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Doctors everywhere cannot get over their indoctrination to the utilitarian mindset, seeing vaccine mandates as just another trolley problem. Scientific arguments against the mandates imply, falsely, that medical mandates would be acceptable under some empirical conditions. This is false. Vaccine mandates would be just as wrong even if the vaccines were perfectly effective and harmed only a handful of people: https://michaelkowalik.substack.com/p/why-vaccine-mandates-are-unethical

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excellent point.

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Everything changes so everything stays the same. Back when the Rockefellers granted a plot of land in NYC for the seat of the UN, Stalin had no qualms joining those philathropic patrons of medicine-by-mass-vaccination in the global quest for "world order". He even was one of the first to recognise the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate's neo-Crusader project in Palestine, which implied a major transfer of tech and know-how from the West and Russia to their brand new beachfront property in the "Holy Land". We partly owe the "progress" in biotech we've got today to that geopolitical stroke of East-West communion.

But it obviously didn't start with Stalin meeting top Western political puppets Roosevelt and Churchill in Yalta, since Nicholas II was related by blood to Western European monarchies when the Bolsheviks came from Switzerland and London to take him and his family out. The love-hate thingy goes way back though, Peter the Great had St. Petersburg specifically made to look like a Western city after all. Change Truman, Stalin and Mao for Trump/Biden, Putin and Xi, and the characters differ but their dynamics stay largely the same.

The conglomerate is both global and pyramidal, and you can't really expect an "ethical" medical market to be born out of an utterly rotten financial and moneychanging system sitting at the top of the investment hierarchy that lies beyond the understanding of most of the taxcattle. More so now, with all the clots in their brains thanks to plandemic psyops and whackcine biowarfare.

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In Australia Doctors are terrified of speaking out. Just sending a letter of complaint to the Health Minister about vaccine injuries has triggered police to raid Doctors surgeries, have their patients records confiscated and the Doctor to be told 'Don't you ever dare contact ... the health minister again". I kid you not.

Doctors, nurses and pharmacists are not in control of health, and have not been for a long time. Big pharma is.

Pharma funds the medical journals, the entire global health bureaucracy, medical schools, the media and probably most of social media.

Just recently a friend told me that a Russian Doctor had told her he could see the creeping authoritarianism in Australia, reminiscent of soviet Russia.

"What can we do to fight it?" asked his patient.

"Nothing, it's too strong" replied the Doctor.

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Yes, doctors are not allowed to question the official science on covid vaccines, but the question of risks vs benefits is separate from the question of the ethics of the mandates, and doctors fail to grasp this simple (utilitarian vs ethical) distinction. They don't even understand (or pretend they don’t) the difference between Informed Consent and Free Consent. Even the rebel doctors, AMPS etc. defend only THEIR own right to speak freely to patients, rather than the patient’s right not to be coerced by the state or employer to undergo a medical procedure, which is fundamental. In short, doctors should speak out against the removal of the right to free medical consent, which is their foremost ethical obligation, and forget debating science until this principle is re-established. Until then they have zero professional credibility.

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Then again, Australia, like Canada, is literally the property of the Crown Corporation, not its own country. The PMs of those countries even swear loyalty to the Crown, not to the voting taxcattle.

Soviet Russia could only have dreamt of such a system of stealth authoritarianism as the Five Eyes have.

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Lot of people lost their job due to vaccine mandates in Europe. Italian physicians who refused the jab are not allowed to work until December 31 2022 and were left on their own without salary from 2021. Sure work threat is a unethical move made from an unethical power, but I believe the only possible answer to "What can we do to fight it?" is "everybody us must stop working now", since, frankly speaking, we can't lose much more anymore. In Italy we lost a good occasion during Trieste movements in October 2021!

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Considering ongoing war with Ukraine, I didn't hear of Ukrainian government or their MoD trying to force vaccinate mobilized Ukrainian recruits. So what is it? Another attempt by certain very powerful forces within Russia doing everything possible not to allow Russia to win in this war to level the playing field? Just another way to lower efficiency of the mobilization that is already plagued by problems in two ways - physical and mental. On the physical side we have now the well known side effects, including death. But mental side is even more important. Those who were not vaccinated among recruits did so by their own choice, since opportunity to get a jab was wildly available to everyone in Russia. But now the first thing that government does to them after pulling people out of their peaceful lives is to subject them to a medical rape with a needle. Forced or coerced vaccination or use of any other unwanted medical procedure is equal to rape in my view. Nuremberg code is clear about that. Now imagine, what kind of unity with your government would you feel, how would you want to fight for your country, if the first thing they do to you - they rape you?!

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It is genocide, pure and simple. Someone... "someone"... wants to see as many dead or incapacitated bodies as possible piling up.

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Certain kinds of bodies. Pay attention to that also.

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Exactly my thoughts!

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You haven't heard about vaccination in the Ukrainian army because they've been all vaccinated already, probably with Moderna/Pfizer.

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All the mandatory vaccinations in Ukraine were suspended by government decree on February 28th, 2022 for the duration of the military hostilities.


As we can see Ukrainians are allowed more leeway by the globalist overlords than Russians are.

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Do we know that for certain?

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I wrote already somewhere here that my Ukrainian friends who went last year to visit their families back home, were saying that the percentage of vaxxed in Ukraine was very high. I never checked on that. But knowing the tendencies in Ukraine - if they are told that it is very "Europian" to be fully vaxxed, most of them will go and get the full line of shots. Unfortunately. People are very brainwashed there in specific way.

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Percentage of vaccinated in Ukraine is about the same as in Russia, less than 60%. Though the hard number is hard to determine since Ukraine wouldn't be Ukraine if you couldn't buy a vaccination certificate. Of course, there are those people there that drink the cool aide and always go with the system, but they are not the majority. Most of my relatives are in Ukraine and only about 30% of them rushed to get a shot, rest of them took it with skepsis and avoided getting injected. Those who wanted to travel bought the certificate.

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Greetings Marina with my best regards. Thank you for making a good point.

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Ukraine just lost 19 percent of their Soviet Lenin/Stalin/Khrushchev constructed borders.

"...powerful forces within Russia doing anything possible NOT to allow Russia to win ." Really??? How is Ukraine winning?

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I don't want to bicker with you, PD. Ukraine is not winning, but it is not losing as quickly as it could have if the goals of the operation initially were not to create better conditions for negotiations, while keeping Zelensky and all government structures intact, but to displace the current puppet regime and put other people in charge, capable of acting not in the interests of US or alternatively Russia, but of Ukraine itself!

Btw, in my own blog I have reposted my comment on the Musk's peace proposal and provided a link to your blog. https://stansheppard.substack.com/p/do-you-support-elon-musk-peace-plan

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I am NOT bickering with you. I am discussing your own words and asking for clarification. I quoted your OWN words and asked a question because your ONE sentence stood out and contradicts the reality on the ground in my opinion.

Please feel free to question me about my own words ANYTIME.

Elon Musk stated yesterday, "I do care that millions of people may die needlessly for an essentially identical outcome." The outcome meaning the Russian Federation borders now officially include Crimea, Donetsk and Lugansk People’s Republics (DPR and LPR), as well as regions of Kherson and Zaporozhye.

Russia MUST tiptoe thru the tulips so to speak in order to prevent an escalation that brings NATO in direct conflict with Russia.

Also, (as you well know because I honestly respect your intelligence), Liz Truss, the UK prime minister just visited Odessa last week. Image the international outcry IF Russia unintentionally hit Liz Truss in a collateral damage missile strike while ON TOUR with Ukrainian military officials. Foreign dignitaries visit Kiev all the time now that Russia pulled back from their military positions near Kiev in March. The Russian military positions near Kiev were evacuated in my opinion because of the danger of being encircled. NOT because President Putin secretly INTENTIONALLY is dragging this conflict on for as long as possible to finish off more slavic people as part of the great reset. That idea is absurd in my opinion.

Finally, combat is tough and NOT easy. Ukraine is supplied with very lethal long range state-of-the-art weapons from NATO. Also Ukraine is using civilians as human shields and using civilian infrastructure as firing positions.

Do you honestly expect Russia to carpet bomb the Ukrainian front lines like USA did in Vietnam and Mosul, Iraq? Do you honestly expect Russia to "take out" President Zelensky while foreign dignitaries visit Kiev on a weekly basis?

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Thank you for this, Edward S. I was deeply depressed after your last post. As if the war weren't already claiming enough precious lives in Eastern Europe. Mandates and phony vaccines are evil, evil, evil. It is a small but welcome comfort that there is some significant pushback in Russia... God knows, we have our own hands full pushing back on all the vicious mandates and madness here at home. God bless and good luck to these courageous Russian doctors and everyone else who summons the guts to fight this.

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ok, so now its clear : situation in Russia is exactly the same as elsewhere... A bunch of courageous medics trying to go upstream the surge of insanity overwhelming the country... all for the worst. If only I could be wrong but I don't see why this initiative should be more effective as anywhere else...

Good luck to everyone.

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It is difficult not to see the Covid virus vaccinations as a deliberate attack on we the people of the planet. These so called national leaders are in fact agents for mandates by the World Economic Forum/Davos crowd. Time to fully understand where the threats actually lie.

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The slurry will kill more Russians than NATO... The fatuous persistence with it is consistent with crackpot realism.

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Vladimir Putin is good for killing russian too, the vaccines, the Kursk, the false flags in residences in 1999, and a now sending russian troops in a war as a consequence of a co-production between the East and the West...

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I have been a strong supporter of Vladimir Putin for more than 20 years and I have regarded him as head and shoulders above any other politician in the world, with regard to intelligence, patriotism, and strategic analysis.

However, if he fails to terminate the mRNA jab for conscripts, he will be transferred to my list of enemies of mankind. Of course, this decision cannot be regarded by anyone as earth-shattering, especially as I am only one person of infintisimal significance. However, I am multiplied by a few million across this planet and if we minions become articulate, we then must consider how we relate to the straw that broke the camel's back.

The story of man shows us it was very often the efforts of the hopeless few that changed history. A few times in my life, my afforts have had a measurable effect. I hope this is one of these.

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Putin and Xi Jinping are sort of puppets of a "higher" class.


How to ruin Europe, and make China and Russia a counter-power to the West, to create Eurasia.

If you see any intelligence under Putin's skull, I guess he's just doing what he is been told to do.

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Russia does NOT have a MRNA injection. Ukraine has signed a contract for Pfizer's MRNA injection.

Approximately 75 percent of Russians regard President Putin as the best leader in the world next to Belarus President Lukashenko. Please read President Putin's speech from this RT website link and you will know why Russians think that way. https://www.rt.com/russia/563827-putin-speech-colonial-west/

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Perception Deception... Sigh, yet another incorrect report. I am indebted to you for the correction, and yes, I am aware why Russians support him and why he is the only leader with a spontaneous decade-old youth cult following. I have been his biggest fan, but the bottom line is the killer jab. If the Russian vax is not mRNA, that makes a big difference but mandatory jabs or medical interventions of any kind are a basic denial of human rights and violate both the Nuremberg Code and pretty much every constitution. Putin has dropped in my esteem. Jabbing before battle is downright stupid. His excellent intel would have told Putin of the casualties of US military vaccinations.

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Greetings Tony with my best regards,

Please feel free to correct any of my points that you may disagree with because I respect your open mind. Your last sentence makes a very good point. My response is as follows>

Russia is an oligarchy system set up by CIA agents working with Boris Yeltsin in 1990s.



Hence President Putin shares power with the behind the scenes oligarchy.

Riley, the author of this insightful blog with well performed research (with exceptions that I try to point out) has said Sputnik V is a "bankers shot." And I agree on that point.

Hence Sputnik V is a money maker just like all other international injections.

President Putin relies on "intel" that has ties to the oligarchy banking system.

President Putin also MISTAKENLY believes that injections create antibodies in order to boost the immune system. I also MISTAKENLY believed that in my youth.

Bottom line> I really hope President Putin reads the Russian doctors letter with earnest and STARTS doing his own research instead of being spoon fed "intel" reports laced with oligarchy influence.

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I was rather thinking of the use of graphene with CRISPR CAS 9


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I really do not understand that people do not see gene therapies as a giant risk, a giant danger to national security. Who knows what is in these injections? Who manufactures the DNA? Who has access to manufacturing? Who has access to the inventories? What is encoded? Any DNA basically has the same chemical properties. So how do you know the encoded information? So how do you know what the cells will be “programmed” to do?

Honestly, if the Russian government really injects their soldiers with that stuff, and the whole thing is not a giant maskirovka, then they are stupid. It is as simple as that.

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It's not just the GMO aspect that is rather 'emetic', there is also the graphene thing and its implications in the internet of bodies satanic delirium project...

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exposing the "virus" myth is the only way to end the madness...https://www.bitchute.com/video/rHmg8EY3cXPD/

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The forced injections of the Covid clot shots into all mobilized soldiers in Russia just illustrates once again that Putin & Co. are 100% globalist puppets - who have been doing exactly the same, and saying exactly the same, as all globalist-controlled governments at each stage of this depopulation operation with the clot shots - whereby the global cabal and its puppet politicians get to make millions in bribes from Big Pharma, while at the same time helping the cabal to genocide most of the world's population - as will be the case over the next 3 - 5 years.

Putin and his entire government worship at the shrine of the WHO - the criminal gang run by Gates which is in effect the emerging World Government - as do all Western governments.

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Indeed. They are clever though. They have deliberately ensured that Putin and Orbán appear as defenders of tradition so that they can suck up the large masses in the West in to their orbit. Divide and conquer but with a twist. Many in the West support Putin because of his stance against wokeism and it is why he put such heavy emphasis on this in his speech the other day. The globalists can be very sneaky but I think more and more people are seeing through this because of things like Russia implementing draconian Covaids measures and the Russian Central Bank still being linked closely to the Bank of International Settlements and Russia's continued association with big pharma.

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Indeed. I think that Putin put that stuff about 'identity', the family, transgenderism etc. into his speech precisely because he saw that it aroused so much support when Meloni, the new PM of Italy, said the very same things recently.

I think the new tactic of the globalists is to have politicians saying exactly the things that ant-globalists want to hear - and then being 100% globalist puppets once they get elected.

Meloni said all that anti-globalist stuff - and then proclaims that she actually supports everything globalist: the EU and NATO, for God's sake - and that she will carry on the EU puppet Draghi's mission and policies!

In other words, far from being 'fascist' or 'far right' - or even conservative - Meloni appears to be like Putin: a 100% globalist puppet dressed in anti-globalists' clothes.

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It is noteworthy the different approaches taken by Russia and China on the one side, and the West on the other. Neither seem to result in any kind of functioning feedback loop, but they are nonetheless quite different. For one thing, both China and Russia share an apparent vehement reluctance to publicly share information on vaccine-related injuries. Nor do they to my knowledge have any vaccine-damage compensation program. This is in contrast to most major Western countries which DO publish data, albeit in heavily sugarcoated form, and which DO for the most part have vaccine-damage compensation schemes - at least in theory.

Both approaches seem to me contemptuous and smug, though, again, in different ways.

It's hard to avoid the impression that Western governments think their people are too stupid or powerless to do anything about it. The phrase "in your face" comes to mind. Along the lines of: "See, we're coercing everyone into playing Russian roulette with needles, and.... the masses meekly go along with it. Isn't it wonderful how tame they are?!" The Russian and Chinese governments by contrast both seem to actually fear that public opinion might hold them accountable for their dubious policies. Or are there better explanations for this difference in approach?

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Mc Kinsey's France has "reluctance", to say the least, to publicly share information on vaccine related injury:


France Soir is a very good media and it's interviews are of the greatest interest for an international audience (some are even in English)......

As to the vaccination compensation program... Hum... Where is it?... Officialy, vaccines are still "safe and effective" (sures et efficaces).

Your last paragraphe is very relevant, like the question you ask.

Keep writing here and on you substack...

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I think you're observing the difference between two nations that have experienced socioeconomic collapse in the memory of its populace, and a nation like USA/EU that hasn't, the Depression/WWII now relegated to the fading memories of opersons around 90 years old.

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Austrian China> Keen observation and good questions. I appreciate Riley's diligent research and critical thinking such as yours. I live in Belarus and all the rest of former Soviet Republics have NO injection adverse event reporting systems. VAERS has been in place for at least 40 years I think. Soviet and Chinese communism followed Rockefeller medicine including injections because of United Nations World Health Organization's grant money and guidance. Russia and the rest of former Soviet republics failed to initiate an injection adverse tracking system because allergic reactions were very rare back in the 1990s when the Soviet Union dissolved. Just look a the VAERS tracking chart from 1990 to present day. Adverse reactions in VAERS overwhelming spiked in 2020 because ALL COVID injections are much more lethal than all previous injections COMBINED.

Hence Russia was caught 'with their pants down' in a VERY antiquated non existent injection reporting philosophy.

Now arrives the Russia dilemma. Who wants to admit their "junk" is ugly? How does one admit their"junk" is inflicting harm WHEN so much money is at stake and the hoax is so big? Sputnik V is used in many countries besides Russia so how does Russia establish an injury compensation program for foreign countries to "cut the nose to save face"?

The Russian government is at a crossroad.

1) Difficult choice> Listen to these brave Russian doctors and start an injection adverse reporting system . 2) Easy way> Ignore these brave Russian doctors with POSSIBLE grave consequences.

By the way> Are you interested in a video interview to be published on my future bitchute channel?

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How is it possible that people are fleeing the country or allowing themselves to be mobilized and injected with unwanted poison, instead of standing up, supported by their families, friends and other supporters, and ENDING this madness? Why can't people just say NO? Or "Fuck, NO" - 300,000 people can't be imprisoned for 10 years


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Glad more people are waking up. But will it be too late. Huge de-population coming.

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I concur with Riley's research EXCEPT this sentence. "Despite this shocking lack of transparency, >mobilized Russians now face the possibility of choosing between being forcibly vaccinated or serving years in prison." <

Riley, with all due respect, Russia does NOT force any Russian citizen to be injected.

What is YOUR definition of "force"??? Prison time?

If so, then please provide how many "years" in prison will a mobilized Russian man receive from a Russian court?

If so, then please provide the reference and the EXACT Russian law that specifically states a mobilized Russian man will receive "years" in prison for simply refusing an injection.

The Russian Federation just mobilized in September and therefore the previous military injection requirement did NOT specifically include mobilization. Mobilization is a national emergency of Russian Federation defense.

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you can face 10 years in prison for evading mobilization: https://www.aa.com.tr/en/russia-ukraine-war/putin-signs-decree-toughening-penalties-for-fleeing-russias-military-mobilization/2693846

This means anyone who evades mobilization because they don't want to be forcibly injected could end up in prison for 10 years if they're caught.

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It's an interesting question.

According to an article that I will link below, "[t]he law 'On mobilization training and mobilization in the Russian Federation' does not stipulate the responsibility of citizens for avoiding it. Article 21 states only: 'When mobilization is announced, citizens subject to conscription for military service are obliged to appear at assembly points within the time limits specified in mobilization orders, agendas and orders of military commissariats, federal executive bodies that have a reserve.'” If a citizen reports for military service but refuses the COVID shot, is that legally "evading mobilization" within Article 21?


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It is possible that refusing vaccination merely renders one ineligible. Vakz refusers are far more likely to "frag" in the field than more compliant soldiers.

I agree with Percep Decep on this one. Like the clot-shots, the devil is in the details, and those are not yet known to us so far.

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Evading mobilization and refusing injections after mobilization orders are COMPLETELY different and the punishment is NOT the same. The reference source that you provided ONLY refers to the 10 year punishment of Russian men who evade mobilization ONLY AFTER receiving a mobilization notice and does NOT include prison time for simply refusing an injection after ACCEPTING their mobilization orders.

Refusing an injection is NOT the same as evading mobilization.

I bet you $1000 that there is NO Russian Federation law specifying prison time for Russians who AGREE to be mobilized but REFUSE to be injected.

With all due respect, there really was NO need to add that very misleading sentence in your brilliant article. I would have given my seal of approval to your very well written article if NOT for that very misleading and false statement.

The Russian doctors' open letter did NOT say anything about prison time as punishment for refusing an injection AFTER agreeing to be mobilizied. These Russian doctors are SOLELY concerned about the health of Russian military men and rightly so. I support these brave Russian doctors 100 percent.

Finally, I VERY MUCH appreciate Riley for bringing this Russian doctor's letter to my attention. I really hope President Putin reads the Russian doctors letter with earnest and STARTS doing his own research instead of being spoon fed "intel" reports laced with oligarchy "banker's shot" influence.

When you find in your research, a Russian military man who willingly ACCEPTS his mobilization orders but still gets prison time for simply REFUSING an injection, please let me know. I will then publicly admit I was wrong and I will publicly apologize to you. Until then, I stand by my statement and my offer to bet.

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Ten years for refusing to kill people? That is the very definition of tyranny.

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I wish American doctors had had the balls to stand up for our soldiers like this.

Oh, well. I guess courage in the face of tyranny is more of a traditionally Russian trait.

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Sorry, but many of your doctors are immigrants not Americans. Why would they risk their position for foreign people.

Russia at least has majority of their doctors as Russians.

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Yep. You pretty much described how America functions now. And I'm a white supremacist science-denying anti-vax Islamophobe for agreeing with you.

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