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Great article.

The US- Mafia is united in celebration. North Stream 2 is dead. Germany will buy weapons from them for 100 Billion Euro this year alone.

Nato won without a single shot- "Keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down" achieved at least for the next 10 years.

And all them stupid sheep in my country celebrate their further enslavement. Did you know that you pay around 60-70% from your money in taxes and "insurances" (do not insure very much) to the German state? This is why German population does own less than bankrupt Greece population.

Yeah... won't get better now.

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You would think that a central planner er central banker would appreciate the most rudimentary mechanics of gold custodianship, especially ahead of a war, yes? And Putin would give a head's up since this "invasion" was months in the planning.

Basically, Russia has 132.2 billion dollars of gold, and not a kopek more.

The reason the rest of the gold is gone -- yes, it's not just rehypothecated to suppress global spot, but for all intents and purposes, it is not under Russian cb possession legally -- is precisely because Herman Gref et al are WEF assets, and they are by design forcing Russia to own nothing (including no gold) and be "happy".

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Good write up, Riley. Especially the part "It's 2022. Anything is possible". Forecasting in today's world has become next to impossible since any rules or understanding of how things work is out of the window. For the Russian "gold reserves" - what happened now is an expropriation of unprecedented scale, but hey, those Dollars, Pounds, Euros are just fiat currencies so by taking roughly $400 billion away from Russia West may turn that weapon against themselves as much as against Russia by showing that hording cash in these "hard" currencies you are not doing yourself any favors. Btw, I can't say say they weren't warned. I used to be active in the comments section on the pages of Vzgliad (vz.ru) since that online resource was unofficially curated by President's Administration office. There I had a lot of debates with some "heavy weights", according to moderators officials that took occasional part in discussions, where in response of their bragging about Russia's foreign reserves I was trying to explain to those idiots - this is not your money, this is THEIR money, instead of following "piggy bank" strategy, use them now to develop your economy while you can - there are so many gaps to fill! But, nobody listened, of course, and we are where we are now. What's interesting is that despite the total crisis that Russia immersed itself into, Putin continues to keep Nabiullina as the head of Russian CB and she continues to do what she does best - follow Washington consensus based monetarist policies that lead to bloodletting of Russian economy by restrictng liquidity through super high interest rates that is only causing chilling effect on any economic activity and artificially accelerates inflation. Will current crisis bring Russia to freeing itself from internal fifth column, that is way more dangerous than even collective West? We shall see, for now signs that this is happening are not there.

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You keep money in a US bank? Crazy. Learn how to use Crypto already.

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My post as inspired by yours:

Robbed BY DESIGN! West "freezes" Russia's gold reserves


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Permit me, a well recognised yokal and simpleton, to present a solution.

First, direct some of Russia's fine missiles to the US military installations in Australia, which will include Raytheon's own Gulkula site and Pine Gap. Direct a few others to any place where our dispicable oppressors are meeting to discuss our national destruction.

Now happily liberated and once again democratic, we Aussies will then barter our plentiful food crops with Russians in exchange for whatever. A set of nice shiney Vanguard missiles would be appreciated or, perhaps, a couple of those hypersonic scramjet 25 Mach fully manoeuverabe things that I forget the name of.

The deal could be sweetened with a nice Russian bride, one who is not too fussed by being shacked up with a 79 year old in the isolation of absolute wilderness. Mention to this savvy gal that my ring finger is longer than my index finger. She will know immediatly what this means and will leap into the first plane south. Horney thang.

Then , me Ruski old mate, you guys can replace the Seppos who have had their boots on our necks since 1947. We will call it the Caviar Connection. Da?

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"If you don't hold it, you don't own it", is an old gold and silver stackers saying. Most people don't even know that if you put your valuables in a safety deposit box in a bank, and the bank keels over, you will lose everything. The contents of your safety deposit box is added to the balance sheet of the bank, while it is in there. Russia would have been wise to consolidate it's precious metals inside their borders beforehand. Agreed.

That is, if you need your gold to back something. In this case, it doesn't. The Russian ruble is fiat currency, therefore it doesn't need to be backed by precious metals. Aside from the arguments that most financial markets are driven by sentiment, the devaluation of the ruble does not have to pose a problem for Russia. It only means that products denoted in other currencies will become quite expensive. But if a loaf of bread doesn't increase significantly in it's ruble value, what kind of problems can be foreseen by Russia internally?

Of coarse there is the inflation aspect of turning on the monetairy printing press, but that's a problem that all countries implementing fiat currency face. And as long as it can be passed on to the population, the government will still not have a problem.

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There must be more that we don't know about. I thought Russia would have kept its gold in Russia

I remember back in the 20th C Russia defaulted on its debts

There are measures that Russia can take in response:

1. Freeze any debt payments.

2. Freeze the assets of those sanctioning nations

3. Seize the assets of those sanctioning nations

4. Find kompromat on those political leaders and key bankers

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I agree - I always thought the point of "reserves" is having a huge stash somewhere in your vault, not any of this "oh it's chilling in foreign banks and they can't touch it beacuse agreements".

Not an economist but sounds like the whole "global economy" is just a made up game, so people have something to do: the peasants trying to survive and guess what's coming next, the elites making enormous amounts of money off the peasants.

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But surely all that Russia needs to do is to turn off the gas and oil supplies to the rest of the world and watch them crumble in a few days.

Biden also handily gave Vlad a list of sensitive targets, saying please don't attack these.

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Geez. Did Putin not see this coming? You cannot have your assets overseas when sh*t hits the fan. On the flip side, I suppose China will now slowly move all its money out of U.S. Treasuries and other U.S. assets. Are we going back to the 17th Century / Age of Mercantilism and settling all international trade in gold? #NotThatThatsABadThing

nb4. Kim Jong-un this morning: Vlad, why you keep money in banks? America steal your money. You eat grass now like us.

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20% backed by gold is better than 0.1% thr Federal reserve has backed by Gold. 😂😂

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With that scenario I can see nuclear missiles pulverizing some western countries to the max!

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Interesting article looking at possible economic fallout from NATO actions against the Russian economy...


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Russia can also take Western funds/ Reserves in its Bank and it will be an even swap.

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