Absolutely crazy! How can the Russian health ministry develop a so called "monkeyvirus" PCR test when Russia has NO cases of so called "monkeyvirus"? Where did "they" get the so called "monkeyvirus" sample from in order to develop a scam test? From Spain the country with the most "monkeyvirus" cases or from "their" own biolab? I stand by my conviction that the PCR test is a DNA gathering tool. Seems like Russian health care ministers are promiscuous and go to bed haphazardly with the WHO. PLEASE BE FAITHFUL TO THE RUSSIAN PEOPLE and truly care about the heath care of Russians!

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Well done Riley! You've done a great job!

"So much hatred and division in the world right now; so much misunderstanding and bloodlust."


"What could possibly unite us during these increasingly dark and uncertain times? How about a new useless PCR test for a new global health hoax?"


Last but not least

"They’re pretty open about it, honestly"

As a matter of fact THEY DID NOT HIDE ANYTHING AT ALL! The "Event 201" and then the "Monkey Pox tabletop "exercise" ... Putin et all in "young global leaders program" etc...THEY actually pit all of their plans right on people faces!

Since then ALL GOVERNMENTS around the world and their thugs have been trashing their own laws and principles and mentally and physically violating and killing their own citizens with lockdowns and clot shot...

Obviously, It's the sheeple that do not want to hear or see anything at all.

This human race has lost its survival and self-preservation instinct.

The whole world has become a giant boiling frog! No, actually a herd of guinea pigs literally!

As always, take care my young friend!

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This is a lot of monkeying around...it's not very PC to accept from R. But there is funny monkey biz with PCR. Check what kind it is. There are old ones and new ones; and in general the new ones are synthetic target recombinant based - here is an old one https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2567051/

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A more appropriate headline: "Shit shifting in progress, sidekick Russia offers to supply WHO friends with monkeypox PCR tests." Or, if you prefer, "If we want things to stay as they are, things will have to change [=Tancredi], Russia offers to supply WHO friends with monkeypox PCR tests."

Anyhow, with reference 6th column Robert Malone,

Monkey Pox Update: “War Game” Scenario Planning. “The Controlled Media Have No Shame”. Dr. Robert Malone


Letting aside the unremarkable, as well as unlikely... here on the *Italians*, usual Malone's bullshit—what about Molière's [Jean-Baptiste Poquelin] «un sot savant est plus sot qu’un sot ignorant» while we're at it, Robertino?—let's look at:

Japan, February 2020, Epidemiology of COVID-19 Outbreak on Cruise Ship Quarantined at Yokohama, essentially a Petri dish created,


The Canary Islands, May 2022, Maspalomas Gay Pride [take a look at the pics, who has seen some Dr. Kary B. Mullis', a real genial guy unlike the Philistine Malone, full interview where he talks about the *category*, about the risks which gays so often are willing to take because of their *style* of living?, cf. https://www.globalresearch.ca/kary-b-mullis-no-infection-illness-can-accurately-diagnosed-pcr/5757224].

Petri dish reloaded... Has anyone not heard of plausible deniability yet?

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Very much watchable,

Dr. Peter McCullough & John Leake (Taking On The Global Biopharmaceutical Complex)


Uni[versity] cafeteria/brainstorming grade of discussion in general, but with very good moments here and there, I did not struggle at all to get to the end, that is, I was not tempted to stop watching at any time.

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17h ago [...T]he latest data on monkeypox... Monkeypox infections in humans are increasing in the West. An overview. Daily cases of monkeypox outside Africa. Confirmed cases and suspected cases, by reporting date, as of June 3, 2022...


02.06.2022 [T]wo new monkeypox cases reported in Switzerland... The federal government now counts a total of six laboratory-confirmed cases in this country. However, the authorities do not speak of a danger...

Does this ring a bell?

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Note well, one thing for sure the Deep State has successfully accomplished is the almost total destruction of the so-called alt-media, indistinguishable from the MSM...it's a case of rethinking Adorno's designation, spot on as usual, of 'culture industry' several decades ago; I, for one, will read less than 5% compared to what I used to read. (It has the advantage of leaving more time to do really more important and interesting things.)

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More simply, it is owned by the Deep state to which it is accountable. Cf. Lenin and 'The Aristocracy of Labor'. Now that we are in the terminal phase of a... thin-layer chromatography, if you will, among civilization, it is very noticeable; also, the deep state can now afford to sacrifice anyone at will, so it doesn't care.

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Kakistocracy Indonesia:


Sabtu, 28 Mei 2022, Kemenkes Terbitkan Edaran Waspada Cacar Monyet, Hewan Bisa Tularkan ke Manusia

Where Tempo = 1,000% trash answering to the Deep state moreover.

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Addendum: nota bene that I am talking of *supporting evidence* as in plausible deniability and storytelling at a higher degree [as in Roland Barthes... Degree zero writing] as, of course, the Deep state needs setting things in motion at a much broader level, a cruise and parties certainly not being enough, in fact serving as the Boeing's in 9/11.

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MONKEYPOX cases as of today, globally, where they are; UK, Spain, Portugal seems to be leading the pack, why? hhhmmmm? Nigeria & Congo where…


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Oh God, please NO!

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Russia once again lead the way in health care. Hurray for Dr Putin, the virology explorer. Thanks, Riley!

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I'm hearing an old Elvis Costello song in my head, Watching the Detectives, sung as Tracking the Infections.

It's the new thing to do.

Media says: pay attention. Almost everyone does. Most believe more than not (or close enough), a minority are more skeptical than not. They all tend to agree or disagree over something the media told them.

We then form opinions which are primarily defined by whether our opinion prevailingly believes media or prevailingly disbelieves media. Sort of a Janusian thing, although one side (the skeptical) is usually much smaller than the other side. But sometimes the polarity shifts, usually creating creating enormous transformation that makes the small face much larger than the big face, transforming it's features. In time the old big face resumes dominant position while the huge-for-a-while face shrinks to its normal minority position.


Skepticism is rampantly on the rise globally, much of it in response to the overwhelming credulity of the majority (something a wise lunatic I briefly knew called "the Stockholm syndrome writ large"). Soon skepticism will be huge and enormous (and almost certainly painful) transformation will occur.


Will the WHO/Davosian New World Leaders succeed in its attempt to rule the world by medical fiat? Will Putin save us by his 5-D chess brilliance? Do I know a false dichotomy when I see one? Maybe not but I'm pretty sure that Ernest P. Worrell does:


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I'm more of a co-creator than a comrad, however, I can point you toward MANY PCR tests going back to 2006. But none compares with the TAR of the Chinese, toward whom we will likely pivot just to say F-U to the Russian one, which is probably close if not the same. I believe Whitney Webb has talked extensively about the effort to get us to pivot toward China because Russia is SO BAD. The whole thing contrived. Here's the Chinese one, made just recently. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35393265/

Nice and fresh. Only just published in Feb, 2022 But not like fresh bread; sadly, no. It contains only mutant yeast and synthetic targets... the yeast that you would not want to use for bread even if there were not shortages due to the manufactured crisis that all the elites could have avoided if they wanted us to have good bread instead of mutant saccharomyces PCR tests for inflatable zit virus. "Poor saccaromyes," someone said, "It does not deserve to be abused like this!"

Let's do peace, not war. Let's stop ALL corruptions, wherever we are in the world, with a hand of kindness and a discerning eye and a loving soul

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Multiple PCR tests for monkey pox, that is, not just generally!

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Yes. I get that! Since WHO is the one requesting it, it will seem morally superior to decline it...then the only alternative will be the China one (of course we could have made our own, we have plenty of other ones...but, is this not convenient to get us to accept Chinas? I may be wrong...but Only certain countries will opt out, the ones that do will likely pivot to China's PCR as a way of virtue signaling and perhaps covering over reasons we shouldn't be so cozy with China.

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