Ugh. Orwell’s boot was less dehumanizing...

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1984 is a love story between Winston and Julia. I really enjoyed reading how George Orwell weaved that love story into his 1984 novel. What could have Winston done differently to keep their love going? Maybe just a simple low profile? I think Winston's big mistake was trusting a government manager. In the end, the tyrannical boot stamped out all love except for the brainwashing love given to Big Brother.

Love will be the Achilles heal of this dystopian combat boot. In Russia, as well as ALL other countries, >love will find a way. Love keeps us human.

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Well said. Love is the only answer, friend.

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Jun 7, 2022Liked by Edward Slavsquat

Is there a Russian equivalent to Governor DeSantis and the state of Florida?

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Jun 7, 2022·edited Jun 7, 2022Author

great question. no. everything is controlled by the center. there's really no tolerance for independent governance at the regional level. This doesn't mean that Putin is making all the calls, but it does mean that someone in the federal government is. In this respect, one must acknowledge the advantages of the (admittedly extremely flawed and gross) US political system, which at least allows for the possibility of more localized decision making. Russia's only advantage in this regard is that stupid laws/"public health measures" are simply ignored by large sections of the population.

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Regarding Putin (still my very fave global gangster) not making all the calls, I will reclaim my normal, fawning, Putin-is-savior, lord and king perspective and point out that, for all that a major ADE/deadly-clot-shot dieoff is bad, it is not nearly so bad as a major nuclear exchange which will wipe out the overall infrastructure not just millions of people.

Putin is already playing 5-D chess, has been doing so since becoming president and learning the hard way who the USA really is, in a chess match based on preventing Euromerica from strip-mining Russia economically and even militarily ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRdfX7ut8gw ;) ) while trying to slow down and regulate the inevitable collapse of Euromerica so as to not get too much crash-splash mud and debris, especially nuclear debris, on his nice clean Kremlin floor.

History mavens here are familiar with how late-stage imperial leaders become unable to distinguish their label -- Gwatist Empowuh and Miwitehwee Genyuss Evah! -- from their sad reality (bloated idiot king of a dying one-horse empire), and launch insane campaigns against an opponent who can clean their clock with one-minute hand behind their back.

"Always in twos, the Sith.":


"Let's eat!" said the president:


Even if Russia can easily take us out, the nature of nuclear war runs high risk of unsurvivable damage by both sides, especially after how many decades of nukular arms policy based on Mutually Assured Destruction?


So I am willing to grant Putin a significant possibility that he is letting this crazy lock-down vakzinational policy shit slide so that he can focus on not being poisoned or shot while maintaining control of his military during a necessary operation that nonetheless runs the risk of nuclear war if only because the Creeps in Charge (CIC) of Euromerica are too stupid to find their heads even with both hands shoved up their gold-plated cloacae.


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"Russia's only advantage in this regard is that stupid laws/"public health measures" are simply ignored by large sections of the population."

That is a huge advantage, a brief boon borne from the people's still reasonably strong memories of both the USSR and (to crudely oversimplify) the Yeltsin Years. But that will only last a few more decades, and then, all other things being equal, Russians will tend to become credulously docile. All other things are not likely to be equal, however, as the destructive and lethal results of Russian covidiocy become widely apparent and irrefutable by talking heads and heads of state. The spectrum of covid-compliance naturally contains a higher % of the gullible, weak-willed, easily confused, and easily hypnotized.

Until learning from Edvard how fully covidiotic Russia has become, I saw Russia in an enviable position not just long-term but short-term. While I still see Russia as the global sweet spot in the long term, with Africa and South America also being better off than their former colonial empire masters, it looks like short-term Russia is headed for some major overhaul in its manner of self-governance, a transformation to be achieved by a wily, sadder but wiser, Russian populace.

"Nothing succeeds like success," quipped Yogi Berra. But that is nothing compared to how spectacularly complete success fails. Russia's post-Yeltsin government has succeeded extremely well and now we begin to see the true cost of success: a powerful centralized government that feels entitled and confident enough to impose its inept greedy will on a people who will only resent and, increasingly, rebel against this "success".

Regional state powers are a minus in the short run in the USA: they will exacerbate the fragmentation already underway on a socially molecular level. In the longer run, they may survive the chaos and provide handy armatures for whatever new governances the benighted American people might create.

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DeSantis is controlled opposition.

He had many of the criminal edicts enforced for a long time, until he didn't, but he started pushing monoclonal antibodies "for free," a tech that is just as bad as the lethal injections.


Also, he signed it into law that although companies cannot force "vaccinations," he and his "government" (or governments after his) can, "in case of emergencies," whose nature, of course they are going to determine.

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PCR test inventor Kary Mullis (a Nobel laureate) stated the test should NOT be used as a diagnostic tool. Repeated with enough cycles, the test will detect any molecule desired in any person or item tested, even distilled water. And with the alleged "SARS-COV-2" virus, the test was never primed with an actual virus, because none has been isolated and refined, it was coded with a "contrived specimens" per the CDC, admitted by Victor Corman and Christian Drosten, who wrote up the protocol for using the test in this context.

Thanks, Riley, for showing those who wish to know that the regime in Russia is just as arbitrary and authoritarian regarding Operation Pandemic as what we have in the US and the rest of the West, regardless of what Putin groupies, geopolitics-centered analysts like Pepe Escobar and naive people looking for a hero or at least someone who is "better" wanna believe.

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Saker is hardly a simpleton. He is, however, at least deeply biased to the point of patriotic self-deception regarding covidiocy, and possibly on a paid-by-government-entities basis.

BRICS is traditional by modern terms: it's about factories, transportation, and available energy far more than it is about Modern Monetary Theory/Information Economy bullshit, even with China's enormous debt bubble which of itself is not, imo, as big a problem as people think: if any large polity on the globe could pull off a jubilee reset, it's China, which has a totalitarian infrastructure well in place.

Since I see China as doomed to implode sociopolitically even without its economic woes, I see BRICS, long-term, providing avenues for China to be overrun by its neighbors in both economic and immigration terms (with some military accompaniment, of course, if only for "tradition"s sake. ;) ). China, it seems, is finding itself by crawling out of its mess the way it got there in the first place, and is currently re-entering its Dowager Empress 2.0 phase, maybe? Methinks that the Han era of dominance is near its end?

Escobar is correct in viewing Russia and, to a lesser extent, China as possessed of more remnants of "traditional forms of human existence" than Euromerica, both having at least a millennia of identity as a national people. Both, but by far especially China, have modern mutant corporate/capitalist layers on top of their "traditional" cultures, but nonetheless, their older cultures exist mostly intact in rural and culturally "underground" forms.

USA has virtually no traditional culture, and Europe's connection to its folk culture and rural past strikes me, viewing it from a grossly under-informed distance, as having become a kind of Disney parody of its ancient roots.

As for our frequent emphases on central banking cabals and the overarching totalitarian structure known as "finance": them rubles and yen and dollars and euros, etc., better be able to buy the common man a tolerable living or the bankers and their colleagues will find themselves quickly displaced by something like a human tsunami as Johnny Jerk and all his cousins take a big dump on their former parade.

When you can't properly sustain a reasonable commonwealth for the common man, you can no longer pay one bunch of common men to fight the other bunch. Divide'n'conquer no longer works. Hungry/thirsty/cold/hot people made vulnerable to disease directly and indirectly by government actions, find of a sudden a powerful solidarity. Said solidarity generally expresses itself by tearing apart everything in sight ( http://bactra.org/NPQ/molecular-civil-war.html ) but that vision will certainly include things Davosian etc.

We are headed for hard times with no reasonable guarantee of survival much less comfort. We are not headed for an Orwellian lock-down state although it looks quite close to being so, doesn't it? I believe part of why so many dissenters insist on our wannabe global overlords being invincible is that they are inclined to believe that they'll at least be able to eat between boot-heel stompings. Order is what we're taught to crave in modern human culture. Orderly tyranny strikes me as being covertly more appealing to many people than "mere anarchy", that dreaded bugaboo, and it's source, "sheer chaos".

Ah well. The meek always inherit what's left of the earth, especially the meek who pursue self-reliance and carry a baseball bat. I dedicate this odd rarity to the many dominatrixes and fem-bots helping old Vlad take apart what he worked so hard to build:


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The man who is in charge of restructuring the education systems of the BRICS, Russian Pavel Luksha, is a transhumanist, selected by Putin, demonstrating what a fantasy world you live in. His partner in Global Education Futures is Alexander Laszlo, son of Erwin Laszlo, co-author of the notion of a universal brain, one of the seminal works of Transhumanism. Luksha is on the board of the Laszlo Institute.


Dr. Pavel Luksha is a founder and a director of Global Education Futures initiative, aimed at catalyzing the transformation of educational ecosystems at a global scale, and a co-founder of Global Change Leaders movement of educational & social innovators. He is also a Professor of Practice at Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO, where works primarily on the transformation of the higher & professional education sector, and a Professor at ITBA (Technological University of Buenos Aires). Pavel also works closely with Russian Agency of Strategic Initiatives, one of the primary national vehicles of driving change in professional education development and new technological sectors. He is the coauthor of Rapid Foresight methodology, widely used in sectoral and regional planning, and a primary author of Skills Technology Foresight methodology developed in partnership with International Labor Organization.

He is the leading author of several major publications on future of skills and learning, including: [See the page]

Since 2014 he acts as a representative of Russia in BRICS Skills Development Council (and chaired the group in 2015-16). He is also a co-founder (and a program director for several years) of the Foresight Fleet, one of the largest events on future thinking education held globally since 2012. Before 2009, he worked in business advisory services, automotive, and investment sectors, with over 20 years of experience in strategy design.[link]

And furthermore, this expose of China's key role in creating the infrastructure of the global Blockchain 4IR demonstrates the uselessness of looking to BRICS for any sort of retention of traditional culture. It was posted less than a month ago, See how often "China" comes up in it.


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"demonstrating what a fantasy world you live in...."

And so was stillborn yet another internet post by some guy on the internet leading with his ego in harness to something resembling solipsistic narcissism, a popular trait on internet discussion fora.

I stopped reading after the pointless insult. You probably have useful data for me to review, but I'll decline since you marked the entry to your comments with a big old stank ad hominem turd. It would be much better if you didn't respond to me but, rather, my remarks. When a person needs to denigrate anyone whose view disagrees with theirs, it tells me that underneath it all they're not *really* sure about what they so ardently claim to both believe and KNOW as the Ultimate Truth.

I go now to start up that coy little French restaurant that I threatened to unleash on the world if some arrogant tortured genius knowitall came swaggering up to me with a cocky remark and uselessly bad attitude.


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You wouldn't have read the "data" (detailed articles, actually) anyway. You are one of the legions of Putin/BRICS loyalists who are determined to have a hero among the world's ruling elites since they have nothing but contempt for their fellow ordinary working people and the rest of the 99+%. Yes, indeed they are willing to believe that slavery is freedom, if it's stamped by St Vladimir, never mind that he's enshrining the lockdown and permanent "pandemic," reinforced by ever newer imaginary viruses (which you may well actually believe in). This isn't really for you, bosco, it's for readers who may be tempted to believe even a shred of your propaganda-created world. Watch it, today's BRICS admirer is tomorrow's NATO worshipper, too soon to tell about the day after. To paraphrase Bob Dylan, "they just wanna be on the side they think is winning."

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Salut Bosco. Very interesting comment.

I have a thought about this"Europe's connection to its folk culture and rural past strikes me, viewing it from a grossly under-informed distance, as having become a kind of Disney parody of its ancient roots."

Remember when micron had been slaped ?:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cEqEwCbhzks

Damien Tarel (Jah (or whatever please you) bless him) did it while shouting an old royalist warrior shouting "Montjoie St Denis". You can hear him on Tv after his release: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pp7q3KgJwiM

Well, that good guy was a member of an ever growing crowed of people in France, who before the codid scam were gathering, dressing like in the so called Middle Age, Renaissance, going so far as practicing our traditional martial arts. At first I thought it was superficial but while getting in touch with them more often, I realised they were very articulate about history and actually very interesting. Far from Disney.

I must add as an interesting apart that my black daughters have always been very welcome and have never felt any king of racism during these gatherings and many took pictures of them because of them being dressed traditionally. They were right, black used to be accepted and part of our history and I advise you to watch the three given links:




Of course the power that shouldn't be never highlight that reality and whites remain horrible racists and guilty. These facts and many other could lead to reconciliation and less social tension.

Take care Bosco

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Oups, I didn't give the right link for the third picture which is one of the most interesting. This is the one I wanted to send:https://toutelaculture.com/arts/expositions/le-tresor-de-labbaye-de-saint-maurice-dagaune-sexpose-au-louvre-jusquau-16-juin/

Check the last one on the right...

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great comment, tried reading some of his stuff years ago could,nt do it

highly regarded analysts , good one lol

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An email discussion group i'm on (which is either getting more and more intermittent or else i got kicked out. :-) ) is run by a Putin/Escobar groupie who insists that questions such as proof of a "pandemic" are irrelevant because the only thing that matters is that an elite group will run the world no matter what, and so it might as well be the group that's [supposedly]more friendly to traditional forms of human existence, namely BRICS.

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Couldn't say it better myself. Indeed, that's how i responded to him. He has never responded, or has not included me in his response.

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The sanitary shield is simply a bio-metric troll gatekeeper of entry control. Russia's tourism industry will continue to take an economic hit because tourists like me will NOT go to Moscow if tourists MUST submit to a PCR test for entry. I used to go to beautiful Russia every summer since 2016. I stopped going to Russia before summer 2020 because of masks and the PCR test. The big question is how will the Russian government coerce people like me that will NOT comply? With fines?

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I remember how annoyed Bolsonaro was to have a face mask pressed on him while visiting Moscow.

Victor Hugo-Vaca related some horror stories of air travelers to Russia, possibly even forced inoculation. Getting out of China under advice, he is now stuck in Georgia, maintaining his corporeal integrity. VH-V at length as of ca minute 35:


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The more, the merrier; another piece of evidence that "we are in all this together," that is, China and Russua act in coordination with Western politicians.

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I think it's wise to remember that, with or without insane and often evil government public health programs, etc., the medical science community has been warning for some time -- and correctly -- that modern life will inevitably produce far more microbial pathogens, and pandemics will increase.

Without or without scamdemic juggernauts (WOWSJ), pandemics will increase, just as bacterial pathogens will and have grown resistant to antibiotics. WOWSJ, a people addicted to machine slaves to do real labor and foods aimed to be gustatory psychedelics rather than actual nourishment, will grow obese and depressed with weaker and weaker immune systems. This line of reasoning has been mainstream knowledge since at least the 60s. WOWPJ, ever more people living ever closer in ever more crowded building sharing at least partially common air while frequently traveling far further and more often than we did just 100 years ago, will produce more and more pandemics.

It matters little in the long run that the corporate governances, which our "democracies" have produced, have created "false-flag" pandemics any more than it matters that they produce false-flag military events. Either way, there will be major pandemics of pathogens both highly contagious and virulent along with major wars much larger and more deadly than the boutique wars we've watched on TV since Nam became a thing.

In fact, if I were an aspiring wannabe global overlord aiming to reduce the population via disease and famine rather than massive war all around, I would first run several scamdemics to alienate the people against large-scale public health programs, so that when a real killer bug made the scene, the people would refuse help. (Not that today's corporatocracies have any genuine help to offer even if they wanted to: gross incompetence inbred both genetically and, mostly, intellectually via institutionalization via structures of bureaucratic hierarchy, is grossly incompetent, period.)

But I am not a Davosian wonder-nutter, just a guy with a crazy dream of running an orphanage to get a few kids and folks through the first bottleneck with both skins and souls intact.


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It's the Mafia, dude!

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no matter if part of western liberal double standard or eastern fake socialist agenda: both inherently lazy elites need their worker ants being obedient (fearful of health, wellfare) - divide et impera and both split sides do not realize that they focus on the wrong enemy... :-)

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This morning I found that very interesting article that should make us think about the "satanic" CBDC project: https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2022/06/germany-just-gave-a-timely-lesson-onthe-dangers-of-going-completely-cashless.html

What do you think?

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Looks like Russia also has some Fauci's.

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Russia double-speak confirmed again. Add St. Petersborg and Moscow as some of the most surveillance cities and their Maiors and Russia's biggest bank 100% globalists.

The freedom loving victim of brutal West and the eager Our dear partners, My friend Klaus Swab.

Conclusion: Double-speak.

So the Russian people give it a f... finger, good, but the Cabal have planned 200 years ahead.

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Shame the vaccines they took years to develop are pretty useless. 3 weeks yeah, sure. There is a need for biosecurity but you do that by spreading the population out across the countryside and making society more independent and resilient. Can’t see that happening. More performative bullshit, just like the west.

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Here is some more proof that Putin isnt fighting against the NWO. He is the clever fox. Don't take a ride on his back, unless you mean to sting him.

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Don't know why? Here's why as stated: teamed up with Russia’s sovereign wealth fund . The Russians are reading from the German Fascist playbook.

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“In the event of an infection as dangerous as the coronavirus or perhaps more, God forbid, Russia must be ready within four days—precisely within four days—to develop its own test systems, and in the shortest possible time to create an effective domestic vaccine, to start its mass production.” Putin is clueless, CRIMINALLY clueless since his being objectively and demonstrably entirely—and persistently—ignorant in the sciences as an education/curriculum does not, in his position as president of a nation, count as an excuse. He has learned nothing in all these years, one has to wonder what he might have been able to do during the long period when he warmed a seat in the KGB. The perfect avatar of the traitor Mikhail Tukhachevsky to the disgrace of Russia and the world, he deserves to end up the same way.

Now look here to see that I am not bashing, I already said once that the Trojan, Putin, will turn out to be the biggest asshole in Russian history:

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche: Virologist, Vaccinologist, Immunologist (GAVI & Bill/Melinda Gates Found) https://www.bitchute.com/video/5TEVjYJaPdO7/

WATCH, WATCH, WATCH. Also, where I can't avoid repeating myself (same video):


Absolutely essential video to have seen, and which is also his most recent:

Headwind: Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche & urgent update!


Allow me to post the URL here, as both Dr. Byram W. Bridle and Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche are on the same page, scientifically speaking, and if I understand correctly.

There are critiques I could make NOT on the scientific level, but on the humanities level in which, and since, my point of reference is Annie Lacroix-Riz... from another galaxy as knowledge of her domain of expertise, humanities and contemporary history; and also on the musical subject, if you like, with my *idol* here being Theodor W. Adorno (to be clear, those who want to relax with music in all seriousness had better take a tranquilizer) but I will spare myself from making them as they are not determinative in what is said.

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I appreciate your interesting insight. I neglected to tie mass shooting events and prescribed medication together until your informative post. My initial thought was that these violent people are just crazy. Your insight may have crossed my mind in the past however your present post re-enforced that connection. The increased occurrence is definitely tied to prescription 'drugs'. Why does NO one ask (except people like us) >... What prescribed meds were these shooters taking? The prescribed meds must be considered as the root of the USA gun violence problem. Instead the first solution response is ....."take all the legal guns away" for extreme gun control.

In January 2020, during my annual medical check up in the USA, the drug pusher (i.e. doctor) was pushing me to take high blood pressure medication. I politely pushed back and said no thank you. I just do NOT worry about it, eat good food, and exercise.

My mom takes lisinopril for her high blood pressure and after a while she has to stop taking it because of the side effects of feeling light headed and weak. Recently, she started taking it again.

In the USA, lots of 'drug' commercials are TV broadcasted during the 30 minute "World News Tonight" on ABC. At the end of the 'drug' commercial, the speaker reads out the long list of side effects VERY fast with a blur barrage of words. (I must admit that I watch the national MSM world news with my mom when I visit my mom and sister in USA. However my TV in Belarus stays unplugged and disconnected and collects dust.)

Bottom line> Harmful prescription medication (including injections) is the REAL pandemic.

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I copied (with slight personalized editing) and pasted and sent the LDL cholesterol information to my mother. Thank you for your genuine concern. You have a heart of gold (the purest of elements). We both know modern (Rockefeller) medicine has embedded many falsehoods into how to keep well.

Both my sister and I have valiantly tried to warn my mother with tons of information about the injections too. My mother and uncle delayed getting their injections, however their both eventually followed the advice of the MSM. My mother felt lethargic and my uncle kept 'very strangely' changing the the subject back to car repair repeatedly when we were talking about home repair right after his injection. Other than that, they both appear back to normal on the surface however who really knows the extent of damage going on INSIDE the body. I believe that this a giant experiment (placebos and various dosage batches) to change human 1.0 to human 2.0 transhumanism. And also QR code tracking involving 6G.

I can NOT image either of us doing anything that would warrant an apology or a 'sorry'. I think taking a break from social media is healthy from time to time. I finally reached a point in my life to fully appreciate gifts. A sunrise, sunset, rainbow, beautiful flower and a post from you energizes my mind. Even if you posted once in a blue moon, I (and fellow readers including Riley) would feel thankful. You and your insightful, informative posts are like a breath of fresh clean crisp air in a forest of untamed wilderness. There is a forest very close nearby where I live and I a took a walk there yesterday late afternoon so I know how forest air feels.

My business card project is nearing completion although I plan to make a prototype first and show Riley if I get the chance to see him in early July (Russia mandate for PCR test nullified on 14 June.) May the best of health and good fortune be yours to have and hold.

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ALL shining knights who display bravery/knowledge deserve heaps of roses/praise with the honor bestowed upon them. Your strong shield of noncompliance and REFUSAL to be injected defended by your mighty sword of wisdom are admired by me and EVERYONE who knows your good deeds. Quote by Sun Tzu > "To subdue the enemy WITHOUT fighting is the acme of (critical thinking mind) skill."

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