BigPharma pushes DEATHVAX™ that causes VAIDS, & Now they have a VAIDS Pill for their DEATHVAX™ which will in turn cause more VAIDS which will in turn Require More DEATHVAX™ & so on & so forth...

One Psyop washes the other Psyop, one BigPharma death treatment washes the other BigPharma death treatment, and one Hegelian Dialectic scheme washes the other Hegelian Dialectic scheme, with all flowing into each other as your liberties are stolen in the slow boil technocratic program:

Edward Slavsquat REPOST:


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Hey Riley, I'd love to hear your thoughts on James Corbett's assertion that Russia & China are part of the WEF globalist agenda - outlined in Corbett Report ep 416 vs Matt Ehret and many others who think Russia and China are looking to put an end western globalism.

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"Update – 22 March: Ukrainian company Darnitsa signs sublicence agreement with MPP bringing to 36 the number of generic manufacturers to produce generic versions of Pfizer’s oral COVID-19 treatment"


Thank goodness. I was worried about Ukraine being left out.

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These are dangerous EUA authorized rescue drugs for Covid that have severe side effects. They come packaged with prescriber information fact sheets, not true package inserts. They sheets show Interim analysis data and were done using unblinded study. Their purpose is to reduce mild to moderate Covid symptoms. They are viral interruptors: either marketed as Paxlovid or Molnupirivil.

They are complex interruptors of the genetic phase of ALL cells replication, not specific to viral replication. (Viruses don’t have DNA.) They will interfere with normal cell replication.They will causes cancer. Don’t take these drugs.

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All the evidence we need to confirm that these countries' leaders are subservient to much darker, perhaps much more powerful forces.

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Reading Toby Rogers used to give me an impression that his interpretation of just about everything in the news as originating in the Big Pharma is too narrow. But, after the recent events, his claims like "The scale and mendacity of the pharmaceutical industry will soon eclipse the horrors of the Third Reich. Pharma’s goal is to enslave the whole planet..... to create a Pharma Fourth Reich in which they are the junk science high priests who will rule over everyone for a thousand years" .... - all of them suddenly sound quite truthful.

It wouldn't be surprising anymore if, after a WW3, the first creatures that appear from amid the rubble happen to be drug salesmen.

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Thank you Edward. Keep your head down!

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Mar 28, 2022·edited Mar 28, 2022

Hello Riley :) How are you doing ?

Many people find it hard to accept right away, but there is not "pathogenic virus" present in natural fields in the first place. For example, not only Covid-19, but also the measles and polio virus is not present.

*Measles virus put to the test. Dr. Stefan Lanka wins in court


From the latter half of the 19th century, as a cause of mysterious infectious diseases, minute substances that are not bacteria that pass through the filter have been called "viruses". The existence of the virus should have been visualized by the invention of electron microscopes in the early 20th century and confirmed its existence. However, in history, no one has captured the appearance of the virus that should be in the blood. What we see with the electron microscope is actually just capturing fragments of cells (organelles, genes) and those originating from cells called exosomes.

The hypothesis called "germ theory" that pathogens previously advocated by Koch and Pasteur cause infectious diseases is false. Germ theory is a "thought" that is the ground for the treatment of modern gene determinism and modern medicine, and it's never real science.


By James DeMeo, PhD (Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab Ashland, Oregon, USA)




As you may know, the fake pandemic of the COVID-19 virus in 2019/2020 has revealed that large numbers of people have been left deeply brainwashed by the "pathogen hypothesis," despite more than 100 years have passed since modern medicine rose.

In addition, Moderna, MONSANT and Chinese researcher group patent shows that the Covid-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus is "man-made" and doesn’t exist in the natural field.

You are not a guinea pig. Therefore, it is a complete mistake to use experimental drugs with cytotoxicity for asymptomatic or mild Covid.

I encourage you to read "Viral Mania".

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Riley I am very grateful for your posts!

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The Chinese did a study on lopinavir and ritonavir back in 2020 and found that it was essentially worthless - https://www.medrxiv.org/content/medrxiv/early/2020/03/23/2020.03.19.20038984.full.pdf The new drug is a main protease inhibitor to prevent viral replication - https://coronavirus-download.utah.gov/Vaccine-Resources/2021.12.29-Paxlovid-Safety-Reference-Sheet.pdf - but quercetin/zinc does the same thing, without the risks - https://www.biorxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.06.15.448551v1.full.pdf - and both quercetin and zinc are cheap, widely available, and effective, and can be used for prevention as well as treatment.

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The Medical Industrial Complex is just like the Military Industrial Complex.

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Everyone on this message board has a civic duty to be proactive and talk to people and warn them that ALL injections and medications associated with this scamdemic/plandemic are POISON. I lead by example and enjoy talking to young college/university students in Minsk. Most (about 80%) young ((college/university age) Belarusians are NOT injected. Unfortunately though, most (about 95%) Belarusians (young and old) believe that a virus exists. I have a very good day when I see a young mind open up to critical thinking. Most young people (about 85%) do NOT wear a mask anymore. I have a plan in the future to hand out business cards to college/university students (that speak English) that have listed websites including bitchute videos (example Tim Truth / Doctor Andrew Kaufman) and http://stopvaczism.org/list

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How come Pfizer hasn't fled Russia like the rest of the American corporations?

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So they are gonna push sketchy HIV drugs on the population for a virus that is now (to the vast majority of us) behaving like something akin to the common cold? Meanwhile, some big pharma shills in the west want to bring out "daily covid pills" (including anti-viral drugs such as Oseltamivir) and there are even some fully insane control freak minions of the elite talking about creating "Morality Pills"!?


Apparently, someone up in the plutocratic corporate chain of command is apparently not only an admirer of 1984, but also a big fan of the book "The Giver".


Interestingly, (in typical covid era 1984-esk double speak) one of the things they mention (in that NBC article linked above) as being effective for the applications of the anti-viral drug "tamiflu" against respiratory viruses is based on the active ingredient Shikimic acid (found in pine needles and star anise). But if you look up pine needle tea for treating covid you get "fact checked".

From the article: "One of the best known is Tamiflu, the widely prescribed pill that can shorten the duration of influenza and reduce the risk of hospitalization if it is given quickly." (active ingredient in Tamiflu being a synthetic version of Shikimic acid found in pine needles and star anise in high concentrations) but then if you go to look up pine needle tea, Nope! Thats fake news! It is only 'legit medicine' once they can claim intellectual property rights on it. Meanwhile pine needle medicine is something that Indigenous peoples discovered, experimented with and mastered long before the dawn of allopathic medicine.. 'intellectual property' my ass, it is stolen knowledge that has been distorted just like this land is.. this twisted system really boggles my mind sometimes.

Adding insult to injury, unlike the natural compound found in pine needles and star anise (which has been safely used for centuries in traditional medicinal practices by indigenous healers and TCM practitioners) the synthetic version of shikimic acid (Oseltamivir Phosphate) has a long list of nasty dangerous side effects, especially in children (including but not limited to: Nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, Dizziness, headache, Nosebleed, insomnia as well as serious brain effects such as hallucinations, psychotropic effects resulting in delirium, 'behavioral disturbances', panic attacks, convulsions and/or self-injury).

Oseltamivir was discovered by scientists at Gilead Sciences using shikimic acid as a starting point for synthesis but when they made their cocktail pharma version they screwed up nature's elegant and tonifying medicinal compound in a big way. See: https://dangerousdrugs.com/side-effects/tamiflu/ for more info.

So apparently it is only allowed to be recognized as a medicine once they can make billions from lab synthesizing and patenting it. If it's just something you can get from a tree growing almost anywhere its "fact checked" as false or 'dangerous' but if they synthesize a sketchy lab made version of the substance for a pill, its all 100% "safe and effective" ...man this world is messed up.

On a more positive side note, I just posted a lengthy article on my substack about the time tested (and scientifically proven) medicinal benefits offered by pine needle tea/extract (containing the natural and safe form of shikimic acid). I included a list of conifers native to different regions (including at least two that are present in Russia) that also produce pine needles that can be used to make a nutritious and medicinal tea (which is free if you forage from the wild and will do a much better job helping the immune system to function optimally than any injections or pills).

Thanks for the informative article my friend.

Wishing you well from Canada.

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The combined might of Russia and China could trounce any collection of psychopathic globalists in a fist fight. But could they be clever and principled enough to send them to HELL for all eternity, where they belong, allowing us good souls to pick up the pieces and rebuild?

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A big fly in this ointment: HIV is not the cause of AIDS. Even Luc Montagnier, who died last month, who got a Nobel in 2008 for his alleged discovery of HIV, stated in a 1990 interview that it was not the cause. See https://viroliegy.com/2022/02/13/montagniers-monster/

See elsewhere on that page for ample information that in fact HIV has never been properly isolated and purified, let alone demonstrated to be a pathogen, research of people like Eleni Papadopulos-Eliopulos, who also recently left us, and the new video, the Viral Delusion, which completely undermines not only the HIV/AIDS narrative but also the SARSII-COVID19/Covid narrative as well.

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