Lab leak is the seeded story designed to look like it was true by suppression.


We're dealing with snake oil salesmen for decades. Virology is pseudoscience


Wow, Russia trusted the western poison, err "medicine" remdesevir?

Either they are beyond stupid or lying.

Both cases, it makes me not trust in them at all.

They're simps of the WHO and Western big pharma.

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Hi Edward, here to throw a curveball. Midazolam.

See, the UK conveniently had a spike of deaths in April 2020. But various UK sleuths (not myself) found Midazolam orderings spiked during this period... as did dementia deaths and COVID-19 deaths. One *peer-reviewed* paper said April 2020 had an abnormal three-fold spike in dementia deaths.

The cause is Midazolam, which is a lethal injection drug. I detailed in-depth here:


And the chain of planning is explicit, including Dr "Good Death" Evans and Matt Hancock explicitly mentioning ordering *2 years worth of Midazolam* in less than *1 month*. They cleared out a French pharmaceutical company's *entire* stock:


We even have a case example of a woman who published records showing their elderly parent got given Midazolam, died the same day, and then saw COVID-19 and pneumonia on the death certificate:


It changes the entire dimensions of the 'pandemic'. Notice all the elderly and sick and ill are killed off in Russia? That's Midazolam - a lethal drug, by the way, no benefit - target demograph.

Russia might not have used Midazolam, they may have used something else (different formulation, chemical, brand name), but we have the smoking gun now.

They're already looking to throw Matt Hancock under the bus on a lesser charge of "wilful misconduct":


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This was a manufactured crisis. The pure, blatant Hegelian nature of it is just mind-blowing. If the virus even exists, it is mild, but it was hyped up to be the Black Death. I grew skeptical after the first month when numbers didnt jive with predictions but the hysteria kept building until "voila" Warp Speed will save us with the vaccines. What proceeded from that was "nudging," social pressure, and stigamatization. Mandates came next. Was the experience of the Russians any different from those of us in the West? Hello, anyone else see the universal pattern of behavior?

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Thanks very much for this thorough and timely debunking, Riley!

It is sad to see entities within the "health freedom" movement pick up this fraud of a story. Particularly bad on the part of Children's Health Defense and RFK Jr, its head, who has a coming book pushing this crackpot crack pipe theory, and who has promoted the hype pushed by organs of truth such as the Wall Street Journal and New York Times, complete with China bashing, with Naomi Wolf joining in.

I wrote a piece about CHD's behavior and its refusal to deal with Christine Massey's FOI requests which have gathered admissions by over 200 global health entities admitting they have no proof for the physical isolation and purification of this alleged phantom virus, it can be viewed at .


WATT’S UP WITH KATHERINE WATT? “NO COMMENT” ON OFFICIAL LEGAL CONFESSIONS, Jeffrey Strahl, 2/18/23. Links in the text at the page.

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Love your posts Edward

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Thank YOU, Edward. YES, you’ve got it correct!!! I’ve got blood shooting out of my eyeballs from just five minutes ago in response to the “bullshit Lab Leak nonsense” from Peter A. McCullough, MD, MPH. He’s got some of it (the micro science) correct, but, I said in response to his last post, if you’ll pardon my screeching:

NO! NO! NO! You make it sound as if all this was a mistake or a misstep of honest vaccine development; a “misstep?” You’ve got a lot of the science correct by focusing on the proteins and immunity, but that’s it, almost like it’s intentional. The vaccines were developed to MURDER people, just the same as the so-called COVID Lab Leak; not a mistake or misstep! That’s complete BULLSHIT, doctor. Both the Virus and the Vaccines were Military Grade Weapons, not a god damn leak, and I can prove the media’s responses and reporting was also NOT a mistake, but Military Misinformation and Misdirection. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’ve researched ALL the scientific studies and doctors who’ve been complaining for decades about being stifled or destroyed for saying what I am now saying, what I have been saying for years. I know what I’m talking about. You are NOT doing all your homework, just part of it, or just enough so not to step on too many toes, or for whatever the reason…you are, in part, wrong about the who, what, when and why of it all. And I just don’t get it. You are too smart, and I just don’t’ get your half-way up the pyramid explanations, and you are not alone in doing this. Let me repeat: People are being Murdered by both Military Grade Bio-Weapons and Media coverage, and you are not helping by denying this bloody evil fact.

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Thanks for this!

fwiw- in response to Malone's tweet pushing the lab leak BS, it looks like Patrick Henningsen over at 21st Century Wire is calling out Malone's BS and how he's helping promote US govt narrative (setting us up for war with China:

Henningsen: It’s an exciting theory Robert, only where is the evidence of this super virus you claim sprung from a Wuhan Lab? Interesting how you are now promoting US govt’s latest *official* conspiracy theory. Nothing more than WMDs 2.0, only China is the geopolitical target this time.

(Henningsen knows the virus is a scam)

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Once again superb material, Riley. The opposing US-made vs China-made narratives serve the triple purpose of deflecting blame from the actual culprits, terrorising the population with the prospect of future leaks, and confirming the "East vs West" framework to the respective camps. This is how the cabal, through shills like Unz, keeps society ignorant and polarised.

Unless more people wake up to this, the future is bleak.

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The CEO of Moderna claimed they started manufacture of the "vaccine" in 2019 and expected to make a Billion $. They patented the vaccine sequence in 2019. They also patented the same sequence in 2015.

I imagine the same teams did both.

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'Nosocomial infections' means illnesses which were acquired in hospital, right?

One thing that is heavily polluting the atmosphere in hospitals is electro-magnetic radiation from all the WIFI outlets at every bed and from hospital equipment.

I wonder why nobody wants to mention that?

Could it be because non-ionising electro-magnetic frequencies are considered 'harmless' even in Russia, the home of the world's foremost expert, Yuri Grigoriev?


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Why does Putin always have most meme able pics??

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"The implication here seems to be that a leaky lab murdered lots and lots of people, and not the last three years of organized culling under the guise of “public health.”

Replace "culling" with 'homicide' and I'll concur. "Culling" requires a degree of foresight and concern not available to mere gain-of-profit bureaucracies. The idea that "they" care enough about anything outside their shiny personal bubble-domes (what used to be called "lives" until we learned to let the entertainment complex do our living for us) to want to reduce the population or get rid of irksome dissidents, does not incite my conviction.

They care about as much about us as, well, we care about them. In most modern democracies, this means about a 50% average voter turnout rate, which translates into 'meh'. But we are trained to live our lives per the orders intoned by the priests atop the pyramid, and so we confuse our actions (especially our compliance) with their dictates.

If we'd stop being mesmerised by persons in, and institutions of, arbitrary authority, we might figure out what we might do with our lives other than bitch about TPTB while submitting to... not jackboot thugs but an incessant slurry of commercials, soundbites, and substackular oracles.

That said, there is a certain art to rabble rousing, even if the rabble one rouses is mostly one's own digestion:


But it's not the same without a whoopie cushion:


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Same all same all my friend. Same MO is played in every big country who act like they are opposed to then make us want to have military industry complex. Who owns most of bigpHarma in the west? Same tribe as in Russia, right? Right. 80 congressman in US have dual citizenship with Israel. Their spiel is not that hard to imagine. They rely on shabbos goys to make it all work.

"This is how you protect yourself from an Anglo-Saxon bioweapon."

Creating the same to jump to profits faster or are they ALL in on it and being coordinated from the same command center? Ja. I think so. Russia vs West is a game to impose digitized tyranny and nwo world communism.

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Omigosh, RFK,Jr. used to be pro-vaccine. What an evil heel he must be. Why, he's as bad as me: I *used* to be pro-vaccine, too.

A word of un-asked for advice: when navigating down a rabbit hole dug by weasels, it is wise to keep one's eyes on the tunnel, not splitting hairs in the dark.

Context: https://time.com/3012797/vaccine-rfk-jr-thimerosal/

I can no longer tell whether the comments sections on today's cutting edge blogs are unintentional humor or if conspiracy theory is now THE cool thing all the hep kids are into -- and therefore ruining it as we hep kids always do.

Nor can I tell who is a bot or not, since knee-jerk dogmatism coupled with rag-tag "exposes" take turns with pedantic sanctimonious 'my truth is truthier than yours', and bots can do that stuff all year long in about half an hour.

Vonnegutt infamously and waggishly said, regarding the Dubya admin in the early 911 years: "Real horror is waking up and finding out that your high school class is running the country."

I add that real horror is realizing that, no matter where I go, if there are humans involved, there is no escaping high school.


So, these three conspiracy theorists enter a... "discussion"....

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“We are the prey” by Breggins sheds some light on this mess. Funny, but Malone sued the couple over accusations of manipulation branded as “mass formation” (another rabbit shit hole scam).

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Ere I get my bile engaged, I'll say this: 'leaks<>not<>leaks' is itself more divisive chatter material for us simps.

Was the virus aka "it" the result of misguided medical policy/science? Check

Was the "it" the result of malicious profiteering via misguided medical policy/science? Check

Was the "it" the result of misguided gain-of-function research? Check (the lineage and get back to me, but I'm, hardly convinced otherwise, since gain-of-function is bioweapons 101 and, really, who cares how it got released? Or what it was? Whatever that was, it ain't no mo, 'cept maybe in some super-secret cylinder deep under-somewhere.)

Does zoonosis naturally happen? Check

Has our century of massive inoculation, massive sanitation, and massive congestion of humans and any critter that we regularly consume, increased zoonosis that affects humans? Check

"It" could have been released on purpose or on accident.

"It" could have been produced entirely "naturally", on purpose, or both.

"It" could be zackally what they wanted or an unfortunate misstep in carefully laid plans or at least compulsively nurtured crack-pipe dreams.

We know very little about "it", partly because we drown in countless oracular explanations of what the truth *really* is, today's hottest new cottage industry.

We do, however, know an awful lot about what they did and do using "it" as justification. That seems worth focusing on. Discussing how much of this current lab-leak info-leak stream is a manipulation or limited hangout etc. is almost certainly doomed to the same fate as Who Shot JFK and How DID the Death Star take down the 911 Towers?!?!? (Were the Towers really real? Or was it like the lunar landing hoax or the 2024 prez-elekshun?)

Here and now we are provided, courtesy of my personal URL of Clairvoyance, scene from the "attempted takeover" of the Kremlin in 2025 after Putin dies of Eurocarditis


I cannot yet find footage of Kremlin police escorting her inside, but trust it will manifest if enough of us pray.

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