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Doctors everywhere cannot get over their indoctrination to the utilitarian mindset, seeing vaccine mandates as just another trolley problem. Scientific arguments against the mandates imply, falsely, that medical mandates would be acceptable under some empirical conditions. This is false. Vaccine mandates would be just as wrong even if the vaccines were perfectly effective and harmed only a handful of people: https://michaelkowalik.substack.com/p/why-vaccine-mandates-are-unethical

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Considering ongoing war with Ukraine, I didn't hear of Ukrainian government or their MoD trying to force vaccinate mobilized Ukrainian recruits. So what is it? Another attempt by certain very powerful forces within Russia doing everything possible not to allow Russia to win in this war to level the playing field? Just another way to lower efficiency of the mobilization that is already plagued by problems in two ways - physical and mental. On the physical side we have now the well known side effects, including death. But mental side is even more important. Those who were not vaccinated among recruits did so by their own choice, since opportunity to get a jab was wildly available to everyone in Russia. But now the first thing that government does to them after pulling people out of their peaceful lives is to subject them to a medical rape with a needle. Forced or coerced vaccination or use of any other unwanted medical procedure is equal to rape in my view. Nuremberg code is clear about that. Now imagine, what kind of unity with your government would you feel, how would you want to fight for your country, if the first thing they do to you - they rape you?!

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Thank you for this, Edward S. I was deeply depressed after your last post. As if the war weren't already claiming enough precious lives in Eastern Europe. Mandates and phony vaccines are evil, evil, evil. It is a small but welcome comfort that there is some significant pushback in Russia... God knows, we have our own hands full pushing back on all the vicious mandates and madness here at home. God bless and good luck to these courageous Russian doctors and everyone else who summons the guts to fight this.

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A few years ago, I found this comment on another site by a person called Arizona and I found it interesting !

"BACK around 1980, we wildcated oil wells all over the western states, IN MOAB, UTAH, we found a LAKE OF OIL THAT WAS SO PURE, it wouldn't need refineing,and would last america a hundred years all by its self, THEY CAPED IT, as they did with the dozens of wells we drilled, AMERICA has more oil then could be used in a hundred life times ready to pump out of the wells, and they've all been caped.. THERES NO OIL SHORTAGE IN AMERICA, just a shortage of brains."

They push the BS that oil is scarce and is fossil fuel from Dinosaurs I cannot believe people fall for that crap, oil is A Biotic and produced by the Earth like magma is the fossil fuel nonsense was started by Rockefeller and Standard oil to keep the prices up and make people believe it was scarce because at that time they were finding oil everywhere.

Russia's war against Ukraine and the entire Covid plandemic are being used as an excuse for the vast political and economic transformation of Western society to make the already wealthy richer and turn the rest into serfs and unruly. Covid-19 (SARS-Cov-2) doesn't exist. The weapon is psychological.

All Wars Are Bankers War !

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The only "Snake Venom" I know of is the vaccines and the COVID protocol treatments. Vaccines have always been dangerous and ineffective and should have been done away with in the late 1800's after that fact had become clear.

The Allopathic medical industry has been corrupt and a fraud since it was created. It is beyond criminal and it is inhuman !

"I don't wont a nation of thinkers. I want a nation of workers." - John Davison Rockefeller

Oh yeah, as for cancer the "American Cancer Society"


People these days look at you like a weirdo if you talk about the healing properties of plants or any other holistic practices. Much like anything else, there is a lot of politics and money behind our modern medical system.

It all starts with John D. Rockefeller (1839 – 1937) who was an oil magnate, a robber baron, America’s first billionaire, and a natural-born monopolist.

By the turn of the 20th century, he controlled 90% of all oil refineries in the U.S. through his oil company, Standard Oil, which was later on broken up to become Chevron, Exxon, Mobil etc.

At the same time, around 1900, scientists discovered “petrochemicals” and the ability to create all kinds of chemicals from oil. For example, the first plastic — called Bakelite — was made from oil in 1907. Scientists were also discovering various vitamins and guessed that many pharmaceutical drugs could be made from oil. This was a wonderful opportunity for Rockefeller who saw the ability to monopolize the oil, chemical and the medical industries at the same time !

The best thing about petrochemicals was that everything could be patented and sold for high profits.

But there was one problem with Rockefeller’s plan for the medical industry: natural/herbal medicines were very popular in America at that time. Almost half the doctors and medical colleges in the U.S. were practicing holistic medicine, using knowledge from Europe and Native Americans.

Rockefeller, the monopolist, had to figure out a way to get rid of his biggest competition. So he used the classic strategy of “problem-reaction-solution.” That is, create a problem and scare people, and then offer a (pre-planned) solution. (Similar to terrorism scare, followed by the “Patriot Act”).



Homeopathy and natural medicines were mocked and demonized; and doctors were even jailed.

To help with the transition and to change the minds of other doctors and scientists, Rockefeller gave more than $100 million to colleges and hospitals, and founded a philanthropic front group called “General Education Board” (GEB). This is the classic carrot and stick approach.

In a very short time, medical colleges were all streamlined and homogenized. All the students were learning the same thing, and medicine was all about using patented drugs.

Scientists received huge grants to study how plants cured diseases, but their goal was to first identify which chemicals in the plant were effective, and then recreate a similar chemical –but not identical — in the lab that could be patented. A pill for an ill became the mantra for modern medicine.

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ok, so now its clear : situation in Russia is exactly the same as elsewhere... A bunch of courageous medics trying to go upstream the surge of insanity overwhelming the country... all for the worst. If only I could be wrong but I don't see why this initiative should be more effective as anywhere else...

Good luck to everyone.

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It is difficult not to see the Covid virus vaccinations as a deliberate attack on we the people of the planet. These so called national leaders are in fact agents for mandates by the World Economic Forum/Davos crowd. Time to fully understand where the threats actually lie.

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The slurry will kill more Russians than NATO... The fatuous persistence with it is consistent with crackpot realism.

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I have been a strong supporter of Vladimir Putin for more than 20 years and I have regarded him as head and shoulders above any other politician in the world, with regard to intelligence, patriotism, and strategic analysis.

However, if he fails to terminate the mRNA jab for conscripts, he will be transferred to my list of enemies of mankind. Of course, this decision cannot be regarded by anyone as earth-shattering, especially as I am only one person of infintisimal significance. However, I am multiplied by a few million across this planet and if we minions become articulate, we then must consider how we relate to the straw that broke the camel's back.

The story of man shows us it was very often the efforts of the hopeless few that changed history. A few times in my life, my afforts have had a measurable effect. I hope this is one of these.

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I really do not understand that people do not see gene therapies as a giant risk, a giant danger to national security. Who knows what is in these injections? Who manufactures the DNA? Who has access to manufacturing? Who has access to the inventories? What is encoded? Any DNA basically has the same chemical properties. So how do you know the encoded information? So how do you know what the cells will be “programmed” to do?

Honestly, if the Russian government really injects their soldiers with that stuff, and the whole thing is not a giant maskirovka, then they are stupid. It is as simple as that.

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exposing the "virus" myth is the only way to end the madness...https://www.bitchute.com/video/rHmg8EY3cXPD/

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The forced injections of the Covid clot shots into all mobilized soldiers in Russia just illustrates once again that Putin & Co. are 100% globalist puppets - who have been doing exactly the same, and saying exactly the same, as all globalist-controlled governments at each stage of this depopulation operation with the clot shots - whereby the global cabal and its puppet politicians get to make millions in bribes from Big Pharma, while at the same time helping the cabal to genocide most of the world's population - as will be the case over the next 3 - 5 years.

Putin and his entire government worship at the shrine of the WHO - the criminal gang run by Gates which is in effect the emerging World Government - as do all Western governments.

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It is noteworthy the different approaches taken by Russia and China on the one side, and the West on the other. Neither seem to result in any kind of functioning feedback loop, but they are nonetheless quite different. For one thing, both China and Russia share an apparent vehement reluctance to publicly share information on vaccine-related injuries. Nor do they to my knowledge have any vaccine-damage compensation program. This is in contrast to most major Western countries which DO publish data, albeit in heavily sugarcoated form, and which DO for the most part have vaccine-damage compensation schemes - at least in theory.

Both approaches seem to me contemptuous and smug, though, again, in different ways.

It's hard to avoid the impression that Western governments think their people are too stupid or powerless to do anything about it. The phrase "in your face" comes to mind. Along the lines of: "See, we're coercing everyone into playing Russian roulette with needles, and.... the masses meekly go along with it. Isn't it wonderful how tame they are?!" The Russian and Chinese governments by contrast both seem to actually fear that public opinion might hold them accountable for their dubious policies. Or are there better explanations for this difference in approach?

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How is it possible that people are fleeing the country or allowing themselves to be mobilized and injected with unwanted poison, instead of standing up, supported by their families, friends and other supporters, and ENDING this madness? Why can't people just say NO? Or "Fuck, NO" - 300,000 people can't be imprisoned for 10 years


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Glad more people are waking up. But will it be too late. Huge de-population coming.

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