Ugh. Orwell’s boot was less dehumanizing...

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Jun 7, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Is there a Russian equivalent to Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida?

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PCR test inventor Kary Mullis (a Nobel laureate) stated the test should NOT be used as a diagnostic tool. Repeated with enough cycles, the test will detect any molecule desired in any person or item tested, even distilled water. And with the alleged "SARS-COV-2" virus, the test was never primed with an actual virus, because none has been isolated and refined, it was coded with a "contrived specimens" per the CDC, admitted by Victor Corman and Christian Drosten, who wrote up the protocol for using the test in this context.

Thanks, Riley, for showing those who wish to know that the regime in Russia is just as arbitrary and authoritarian regarding Operation Pandemic as what we have in the US and the rest of the West, regardless of what Putin groupies, geopolitics-centered analysts like Pepe Escobar and naive people looking for a hero or at least someone who is "better" wanna believe.

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The sanitary shield is simply a bio-metric troll gatekeeper of entry control. Russia's tourism industry will continue to take an economic hit because tourists like me will NOT go to Moscow if tourists MUST submit to a PCR test for entry. I used to go to beautiful Russia every summer since 2016. I stopped going to Russia before summer 2020 because of masks and the PCR test. The big question is how will the Russian government coerce people like me that will NOT comply? With fines?

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The more, the merrier; another piece of evidence that "we are in all this together," that is, China and Russua act in coordination with Western politicians.

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Hi Riley, thank you for your keen insight and analysis as always !

Iatrogenesis iatrogenic disease:

In the US, there are frequent reports of mass shooting. Riley, I'm sure Russia doesn't have as high a crime rate as the US, but what about the situation in Russia after Covid SCAM ?

Of course, the planned economic collapse caused by the Covid SCAM and the hardship of life due to the current food crisis are also part of the cause, but the essence is not there.

There are also articles suggesting "SSRI-induced killing/suicide", but modern medicine is working hard to cancel it out (SSRI is a drug that is casually administered in Japanese clinics as an antidepressant).

For mass shooting, it has already been reported that SSRIs, which are frequently prescribed, increase violence and aggression tenfold.

*Prescription drugs associated with reports of violence towards others


In particular, it has been noted that the dose of SSRIs has been increased before the killing.

That "akathisia" is caused by SSRIs is a mandatory knowledge that is even given to the national examination of doctors.

*Antidepressant-induced akathisia-related homicides associated with diminishing mutations in metabolizing genes of the CYP450 family


akathisia refers to disturbing conditions such as "not being able to sit still" and symptoms of hypermobility, and the increased impulsivity caused by SSRIs induces self-killing.

The media has been reporting on this as "gun control," which is exactly what it calls for coping therapy. In other words, it is a usual practice of "attaching blame to others the causes created by Big Pharma".

This gun control is aiming to disarming the whites, which will be the biggest obstacle to the full rule of "they".

From now on, the modern society that they have created will be greatly destroyed once, but in the process, the problems they have created will erupt from the cracks in the walls here and there.

Mass shooting is just one of them.

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Much in our world is changing so rapidly, and yet some things never seem to change. The liars are still lying, the thieves are still thieving and the politicians are still lying and thieving. Oops, I already mentioned that!

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Jun 7, 2022·edited Jun 8, 2022

I think it's wise to remember that, with or without insane and often evil government public health programs, etc., the medical science community has been warning for some time -- and correctly -- that modern life will inevitably produce far more microbial pathogens, and pandemics will increase.

Without or without scamdemic juggernauts (WOWSJ), pandemics will increase, just as bacterial pathogens will and have grown resistant to antibiotics. WOWSJ, a people addicted to machine slaves to do real labor and foods aimed to be gustatory psychedelics rather than actual nourishment, will grow obese and depressed with weaker and weaker immune systems. This line of reasoning has been mainstream knowledge since at least the 60s. WOWPJ, ever more people living ever closer in ever more crowded building sharing at least partially common air while frequently traveling far further and more often than we did just 100 years ago, will produce more and more pandemics.

It matters little in the long run that the corporate governances, which our "democracies" have produced, have created "false-flag" pandemics any more than it matters that they produce false-flag military events. Either way, there will be major pandemics of pathogens both highly contagious and virulent along with major wars much larger and more deadly than the boutique wars we've watched on TV since Nam became a thing.

In fact, if I were an aspiring wannabe global overlord aiming to reduce the population via disease and famine rather than massive war all around, I would first run several scamdemics to alienate the people against large-scale public health programs, so that when a real killer bug made the scene, the people would refuse help. (Not that today's corporatocracies have any genuine help to offer even if they wanted to: gross incompetence inbred both genetically and, mostly, intellectually via institutionalization via structures of bureaucratic hierarchy, is grossly incompetent, period.)

But I am not a Davosian wonder-nutter, just a guy with a crazy dream of running an orphanage to get a few kids and folks through the first bottleneck with both skins and souls intact.


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It's the Mafia, dude!

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no matter if part of western liberal double standard or eastern fake socialist agenda: both inherently lazy elites need their worker ants being obedient (fearful of health, wellfare) - divide et impera and both split sides do not realize that they focus on the wrong enemy... :-)

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This morning I found that very interesting article that should make us think about the "satanic" CBDC project: https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2022/06/germany-just-gave-a-timely-lesson-onthe-dangers-of-going-completely-cashless.html

What do you think?

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Looks like Russia also has some Fauci's.

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Russia double-speak confirmed again. Add St. Petersborg and Moscow as some of the most surveillance cities and their Maiors and Russia's biggest bank 100% globalists.

The freedom loving victim of brutal West and the eager Our dear partners, My friend Klaus Swab.

Conclusion: Double-speak.

So the Russian people give it a f... finger, good, but the Cabal have planned 200 years ahead.

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Shame the vaccines they took years to develop are pretty useless. 3 weeks yeah, sure. There is a need for biosecurity but you do that by spreading the population out across the countryside and making society more independent and resilient. Can’t see that happening. More performative bullshit, just like the west.

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Here is some more proof that Putin isnt fighting against the NWO. He is the clever fox. Don't take a ride on his back, unless you mean to sting him.

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Don't know why? Here's why as stated: teamed up with Russia’s sovereign wealth fund . The Russians are reading from the German Fascist playbook.

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