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The paymaster rings the bell:

The scrivener sings a sly, palsied tune –

Lies, tricks & half-truths pell-mell;

Evasion of reality jejeune.

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Bonjour Riley,

Your work is just invaluable. I France there are two commentators of the Russian politic who are more nuanced than the STF about the real situation. I try as much as I can to make your contribution known by French researchers.

Take care

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I think you have it aced. Has Kirby replied?

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The way I see it, any country that is pushing the jab is working for the Globalists.

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These people are just like those who think Julian Assange is a real fighter for truth.

Sure, he says honest things. Sure, the west is after him.

But he downplayed looking into 911

And played like the convid narrative was real.

Edward Snowden is even more bullshit, funny he's in Russia.

It's a limited hangout operation. Putin is like Trump, a fake nationalist that bends over for the globalist micro penises.

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Interesting times to say the least. Here in the west, there is also all the talk about abolishing Covid measures. But there are also countries like Austria who have mandated clot shots for all persons above 18 years, last thursday. So there, everybody is going down, no more need for cattle tagging?

It will be interesting to see if this QR business is continued seperately from other Covid measures. Human rights taken away are very difficult to get back. Rumor has it that the QR system will be applied to other causes, like a carbon emission allowance, or maybe even the distribution of food. Both of which are in line with the 2030 agenda. Or maybe they just can't use administrative red tape surrounding Covid to play a role in the upcoming Ukrain conflict...

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All Around Me I See Treason, Cowardice and Deceit!

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Bickering, dickering flocks

The sheep ran to their shots

And one by one

‘Till there were none

Bickering, dickering, flocks

--Colonel Wallis

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No surprise, my track “I’m a Shill” was loosely based on Tim Kirby’s autobiography. He even had a show on RT at one point.

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