Russian doctors blow the whistle on Sputnik V

Medical professionals say Russian government is covering up widespread post-vaccination complications and deaths

At the end of October, a group of doctors, biologists, lawyers, political scientists and psychologists met in St. Petersburg to discuss what was actually happening in their country. As far as we know, there was never any English-language coverage of their conference.

Below are some excerpts.

Dr. Pavel Vorobyov:

Official information on post-vaccination complications is closed and is not available to us. Moreover, there is no complete information about the third phase of testing “Sputnik V”. There is information that preliminary tests of this drug were carried out on mainly military personnel, which is illegal. At the very least, we collected our statistics, interviewed 30 thousand vaccinated and noted in the recommendations that it is necessary to create a service to collect information about post-vaccination complications. It is quite obvious that there is a direct correlation with COVID vaccination: the cases of thrombosis, myocarditis, pericarditis in vaccinated people are ten times higher than in those who received other vaccines.

Human rights activist Denis Shulga:

According to the law, [Russian authorities] are obliged to keep records and control of post-vaccination complications. But they either do not do this, or they hide information. As a result, we are offered to believe [Gamaleya Center Director] Alexander Gintsburg that “After vaccination with Sputnik V, no fatalities were recorded” ( In fact, the first reports of deaths after experimental drugs, mistakenly called vaccines, began to appear as early as spring 2021. In the beginning, they were few, and the citizens did not pay enough attention to them. Since June 2021, there have been more such reports as officials began to actively force people to experiment. Since September 2021, an average of at least a dozen new reports of deaths of citizens soon after vaccination began to appear on the Internet every day. Social activists, independent researchers began to collect their own databases. Today, this is being done by the League of Patients' Defenders, OD “Moscow Parents”, OD “Stopvaktsizm”, Telegram channel “Victims of Vaccine Abuse”, post-vaccines.rf, individual bloggers. Our project “Stovaccism” has a database of 430 similar reports of deaths after the use of experimental drugs, which supposedly should prevent death and severe disease. These are all stories with specific names and documents. An order of magnitude more anonymous messages are received.

Dr. Sophia Naumenko:

I have been working as a general practitioner for more than 15 years, and I have never seen so many patients after vaccinations (as after COVID vaccination). We always had vaccinations, but the complications were rare. Today, patients with post-vaccination complications come to me every day. They are divided into two types: urgent and delayed complications. These can be both the most serious conditions, and those that many do not immediately pay attention to. The huge polymorphism of symptoms is caused by the characteristics of the virus itself and the vaccine. Worst of all, vaccines appear to cause the same symptoms as the so-called “post-COVID syndrome”, which often manifests itself in people some time after the transfer of COVID-19. This suggests the following: either the vaccine is not effective, or it is the cause of the same symptoms - and then this is the basis for its immediate withdrawal.

Even if people think they have tolerated the vaccine well, there is no guarantee that they will not face the same problems in two months. The main problems include damage to the nervous tissue, disseminated intravascular coagulation (blood clotting). It turns out that we are already treating people for vaccinations, not for diseases. The situation that has arisen today is extremely dangerous.


By the way, the pathologists and I examined sections of the brain tissue of those who died after the virus / vaccination, and after staining with the reagent, we saw damage to the nervous tissue by the virus, which leads to distortions of smells, tastes, hearing, pressure fluctuations, psyche, etc. I don’t know who made these vaccines and why, but it makes no sense from the point of view of fighting the virus.

Dr. Alexander Redko:

We are in the midst of some kind of madness, the organizers of which, hiding behind the goal of protecting the health and lives of Earth's citizens, are in fact realizing commercial and other anti-human interests. Transhumanism, which is imposed from above, is the reason that we are all gathered here. And here the questions are far from only virology or immunology: we are talking about the violation of our rights and freedoms, about a direct threat to us and our children, to the very further existence of man on the planet.

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