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You're not going to believe this Riley. Some criminals stole the networking cables and equipment in the village and took down out Internet. Wecome to the Mad max anarcho-tyranny. I've been too busy to do much posting but have been reading your posts. I hope all is well. :)

This is too good not to share:

Life is the result of the struggle between dynamic opposites

Form and Chaos, Substance and Oblivion, Light and Dark

And all the infinite variations of Yin and Yang

When the pendulum swings in favour of one

It will eventually swing in favour of it's opposite

Thus the balance of the universe is maintained


Amazing album.

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Peter Zeihan said that by late 2022, the fall to be more precise, the world will have enough food to sustain 6billion people, not the 7.8bi currently alive.

all of that due to crop failures, unplanted crops (Ukraine may leave 30-50% of its arable area unplanted this season) and pure lack of fertilizers

Yours truly, who gets half of his iincome from a soybean & corn farm in Central Brazil, completely agrees with him. Just that I think SHTF by late winter 2023 (always northern hemisphere seasons for reference).

Surprising no one, the hit will be disproportionately on AFrica and the poorer parts of Asia. This is why Macron is getting so histerical , because he sees the writing on the wall, tens of millions of africans and arabs on the verge of starvation moving north to the Mediterranean shores.

Riley is more than right in leaving Moscow to some refuge in mountains. About potatoes I don´t understand, but I give a tip here. China calls seeds "Agricultural semiconductors" with reason. America controls the supply pf corn and wheat seeds worldwide. Soybeans are different because there is something about plants who have different genders (soybeans) and plants in which both genders coexist in the same vegetal (corn or example).

If you are dealing with the second type (i.e. corn) make sure to have fertile seeds, seeds whose plant they originate is able to produce fertile seeds. you can still find fertile seeds pretty much everywhere, they are just completely inadequate for large scale commercial farming.

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She's probably in with the WEF people, the drive is to put in place a global CBDC with its "programmability" features. The trouble is that you've got to give incentive to the working class to work - if they don't, the whole confidence racket collapses - and money which can go away at the whim of the government isn't worth having - or getting paid in. Slaves can revolt in a number of ways... perhaps governments ought to be introduced to the notion of "colored peoples time" - "Black people always seem to be late and, in fact, have been late so often and so predictably that they themselves have coined a term for it: CP Time, Colored People's Time. CP time is usually spoken of in tones of the profoundest dismay (by Blacks who lament their brothers' "irresponsibility that will hold us all back") or of outraged complacency (by whites who see this habitual lateness as yet further instance of our don't-give-a-damn-attitude, "but really, what can you expect?") or of amused tolerance (by the rest of us who are so accustomed to it we hardly notice it."

CP Time actually is an example of Black people's effort to evade, frustrate and ridicule the value-reinforcing strictures of punctuality that so well serve this coldly impersonal technological society." https://www.huffpost.com/entry/black-history-month-an-ex_b_472959

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I will also soon be converting my $ (CAD) to "potatoes" and heading for the mountains.

Godspeed my friend.

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Excellent work, once again. Some more ammo for the on-going battle with people online (especially FB) who are doggedly determined to believe that Putin is not part of the Grand Op and in fact is opposing it, in fact is "our best hope."

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Putin is doing his part in the Great Reset: destroying Russia and Ukraine. That is too difficult to comprehend. My heart is broken.

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Awesome article by Riley! I vote for deliberately competently INCOMPETENT! >on purpose to sabotage Russia's wealth. Macabre Elvira knew how the west's uses "costs" as a punishment tool in 2014. Elvira knew Venezuela's gold is still held hostage in London WITHOUT a "special military operation". Elvira stopped buying gold in March 2020 (scamdemic time) on purpose with the excuse that gold price at $1500 per ounce is too high. (Gold price is $1957 today). So many other examples of Elvira's "should have known better" goofs. So why did President Putin nominate Elvira for another 5 year time? My humble opinion is the damage is already done. Same reason President Lukashenko keeps treasonous foreign minister Makei at his post. To keep known enemy close at hand to be "watched" as a known double agent. President Putin knows she is admired by other central bankers. Hence President Putin EXPECTS her to implement HIS brilliant strategy of paying for oil/gas in rubles BECAUSE of the this assumed "common practice etiquette" of "unfriendly countries" KEEPING Russian Ruble accounts in RUSSIA. Russian Ruble immediately below 100 rubles per dollar when this brilliant strategy was announced. Final points: 1) Great reset in Russia (ALL soviet republics) already occurred in 1991/92 when Soviet money became worthless. At least this time, the ruble still holds value. 2) All Russians can buy gold at face value WITHOUT value added tax. So all Russians can immediately hedge against further ruble devaluation now. (Hey Riley, I will buy all your Russian gold for USA dollars at market price.) (Sold in grams I believe so I need to do simple math.) (Hey NSA, is little old harmless me violating sanctions for doing that?) 3) All central banks are controlled by Bank of International Settlements. On top of every USA dollar is "Federal Reserve note" and hence NOT a US Treasury note. Thus countries do NOT have the power to control the value of a currency. Only the privately held Central Banks have control of currency value with currency trading manipulation. ALL Central Banks act like a broker that trade Central Bank currency for a nation's bonds. Central Banks issue currency. Countries treasuries issue bonds. 4) Only way for Russia to be financially independent (all countries included) is to NATIONALIZE the ruble. A brilliant Russian wrote a book about it that I need to read. If this does NOT happen, then we may be doomed to a "digital" central bank currency because central banks are the only ones that issue "paper" currency.

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There’s a whole bunch of things relating to the Ukraine conflict that simply don’t add up. Why is none of the advanced Russian tech (some of which was tested in Syria) at war in Ukraine? Why aren’t the Russians deploying drones in Ukraine as many lesser countries have the capability to do? These kind of signs point to leaving reserves in sanctionable accounts as being a deliberate and intentional oversight as part of a wider plan.

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So she helped the big time banksters get rid of the smaller banks competition? And refused to support the ruble in 2014 because around 100% of public funds thieves had their money in USD overseas, and the foreign reserves were in USD as well?

Sounds like she was a good "civil servant" and they expect her to do what needs to be done this time around. Except for there's a "military operation" going on now and times are a-changin', so the moves have to be different.

What's best is she probably got major goons watching her 24/7 so she can't pull a Chubais and run off with a bunch of state secrets and all kinds of damaging info.

In other words, corruption and theft will continue!

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I'd go with her being a total puppet of the International Banking Cartel. Listen to what Dr. Plamem Paskov has to say about the Russian Central Bank. It must sell Russian goods to get dollars deposited in the International Bank of Manhattan and then it is allowed to deposit 1/2 that value as Rubles in its own Central Bank. It's no accident that 1/2 of their gold & foreign currency reserves were seized by New York banks with the latest sanctions. Watch this video, starting at 3h50m:



The Russian Central Bank has long maintained a tight money policy that has severely restrained economic growth, and mainly has enriched the Oligarchs, including Putin. Whereas China uses public banks to give interest free loans to Chinese companies to make both domestic and export goods, this is money created to increase China development & growth. They create money so freely that they build entire cities in the boonies with nobody living in them. If they want to essentially print $US they just give interest free loans in yuan to for example build a solar PV factory. Sell the solar PV to Americans. Get $US back. Deposit that in the Peoples Bank of China and solar company gets yuan in return. The loans need never be repaid. That's easier than the US treasury which must sell interest bearing bonds (go into debt) in order to create $US. And so China has achieved 8-15% real growth per annum since 1983. And Russia manages 2% real growth.

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Meh. Occam's Razor suggests the technocrats in Russia's central bank weren't kept in the loop about the whole "invade Ukraine in a reverse Operation Barbarossa and embark and on a Third Reich style push for autarky" thing. That was sort of, you know, drastic, nay, downright capricious. So they were building up a war chest, but not for a literal war. They can hardly be blamed for this particular failure. Putin is driving the bus and he should have warned everyone to wear their seatbelts before plunging into the ravine.

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OK. You’re doing some valuable work here about a topic VERY FEW people understand. I certainly don’t. I see in your future many more mentions over at ZH. You’ve been noticed. Be careful.

WRT your “music” selection for this piece, WTF?!

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You know, don't you, that Mr Boney M, Bobby Farrell, was said at the time of his death in 2010 to have been killed by a Russian oligarch during a private performance.

It was later whitewashed by Wikipedia. He just died in his hotel room in the same city and on the same day as Grigori Rasputin.


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Central banks are part of Keynesian Economic Theory. This leads to ever bigger government, and constant messing with and tuning of society. John Maynard Keynes also stands at the basis of the IMF (our creditors to which we are in depth). By now such big centralized control means that the populations are on the strings of big wire pullers, most of them incompetent, and those who are competent are competent in filling their own pockets.

Digital money is another step towards more centralized control.

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