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In England, back in the mid-2010s, in my area children were signing in to school by using thumbprint recognition on a screen. No parents complained about it. It just became normal, rather than the teacher calling the register in class. I don't know how widespread that is now.

So the State has thumbprints of these young people linked to their educational record - and probably later to their health record etc via their digital ID. It has crept in noiselessly and unnoticed.

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Someone tell Matt Ehret and the other ignorant fools that Russia and China are no better than the western bullshit.

Matt was on an interview with TLAV on am wake up (on rokfin) and he kept playing stupid about zero convid and qr codes... It's like he needs to have false hope.

Lets call them eastAnon... Cause they believe the east nonsense like the q did about trump.

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I don't know the Russian situation that well, but I can confirm your observations for China, which is already much further along this path. The "pandemic" state of emergency has been cemented as a permanent state here. The minds of the people are being shaped in a way that cements their slave existence. Critical minds are the exception and are brought into line or eliminated early.

For China, I see no hope that people could revolt against this. Everything is monitored 360 degrees, 24/7, face scanners, apps, guards, microphones and cameras in every class room, any kind of criticism is nipped in the bud, the few critics are eliminated early and radically. The withholding of information leads to people not being able to recognize their situation, the control of communication channels leads to them not being able to exchange ideas about it and find new ones. The "pandemic measures" allow people to get imprisoned anytime without explanation and without an option to object.

It is so mind-boggling to see how in the U.S.-critical media (which has its justification, no doubt) China has been established as a symbol of "hope" for a better world. The coming "multi-polar world order" that is haunting the blogosphere, linked with many unreal hopes, has already been described: The name of the book is 1984. The brainwashing in the mainstream media AND the alternative media lets people argue about whether to give preference to Oceania, Eurasia or Eastasia.

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Americans of a certain age will remember the traditional folk tale of the "permanent record"- an ominous, usually manila, folder that followed you from nursery school to adulthood, and was presumably accessible by employers from then on, who would be able to read about how you threw a tampon at someone in 3rd grade gym or wrote a shitty chemistry paper at the last minute.

"This will go on your permanent record" was used non-ironically by teachers and administrators for a half century, at least.

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In the US, teachers unions are taking the lead in pushing online schools, using fear of "COVID" as justification. Sounds like the same is happening in Russia. No wonder, given Pavel Luksha is in charge of re-designing education systems for the entire BRICS bloc. He is a leading transhumanist, is on the board of the Ervin Laszlo Institute, named after one of the very first proponents of transhumanism, and he runs the Global Education Futures entity, together with Alexander Laszlo, Ervin's son. Thanks once again Riley for the light shedding.

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WEF have our future planned and they don't care that we know! It's all unravelling for Schwab, Gates, Tedros, Bezos, Boula & friends! Next Pandemic is already in 'the pipeline' for Adolf Schwab (WEF) & his Elite pals. 'NON-LIABILITY' was negotiated by Big Pharma way back in 1976 when Swine Flu was supposedly an EPIDEMIC (SCAMdemic). Only one US citizen died directly from Swine Flu but over 50 died from that DEADLY EXPERIMENTAL Swine Flu Vax. That 'Experiment' was immediately terminated for being "TOO DANGEROUS". Covid injection makers forgot the Swine Flu 'EUA' allowed 'TEMPORARY Immunity' from LIABILITY, so even today, 44 years later, Big Pharma 'assume' IMMUNITY from 'LIABILITY'. Millions have died because of this nonsense. Common Sense must prevail NOW, before another dose of POISON is injected! Mick from Hooe (UK) Unjabbed to live longer.

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Slavsquat, I went to one of the articles you link to. Can you provide a better translation (better than AI translation) of this line: "Sferum platform was created on the basis of VK, which from time to time makes money on advertising with suicidal and low-social overtones, then you can imagine what your children will be fed." А если учесть, что платформа «Сферум» создана на базе ВК, которая время от времени зарабатывает на рекламе с суицидальным и низкосоциальным подтекстом, то можно себе представить, что будут скармливать вашим детям. What is meant by "make money on advertising with suicidal and low-social overtones"?

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Fun facts:

These numbers are from a The Task Force, led by the Heads of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), World Bank Group (WBG), World Health Organization (WHO) and World Trade Organization (WTO),

Russia as of 9/22/22

% of population fully vaccinated 52.62

% of population who received at least one dose 57.80

Ukraine 9/22/22

% of population fully vaccinated 34.81

% of population who received at least one dose 36.24

*Back in Sept 21 it was about 33% in Russia and 20% in Ukraine w/a full vaccination status


Growing skepticism of vaccines in Ukraine

*A scandal in in 2008 was uncovered regarding children dying or being injured then covered up by an expired measles vaccine

It was an Indian vaccine, fwiw

"The death of a teenager from vaccination last spring is scaring Ukrainians and making them refuse immunizations. The trend is expected to increase as investigators keep uncovering violations in vaccine testing procedures, selecting people who need immunization and other bad practices. “The Health Ministry made fatal mistakes and violated laws,” said Victor Korzh, head of the parliamentary commission investigating the case.""

*Then the Swine flu hit them in 2009 which was a complete clusterfuck but they appeared to be a test run for COVID with lockdowns / social distancing, school closures , etc...

*Economy contracted 15% due to lockdowns in 2009

Some critiques rolled in

*Strasbourg, 04.06.2010 – The handling of the H1N1 pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), EU agencies and national governments led to a “waste of large sums of public money, and unjustified scares and fears about the health risks faced by the European public”, according to a report by the Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) made public today in Paris.

The report, prepared by Paul Flynn (United Kingdom, SOC) and approved today by the committee ahead of a plenary debate at the end of this month, says there was “overwhelming evidence that the seriousness of the pandemic was vastly overrated by WHO”, resulting in a distortion of public health priorities.*2010: The chief flu scientist at the World Health Organization (WHO) today defended his agency against criticism that the H1N1 swine flu pandemic was "fake," that its threat to human health was hyped, and that WHO's policies were influenced by vaccine manufacturers who benefited from the pandemic virus. The idea that H1N1 outbreak is not a pandemic is "scientifically wrong and historically inaccurate," WHO's Keiji Fukuda told reporters during a press conference.

*According to the Health Ministry, only 0.3 percent of Ukraine's population received swine flu vaccines.

*After this vaccination rates in children plummeted between 2009-2016, their was a big market for fake vaccine certs

2016 USAID

"Ukraine currently has the lowest routine immunization rates in the world. According to the Ministry of Health data, only 30 percent of children in Ukraine were fully immunized against measles, only 10 percent against hepatitis B, and only 3 percent against diphtheria, pertussis and tetanus, as of August 2016. Moreover, only 44 percent of children under 18 months of age were fully immunized against polio."

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Anyone might think that keeping records on kids is a new thing!


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Hey friend, when you next get a chance, be sure to swing by, as a handful of links may be of interest. Good reporting. Apologies for being blunt, up to my eyeballs in some major research that keeps ballooning.

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I lost it at Anna Schwabauer. Klaus has replicated itself.

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That efforts to implement such an "information system" were curtailed once -

("The wave of discontent that broke out forced the Moscow authorities to back down.") -

should not be misconstrued ..... they want this, globally, and will come back better prepared to roll this out as far and wide as possible.

So, therefore, must we be better prepared to oppose this unnecessary intrusion.

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I get free warm shelter from the cold weather, I get secure hay every day and can eat all I want, a servant clean up everytime I shit and pee, a doctor give me a booster in my butt every month to secure my health, plus I can criticise the politicians all I want with all my colleges under the shelter.

Im talking about democracy here!

Im happy when my children are sent to the bone factory as they then can be useful for the society and for this I get premium carrots. I havent seen anyone doing this better. What is wrong with that?

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What happened to Mr. Slavsquat? No posts for almost two weeks now. Hope he is doing well and that hookah lounge extortionists didn't catch up with him. I'm also worried if some of the crazies from among commenters on his blog could have found him somehow in Tbilisi. Movie Misery comes to mind...

But, stupid jokes aside, I hope Riley is doing well and is simply more preoccupied with other sides of his life.

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Nov 2, 2022·edited Nov 2, 2022

Why is Russia no better and no different, because Russia is a country of state capitalism, China is state capitalism, and the west has been moving gradually towards state capitalism too.

As Ludwig van Mises wrote:

"State Capitalism, Planned Economy, and State Socialism diverge only in non-essentials from the “classic” ideal of egalitarian Socialism.”

State capitalism will bring increasing dictatorship and tyranny, the state will determine the goals of society, and consequently the goal of individual lives, and it will sacrifice freedom and lives for this goal. One does not have to look for connections with the WEF, etc. The WEF has declared that private capitalism does not work, the WEF wants state capitalism too, and these states will be controlled from above, or they are otherwise forced to play the game inevitably.

Mister Slavsquat can basically retire and relax (regarding speculations), what he brings in is details, good work, but all you need to know is that Russia is big statist government, state capitalism, just like most of the other countries in the world. Not a handshake with Schwab is the connection, or any other detail, state capitalism, statism and big government is the dominant model, and everything is connected through that, or will be connected, even because today, governments today hardly have a choice, or else they will be marginalized, with all the consequences it has on the economy of their countries, which will get them into problems with the electorate.

Hence medical tyranny, sustainability tyranny, etc, it all enforces state capitalism, kills individual enterprise, demands government interference and control, and leads to newborn industries and the pushing and funding of industries which will al be subservient to the goals set by the government apparatus (and those above governments, like the UN). The technology industry will also follow the dictates of the state, grow in the direction the state requires, hence, Russia's ministry of technology for instance. Who knows soon Russia will have a ministry of information too. The human caused climate change scam is the biggest tool to make countries comply in a great amount of areas, all encompassing, to enforce more state control, also in cases when governments are partly reluctant, and of course the goals are determined on the highest level.

Russia is also a special case, as its former communist system totally destroyed a market economy, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, it fel into a gap which lead to an even more disastrous situation, hence they moved right on to statism and state capitalism, as they had no choice. But once this monster is on the loose and getting bigger, who can stop it, especially if most of the world is working towards the same model, and China, its neighbour, is the biggest example.

Think China.

This is not globalism, like all the ignorant parrots are saying, globalism means international free markets on the basis of private capital, private capitalism, this model is no longer the dominant model, as it does not allow for control, as it is free, and no party can generate sufficient power through it.

One could best speak of globally guided state capitalism, which is different from globalism. The fact that some private capitalism is buying into it is because they are forced into it, else they will be the losers and they can pack their bags on the longer run, and other corporations are playing the game because of motives of profit and power, and even because they are shape-shifting communists (they like money and power too, whatever which way).

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