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I'll try to be brief. There are two types of places where one can escape at least some of the craziness of the forthcoming NWO:

- type one - forgotten places of the world, that are too insignificant for globalists to pay too much attention to, or countries that we call "failed states" where the government capability to enforce its will over people is greatly diminished. Examples of such places could be countries like Nicaragua, Belarus, parts of Iraq, some countries on African and South American continents.

- type two - countries that represent a strongly typed civilization that doesn't consider itself secondary with respect to the Western civilization and the globalist one that emerged from its Western roots. Such states are a very rare find now days and I think that China is the only one today that charts its own course.

Russia doesn't fit into these two categories. First, unlike, for example, neighboring Ukraine it has much more powerful state institutions to "bend its citizens into a buck's horn" (translation of a Russian saying - в бараний рог свернуть, meaning bend someone to one's will). But along with a strong state, that was very traditional for Russia and emerged during the time of Mongol rule (did you know, Russia and China were parts of the same Empire for about 200 years?), Russian elites today feel deeply secondary with respect to the Western elites. So, in other words, Soviets until at least mid-sixties of the 20th century, felt equal and superior to the "rotting West", a cliche of that time, since they were building civilization of a new type that belonged to the "man the creator". But this was slowly but surely replaced by another sentiment which became prevalent by the 80s. If we are so smart, why don't we have 100 sorts of sausage at the store and why can't we buy jeans without paying whole month's salary for a pair?

For today's Russian elites people are nuisance. They simply don't need that many people to work at the oil and gas rigs, to maintain the pipelines, or to work in the mines and quarries to extract precious minerals from Russia's soil. As now freshly elected deputy in Russian Duma, Mikhail Delyagin says "every babushka receiving her pension and other benefits from the state makes Abramovich's (replace for desired oligarch's name) yacht one centimeter shorter". Russia posted reductions in population now for 2 years in a row, 340 thousand in 2020 that was a 15 year record and it is going to be one million in 2021, a record since WWII. And most of it, even according to official statistics, is not because of the famous sniffles, it's the intended policy to reduce the government provided services to the point when the vulnerable and state dependent part of population will start dying off naturally. West chose remdesivir and madazalam, Russia has its own methods, but all of them achieve the same goal.

I promised to be brief ))) so, I'll have to conclude. Russia today is far from being an oasis to escape from NWO. Yes, it has some things going for it, like the majority of the population (unheard of in today's world!) that simply sees through the government's ploy. It has a lot of great thinkers that understand the global processes and can present alternative models of development for the whole of humanity, but these people are completely removed from the power circles and masses that are great at passive resistance, didn't come to a point of boiling yet that would make them not pay attention to police brutality, steep fines and jail terms.

At this moment I personally chose to stay put where I'm, in US and Canada, and hold the ground here. Especially that we are beginning to see a change in narrative and there are other tepid signs of hope that are emerging. People in power here are beginning to realize that with the complete loss of trust in the institutions they were creating for such a long time, they could lose the ultimate control over people and they don't want this to happen, so they have to adjust.

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I should be glad if it turns out it is simply possible to VISIT Russia as a tourist this coming summer, as an unvaxxed. So far, except for traveling, life has been pretty normal for me and my family. None of us three (boy age 8) has been jabbed or will ever be jabbed. I work in the social/health sector in direct patient care and even so are still at work. I have been advised to take the shot of course, but have made it clear I will not, even to the degree of writing an official statement that I am healthy and will take legal steps if my rights are infringed upon.

So now I just have to take a rapid test at work every 72 hours and all is okay. We still don't have QR-code rules in Norway. They are contemplating it despite both the political and health authorities admitting it has nothing to do with health, but rather to "inspire" even more to have the jab.

Move to Russia if things turn south here in the west? For me, probably not as approaching my late 50's and don't see how that would make me an "essential worker" or something :-)

We have family in Russia and it's terrible that our 8 year old son and his grandmother in Crimea has not been able to meet for over 2 years because of this plandemic. It's really simple folks, the people in charge don't care about regular people.

Omicron has changed everything, but we must expect the crazies will let lose something really terrible as they're getting more and more desperate. I don't know, but rumours are nasty things like Ebola or similar. Crazy, huh? But at this stage, is any possibility crazy enough to be dismissed? Will they take us to war? Russia and China are fully capable of destroying the west, including the US, as they're far ahead technologically.

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> Shafalinov says ... how if the Russian government were smart ... it would open its doors to refugees from all over and then harness their talents to do cool stuff.

Understatement of the year. Russia was looking promising pre-2020 with all the crazy wokeness in the West. But they've just shot themselves in the foot with this covid madness. #DoNotWant

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The answer is: Russia is both an anti-globalist oasis AND a clot-shot hellhole. But it is a WEF run anti-globalist oasis which means it really is a Cult node which is why it is a death injection hellhole, or rapidly becoming one.

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> Check out the license plate number.

And isn't "вакцинация" pronounced "vacci-Nazi-ya"?

Paging Dr. Mengele...

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Keep fighting.

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There is no need to move anywhere. You will find people from both camps wherever you go. Amsterdam, yesterday:


Tens of thousands of people attended, and they didn't give a shit about police brutality, either. Search and you will find the same groups of people in your country, even in the worst places like Australia.

As far as I understand it, the phase of implementation is about the same as well in Russia. Cattle tags and clot shots are already implemented, as are the expansion plans. There also, no need to uproot yourself.

But it's "great" to hear someone finally had the balls to ascribe someting positive to Stalin, the guy who didn't trust his own ass and was responsible for so much death and misery in Russia. The good doctor should sit down with the last remaining people that survived the gulags and listen to their stories. Consider it a privilege. The west has lost this anchor, all the ones that suffered under Hitler are dead and gone now.

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both china and russia are revolutionary states, in the sense both adopted enlightenment values from the West but stopped their revolutions in 1945, since neither was occupied by America. so the "values" America imposed on her satrapies post 1945 were not imposed on the dragonbear. but everything the ENlightenment created from 1789 until 1945 was

about cattle tags. unfortunately this blog exists and now I know Russia is imposing them. But china isn´t. some local governments have, but there is no federal mandate.

so a quick experiment: suppose God destroys Russia and China tomorrow. 100% die and their lands become ocean. would that free westerners from Schwab and his globalist ilk? now do the opposite. God destroys the 5 eyes anglo nations. and only them. does that help or hinder cattle tags in Russia and china?

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I'll stay and fight robots with Tessa. Except, I won't use love guns. Robots are pretty pathetic adversaries, tbh

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