have flat-out refused to do. My family genuinely and sincerely cannot understand my resistance. "But it's a good thing! But it protects you! But this is just how it is now!" I'm wondering at what point that war will be lost. I now draw and use cash as much as possible. We cannot and must not let cash die. These mfs cannot win.

Solzhenitsyn must be turning in his grave. It looks as though you're doomed to repeat your history, Edvard. I hope against hope that it isn't the case. It's strange. I've been so focussed on America to see how they're going about defending their freedom in this time. After all - they are the poster child for Freedom. Land of the Free, and all of that. But I was wrong. It's Russia that should be our litmus test. Because you have been there. The Whole Totalitarian Shitshow. Your radars must be fine-tuned to this. How you react is going to be critical.

And then, of course, it is going to come down to each of us. Every single person on this earth will be faced with The Line. Everyone will end up asking themselves one of two things - when did they cross it, and what am I going to do about it?

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Oh well, the drifting was good, anyway.

Happy New Year!

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Here in the Philippines, our own government is asking for our cellphone SIM data. Eurasia (Q-Rasia) is definitely the future Mr. Slavsquat. Our leaders are definitely playing 5D Chess.



Trust the Plan!

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There's an endless amount of mainstreamers who've been told that Putin is evil but when asked, they couldn't name one real issue. But there are many and this is one. There should be a public debate and lots of criticism about all aspects of collecting biometrics for ids or ID2020.

But it's not just Putin, people need to understand the threat posed by digital ids, otherwise some other leader will be able to sign the same kind of law anytime. Digital means controlled by big tech, so a commercial enterprise (which is interested in money, nothing else) will be able to create the identity document that people need to show to police officers or other government agencies. Merging this with payment systems would be like using Visa cards as identity documents: It could work great, except if Visa decides that you do not deserve one of their cards. Then, what do you show the border patrol officer when entering the country? How do you pay (they want to make cash illegal, because it can transmit one specific kind of virus and before they found that virus, to prevent child abuse and money laundering)...

But I like the headline: "Putin banned the forced collection of biometrics"

If that was all, I'd be all for it.

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From RT:

"Russians seeking to maintain the privacy of their biometric data will be able to opt out of having it collected. They will also be able to easily have it deleted from the system should they change their minds if it has already been gathered. The legislation also outlaws any discrimination against those who decide not to provide such information, stating that a refusal cannot be used as grounds for denying an individual state-provided services or employment. Effectively, the law makes the state the sole operator of biometric data in the country. Previously, any legal entity was able to collect and use such data in Russia. The legislation also restricts the participation of foreign actors in biometrics collection, enabling only state-owned entities to gather such data."

Sounds better than what we have in the West under US big tech digital hegemony to be honest...pretty sure here in Schwabian-Ardern NZ, multiple foreign actors collect and use our data in reset-collaboration with commie Ardern, discrimination against dissidents who don't like it is almost guaranteed.

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"As RIA Novosti expertly explained, this is quite possibly the best law ever—full of safety and security and respect for individual liberties and financial freedom and privacy and chocolate-covered unicorns."

Whatever this futurist malevolent plotter rascal nincampoops say, the opposite is true.

Happy new year to everyone, my best wishes to truth-seekers and lovers of humanity.

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Well...there goes “Putin, savior of the free world” lol

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Thanks for your insights and music, and a happy new year!

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