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You made a good point about how going way off the beaten path into remote locations does not necessarily equal a fulfilling existence (even if one is capable of providing for themselves in such a place, which most are not). Many chase the dream of an off grid homestead but do not consider the human connection aspect. The word "self-sufficiency" often leads people on pathways that neglect the importance of cultivating symbiotic connections in communities of humans. There are very few that can truly be "self sufficient" (as in being able to grow or forage enough for all their nutritional needs, build shelter, heat it, maintain it etc) and fewer still would be content even if they could achieve that feat. We came here to Earth to connect with other beings, one can still do so without connection with other humans, but there is a certain depth of beauty and fulfillment that cannot be experienced without the latter (and no amount of meditation, wildlife nor any amount of visual beauty that one's remote off grid homestead may have can replace it). Thus, I agree that cultivating community and nurturing connections with like minded and kindred spirited people is imperative if we wish to weather the storm ahead and be able to plant the seeds for something worth gifting to future generations.

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I love your short, sweet, filled with sarcastic humor articles. And you sound like you're a really cool, kind dude, too! So much appreciate your initiative of becoming the first English language internet guy to bring the Russian affairs to light. I was really duped by the "indy" media for a year and a half :) :p (blush)

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Wonderful insights.

As someone grown in the West I just slowly understood that everything here is divided into two. Good vs bad, right vs wrong and so one. No one asks questions like: follow the money.

It wasn't so extreme in the 80ies nonetheless the same pattern was widely propagated. I'm thinking Rambo right now.

Only decades later I began to understand the divide & conquer pattern behind it. It would be interesting to have some statistics about how much money is spend to uphold this thinking, training us plebs 24/7 in it.

After Germany was united I moved to the east and after some time I understood East Germans weren't thinking that way. But it needed 10 more years to sink in and to change my world view. This is how strongly we are manipulated by the elites (IMO).

Ordinary people not making this voyage will never get it and will repeat the elite's lies until they die. Probably this game is as old as mankind, but with monopolized media these days it's more powerful than ever.

EDIT: I think it's our tribal nature. The other tribe against my tribe. The elite tribe perfectly uses that against us ;-).

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Only the gentleman on the left and possibly the fellow in the centre are truly Slav. As for the character on the right ... well! Heels to the sky, Western spy! ;)

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Thank you so much for your answer, Riley :) You're a pleasure to listen to and an epitome of what it means to stay human in this crazy world.

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Thanks for your thoughtful responses. Take care of yourself and rest when you need to :)

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Speaking of chess, there is a cheating controversy going on Magnus Carlsen vs Hans Niemann(cheater???)



This could be used as a perspicacity test.

There is no doubt in my mind Carlsen is right. I like Stokfish, just updated to v15

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My first dip into Edward multimedia – finally hearing the voice behind the awesome tracksuit.

It was time well spent. Thanks very much

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https://geopoliticsandempire.com/author/nikolamikovic/- please think about inviting this independent journalist to one of you podcasts with Rolo.

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Do you think if Putin is no longer, Russia will become more like The West?

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Russia and China are designed to rule the nest New World Order. Multipolarity is an absurd concept, given Russian policy in Europe for years, in Africa, in Latin America. There is no multipolarity in the Kremlin's plans, war in Ukraine is just a way to get to a bi- and then unipolar world.

We knew about the links between Putin and the Rothschild family. We knew the links between Communism and the Rothschild family. In the following thesis are exposed the various shapes and forms of the relationship between members of the Rothschild dynasty and the People's Republic of China. This relationship, which has begun almost two centuries ago and since then covered a wide range of activities:


"Conspiracy theories" in China rely on facts and on a book "Currency wars", by Song Hongbing.

Extracts of the thesis: "Therefore, the research has shown that conspiracy theories about the Rothschilds, in general, are not just a marginal matter in China, but the information so labelled in the West play a crucial influence in shaping the image of this family in the eyes of Chinese people. In addition, a plethora of publicly available materials of this kind focuses specifically on the activities of the Rothschilds in China and the PRC. Scope of these conspiracy theories ranges from the Rothschilds’ historical involvement in the international communist movement and assistance in establishing the PRC, their hidden relations with particular politicians of high ranks, to the overarching plan to make communist China the leading superpower within the so-called New World Order."

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Here's a bit about "sovereignty" from the likes of Russia and China, straight from the mouth of the beast:


"New" world order is not new at all, EUkraine is just a hostile acquisition of the terrorist USEUNATO conglomerate at the expense of the Russian taxcattle.


"September 25, 2022

Gazprom supplies gas for Europe through Ukraine in the volume of 42.4 mln cubic meters per day via the Sudzha gas pumping station, a Gazprom representative told reporters, adding that the request for pumping through Sokhranovka had been rejected by the Ukrainian side."

The CIA stronghold of Kiev is doing great playing its part in deepening the "energy crisis" while, getting those transit dollars from the Kremlin. EUrocrats will shortly issue another few billion$ of "aid" for Zelensky and Co. to embezzle and EUkrainian taxcattle to be burdened with.

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Maybe some of the readers will be interested in reading the above information about the Malian-Franco-Russian crisis which is deepening.

Let's start by a short introduction.

It is no secret that Colonel Assima Goita, the President by interim of Mali, is influenced by the highly regreted and praised (notwithstanding some mistakes)Thomas Sankara. At this point in time, the soldiers who have taken responsability of Mali with courage, are backed by a majority of the population and populations in nearby countries.

War started in Mali 9 years ago as some Touaregh separatists MNLA (Azawad National Liberation Movement mainly), joined by heavily armed members of the Lybian legion "en déroute" and different Salafist/Wahhabite groups and foreign mercenaries (plus Touaregh Islamists groups, mainly from other tribes and fractions than MNLA) took control over half of the HUGE Malian territory.

After a brief cohabitation of this coalition, the MNLA's dream of building a new country (with the backing of France and EU) was crushed by the Islamists who killed them and chased the remnants out of their capital, Gao.

Meanwhile, in Bamako, the country's capital (1200km from Gao/ 1700 km from Touaregh capital Kidal), a coup d'état took place in 2012 with Capitaine Sanogo at the head of the interim government, the CNRDRE (imaging how difficult it has been to learn that acronym, Lol). At that point the international community ordered a total embargo on the already bleeding country...

The CNRDRE (still backed by the majority of the population) was forced into surrender and a Western puppet was put in place. An violent in Sévaré where the French military had been stationed and training for more than a year before, was used as a pretext to justified the French intervention.

The interim president Dionkouda Traoré requested the official help from France and it's allies and MINUSMA, an Africa UN coalition.

The Wahhabite mercenaryies, financed by Qatar, were 'allowed' to flee to Kidal where they were sent to Syria.

9 years later, the conflict has spread in the entirerity of Malian territory and in neighboring countries such as Burkina-Faso, Niger and even Ivory Coast and Benin. It has morphed into a kind of civil war and worst, a ethnic conflict opposing mainly Dogons and Fulanis/Peulh...

Recently, the Malian Government requested the help of the Federation of Russia which sold helicopters and sent Wagner like private soldiers... since the international trend is in private armies.

Source: https://lemediaen442.fr/onu-le-mali-a-les-preuves-que-la-france-fournit-des-armes-a-des-groupes-terroristes/

Colonel Abdoulaye Maiga, Mali's interim Prime Minister, delivers a speech during the 77th session of the United Nations General Assembly in New York.

The Prime Minister Mali, at the UN General Assembly, accused France of extremely serious acts. He said that Mali had been "stabbed in the back by the French authorities. Here is a transcript. You can watch the entire video below.

"The world will remember that after being abandoned in mid-air on June 10, 2021 by France, which unilaterally decided to withdraw the Barkhane force from Mali, my country was then stabbed in the back by the French authorities. The precision is all the more useful as we refuse any amalgam with the French people whom we respect. The French authorities, deeply anti-French for having denied the universal moral values and betrayed the heavy humanist heritage of the philosophers of the Enlightenment, have turned into a junta in the service of obscurantism.

I repeat: the French authorities, deeply anti-French for having denied universal moral values and betrayed the heavy humanist heritage of the philosophers of the Enlightenment, have turned into a junta in the service of obscurantism...

Mr. President, in view of the seriousness of the acts committed by the French junta, Mali, in its letter dated August 15, 2022, requested an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council. The purpose of this meeting is to allow Mali to present the evidence in its possession demonstrating that the French army has repeatedly attacked my country by repeatedly and frequently violating Malian airspace without authorization from the Malian authorities and sometimes by falsifying flight documents.

Mr. President, Mali will be able to prove that the French junta has provided intelligence and weapons to terrorist groups.

Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator (free version)

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When asked to do so, I had asked a silly little innocent question. What about UFO's or whatever you call this phenomenon in Russia and Russian media?

Reading the excellent Covid and Coffee, I found this : https://www.airdomainintelligence.mil/

There is a "flying saucer" on the official logo, on the left.

During the last 5 years, one has witnessed that the US authorities and the corporate MSM were aknowledging the of the phenomenon. French military did it on France Inter with army minister saying that there was indeed a strange phenomenon on the French sky by the way.

The 'Master' James Corbett mentioned the "Blue Beam project" psy-op...

I am wondering how it is in Russia, if the population could have somehow been more or less inconsciously prepared for such an operation or another using fear of an ET invasion (oups sorry, Special Cosmic Military Intervention) ...

Wishing you can fly back to Russia as soon as possible.

And maybe in Georgia (laughs)and maybe the ET in chief entered the president's office saying with a robotic metalic voice something like Gamarjoba!

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If Riley ever wants to DISCUSS these topics with me in a "thoughtful, intelligent, objective, reality-based, new way", then I will discuss any topic with Riley.

Alternative media Oliver Stone (famous American movie producer) produced the the documentary "Ukraine on Fire" and substantiated the snipers on roofs in Kiev to overthrow the elected government in a color revolution in Feb 2014 that started this whole mess. Yet, many people forget that.

Instead of researching the root CAUSE, people just BLINDLY look at EFFECT. "Russia attacked/invaded it's neighbor and seized territory." Really??? That simple-Really??? Most Russian liberals think that way and if these Russian liberals had their way, these same Russian liberals would turn Russia into a giant Saint Petersburg who crave dependence for a western unipolar world with annual gay pride parades just like the one held in Belgrade, Serbia endorsed by the VERY LIBERAL Serbian prime minister.

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This is what they want in Iran... Why? Iran is joining Russian alliances and they don't like that. Regime change everywhere is what the US does. The think-tanks working with the US government especialty. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKsTg9C9c-o Brian Berlectic is spot on as an expert on how the US truly operates. This is happening also in Georgia and Armenia.

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