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As oft-remarked: they're all in on it.

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Why is no "alternative" media in the west talking about this? They still treat Russia like the defender of humanity against the NWO.. couldn't be furter from the truth it seems.

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More 5D chess from Vladimir, eh? Oh, i get it, these are the good shots, Tom Luongo and Matt Ehret tell us they are, so they must be. :-) Thanks, Riley, big thanks for staying sane in the face of insane circumstances.

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Sounds like they are probing the populace...

Chipping people doesn't look promisingly popular in Russia; injecting them with the Russian version(s) of the poison is spawing even more trouble...

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This is exactly why the US is currently pushing for the Covid slurry for infants, once this begins they will push for it to be added to the calendar vaccine schedule for childhood immunizations along with the other required jabs. This is a perpetual revenue stream for the pharmaceutical industry. It’s not well known that in the US that NONE of the required jabs have ever undergone double blind placebo safety studies. Will repeat again…NONE of the jabs currently administered in the USA have undergone double blinded placebo safety testing. This was signed into law under President Ronald Regan. The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (NVICP) is the first-ever U.S. "no-fault" compensation system for patients (or their families) who suffer serious adverse reactions from required childhood vaccines. By removing most of the liability burden from manufacturers for immunization-related injuries, the program was expected to help stabilize the supply and price of vaccines (Mariner, 1991). The NVICP was established as part of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (Public Health Service Act, 1987; 100 Stat. 3756, codified as Title XXI of the Public Health Service Act at 42 USC 300aa-1 et seq. (Supp. V 1987)), but it did not become operational until the fall of 1988.

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Я люблю эту произведе́ние.

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Conspirology is an exact science.

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In the article, there is a link to an older post, "You will be tagged."

I have just explored the subject of "tagging" people and implanting them with nanoparticles through the "covid tests," not just through the injections.


And here about "covid tests" engineering an impression of the pandemic by repeatedly damaging the olfactory nerves and the entire limbic system with those long serrated swabs, which cause loss of smell and taste and other flu-like symptoms, falsely attributed to "covid."


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Surely to christ that's nothing less than outright insanity?

I mean ALL invasions of the body should surely be kinda 'last resort' things as a matter of first principle shouldn't they?

You take a medicine because you have to, not because you want to. Nature is best, surely?

All circumventions of the natural process end up perverting it. Reliance on 'foreign' things destroys the ability of natural thing. Just like not walking would eventually destroy your legs. They atrophy from non use.

There seems to be this worldwide notion that we can and should create a 'superhuman' invincible by any microbe or virus that remains that way by virtue of constant ingestion of designer drugs.

Doesn't anyone see that's not a 'superhuman' at all? It's not even 'human'. It is a subhuman. A weakened totally dependent thing ready to die at any time when taken off life support.

People really seem to want to be this.

Is that insane or is that insane?

And my disappointment with Putin and Russia is just about total by now.

I'm casting about the world looking for some other nation/leader I can use a hope and exemplar.

Anyone know of any candidates?

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That's a strange strategy Russia is masking, NO GMO's, lowest EMF radiation among most countries and now that, death by GMO injection for everybody???? I guess NOT for everybody, but only the 'useless eaters', like everywhere else. Who are the ones who intend to stay???

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I will answer. One must know about the influence of Alain de Benoist on Dugin and Putin, about the Eurasist block under construction.

The creation of the Eurasist block supposed to represent « multipolarity » is in fact a necessary milestone to a New World Order) . Eurasism is a tool that emerged in 1920, and again in 1991, when the former Western tool called Communism fell apart in ex-USSR. Alexandr Dugin professed a conservative revolution. (Opening parenthesis about the false duality East/West: Antony Sutton detailed how Communism was never a counter-weight to Capitalism but used by Western corporations to steal Soviet Union’s wealthiness: just an exemple between others: Averell Harriman, n°1 of the Skull and Bones organization, filled his pockets with russian manganese mines / Transfer of touchy technologies from the West to gaz fabric in the Soviet Union, etc) and to destroy middle classes, like the Covid does currently. Closing parenthesis). Eurasism is the new tool to come, an "opposition" aiming at creating a broader block, including Russia, China, Slavonic european countries, a fringe of latest ussr republics, and . And is promoted by Alexander Dugin and Sergueï Glazyev, close relatives to Putin, as a counter-weight to the West. Putin admits he is an eurasist: https://www.revuemethode.org/m011810.html The concept of Eurasist storyline is the following: Western Political Modernity (LGBT, permissive democracy, pornography, homosexual weddings, depravation, « human rights » and freedom or open society trends, individualism, atheism, immigrationism, destruction of cultures, etc) well « this Political Modernity comes to its end ». Of course Dugin won’t say a word about the fact that the media and deep-state system patiently and intentionnally helped to sustain this western civilization « model », since the french revolution up to now for ex placing depraved leaders on the thrones (Macron and his husband- the Brigitte scandal, Macron mocked and received by a man with a skirt at the Kremlin, Biden the pedophile, Trudeau idem, Zelensky the piano, etc, why do you think this is highlighted in the media? why do you think this happen if not creating an artificial image of the West? And all the rest I describe hereunder. ) But fortunately, to face it, thanks God, Eurasism is there for you. Dugin and Glazyev present you their latest production: Russia and its Traditional Values. Ready for the storyline you will have to swallow in the next coming years (storyline mostly artificial on both sides) ? Rolling:

West (seafaring civilization) <==> Russia

Political Modernity <==> Traditions

Immigrationnism&globalism <==> Nationalism

Mobility <==> Land-based civilisation

Atheism, rationality <==> Faith, Respect of religions (*)

Individualism, human rights <==> Collectivism, common good

Disney culture <==> Traditional culture

LGBT, gay prides, porno <==> Family, heterosexuality, decency

Consumerism, materialism <==> Religiosity, if not austerity (you will own nothing..)

Bioethics <==> Natural family

Permissiveness, liberal democracy <==> Authority, if not Dictatorship or Monarchy

Racism <==> Plurality of civilizations

Progressism <==> Conservatism

Open society <==> Closed society

Chaos <==> Order

Decline <==> New cultural and power center, Russia enlighting the world

Artificial, in the sense that above-mentioned Western characteristics or « values » are only the result of a long-term, undermining and background work on Western civilizations, mainly from a c✡mmunity that suffered a l✡t, and this started at least with the « French » Revolution. This c✡mmunity, of poor imagination, supranational and well identified elite of arsonists firemen, is only able to produce a single and repetitive scenario : creating a monster (Biden/Macron..) or any painful event (9-11) to propose a savior embodying opposite values (Putin) or propose a solution (Patriot Act). This supranational force helped create a spoiled and depraved West over decades and even centuries,

That’s why not a single minute I believe that Putin is an opponent to the Western World, but a co-starring partner.

So this is how the mediatic marketing Propaganda Staffel will sell you the « Russian Spirit », the « Holy Russia » and all of this b—-.

Personnally I don’t think Western Europeans need a russian protectorate to set up the tempo. Neither do we need them to teach us any values we alreay have in our souls.

Rather like theorized by Leopold Kohr in his book « The Breakdown of Nations », this elite would enhance the ego and ethnic identities pride of Asian, Russian and other European Slavic populations to sell them the idea of a common Eurasist block, and get their acceptance.

In Western Europe, we wouldn’t be part of the Eurasist block, but « only » under Russian protectorate.

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Russian government officials reneged on dropping the PCR test requirement for foreigners traveling into Russia by air travel. Looks like I may have to travel via train and then fly back to Belarus. I must say I am very disappointed. There is probably a under-handed scheme in letting wealthy investment foreigners (WITHOUT PCR test) into Russia to attend the Saint Petersburg Economic Forum.

Unfortunately, "their' diabolical plot to combine the flu injection with other poison injections while making this injection concoction cocktail a requirement for the purpose of depopulation and QR code digital ID control is still simmering hot on the stove top back burner. Maybe the stove top front burner depending on what country one lives in.

I recommend to stay positive with vigilance, apply countermeasures by building a local area informational support and non-compliance network. Riley has built an international informational support coalition network (Russia, Belarus, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, USA, England, Canada) on this posting board.

I recently listened to Riley on Whitney Webb (who lives in Chile) 4-month old podcast on rokfin.


Good to hear your voice Riley!

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A good way for their enemies to seriously injure all the Russians.

Surely they have the scientific firepower to make a harmless protein jab, or just get one off the Cubans.

Why they are using the Astra Zeneca - uK Wellcome Trust fascist viral vector tech is completely beyond me.

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Since the flu vaccine makes coronviruses worse, this makes sense. It's a great strategy to vaccinate against health. Congratulations. See US military study on flu vaccine and corona viruses.

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Cherubic Hymn about harm, sign? What's that mean to you, ES? (It's lovely the soundtrack of our tragedy.)

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Last couple years indicate idiocy is global in scope, and is entirely indifferent to political system. Must have something to do with the nature of the human operating system.

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