Putin's favorite scientist calls for apartheid against Unvaxxed as whiny Russians complain about "elimination of all human rights"

Big-brain behind Sputnik V receives fancy award from Putin after demanding Vax Caste system!

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Every Russian schoolchild learns about Alexander Gintsburg—the legendary scientist who eradicated Ebola in Ebola-free Guinea in 2017. Everywhere he goes, admirers lay flowers at his feet as they cry out, “Thank you for getting rid of all that nasty Ebola, Alexander Gintsburg!” and also: “Will you autograph my pericarditis?” For he is also the Father of Sputnik V—a minor footnote in his long illustrious career, which among other triumphs includes an embezzlement scandal, and also non-stop failure.

He is a wonderful man. So we were not surprised to read about his wonderful plan to ensure a “line is drawn” to “sharply distinguish” between Sputniked Citizens and No-Jab Vermin:

Izvestia Newspaper: Now we see the highest incidence in the history of the pandemic, about 40 thousand new cases of COVID-19 per day. From your point of view, are there enough restrictive measures?

Gintsburg: Restrictive measures without vaccination are practically useless. They must be combined with a sharp increase in the number of vaccinated. [Moscow Mayor] Sergei Sobyanin said the number of people vaccinated has quadrupled (per day) in the past 10 days . And it should increase 10 times. In this case, according to my rough calculations, it will be possible to overcome this infection in a few months . In addition, a line must be drawn between the vaccinated, that is, people with QR codes, and the unvaccinated. They must be sharply distinguished.

Hours later, President Vladimir Putin awarded Gintsburg the Order of Alexander Nevsky. The honor was bestowed upon the beloved scientist in recognition of his “years-long dedicated work.”

Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

Meanwhile, unappreciative Russians have started to grumble about how life-saving digital ID-based apartheid is somehow at odds with Russia’s so-called “Constitution.”

Here’s one of many whiny commentaries currently circulating on Russian social media:

The trend of the last week is, of course, QR codes. As is customary among real fascists, suddenly and without a declaration of war. Now, with the help of this tool, the elimination of all human rights, without exception, will take place, and without exception. Once again, it is worth clarifying that the constitution in our country has ceased to exist. As well as all mechanisms for its alleged protection. The pathetic Constitutional Court is now just a detail of the interior of the historic Senate building and a place where they receive fantastic salaries just for nothing.

Of course, the technology will be introduced gradually, it will be tested, but the goal remains quite obvious - segregation and apartheid. A person who does not have a QR code loses all civil rights. True, and having obtained the code, there is no reason to relax: now it will have to be regularly confirmed by carrying out any (I want to emphasize this especially - any) decisions of the authorities, which bind everything that it considers necessary to the receipt and operation of the code.


In any case, life coupons have already been created. Even for those who have these coupons available, the quality of life will inevitably deteriorate. For those who are left without such, the situation will almost immediately raise the question of choosing between life in the biological sense of the word and non-life. And there will be a lot of such people. And the regime will have to solve this problem, and rather quickly. The question is how. And an even more important question - by what forces.

The fact that the regime is moving towards a complete transformation of society is not surprising: the current regime simply does not have any other chance to retain power. A year, one and a half or two, they may still hold out, or maybe they don't have that term either. The degradation has gone too deep, the management resource has decreased too. There remains only one method of management - mobilization.

Do you think Gintsburg won the Alexander Nevsky Trophy with a negative attitude like that? Turn that frown upside down.